Tuesday, October 23, 2018

1.The Eagle clips a wing..
2.Lexey wins in near euro-cool death like conditions at Peak2Peak
3.Cincy 3 day Scene rep looks thin
4.Lowell 50 gravel final..holy crud this has been a long run
5.Benny cracks up at vets park
6.Agame take the line at Peak2Peak
8.Kids get sent into hypothermia...nice
9.Juniors cracking up at Lexus velodrome.....Ufff
10.Red-Hook coming to Detroit for 2019
11.Brad White scene Kisscrossin
12.almost November.......still no Burke
13. what me worried?
14.Pony MIA
15.Holy Week just days away...
16.Im TMS and I hate TMS
17.Kisscross calling out sandbaggers............nice
18.Massey sighting at vets park
19.Saari showing old school form
20.Floyd and DaveZ rumor to be coming to ICEMAN
21.Simon Bailey still runnin cantis....nice
22.Theres a new Brat pack in town...
23.SIMONSTER is on the pre-reg Lowell list
24.Soltan nearly wins Iron Cross.
25.I'm scared of everything. I think it's only sensible to be that way.

christopher walken

Monday, October 22, 2018

the importance of good shoes...

the importance of good shoes
legends whiskey and folkheros
state of the state
comebacks and heart attacks
the best shit ive eatin all week...
and other miscellaneous shit

maybe this week on this shithole...
When wearing branded clothing, you’re estentially paying to advertise their product

Stay Weird

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bra-less and poorly developed sports cars..

Eve Mendez...

Loni Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynderson

the Joys of a 70s kid..

your first lady...

theres a fine line between style and gaudy...

I am a person who has to move.
I'm like a shark - if it doesn't move, it dies.

I'm in good shape. 


44 presidents...
1 king

be cool to your gal..
doesn't take a made up holiday to offer up some good old fashion tenderness..
it aint all about you and certainly aint all about the bike..

treat her right..