Thursday, December 02, 2021

 114 days...................................................

only a mediocre person is at his best everyday 


Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Hey Henry

 It snowed..


Hey Henry 


So since you can’t ride outside whatcha gonna do.

What do you mean ride I can’t ride outside?

Because it snowed..? Phartbike my friend...or something there like it.

So what about. going to Velodrome 

Nope, I like my clavicles attached..

How about Rays indoor bike park

Been there done that, dont really have to the drive to attempt a backflip on a borrowed bike 

A Peloton bike? You got one of those?


Awww come gotta Zwift then...

Well no um I don’t do that either 

Awe jeez Hank! You have got to be the only person living in the modern day world that’s not getting it..How do you do it until April?

Not getting it, what’s to get? Come on man, I spend enough free time on various screen, then do it while I’m trying to get more endorphins flowing on isn’t my shtick.

Yes, but aren’t you worried about losing your fitness?

Look man seems like now a days if your not doing this Zwift thing, it’s like the mighty gods of cycling passion are hacking into to your dick and stealing your balls! Have you all become that bankrupt that the only way can  keep doing something that once drove you to the great outdoors is to spend countless hours staring at a tablet or a flat screen? I mean dude you can cry cold weather, traffic and like of daylight until cows come home. But unfortunately it’s what some us get for living in this miserable  state.

So your Telling me Henry you see absolutely zero justification of Zwift and or any other cycling simulation 

No, I get it. doing hard ass workouts and stumbling cold weather, or fighting pelting 32 degrees and rain isn’t very passionate! Time constraints of the everyday life, etc. It has its place, but be in my mind, I’d be careful on how often I’d go to it, knowing myself quite well.

Why’s that Henry?

Well pretty often than not 44 degrees starts feeling like 32 degrees, and a normal everyday Midwest winds all of sudden start feeling like Hurricane Bella, Dealing with cars, yep, pretty often than not after awhile inside feels much better than navigating the local routes that now seem to resemble the DMV on December first.. For me It’s kinda like my eyesight going bad, I don’t really realize how bad they have gotten until I get to go see that cute girl at Blue Care eye care. Maybe im just hard wired different.or poor..cuz the start up cost  isn't for the meek, and we’ll you know different strokes for different folks. 

Oh I get it sort of, well what about the racing? 

Hey Man I get it too, my balls are still fully attached to my cock! I’m not discrediting I know that shit is hard! It’s not my thing man. I’d like to believe I can build own pain, been doing it for years, and I suppose at my age the percentage of loss I get every year is worth the warm feeling I get when the blood is restored to my farthest region...


Anything else..

Welcome to December!  

Just because I am opinionated doesn't mean we cant still hang....





Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 The Ace, Stoney 08


 Salt is literally rocks that you eat

Monday, November 29, 2021


 Wonder how many from the scene will make the trip?




26 degrees feels like 20, well what a chilly start to the end of a fast moving November,

Hope everyone enjoyed some time in that what stuff, because I know I did. Looks as if the AAVC folks had some fun playing in it. Looked like a nice closer to Scenes CX series. I don’t currently have any results in front of me so not much to babble about on that front. Things have been pretty quite up here. Just tightening up the compound and hammering out plans for 2022 season. 

Wish I had more..

Regards Tripper 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

 proper sticker placement 



 Colin Chapman, Mike Costin, Alan Stacey, Innes Ireland & Graham Hill - Lotus 17 Chassis - 1959 Hornsey, London. - source F1 Old and New.

Saturday, November 27, 2021



 The Dogger..

 The importance of good shoes 


 Hard to tell where the seat post ends and the frame begins 

Friday, November 26, 2021

  1. Five race series
  2. Bloomer
  3. Munson
  4. Springfield Oaks
  5. Waterford
  6. Vets Park
  7. A race
  8. B Race
  9. C race
  10. 1 hr
  11. 45 minutes
  12. 30 minutes
  13. Awards directly after each event
  14. Non USAC
  15. Sundays only
The Michigan CX cup. ran by the old guard

  1. No one wants to race after Iceman 
  2. Difficult for promoters to lay out a course
  3. Hard on the parks
  4. Return on investment 
  5. Rob rarely shoots cool CX pics
  6. Tough on equipment 
  7. USA cycling 
  8. Scheduling conflicts 
  9. Too many categories for the promoter to jumble 
  10. Over thought courses
  11. The weather 
  12. It’s not cool anymore 
  13. Inability for promoters to post results in a timely manner 
  14. No one wants to race after iceman 
  15. No Sunday races, eliminating any shop employee or people that work Saturday 
  16. No big cool race.
  17. It’s fuckn hard
Why cross is dying.

 116 days until Barry Roubaix 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

 Be thankful for the little things..

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Hey Henry


Got any plans for the Holiday week?

Well yea i guess, but not in what traditional average america has on tap. I prefer my week of Thankful as more of a time recenter myself, and ground my inner most being before the onslaught of what is the Mega Holiday season. No i slow down all week and just enjoy the time, whether it be with family. a good book, a nice easy playlist or even maybe cabin chat with Tripper. Even Henry needs to slow the fuck down once in while.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021


 Waterford 2007

 You don’t make brownies, you make one brownie and then cut it into smaller brownies.

Monday, November 22, 2021


 Never..Never sprint from the hoods
Rule number 4 from chapter 1 
From the book of
Black Science