Friday, August 17, 2018

1.A-game spotted at OretoShore...
2.Danny K too..
3.Kinda cool
4,Strada Bianchi and Gaslight double race weekend
5.Pre-reg looks thinner than a 90s super models diet
6.Everyone is talkin cross
7.Gun to Tape                                                  Bruh
8.Jeff Johnson unlocks the gold buckle at Leadville...nice!
9. and The Black-Ace crosses another off the Bucket List
10.Dan Frazier...another doper gets doped
11.Kolo-Tc the coolest work friendly blog
12.Waterford and Gratten...were Hero's are made
13.I miss Kroske
14.wonder what the Wiz is doing

Thursday, August 16, 2018

We are not all fuckin lucky enough to be born with a god given natural DNA fuckin talent..

More often than not..
it takes hard work..
days in day out
honing the sword..

Take me Kenny P for an example...

whether im swinging a bat or a dick...i get it..
I wasnt born with this arm like a fuckin cannon..
i worked my ass off to be the best there fuckin is

and ever was...

countless hours

a commitment most of you will never fully understand ...

Just like i wasnt born as The man with the golden dick..
lotsa fuckin ..
Ass slappin..
hair pullin suckin and sweat to get me on that fuckin podium...

shit aint born over night and when it is it often goes unappreciated..

Romancing the Stones takes time...
And with the mind like a genius you all can bet your minimum  wage ass its gonna be good

powers hour tonight 9pm

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

No one cares...

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity…but it’s also the definition of practice.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lemmies House of whatfuckinever

Spot on 
this chap is winning the game of style right this second


wtf is going on with that saddle..
man that gal must have some bunghole issues

I like the blue sleeve on this gals arm...

good lord 
what a suicide trap this must feel like

the shoes...
the shorts
the animal print over the shoulder boulder holder...

the importance of good shoes..

under the Ponys bad ass skinsuit
the lil Pony set the bar that has yet to be achieved no matter how many times you try to pin it on
spot fuckin on

look at that stacked field..
the Howard bros

some heavy dudes in there
his finish aside the Evil-Dude won this day with the trick looking full sleeve skinsuit..

some might call it crazy
some call it stupid...
but those that never have 
will never know..

why do you think they call it dope

team bikes
never looked better
than the Bells crew
wholy fuckin bat turd sandwich

somewhere along the lines..we forgot the difference between style and function
Italian's do it better

life is full of questions
not all need to be answered

three of the best scene sprinters of there time
Corey should of stuck with the visor
he was faster

how does he age backwards


U No what they say.........
Gas or
grass no one rides for free..