Thursday, March 05, 2015

Taking Control of Every Four Way Stop in Your Life...

That aint Hard...Flying clear blue easy after the second bottle of Mogen David aint either...and four consecutive hours of Hee Haw that too....but that got T to thinkin....whats the old sports adage..they say number two tries harder..T used to believe in that ..T always gave things a try twice just in case he screwed up the first time or was too naive to appreciate it....but now T kinda thinks that saying is lame......sometimes two gets soo dam expands all its juice to get there...what about three?  i kinda think three is a non factor...someone often gets less attention...that's why T always plays on the four card....things just seem better in fours...soo much good shit comes in fours...

But that all being said...why is that four can often provoke soo many different emotions in folks...some sooo god dam good and other that just make a normal souls face cringe with that finer shade of fleshy high blood pressure red....two words, eight letters total four for each........................... this word come to mind..."dick head...yep..dick head" where did it come from...rumor has it was white a collar men in meetings sitting at board room tables sports jackets off collars buttoned up all tight and shit..stressed...there faces would turn red..yep just like the above mentioned....isnt that veeered? ....But  about taking control of every four way stop in your life.......its a rant and its Ts rant so let him rant..Four way stops...maybe you have maybe you haven't................observe that most fucks cant figure out a four way stop to save there dam sorry life.... the concept is quite simple right? ..maybe its a control mentality...T cant wait for passive grey hairs,cougars and milfs with smart phones crammed to there Revlon cheek bones..T's concept..... no eye contact roll up... wait milliseconds and roll through...better yet..if your the second car from the corner...spy the four corners any of the above mentioned....eye for cops..get on the bumper of the car in front of you and tailgate that bitch through the intersection...its a dice roll but what the is life....

Cake: eat it everyday
Junk: we have too much
MBRA:this year
Power: always need more
Dope: fuck it
Drop: not always easy
Beer: see cake
Stop: see dope
Less: is more
More: see Beer
Bike: T's brand of Jock strap
Food: see it eat it
Love: soo much of it
Ramp: it up
Gray: sometimes
Wine: see Cake
Jerk: yep
Hate: see love
What: for?
Cold: sick of it
Sick: house
Roll: another
MMBA: enuf
Butt; just love em
Gary: Coleman
Jump: Off
Open: Shut
Cliff: see above
Shit: insert your idea
Hard: droppin the bunny
Milf: that bells keg
Tits: her new ones
AAVC: soon
Fork: without you don't ride
Luck: none
Crap; see shit
Over: It
Blow; Job
Suck: me
Dick: Head
Shit: eat
Mista T: jerk
Mess: Mike
Pedal: File
USAC: crooks
Seat: Toilet
Rope; hang
Rush: Working man
Roof: Splat
Jack: Daniels
Lick:it up
Mike: Wiz
What: hes doing
Phat: ass
Shut: up
Glow: after
Snow: blow
Fuck: This.....


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead."
Im feeling a big ol Hehateme T rant on the horizon...maybe i will maybe i wont..

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Monday, March 02, 2015

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ― Charles Bukowski

Friday, February 27, 2015

1. A stage race with a prologue  where TT bikes are allowed. dont have one fucking ride faster in the drops
2.The MC5
3.Dialed smooth running clean bikes
4.The B side of Led Zeppelins Immigrant song
5.Kennsingtons short course
6.the Gwyneth Paltrow Photoshoot by James White.
7.The White Stripes Jolene
8. Roadtrips
9.That Bells keg from last week
10.The Old downtown Ann Arbor Crit
11. Point to Point MTB races
12.Having a sense of humor
14.Lion Steel Knives
15.Riding everything

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Stale Beer and Arena Weed..

If I had a million dollars id open a beer and pizza joint that served beer and pizza only...nothin want a menu full of choices go to Applebutters...the menu would be short you want beer??  ya we got that shit..we would do it right......too much of a good thing is proven fact that the majority will grow tired of it...except for maybe alcohol, tobacco and arena weed...I'm asking you folks to use that part in your grey matter again the part that allows you to lay a little dreaming down...those that frequent that shitty chat board are excluded and free to leave at any givin time....but one would think they have better things to do than stumble through T's ridiculously shitty opinionated grammar shit post..T dont hate too many things..but.i hate that board...there i said it..i feel better....not the organization itself  T actually likes that.....just that god dam ridiculous group...maybe not everyone im sure somewhere in all that bullshit that gets strewn up.....folks call tms out for being anonymous ..go hang out in that place for a few hours..i feel bad for all those folks i really do..there cholesterol and blood pressure must be through the roof...

Heres the deal T ain't gonna cloud this shit post up with a bunch of his hard to understand banter about strippers, cougars and re-runs of The Waltons..the two latter although have been a T time sponge mind you......The limping MTB scene is no different than the staggering road scene and the smelly cross scene...its a victim of the times...board whores can argue all they want about numbers being up...the numbers are the amount of events....First....fewer races..period..everyone wants to promote some the guy...all of a sudden Joe dude with a wife, kids, maybe kids he See's every other weekend.. work, soccer games omg!!! a house to take care of and a life outside trying to take it to the next level ...etc..most of these folks only have a few weekends a month to ones happy...well maybe divorce attorneys are happy...but spread it out over the say..500 total racers in Miscene factor in weekday worlds...and things start to look thin..not everyone has bunny staying power..we all do it for different reasons most say its fun...180hr  isn't that much fun..its fun when you win...riding with your buddies is fun...why in gods name does everyone feel so compelled to race a bike .....? wanna ride and smile for the camera ride the local loop but watch out for the pain train...cuz there aint no one slowin down in that group..I hear strava number don't lie...

If i had the $ id pay off these promoter fucks to get on the same page for 1 season...1 season.. a trial...everyone from the elitist MMBA.. to big money Rick and Steve..Tailwind..and even those chumps at the MBRA...get on the same page..schedule a years worth of shit...try...try and find a corporate sponsor of some sort...not an easy task i know....blanket this bitch with less interference..reduce the number of classes wanna ride a single speed well fuck you.... your faster than most riders on geared bikes race with em..fat bikes fat asses big class...that's classes combined masters levels combined...there ain't enough to go around.....many years ago before most that were out there running there mouth about this that and the other thing Miscne had this thing called Tour of Blue Care network Tour Michigan something or other a week or so long race series MTB road combined...i wouldn't do a week id do summer series or ?....and payouts..come on is it really about spreading the bills on social networks? or telling people you just paid for Cedar Point tickets with your winnings?.....payouts are OK..but we don't need to be stinking paying everyone...

I think Tailwind and the MBRA are on the right track....Fewer races,..(most cant resist i know)

fewer classes..(there will be tears shed and bellyaching)

a corporate sponsor ( no one has any money)

 promoters that get it and communicate....(like a religious war)

its a dream go with it....without it............ it will continue to eat itself...

Opinionated and Passionately yours.... T

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quality Time.......

Ill tell any fool that has the time to waste that i am probably as equally as cynical as i am optimistic about folks actions, thoughts and beliefs...We all have rules we live by..we lay em out adjust them and change to suit our certain feelings and attitudes..that's the beauty of being an individual in a place that lets us act so....One  my life rules is when i say i ain't gonna do something again..i don't do it...but as human as we are we make mistakes..and so i sinned against my rules...a day or so back..trying to recover after a night at the local cougars house that had me drinking way too many variations of booze into the early Sunday hour...It took three cups of over priced coffee to put my finger on it...Just like places or people in our real life we don't visit for certain reason T has places on this Internet he don't go.. for various reason..but i  sinned and maybe the pulsing headache made me do it...Nut i went creepin....I went there..Nothing had me shaking my leg and dragging my Jordan's under the table like the thread i got tangled up in..I wasn't gonna name the place but to hell with it...we the wool pulled over each others eyes enough as it...i hate contributing....

i has to believe most folks have been there..and I'm gonna give you my  asshole opinionated two cents...that god dam MMBA board what in gods name is up with those people?..are they all sniffing glue? who in the hell is out there selling out dated Testors to some of those folks..I happened to climb on the thread of the decline of Michigan racing scene..i know better than most we all know just enough to make us dangerous..but that dam thread had me questioning every aspect of my life..At first went as far telling myself never to bread tie a number on cobbled together ebay rig....but that was like cutting your nose off in spite of your face..I kept is simple... i don't know if i will ever be able to make eye contact with anyone wearing a visor at the local loop ever a dog chasing his tail...that whole dam board is strewn with a mulligan stew of people that should be making there bosses happy, satisfying there significant other and being there parent there children need or just flat riding there bike instead of posting senseless babble.......I know hate is already bubbling up like a cancer in any of the few folks that still are hanging on to this record setting shitty grammar post...but i don't care......its  i had to get it out of my head to allow more constructive material to occupy its space...squeezing my meds aint workin.....if none of you have read it id truly suggest if you do set down for some quality time...get to the local liquor plaza and grab that bottle of grouchy negro before hand...

Im sweating..omg where in the hell is my can of  "Get Whipped"

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Arthur Linton
Choppy Warburton
Marshall Taylor
Jimmy Michael
Henri Pélissier
Francis Pélissier
Charles Pélissier
 Fausto Coppi
Jean Malléjac
 Roger Rivière
Charly Gaul
 Knud Enemark
Jensen Gastone
 Nencini Rogques Anquetil
André Bayssière
 Charly Grosskost
 Peter Post Luis Santamarina
Tom Simpson
Evert Dolman
Eddy Merckx
 Joaquim Agostinho
Jaime Huélamo
Aad van den Hoek
 Roger Legeay
 Claude Tollet
Bernard Thévenet
Erik De Vlaeminck
Rachel Dard
Eric Jacques
Joop Zoetemelk
 Freddy Maertens
Michel Pollentier
 José Nazabal
Antoine Gutierrez
Gilbert Glaus
 Jean-Luc van den Broucke
 Giovanni Battaglin
Frans Van Looy
Gilbert Chaumaz
Vicente López
Carril Dietrich
Thurau Maarten
 Ducrot Ángel Arroyo
 Marc Demeyer
 Michel Pollentier
 Steven Rooks
 Maarten Ducrot
Peter Winnen
 Gert Jakobs
 Mathieu Hermans
Bert Oosterbosch
Adri van der Poel
Francesco Moser
John Beckman
Brent Emery
Steve Hegg
 Pat McDonough
 Leonard Nitz
Rebecca Twigg
 Mark Whitehead
 Peter Winnen
Kim Andersen
 Pedro Delgado
 Gert-Jan Theunisse
 Geert Van de Walle
 Johannes Draaijer
 Laurent Fignon
 Bert Oosterbosch
 Johan van der Velde
 Sean Yates
 Johannes Draaijer
 Nico Emonds
 Carey Hall
 Sean Kelly
 Stephen Pate
 Jesper Skibby
 Jesper Worre
 Claudio Chiappucci
 Lennie Kristensen
 Stephen Roche
 Joachim Halupczok
 Gianni Bugno
Bo Hamburger
 Marco Pantani
 Rolf Aldag
 Udo Bölts
 Bert Dietz
 Christian Henn
 Brian Holm
Levi Leipheimer
 Rita Razmaite
 Bjarne Riis
 Filippo Simeoni
 Erik Zabel
 Djamolidine Abdoujaparov
 Gilles Bouvard
 Brian Dalgaard
 Jensen Rune
 Jogert Emmanuel Magnien
 Michael Skelde
 Laurent Brochard
 Francesco Casagrande
 Laurent Dufaux
 Pascal Hervé
 Luc Leblanc
 Rodolfo Massi
 Armin Meier
 Christophe Moreau
 Per Pedersen
 Didier Rous
 Neil Stephens
 Richard Virenque
 Alex Zülle
 Stuart O'Grady
 Uwe Ampler
 Frankie Andreu
 Lance Armstrong
 Ludo Dierckxsens
 Claus Michael
 Møller Laurent Roux
 Manuel Beltrán
 Joaquim Castelblanco
 Eugeni Berzin
 Neil Campbell
Jan Hruška
Tammy Thomas
Niklas Axelsson
Riccardo Forconi
Dario Frigo
Marcin Gębka
Roland Meier
Piotr Przydzial
Ondřej Sosenka
Tammy Thomas
Nicola Chesini
Stefano Garzelli
Bas van Dooren
David McCann
Gianpaolo Mondini
Lars Brian Nielsen
Kirk O'Bee
Juan Pineda
Piotr Przydzial
Raimondas Rumsas
Stefan Rütimann
Roberto Sgambelluri
Gilberto Simoni
Frank Vandenbroucke
Faat Zakirov
Mario De Clercq
Igor González de Galdeano
Philippe Gaumont
Geneviève Jeanson
Jesús Manzano
Johan Museeuw
Jo Planckaert
Chris Peers
Scott Moninger
Amber Neben
Mark Roland
Adham Sbeih
David Fuentes
Lizandro Ajcú
Joey D'Antoni
Christophe Brandt
Dave Bruylandts
David Calanche
María Luisa Calle
Oscar Camenzind
Stefano Casagranda
Martin Hvastija
Yeisson Delgado
Carlos López González
Abel Jocholá
Danilo Di Luca
Tyler Hamilton
Filip Meirhaeghe
Noel Armando
Vazquez Mendoza
David Millar
Janet Puiggros
Miranda José Reynaldo
Murillo Nery Velásquez
Jeremy Yates
Erwin Bakker
Roberto Ballestero
Marc Lotz Ludovic
Capelle Maurizio
Carta Ferney
Orlando Bello
 Clavijo Barry
Forde Evgeni
Petrov Fabrizio Guidi
Fredy Hamlet
Nelito Hereida
Roberto Heras
Danilo Hondo
Giorgio Landaeta
Iñigo Landaluze
Jenaro Ramos
Lozano Gabriel
Pop Jorge
Coto Riviera
Sandro Rodriguez
Francisco Pérez Sanchez
Zinaida Stahurskaya
Wilmer Bravo
Garcia Quesada
Adolfo Stephen
Alfred Victor
Hernandez Baeta
Ivan Basso
Pawal Bentkowski
Jaime Bretti Santos
Gonzalez Capilla
Jose Balague
Carvajal Erick
Castano Luis
Coelho Juan
Cotumba Jhon
Cunto Kamil
David Garbelli
Christoph Girschweiler
Aitor González
Oscar Grau
Jon Pena Hernaez
Christina Alcade
Jörg Jaksche
Valdimir Koev
Rafal Kumorowski
Floyd Landis
Maxime Lefebvre
Christian Luce
Joseph M. Papp
Evandro Luis Portela
Aitor Osa
Unai Osa Cénéric
Racault Ilaria Rinaldi
Jose Antonio
 Pastor Roldan
Alexandre Sabalin
Michele Scarponi
Ger Soeperberg
Alvaro Tardaguila
Fernando Torres
Matteo Trentin
Jan Ullrich
Sascha Urweider
Tristan Valentin
Jordi Reira
Valls Lorenzo Bernucci
Marco Fertonani
Alesandro Fatato
Franklin Gomes de Almeida
Serhiy Honchar
Mathias Kessler
Christian Moreni
Giuseppe Muraglia
Magno Prado Navaret
Nathan O'Neill
Leonardo Piepoli
Aketza Peña
Alessandro Petacchi
Juan Carlos Rojas
Villegas José Antonio Pecharroman
Fabian Svetlana
Semchouk Patrick Sinkewitz
Marcin Sobiepanek
Alexandre Vinokourov
Iban Mayo
Björn Leukemans
Michael Rasmussen
Igor Astarloa
Tom Boonen
Paolo Bossoni
Giovanni Carini Moisés
Dueñas Dmitry
Fofonov Vladimir Gusev
Eddy Mazzoleni
Maria Moreno
 Riccardo Riccò
Maximiliano Richeze
Emanuele Sella
Rafael Montiel
Juan Guillermo
Castro Camilo
Gomez Carlos
Ospina Hernandez
Hernán Buenahora
 Giovanni Barriga
Davide Rebellin
Stefan Schumacher
Christian Pfannberger
Antonio Colom
Thomas Dekker
Clément Lhotellerie
Mikel Astarloza
Olaf Pollack
Markus Cronjäger
Nuno Ribeiro
Isidro Nozal
Hector Guerra
Gabriele Bosisio
Nolan Hoffman
Vania Rossi Pawel
Kacper Szczepaniak
Manuel Vazquez Hueso
Alejandro Valverde
Thomas Frei Li Fuyu
Gabriele Bosisio
Franco Pellizotti
Jesus Rosendo
Prado Tadej
Valjavec Mickaël
Larpe Francesco
De Bonis Pietro
Caucchioli Ricardo Serrano
Niklas Axelsson
Jao Paulo de Oliveira
Lucas Onesco
Jair Fernando dos Santos
 Dan Staite Roy Sentjens
Alberto Contador
Ezequiel Mosquera
David García
Dapena Joao Benta
Alessandro Colo
Lorenzo Bernucci
Marco Arriagada
Patrik Sinkewitz
Pasquale Muto
Lisban Quintero
Alexandr Kolobnev
David Clinger
Oscar Sevilla
Alexandre Dougnier
Denis Galimzyanov
Matti Helminen
Remy di Gregorio
Fränk Schleck
Ivailo Gabrovski
Rasa Leleivytė
David George
Soren Svenningsen
Tom Danielson
Christian Vande Velde
David Zabriskie
Steve Houanard
Michael Barry
Matt White
Stephen Hodge
Steffen Kjærgaard
Bobby Julich
Steven de Jongh
Giovanni Visconti
Martin Vinnicombe
Leif Hoste
Michael Boogerd
Jason Rogers
Yosmani Pol Rodriguez
Rolf Sørensen
Sylvain Georges
Mauro Santambrogio
Yoelkis Aira
Mustafa Sayar
Cesar Marte
Jeroen Blijlevens
Mario Cipollini
Laurent Desbiens
Jacky Durand
Jens Heppner
Laurent Jalabert
Kevin Livingston
Nicola Minali
Abraham Olano
Fabio Sacchi
Marcos Serrano
Andrea Tafi
Stephane Barthe
Ermanno Brignoli
Giuseppe Calcaterra
Pascal Chanteur
Roland Meier
Axel Merckx
Frederic Moncassin
Alain Turicchia
Stefano Zanini
Todd Robertson
David LeDuc
Daniel Baker
Ryder Hesjedal
Alessandro Ballan
Daryl Impey
Logan Loader
Paolo Savoldelli
Roman Kreuziger
Bart Voskamp
Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
Carlos Barredo
Denis Menchov
Valentin Iglinsky
Matteo Rabottini
Maxim Iglinsky
Márcia Fernandes,
Mauro Santambrogio
Diego Ulissi


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Miguel Martinez...LIl of the first real euros to arrive when the Mtb scene was exploding here..half the size of Tomac, Tinker or Dead;y Nedly..this little fucks power to weight ratio probably nearly doubled his US rivals..His light weight was not limited to his small stature..he obsessed over having a crazy stupid light bike..often running parts that were far out dated to most..canti brakes, suspension forks with no internals...and even rigid forks..whether he was on the Jack it wasn't detected enough to give him the boot forever.....when he made the switch to the road one woulda thought he would climbed liked his old man .....but he wasnt very well liked and earned the name as the lil squirt and never saw much of the front..too bad cuz he road for one of the most Jacked up badass teams of the day.....maybe not the doper you were hoping for ...but he still is one for the eurofuck list

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