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1.Yankee Springs TT
9.Simon Bailey
11.Hines Drive TT
12.The Blue-Wave
14.Team Category
15.Special K

Last Minute Addition

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 Any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, 
you know? 
A terminal crazy... 

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Ok fools sorry im late...............
im really trying to make a good run at doing this right..if T falls short fuck it...right...because there are SO many races..

The chosen riders and events etc were hap haggardly tossed into a lottery of sorts for the 1st quarter election by a somewhat of an  un-distinguished group of a dozen or so scneres

Please take your time and try not to barf with the shitty grammar and read it through

your 1st quarter nominees are

the top 5 will be inducted 

the guy won ICEMAN..and loves to bury himself over and over

all around miscene legend the first to go out and give it a go against the best..
although during the miscene time period..a cross state title and a pile of ICEMAN wins he didn't have the rides like he did before and ultimately hit his head in a fall
Scotty still churning out some good rides...and now probably hes known more as a kick ass frame builder with his name on it...

Jeff the Lil Pony:
No denying this guy was and on the right day the King of Miscne cross..
winning a national championship prior to the Miscene catapulted him to a pile of good rides in the past 10 years..the Pony is cross

although way beyond the TMS level..
most missed the fact this guy cut his teeth early on in the Miscene..places like the Milford crit the Tour of Cedar creek..ADA crit..Rockford...hell even almost took a state cross title riding Bagmas Indy Fab..Bookwalter was there...

Miscene watched this develop from a little squirt racing up through the ranks, to the national the world level..all inside the Miscne time 11 short TMS years Alexey made it...

Joe Lekovich
although ol Joe is long gone from the scene back in Y2K he was the man that pushed for better races, better organization and a point series that counted.

Jason Swatloski:
The Highlander got his nic-name for a good reason to kill this guy you have to cut his head off..this grumpy old bastard has been around the scene longer than dirt..Like Patton this old fuck has general d  apile of strong teams from before the Miscene days there was the Alpine crew..McClain rollers..then WCR that was full of strong young riders..through the Bissell hate period..and now the EPS squad..Jason's rides are not necessarily what put him on the list but more so maybe his smarts and the ability to lead the charge

They call him the Godfather of Michigan cycling...Wolverine die in the wooll soul man and helper of anyone who needs it..

Jordan Wakeley:
Trains like lumber jack in the Northwoods..
built like human anatomy chart...the guy won Ore-to-shore..can sustain a living body temperature in weather that would kill most normal humans and is never short on gashing his teeth against real world pros come November..tuff dude

Ben Renkema:
although he doesn't live here anymore..Ben is arguably the best sprinter to come out of Miscene in the past 20 years..has stars and stripes to prove it..his wifey aint too bad herself..

The Black-Ace:
does he deserve to be on the list? you decide..In TMSs opinion he didn't just bring results to the scene..he created State Champions..and he is credited for promoting the hardest crit since the Rockford days

Brant Hendler:
BMXER from the 80s...Multi state road and crit champion, Old school Norba DH champion a Masters Track national championship..and creator now of successful junior program..nuff said

Queen Anne
wouldnt be right to leave the old bird off this list...
CX queen when it counted the most and nice person doesn't hurt..

Ron Catlin:
The dude won a MTB National Championship at one of the hardest venues to do so..
and he can lay down a solid sprint when he wants too..
good guy too..

Mac Brennan:
made the jump from big lanky ski racer to elite cyclist..
the dude cut his teeth in all over the scene

Upgrades in 3 years..then disappear
got to give some props to the three year folks...
it takes alot to make the move from gunslinger fast group rider to a top 5 1/2 rider...and then when they do..the only place to go is the pro-life..and thats a whole nuther world big props to those went out to seek it..

at some point DC put it to you..
and if your lucky hes your bud..

back in early TMS years Danny K was the springfling king..that dude could ride a break TT like a mofo...
and sprint his ass off when he wanted...
The scene was better when he was around..

This genetic mutation is the utmost supreme ruler when you want to ride 100 miles..
hell aint bad short either

They call Dybo the god father of Michigan cycling...but what should they call Foshag?
I would lay money on it Foshag has more race days in his legs than anyone right now in the scene..from racing 3 days a week back in the BMX time of the 80s, to Mountain bike scene of 90s, CX in Y2K and Road stuff in-between..a couple state titles and still a solid 1/2 guy.. Raced along side  a ton of good sceners, and when you get to know him he isnt so strange

Nate Williams
only thing missing from his palmares..
CX state championship and MTB one
quiet Nate dog doesnt say much and races less as of late cool thing he wins most of the time has a handful of State Championships to prove it..

gotta admit...
as silly as they are its a funny shtick they got going on

Mike Seamon
10 time lumberjack 100 finisher raced everything under the sun and never had a bad word to say about anyone

Larry Warrabasse
The Guy is a pro now..
but was a Cat3  rider at one time during the scene years

John Meyers:
old as dirt a former ICEMAN winner as well one of the old scene guard..still laying it down today..Good Time Johnny probably handed you your ass at least once

Tom Burke
the Roadking isnt flashy, has a blandness sort of personalty..
not overly great at one thing...cept winning state reckon he has more than anyone at this time..

BA Brain Adams:
first real honch of the modern age..great crit racer and can win a road-race as well... and now able to fix broken humans..

Adam York:
come on... never has there been a more fun guy to watch..Adam brought something the scene needed someone with balls and the gutz to lay em on the line..It was pure fun watching his flame burn so bright..a couple of uncontested state Championship cross titles and a pile of bad-ass and outside the scene...Pity the bunny disappeared..hopefully he never looked back

Derek Graham:
Ol DG...although pretty much MIA in the past two years DG was the quite possible the best all around racer in the state..Badass crit racer..strong as hell on the road..and could ride a MTB probably at that time better than anyone..
what DG lacked in a personalty and his antics quite often on the bike... he made up for it by kicking dudes in the balls.

Jason Hess:
On one side of the coin...Here is a guy on the same experience level as guys like Dybo and Docsavage...but he goes away during what could of been considered the prime of his level
to build a career and life ..returns mid Y2K and starts his empire owning the Masters field...winning field sprints back pedaling...
The Other side..he is the coaching and adviser to nearly half of the guys he competes with giving real world knowledge and training help to many...

Holy cow does that guy ever age? arcved when they had wooden rims and no gears.. rides less than most think and will always sneak one it when least expect it.

The Bells Team of Y2K
was there any better looking kit and group of fun loving riders than on that team..they had it all..Beer drinkin Fast funny guys..Hot ass chicks, killer bikes and the best kit design to date...the beer just seemed colder and tasted better back then

Robert Herriman
the first real dude that made riding a 100 miles once a week seem fun..and still post results all over the board

The top 2 will be inducted 

Fun Promotions 
Brent was the king of racing for what he stood for Fun...on time always scored fast nice awards..great courses..and at a fair price...

Robert and crew gave Miscne what it needed a legit series ran like a well oiled machine...from the never before done Time trial series, to XC races to CX in the fall..shoot he even had winter shit before everyobe got on a phartbike Robert and all that helped him made racing fun and affordable and gave a reason to train and go for an overall result..Although Bobby took some hits near the end for his stubborn not wanting to change ways...but TMS wrote that off as just being old and tired of dealing with all the shit promoters have to deal with...The scene has never fully recovered from the absence of Tailwind

Rick Plite
from the grass roots kiss cross keepin it simple and Lumberjack 100 to the big mean money machine of Barry Roubiax..Rick is doing it right..If there is a right way of doing it i suppose..either way folks love to get a piece of his shit..and he never fails to deliver a well executed steamer..

spring flingin and such beginer clinics...the club got alot of people introduced to cycling and raving

Steve Brown:
ICEMAN ...this guy takes a fun ride with your buddies and swing yer dick around and turns it into the working mans world championship..

Brian Bagma:
he has had some flops..but as of lately i think he has made it good..

Flying Rhinos
one word Waterford

unlike TMS makin people feel turd like these are a  real deal make everyone feel loved warm inside like a jelly doughnut type of group..

The top 2 will be inducted 

Waterford Hills:
Ok its doesn't support a huge fan base spectators..few//locals only...isn't technical at all..but its home for the weekend warriors, and its always there to save the day when races fall to the way side..

Birmingham Crit course:
fast smooth , and well attended..the Bham course is probably the perfect Michigan crit

Milford Crit:
centrally located..lots a cougars walking around...most of all win the field sprint you are a badass  its a long way to the finish from the crazy last corner

Classic Michigan MTB course

Pontiac Lake TT
post a fast time here or now they call it KOMn and your hangin with some fast dudes

Lowell 50
more traditional Belgium like than BRX the Lowell 50 is like a mix of Cone Azalia and Barry..lower key but fun..

Debates (old course)
not the crack pipe and needle venue the one with the two 180 degree turns mach 5 speed slam on the calipers and ramp that shit back up for 90 minutes

Zeeland Crit:
Spectators come out in droves for Miscenes one and only Twighlight cit,,

Rockford Crit:
if you would of won here you gained instant badass status,,,uphill for half..DH the rest of the way fattys always steered clear...

Addison Oaks
Not the muddy old quagmire of the years past...the Addison Oaks course is so fuckin dialed and fast its like racing on a golf course..

Ruby XC
sketchy greasy and weird but fun..everyone loves the romance of stumbling through a river!

TK lawless MTB park
11 miles of trails crammed up 1 mile of some forgotten piece of lands ass..

The top 2 will be inducted 

Kennsington 100:
2008 saw the Greg "power monger" Christian get tired of the f6 breakaway companions of Danny K the Evil Dude and few WCMR..and punches at the 70 mile mark to storm into the summit finish of the now semi legendary Kensington 100 miler solo

Michigan's crown road jewel even if it was for just 3 years..Tour de Leelanau was a hard mans course..and when it went full NRC status few sceners made the time cut..

Biggest gravel road race in the US..for how long? ..experience before short attention span cyclist call it a day ..its worth it

Biggest 1 day race...and the hugest end of season party anywhere

Lumberjack 100
Such a cool idea and a great course to do it at....

The Black-Ace death crit any rainy year
The death crit is hard enough but when mother nature lays her monthly bill on it can be down right nasty...

classic Michigan race..and the year it turned winter in October it sent almost all into life alert

Kennsington Stage Race
2007 saw a two two day three stage race come to Kennsington a short sub 6 minute (use your TT bike or what ever) pro-logue in the morning.. a decent crit in the afternoon and then the long course road race Sunday..there even was a team competition..

UCI cross races
although a huge money failure to Bobby when he paid Jonny P to show up it was a pretty cool idea fro a few years

Allen Park Crit 90 min
boy it sure made the difference on a kidney shaped industrial park course when the promoters upped that shit 90m

Mount Pleasant 200K
sure everyone wants race for 125 miles
 at least back in 2012 they did....felt even better when The Panther train sat on the front at the 109 mark at 30 mph

Detroit Cycling Championship
new to the scene in 2017 but ran pro like..

Killer notable rides:
The top 2 will be inducted 

The Lion Roars young and green Alex Vanias podiums at Snake Alley and then backs it up attacking the shit out of the Panther guys and winning the Mellon Cit crit going away

The Grayling Giant wins the Alma GP on a phart bike

Timmys 12 week reign of terror:
with marriage and family looming quickly on the horizon Funny Guy Timmy Finkel goes on a jaw dropping reign of terror and wins everything he enters for nearly twelve weeks only to burn out and fade off into normality

Cant move up 33
Nate Williams makes an attack at 45 minutes at the 2017 Zeeland crit, getting a sizable gap pins it at 33 mph, and wins that shit holding his kid..

The Quiet One
The WIZ winsThe USGP wins against the Nations best Masters riders

The Sword
Highlander rides in Solo at the Black-Ace death crit over a whole pile of fast dudes

Gone in 60 seconds:
Bryce gets away with Canadian Hard man Jeff Schiller early at the 2016 Black-Ace death crit and then polishes it off with a badass win

Summer Of Sam
like the 45 caliber killer Scott goes balls to the wall for 3 weeks with a self induced testosterone filled anger erection and rides out of his mind in the summer of 2016 dropping names left and right and standing on podiums in a tri state area

Wanleys ride at the 2016 Labor day race...Chris takes down the almost un-take-able Paul Martin..and solidify his spot as the guy to mark for 2017

Bone broke
Cripes Nate dog has soo many killer rides its hard to pin point one...but in 2012 he wins the State Time Trail Championship on a broken bike

FENTON, MIJUL 24, 2010..Simonster shows up on a 29er with skinny tires and rides off the front against  Michigan's best 1/2  riders for almost 30 miles.... only to be reeled in..

Craig Webb wins the Masters 45+ on this same day

SIMONSTERs  big miss..
Mike misses that win he needed by inches against Barry Wicks at the Lumber Jack 100 a few years back

Mount Pleasant Crit 2013..The Highlander finds himself in a break with Ex pro Paul Martin and new upstart Mac Brennan..using the ways of an old school Miscene Jedi...Highlander pulls the sword from his crusty old armor decapitates them for the win..

Roll-me away
Dybos fools many with his Y2K patented just sneak away and let em think the big guy cant hold it until they line...worked 90% of the time..makin dudes go WTF?

after a long strong man break-away nice guy Dan K puts it to Paul Martin and crew to win the 2014 Conze Azalia

Catch me if you can
In his usual manner DC hole-shots the masters field at Vets park back in 2008, after two turns sits up looks back and gives the come on hand motion to the oxygen in debt field..

Brotherhood Recipe
David Williams takes a break from being a real pro and grabs his bro Nate and Laps the field at The Lansing crit summer on a hot day in the summer 2013..then in 2016 does it again with the Tallest guy in the scene Jordan D

The Magic Man
The quiet guy that most even know is there wins BRX back 2014..Steve Brojlio..takes down the bunny and a whole bunch of other WAS labs dudes on that cold day March ..and then virtually disappears

Young Gun
New TMS sensation Scotty Albaugh is flyin under the radar back in 2009 when he wins the 18 under expert class at the Ruby CX race by over 10 minutes few probably even realized his potential to put the impressive wattage he is doing in January of 2018

How do you like me now?
Lead outs Geoff Kuiper wins the BTR crit and then backs it up the next day with a solid podium at the State Road race,,for two days that guy was haulin ass

Doin it for nookie...
Corey Stange rides a mountain bike at the 2015 Cone Azalia just to get MBRA points

On a hot ass day in early August although not full a scener but a bad-ass ride any how  Das-German..decides he doesn't want ride around anyone anymore and beats Michigan's best into a bloody pulp winning The Michigan State Road race Championship by over 2 minutes atop of Sugarloaf Mountain...


The top 2 will be inducted 

Craig Webb:
probably not a good idea lying to god..and skipping a piss test isnt a good idea either..just another turd this guy is gonna have to smoke before the big-man lets him inside the pearly gates..

Neal Schubel:
Ok i doped...Masters MBRA for nothing title was soo tempting he couldnt help it i suppose

I love RocknRoll 
being 3T with a pro-like budget allows you to do some crazy ass marketing shit..and there album covers of bad 80s groups cememted themselves as the kings of corny

Bells Beer drops there MTB team
Dumb idea..made T stop drinking Bells...

I dont care what the supporters say..
charging full price for something you get nothing for is dumb...Hi welcome to McDonald' will 5 dollars for you to breathe inside...turd move

Im USAC and your fuckin out..
2013 Mount pleasant road race..after a large group goes after Jake Rytlewski...The USAC officials disqualify s almost 12 riders just miles from the finish line citing they broke the white line rule somewhere out there...

That just happened
Gun to Tape..

Pace Car run down..
Its bad enough you can not hardly ride roads anymore without getting run over..but at a closed crit course is applauding..2012 Cherry Ruby in old Traverse City saw the breakaway riders of Dan Lam and Martin Vecchio get curbed and nearly ran over by some turd driving the pace car

Four Wheelin What A feelin
Three dip shits in a four up four wheeler nearly kill the sprinting  field at the 2015 Barry Roubaix just 25 meters from the line....

Fuck you TMS go away

 The top 1 will be inducted 
your content is useless

its over played

its boring

its dumb

no one comments anymore and i like to see that shit

your a pot stirrer and you should be fucked by Satan

Voting Starts Next week...
dont be lame spread the word..

"Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions
. Life is great. 
Without it, you’d be dead."

Huge as fuck 
TMS hall-o-fame preview tonight at eight!
spread the word honkys

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Gilles Villeneuve
 Ferrari 312T3 
Canadian GP 1978

Friday, January 12, 2018

1, the Donner party was fucked from the start
2.BB30 spindles are not all created equal.......
3.It gets fuckin cold in North Korea
4.Mad Dog Mike Sullivan..killings just a job
5.Scottys 20 minute numbers are pretty impressive
6.Idi Amin holy fuck that guy was a monster
7.Nicotine, alcohol, meth, cocaine..but the real problem is screens
8.wanna kill someone and get away with it...wait till there on a bicycle and run them over
9.people eat there Chili dogs in some strange ways..
10.The importance of LRPM intervals
11.The Chizza from thats a WTF
12.Sunday evenings are similar to the nite of a big election for Strava cyclists..everyone is hovered over there phones to see the results
13.If you Strava weight workouts you can consider yourself a turd...
14.A TMS podcast? hey that is a neat idea..
15.May your weekend be filled with good thoughts and kind people

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Every person in this photo is dead now. 
Heaven is going to be louder than hell now.

 drink some of that 5 hour energy shit, 
you pussy

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TMS Hall of fame parameters

Ok Folks after months of debating if T even wanted to put forth the effort of this..
he decided since there really aint much else going in the dead of winter besides selfies, phartbikes zwift, and the velodrome...why not...? right might be fun..might not even get off the ground..but sure is better than watching the liver spots grow on your arms...

  • Should they be Miscene Residents? yes...period..but exceptions maybe added later
  • Should they currently reside in Miscene?...No but during there time of racing or whatever they did for the scene yes..and only the time that TMS has been on line
  • include promoters?...of course
  • Include venues? yes of course..there again and only the time that TMS has been on line
  • Include events/races?..TMS time period ONLY
  • That one killer ride...
  • Turd category...wouldn't be TMS without alittle turd flinging at some one..
  • Why TMS should fuck off and close up shop......the feeling is mutual 

watch the side bar in the weeks to come..............the polls open soon your vote counts or not

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1.phart bikes
3.race talk to warm places
5.frigid temps training plans life plans races faces
10.indoor track races
11.billy squier
12.less hate
13.less social media
14.less talk
15.less bullshit

the buzz

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5 Dan Lam
all around quiet and good Bissell guy..breaks his hip for the second year in a row, and decides to call it career...

4.The AAVC
after numerous years and counting the AAVC decided that it no longer needed to offer any sort of overall series award for the spring training race series that they also were not keeping track of for 2017...sighting its a training race...but we are still keeping the cost at full price...later it was overheard at registration by fellow AAVC members "we got tired of paying the same riders the paltry sum of 200$ dollars split 2 ways" after four weeks...

3.Scotty and Tommy show
after basically winning every cross race he entered in Scotty got to go up against what could be considered the tail end of the old guard Tom Burke at the 2017 State Cross championship..

Burke pretty much flew under the radar all summer and raced very little cross...The two did not the win was the closest to date..with the Roadking edging Scotty out by mere hairs adding this to his second State cross title.

some random douche bag refuses a piss test at the 2017 edition of ICEMAN...furthering the belief  that doping is prevalent even in our filthy scene
The only reason this one ranks number two on the TMS big one hundred is because we just couldn't give that cheating fuck another number one...

1.TMS loses two great fellow sceners..value your today as you never know...

Thanks To all that made this list possible...and give the folks at TMS reasons to post random dumb worthless shit...

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

9. Jason Young
saves the only semi official road race in Michigan funding it out of his pocket and time..
strange format but a cool race all together..pity few showed up...

8. rarely scene now a days Black-Ace
 sites "the still is on the pro-travel schedule jet lag" for missing his masters start at the 2017 North Carolina CX GP

7.Jeff Schiller and Bryce Nyvier:
after a last minute addition of the labor day Debates race is called up to be the state crit championship.
 Schiller picks one race of the year..and did what he did at Birmingham 2014 and rides in solo..Bryce comes good to take another crit championship... over 2 other Miscene generations of sprinters The Evil-dude and Stange round out the podium

6.Erie st
the race few even know exist..
sadly enuf no one wants to pony up the USAC UCI big money license fee for one night..

1995 edition of the cyclo-cross World Championships, held in Eschenbach