Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dormammu is looming

You know that's right...right in soo many god dam blessit ways..If i had a million dollars..i wouldnt be buying fat bike shit...hope you all god your bags handy..cuz the grammar could be at new all time high in low...every spring my minds does cartwheels with how ol Rick baby is gonna spend it...I aint hatin cuz im lovin the fact the man works soo hard promoting...every day theres a new update, feed, ..or alll around funny from the the Rick camp..this guy is good real good...If i had my way though id run the whole thing alittle different..first off we need a petting zoo...sheep goats,.bunnies....ponys...heck even the lil pony would be prefer the barn yard types...and while we are at it why not Bambi...but being its Hasting that poor thing would end up in someones tummy before night fall.....Chrome poles six of em.9 feet high...9 feet high....bigtime Vegas showgirls...sequined stage with shit burning...all around powerwheels..stacked six high covered in gasoline..that il get em...and why not have Ted Amboy Duke Nugent there..alittle riff n wiff of wang dang..omg my heads gonna searchin for my nearest cammo garmet

Numbers if your into that shit WAS labs gotem..but i aint callin them....did yall even take alook at the depth of that open field....look real closer..i aint number guy..but that all being be a fools fool not to put a one or at least few in the top ten...god dam i love that SIMONSTER he has been lurking so quietly all frigid winter no numbers, no instagram...just mans work...Steve B won it last year been in the top ten since he went to the line..that sucka is the honest to goodness...most underrated fool in the once former scene,,,,hows that grammar?..poor... lol  well fuck you....Im sure sneaky eye register stalkers picked out a few crossers in there from the left coast...Twistn Shouten aint no slouching...just sayin......I aint lovin DC right now...fatbike..come on i love ya more than Wiz himself...(wonder what he's doin?)....but DC theres a big 50 looming soon..stop under achieving....I know its cold...but thats the way it is in dis bipolar state...


grammar vomit break...

back atcha...whatta about all those sweet bikes...tandems, cougars with baby seats......

When the day was done and folks were nearly gone...and only the ones the remain were the ones who gave a shit in the first place...good ol Dave and Monster Magnet would take the stage..Marshalls cranked to 9...heavy haze in the air....9 strippers on 9 foot chrome poles surrounded by gasoline covered burning battery operated childrens ride on toys...and they would play...they would no one else has ever scene....
 until every last muther fucker in the valley was dead and all the Dinosaurs in Vietnam came home...

 mindless ones...
comin soon
there's that romance thing again....

Monday, March 23, 2015

 No Country For Old Men (2007) Joel & Ethan Coen Cinematography: Roger Deakins

Brigitte Bardot & Claudia Cardinale - Les pétroleuses, 1971.

The Who performing at the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, 1968

Ts Toy review...

Always being that guy just cant resist getting his hands on something so god blessit trick......and ill tell you this haters aint nothing as cool as this little bike trinket T's got his eye aint cheap but neither is forgo just about anything even tickets to the Indy 500..or night out with my Atlanta just busting at the seams knowing im gonna be the only sucker tooling the allotment with it..its pretty self explanatory RRRRaw Power bolts  on your ride  quick and easy...then... watch em  look in green...all the while you'll know there aint know one cooler than number..even better its rarer than fuck...

The simple reason............ that this toy was not branded with EVEL KNIEVEL is because he was under contract with his own line of AMF bicycles. The Ideal toy was an obvious conflict so they could not leagally put his name on it. You will see one connection to EVEL on this toy and that is the stickers which have the eagle that came on the Strato aint even legal to be this so dam cool...and the next time that Heck kid comes lookin for a race im gonna open up can RRRaw power on his Juvie butt...

dont even try cuz i bid to win.............

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Smokey filming, A Lynyrd Skynyrd connection...mix in a hot ass 80's chick with a 38 special fucking fire and holy shit horses running....

Friday, March 20, 2015

 Meg White during the recording of ‘Elephant’, April 2002

Men - Cat 4
1 Todd Hoover 277279 285 Essex Brass
2 Matthew Younkins 264170 233 Racing Greyhounds
3 Adam Sulkes 191897 253 Racing Greyhounds
4 Ben Penner 155658 295 AAVC
5 Adam York 210584 272 Trails Edge
6 Paul Jacobson 209765 289 Athletic Mentor CC
7 Tom Elias 250699 264 Essex Brass
8 Mark Bush 274918 300 Little Caesars / KBC
9 Andrew Lee 167025 282
10 Patrick Russell 197649 283 Wolverine Sports Club
11 Jim Rauck 273978 291 Savage Hill
12 Jeffrey Warner 249166 250 Saturn of Toledo
13 John Wunderlin 148149 299 Little Caesars / KBC
14 Michael Dega 264316 259 O2/Cadieux
15 Dominick Wieczorek - South Lyon Cycle

Allen Park crit circa 2008

Thursday, March 19, 2015

 McLaren Racing team has a warehouse at a top secret location somewhere in the South of England known only as “Unit 2”.

 Only a select few employees of McLaren have ever been allowed inside. Since McLaren Racing was taken over in 1981, not a single car has been sold to a private buyer. Every car ever used by McLaren has been collected and stored in the Unit 2 warehouse along with their specialised tools, spares and even outdated computers used for the cars software.

No 210 On The BadAss list

born December 11th 1985 in the Czech Republic  Zdenek is not only T's eurofuck pick of March 19th he is also no 210 on the badass list..      

theres so much rad shit going on here...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bob Hannah and crew in the mud!

 Mariela Analia Delgado of Argentina preparing for the C5 Individual Pursuit at the 2014 Para-cycling Track World Championships

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vogue Italia Nov 2003 ‘Mother Nature’ - Lily Cole by Steven Meisel

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mary and Rhoda (Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper)

 Stevie Nicks, Rumours Tour, 1977

 life is Rad when you do Rad things"