Friday, April 24, 2015

1.four way stops
2.overly used words
3.combined classes
4.assholes who get dropped and then get back in the mix
8.complaining about injury's
10.dirty clothes
13 potato chips in the sheets
14.Phil Collins
15.redundant stories

just sayin

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I guess I thought I was Elvis Presley. But I’ll tell ya something– all Elvis did was stand on a stage and play a guitar. He never fell off on that pavement at no 80 mph.”

– Evel Knievel

merle wasn’t convinced this whole nudist thing was for him.

Degenkolb and Styby entering the velodrome.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

fucker’s up to something…

No 186

 Once a Beatle: When Ringo was ill with tonsillitis, he substituted on drums for 8 concerts & lived a superstar’s life for 10 days. But Ringo has returned… Now Jimmie Nicol sits alone in the Melbourne airport, waiting for the plane that will take him back to obscurity

Friday, April 17, 2015


1.proper psi
2.proper nutrition
4.mind set
5.plan of action
8.properly maintained equipment
9. preparation
10.warm up
13 recovery
14.paying attention
15. positive influence

that do not

1 10 or 11 speed
2. mechanical or electronic
3. 50mm or 30mm
4.scrimping over pounds
5.carbon or alloy
6.Ultegra or Dura Ace
7.not over analyzing
11.what others do
15.this site

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Overpriced Italian embroidered sack shredding saddles...only tolerated by being fully jacked to the gils

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the importance of good shoes

Steppin Up, Takin Pulls and ignoring da numbers you got...

I be god dam ill get up early and leave 10 minutes before my normal prescribed start time  just so i can sit in that damm line...Its these same people that drive in the Crestone Peak diagonal know the've scene it all before..most of the time its a big ol gas guzzling 90's four door coming straight on chin touching there neck, neck touching there upper chest.. upper chest touching a large budging mid section..that is squashed under the cranked up steering wheel.. ..Timmy's coffee really aint that good and there doughnuts taste like the Morton branded ones momma used to try to pass off as Baldu's finest... akid can taste a fake amile away...

Between starving super models, redneck dead rockers, badass things,  eurofucks..and just plain stupid shit  it aint easy trying to squeeze some tms air space anymore...that dont get me down though...i got so much other shit going on that i dont have too much to say anymore....but when i do i raise my hand..and after a stable flight a long approach..and back to back episodes of Barnaby Jones..i just started walking......

I just gotta rant about a large sum of folks that call themselves bike racers...Its not gonna aint gonna die...its just ridin a bike thats all...but god dam its ok to take a pull now again..stick your nose out in the wind...dont be hidin constantly..i hate hearing that crap sitin for the sprint i gotta cry bullshit...only about 5 guys in the scene that actually sprint for got the upgrade...its with that highly bragable low USAC givin number ride with your frickin head...stop doing stupid bush league moves...and old wise man once said..chicks, podiums and cash..are the only reason to put someone else s skin on the line..killin dudes for 25th place trust aint gonna earn you dont get that Cat 4 out..and i know the grammar is killn you but pass it on...

The numbers thing..the sooner you free your mind the better your butts gonna feel..ignore cant turn back time... whether it be your age..your genetics..or the change in your pockets it is what it shall with em ...not against...i know folks around me dont give two dam shits bout any of T's pathetic numbers..and trust me there sad ass.....the days may roll on and the just years fly by.....I dont count on any of it until im  givin the next  breath...I know my ramble is hard and my Tao is chunky...and there aint no fool got a gun to your skull makin you read this turd strewn grammar take it for what may be not..

as always....yours forever passionately