Thursday, September 03, 2015

the OG aerodynamic eco-system
if you buy into that bullshit

Monday, August 31, 2015

RAD SHIT..............KEEP DOING IT!

two stroke

Mike Healey, 125 Cagiva.

AXL. i know im just another fat guy..I  know my chin is fuckin is falling the fuck what... Ok  so  i haven't  had the pleasure of ol Steph in years....but that dont mean i cant still fuckin Rock n Roll at least i aint trying to make a few extra bucks baby sitting or doing a stint on celebrity rehab..dam that Tawny was a crazy bitch wasn't she.... shit...dam near killed  Dave...and all that dont mean crap cuz i can still jack jaws when i have too...the more things change the more they stay the same..

T: the Miscene road scene..unless you wanna talk cross..?

AXL: i tell you when i wanna talk cross is not the time..

T: roadscene 15..8 minutes and the clock is running....

AXL..boy howdy..fucking all the stakes ride high @ the local midweek worlds and strava domination  seems to be a big dick thing for some..good tool though just used for the wrong reason...

T: what about Strava? Monday

T: sigh

AXL: stick to the format..the roadscene mind you bitches i aint hatin but lets face the facts who the fuck set up that schedule?  August looked thinner than the last supermodel i boned..the old Murder city weekend looks to be a lil dis-credit to the state Crit championship..but lets face the facts fuckers..IMO the field was soft...didnt say probably wasn't hard....look at the Gaslight i hear that shit was really hard..ya know with corporate and all..the only thing harder was waiting for whoever the fuck makes the protest call to make a god dam decision about the gripe in the 1/2 field
what the hell was that about...?

T: id admit the MBRA series is lacking just something..

AXL: id say so looks like someone with balls has stepped into to set it straight..but that being said... i think with that new Harvey guy stepping in and cleaning up the mess that was left...shit is gonna be good..i like that guy!!!! betting on a good 16....but back to the mbra.... fuck an award would be nice...not a year after..ill let the lagging website slide..but fuck give that Stange kid something that fucker road around that shitty boulder infested Cone course on a fuckin  just to get points...twisted yea..what ONAM NOW paying that kid?...fuck it we all got ghosts

T: amen

AXL;  First off T turned down that shitty Echo and the Bunnymen cd... the heavy bummer was the loss Birmingham race...left a huge gap...and then  with the Black Aces races overlapping...everyone seems scared of Toledo...fuck it it aint South central...god dam man puts on a race and everyone goes silent...

T 3 min

AXL; Id dunno..shit aint no different anywhere else you know that T..its the fuckin midwest..look at tha shitty state of Ohio..did you see there State Championship road different and the State time trial...same..i think you get what you get... go out west to southern can get the luxury of racing in parking lots or on about reasons to quit the sport and start lighting yourself on fire...I think in General Miscene aint soo fuckin saying watch 2016...

Friday, August 28, 2015

2.a leg
11.neck speed

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aint it Fun?

This is one of those shit posts...ya all know the ones that are even more sewage infested than normal..the one where grammar is so closely related to  that turd at Midas that you would swear even he himself spilled out all over his toothless broad ass...

If you can stomach or even if you cant im gonna spew my grey matter for a brief moment..

We all have our idea of what we call fun..what brightens our chemical whitened smile, gives us butterfly's of joy and simply just lifts our special purpose unit to the upright position ...could be as simple as a fresh pack of tube socks.. a nice big ol bowl Of Captain crunch...maybe gluing cross tires is yo fun..? whatchin people trip over the cracks in the sidewalk might be yo thing.....i dunno..i suppose fun is what you make it...normally i never piss on how people get off..but sometimes i just have to clench my fist and shuffle the worn out shoes im sportin a few steps to deal with it.....a few days back i was talkin with a friend of mine and how he celebrated what i assume to be monumental birthday in a grown no way in hell is T gonna celebrate a half century of sucking air playing Wally Ball...who in the hell thought that was a fun idea..? i can picture it in its entirety..grown men playing ball in a gym..temperature set uncomfortably warm...and absolutely no alcoholic beverages permitted on the grounds..well shoot me right in the fucking let me explain this little idea i had for fellas like that leading the humdrum lifestyle of embroidered jeans and white leather tennis shoes...
I got this idea..and it may only give me the solid lift off..but i dont care i know at least few sick fools that wouldn't mine spending time there...Id have this badass indoor bumper car circuit..the cars would fast and jacked to the gills for agility and speed..the floor would be huge..lotsa neon lights... big bumpin sound system with a DJ who would play all the cool shit..purple neon..enough flashing lights to send half of the patrons to the ER ... dry ice smoke..the smell of cocoa butter and....wait...six poles all spaced evenly on the floor with tables high enough to allow all my new dance show girls to dance there butts off....the young gal at the local liquor plaza said i should have midgets on those poles..cuz lil people need lovin too.....and maybe giraffe in the lobby..cuz i got have some form lobby where id have all those stand up 80's video games and a Orange Whip machine...and since im throwing out a dream why not have a stage at one end..and have maybe Ol Dave Wyndorf and Monster Magnet perform there latest creation...If those are how id spend my last days on this planet then so be it...

i dunno use your imagination think about crazy far out shit fun..use your brain dont cost sounded fun to me...


44 presidents 1 king

no progress w/o sacrifice

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Runaways – Queens Of Noise (1977)


Holy fucking shit...USA cycling found there balls 
Miscene may just get something for there yearly grip this fall