Sunday, May 24, 2015

Graham in Monaco

No 224

An idea of the size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway based on what global landmarks can fit within it.

No 223

without them life is meaningless


Friday, May 22, 2015

1.Both have podium chicks but the Giro has Madrina

2.The Italian pro continental teams have the best kits in the peloton bar-none

3.Fluo, Fluo, Fluo and more Fluo.               every Fluo imaginable

4.The topography and scenery

5.Stage 3 welcome to the mountains.the tour too scripted no one gives a fuck

6.They held a time trial on a bike path....the giro organizers dont give a fuck..nice

7.Cippollini has the record for the most stage win in the Giro

8.Cippollini has never finished the tour

9. fewer stupid tourist clogging  the climbs

10. dirt road climbs

11.Carlton, Kirby and Daniel Loyd are for infinitely more listenable than Phil and Paul

12.Italian cuisine over French...enough said...

13.Pink is way better than yellow

14.Italians attack the fuck out of each other

15. Italian women.......see # 12

why the Giro is better than the Tour

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gawd dam could Freddie sing any eurofuck that can put out just days prior to his a baddass in Ts book!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Betch ya didnt think youd see me today...ya know what they say...all those that wander are not worries head bangers....dont lie to me i know just the look of this face produces feelings that most can not describe...i wont stick around...super models..and plutonium rain  aint my style...i just kinda missed you folks so i thought what the fuck why not peek in and throw out a quick Tuesday with Lemme..ya know for old time sake...and since i am here i may as well through out the question...through the sleeping channels of my alcohol induced dreams of metal, Nazis, planets and a fair hair girl from the north country i originally was going to meant by the term "real racing".....but it don't take no engineer to figure that out
and me being just an old worn metal head i think i can answer that one without calling on anyone who gives two lousy shits to this played out spot on the internet....
any event you pay a number on..and have some form of grip on the line constitutes some form of it real..thats stupid question..Id race your grandma to the box Exlax if you hung a 20$ on it..when its not you pretend to just race? Is it all just well played out choreographed act...i kinda get it...some races are used for solely training guys riding 100 miles to get there pin the number on..and then pedal 100 miles back home..makes sense..might not to some who call the spring fling shit racing..or Waterford worlds the same...does to pigeon hole select series or race is kinda odd...

A guy who almost needs help just getting on the potty..
 What do i know?  

“Kids lose everything unless there’s someone to look out for them.”

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015

1967 Monza Lotus
“I will never ease off, except when I am first. I have never got out of a car and said, ´I could have tried harder´.” - Gilles Villeneuve

 A driver who attained more success with less ability than most. He won Monaco five times, Indianapolis, World Championships and so on. He was a very good driver, a careful driver and a steady driver. He wasn’t one of the fastest, by quite a long way. But he did a competent job and still enjoyed a great amount of success.” - Stirling Moss on Graham Hill

Friday, May 15, 2015

1.first time DI 2 wiring
2.Snake Alley crit
3.USAC masters mtb nationals course 2014
4.Nexus hub rebuilds
5.Servicing Campagnolo ergo shifters
6.Med school
7. marriage
8.The Sylvania crit
11.Predator Carb rebuilds
13.the Wiz
15.cross tire pressure

technical, stupid and  silly

Not a fiber found anywhere

The thrill is gone