Friday, September 22, 2017

1.flat bars or drop bars....flats
2.gravel or pavement...gravel
3.dirt or gravel...dirt
4.trimmed or bald...trimmed or
6.winter or summer...summer
7.Lako or McWilliams...McWilliams
8.Spring racing...Fall racing
9.single or geared...single
10.shimano or Sram...Sram
11.Creepy or normal...creepy
12.Franklin or Trevor...Trevor
13.Scotty or Burke...Burke
14.Loyal and sporadic or Undependable and regular... Loyal and sporadic
15,Steak Fries or onion rings...steak fries

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

“Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth.
A man got those two things he’s got it all.” 

 J A M E S   B R O W N

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lemmies world...not yours

The oldest bat in the game next to the illest Pony..this guy can crank it out around a  cross course but

Come on Simon how long have you been doing this...
fix that fuckin ill fittin lid....

Ok haters...
here s my stand on stars and stripes shit...
you can wear it if..

  • Your a National Champ
  • Served or have served in the military or acting in protecting homeland security..
  • Its the Fourth of the July...thats a free day...

never bought into shaving all your body in the quest for speed....
but in this chaps case id probably wax those guns..

holy cripes...

Im diggin this guys facial creation hes got going on here

do love me some Jgood in one gear though

Whats up with all these Brad look alikes all of sudden....?

nice braids...

Body Count's in the house, Body Count.
Body Count's in the house, Body Count.
Body Count's in the house, Body Count.
Body Count's in the house, Body Count.


Live love laugh

keep doing rad things

Friday, September 15, 2017

WHITE PANTHER: The Legacy of John Sinclair from Nomad Cinema (Charles B Shaw) on Vimeo.

Holy cow sceneres...are you still out there?

If so your sittin down wasting more time by visiting this over played worn out twisted piece of the internet...lookin possibly for another often negative but useful and sometimes just plain out right worthless normal Friday 15....

it aint happening no matter how much i hate being the faceless face of TMS i still feel somewhat responsible for keeping the vibe alive..I know i have said this ain no Kolo-Tc...but over the years id like to think of us over here in this comer of the atomic field as just bastards and honest opinionated assholess.

So whats up..whats going on with the scene? being that Ts grammar hasnt improved he gonna do what he does second best list how were rollin with only a few months to go...

1.No road race state championships...maybe next year
2.No TT state Championship...see above
3.The Detroit cycling championship was a huge success folks are still glowing
4.We need the Debates race put back on labor day weekend ...where its at makes summer end too early
5.One of the Best Crits of the year sees only a few make the $border crossing commitment...
6.Hess cleans up the field all summer long like double strength Bounty
7.Nate W proves the dad theory................................................. quality over quantity
9.MBRA is kept alive..
10.Whatever  happened Harvey?
11.Lil Gooch just cant out kick that kid from the old man wheelmen club
12.Cross sneaked up on us quick
13.Bryce N wins another State title
14.Benny Filled in where that Wanley kid left a big hole
15.Pappa ignores pain and eats things that would make a Billy Goat puke...
16.DANIELLE DEFRANCESCHI and other Canadians have the free pass all summer
17.TSS and SSt are the norm
18.Burke picks a Tri event rather than the Alma Gp
17.speaking of ALMA..Gp..hey JB why not spread the hype around and make a couple of cool GPs
18.upgrading is easy its the committal part for some thats hard..
19.Cant Stop Staran makes the next big step..
20.Yankus gets dropped by a guy with  Aero bars
21.SuperDoug comes and brings a big jug of the darkside with him
22.The Corktown crit sends more dudes to life alert just like the Black Aces gig
23.TT honch and the nicest guy to ever kick your ass suffers a complete body carnage
24.Mark W cant stop ridin
25.Ohio badass and scene suffocation God Paul Martin has a brother and he lives in your backyard
26.Cherry Roubiax is the race that everyone wants to win...but its not really a race oh yea it

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Freddy Maertens 
on his way to eight stage wins and the Maillot Vert in the 1976 Tour de France.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017