Friday, October 20, 2017

2.Kroske...number one thing
3.Snyder...cow bike
4.Osgood...yellow shoes
5.The Black Ace... the beads
6.Nate Williams...podiums
7.SIMONSTER...Hotel shower cap
8.Synder...crooked helmet
9.Stange...the visor
10.Lako...Gun to tape
11.Hess...three bike length sprint wins
12.DC...prescription specs
13.Wakely...Bike changes
14.Acker...the beard
15.Docsavage...perfect form


Thursday, October 19, 2017

they had T at petting zoo
A trailer load of General Lees ready for “Dukes of Hazzard” disposal.

 Estimates say well over 200 1969 Chargers were destroyed in jump scenes and stunts on the show. When the network pulled the plug on Dukes, Warner Brothers contacted Wayne Wooten in Keysville Virginia, the President of the Dodge Charger Registry and offered 17 remaining General Lees for purchase by his members for the cost of $3000 each, regardless of condition. Each member had to sign a contract agreeing never to use the cars in any advertising. Wayne was presented with the last close up General Lee by the studio as he had been in constant contact with them and they appreciated his dedication to the show, and interest in preserving what was left of arguably the most famous car in the world at that time. Wayne later also obtained a 2nd original General Lee that had been jumped in the show, and then hung on a billboard in the Hollywood area to advertise the show. The cars were purchased by members of the Registry as far away as Australia.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lemmies world not yours...

Alpine stars..
i betcha a pint we see this frame configuration on some new do-it-all gravel bike by 2019

Is it me...
or does the Parlee although rad as fuck look dated 

Remember when these guys were young and soo full of youth erection testosterone filled sprints...

Said it before and ill say it again..
despite this rig being a full pig o steel its one bad ass ride..
i dunno what gets me hard more than the paint scheme, the rigid fork or the tan sidewalls..
and Holy fuckin shit pile of stadium weed...
its 1 fkn gear

this bike is soo sick
id have no fuckin problem rollin up to any swing yer dick group ride with this bike
my only hope is that those wheels wouldnt explode for no reason after i just KOMed the town line sprint from the local hotshoe..

im pretty sick with these by now..
man o man its a great way for that S company to promote an alloy bone jarrin pile of Metal!

So, every yweekend, when 3T comes around
We throw an orgy in every little southern town
KKKs, skinheads, and Nazis
Girls break their necks to get to the party
It ain't like their men can't nut
Their dick's too little and they just can't fuck
So we get buck wild with the white freaks
We show them how to really work the white sheets
I know her daddy'll really be after me
When his grandson's named ScottA

 Cant fuckin believe these still exist...
this has to be a Joke and someone just plopped down the Pay Pal on Evil-Bay auction..sent it out to the local rattle can yer ride and Whamo instant new plastic bike..
id almost be on board except the seat post looks completely outta place...stem and bars always should match...

love me like a reptile
Syla in the woods..

Christ time moves pretty fast..
hard to recall when the Bunny rode for RGf..
and the Evil-Dude looked this young
i will give both of these scene semi legends a win they always repped there shit well

Gun to Tape 
Muther Fucker

someone needs to give Corey back his visor
and make the scene great again..
its not often dudes can have something stylish to define them..
and for Corey its the visor..
i know I know he tried going suns out guns out in the tri top but it just didn't work..
Corey make a statement clip that visor back fuckin on..