Friday, December 15, 2017

fuckin......old shit

Men's Masters 35+

1 GABRIEL John 214876 ShoAir 540
2 HESS Jason 48059 0 407
3 SPECIAL k 76192 Freewheeler Bike Shop 404
4 JOHNSON Chris 17905 Flying Rhino Cycling Club 408
5 ROSETH Cary 97564 CFT Cycling Team/CFT Cyc 417
6 PERREN James 47305 IFRACTAL‐QCW p.b. Break 413
7 CUHN Mark 45148 Team 02 Cadieux BC 542
8 LYON Brandon 53879 East Hills Velo/Ada Bike C 537
9 CAMERON Don 94327 TeamSpecialized/Fatboy 403
10 MCMURRAY Jimmy 166307 East Hills Velo/Ada Bike C 411
11 KONETT Zachary 310209 CFT Cycling Team/CFT Cyc 409
12 MATTHEWS Chris 276259 Team 02 Cadieux BC 538
13 RITTER Terry 135609 0 416
14 ANDREU Frankie 01726 Wolverine Sports Club 336
15 BURCH Wade 306862 CFT Cycling Team/CFT Cyc 401

Festival of the Sun

June 23, 2012

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lemmys world..not yours

its me again...

i could almost stomach these togs...
Im ok with the all over print..
but if your going to have palm trees..where the Tits and Ass...
Going to Brazil...

Nice cat suit...
that lime stripe in the helmet dont match at all..
socks fucking fail..
she has nice thighs though..
Im your man

Holy fuckin bat turds..
this is one ugly ass fake bike..looks to be mated with an Intense and a old Mantis...
fucking god awful ugly stop with the fenders fuck...
Better off Dead

Cat Scratch fever...
Dam lord..
those Richard Sachs bikes are pigs 
but they must have someone with unbeliveal sense of style when it comes to laying out the kits..
this nerd girl looks badass
side note...I love the canti brakes...not a fan of the big ol Wattage calculator on the bars...

You hear all this Hoopla of Canyon Bicycles making there presence in the US..
who gives a flying fuck..
cuz if they do paint schemeslike this its just gonna be another plastic bike brand...
you ever notice every couple of years a brand will surface be hot as fuck....
and then poof there gone..

almost had me sold
but  the seat post...........
total Boner kill

plaid looks good..
just god save me it doesnt show up on those 3T tweekers..

The fork...
stop trying to reinvent the fucking wheel..

the gal on my right...
two words......
American thighs...
Yumpin yimineee

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

TMS unwritten rule #2
dont show your power numbers on Strava in picture form
or even talk about them...

in the scope of things...
its irrelevant and no one gives a shit..

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Fonzies Place..

two weeks in a row those nerds left the door unlocked...

wouldn't be a Sunday night in the Fonzes crib with alittle Supremes and some good ol Motown goin down
Those three gals just killit

Good Flick...
only thing cooler than the soundtrack is Deborah Foreman

Im throwin Diamond Dave on the list with me Rod Stewart...

since the Fonz loves movies...
do yourself another favor this holiday season...
catch Carey Mulligan in the movie Drive...
talk about a American wholesome apple pie cutie!

good lord..Kim
that bod aint made for going up hill...
that fur coat is just too much..

Sundays has always been pie nite around the Fonzarelli home..
not many things more tasty than pizza with those little spicy grease circles curled up lke mini pools of  grease
cept maybe a two-stroke sicle..
and that Ol Husky is pretty frickin kick ass sick..

now a days everyone is callin themselves a photographer..
youll never be as pro as..
ellen von unwerth...
those animal prints always make The Fonz sizzle...

No a big fan of chix turning there bodies into sketch pads..
but i find this beauty's choice in skin ink quite tasty..
love the thigh art the most


make it a solid productive week of non hatin shit and treat all the gals in your life with respect..