Saturday, July 21, 2018

Architects really need to start thinking about bringing down the acoustics in public bathrooms.

Friday, July 20, 2018

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? 
Good night!”

John Lydon

The last Sex Pistols gig at Winterland Theater,
San Francisco, California, on 14 January 1978,
 as documented by Jeffrey Heyman.

1.more money
2.a bigger house
3.bigger tits
4.bigger dick upgrade
6.a new spouse
7.someone else
8.big.......................look what happens to Tom Hanks
9.a new car
10.more hair
11.more friends
12.more beer
13.better  teeth
14.winning the lottery
15.a sponsor

careful what you wish for

Thursday, July 19, 2018

You ever wanted to be part of something
something cooler than yourself?
You ever wanted to step out of the normal stuffy ego-fueled gunslinger seriousness of the average weekend warrior?
Something ahead of my own time
Something before the normal run of the mill white sox and leather tennis shoes
Before show me your fake ass joy happiness and an overpriced foo foo coffee ?

Well here is your chance...
Its no mystery That TMS has stood the test of time...
Ordinary people have hated on loved on it and were envious they were not TMS   for 10 years now over 10 years and its still fuckn here
Like a car crash
like a house fire
or like that pretty girl at the liquor with tits soo dam big she can lick her own nipples..

you cant stop lookin..
dont deny it
it aint all Russian bot driven
the Stats dont lie..

well heres your chance..TMS is opening up the communication lines
With help from you lets make TMS greater than it already is...

bike set ups
how you really feel about the way that Cooke guy and why he runs his brake levers that way..
all your favorite shit expressed any way you want
anon or with a face...
hell maybe we will even let you run this shit for awhile...

you speak we listen
Its your scene...and it costs  nothing

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Everyone is throwing out names lately....

none of these above put on a show against some of the best in the country as this gal...
The scene doesn't know much about her..

nor do we care..but gawd dam us all to hell
Saturday afternoon last week was pure old school fuckin kick ass!!!

Monday, July 16, 2018


you know what kicksass is...
aside from the silly little list that has been poppin up on this insignificant place of the intronet...

let me tell ya
 i know my way around kickin dont get nic-names like the Shelby Sensation...Doctor Cock and balls...the Man with the Golden Dick...want me to go on ???

sure i can go on..The bullet proof tiger...the team leaders..

So im pretty fuckin confident to say i know what fuckin kicks ass

From what gather through the little people in my life i have out scouting the scene for new and kick ass shit..this past weekend in the decaying city on the comeback trail it kicked some ass...Its on the rise and working towards a recover but un like me it aint quite fuckin there yet..since i only have an hour bust out my relayed kickass thoughts before i move on to more cooler and better things that you cant even imagine in your own small brains im gonna just make a list...something easy for small two sided brains to understand..

stand the fuck back..its gonna be quick messy and sticky...

  • Free parking ample and in the fuckin shade...Kick-ass
  • Porta Johns everywhere...Kick-ass
  • No TP .....not Kick-ass
  • Hydration stations everywhere with ice cold bottled water for thirsty mouths...Kick-ass
  • Swag with entry...nice way to lube the deal...Kick-ass
  • Respectable entry fees...Kick-ass
  • Great Announcing...Kick-ass
  • Multi-cultural spectators seeing new sports and things out of there reach for the first time...Kick-ass
  • Those two dark hair gals the Eagle was chattin up with at the line....Nice-ass
  • Lucky Doctor Cockballs wasnt there...
  • Piss testin for Performance enhancement drugs....Kick-ass
  • Towers performance in the 35+ race....Kick-ass
  • Shamburgers mullet....Kick-ass
  • Not as good as mine but worthy still...
  • Flowers for the podium...i can be soft and hard..Kick-ass
  • Those baked beans inside that bun thing,,,Kick-ass
  • Hickens ride.....Kick-ass
  • The Speed of the pro-1 race ....Kick-ass
  • The pro womens field....Nice-ass
  • and those gals names...Valentina Scandolara....kick ass
  • That chick in the pro womens going off the front....unfuckinreal Kick-ass
  • The Evil-Dude not loosing any skin on his old worn out bod in the final corner of the old guys race...Kick-ass
  • Schillers ride...kick ass
  • kroske...kick-ass
  • That lil Shrek winning in cork town...Kick-ass
  • macaroni and cheese in a cup at that one food vendor....Kick-ass
  • The Highlanders team all sportin orange socks....Kick-ass
  • The illest Pony in the house...Kick-ass
  • Thomas Morans ride....kickass
  • even with that sketchy stash
  • $$ primes all day...kick-ass
  • Renkema....Kick-Ass
  • Wanleys ride...close to makin it but still notches off...even soo Kick-Ass
  • That chick in the last corner with the tattoo on her shoulder of Lion fighting a serpent....Kick-ass
  • Dialed ez to get through registration ....kick ass
  • Deep pocket payouts...Kick-ass
  • Jay Dore in the house...kick-ass

go...on with your normal humdrum missionary position 45 hour week lifestyle...

Kenny Fuckin Powers

Powers Hour

Tonight at 9

go here..

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

1,Blue Care network tour of Michigan
3.Ann Arbor Death Crit of 2008
5.Fat Bike Nationals
6.Detroit Cycling championship
7.Murder City Weekend 3day
8.NRC Brickyard classic
9.UCI at Springfield Oaks
10.Norba Nationals
13.Rockford Crit
14.Birmingham Bike festival
15,Gaslight Crit

Scene classics then and now

Thursday, July 12, 2018

money, drugs, guns

“The funny thing is that most Americans put more miles on their cars every year just to go to work than it takes to go around the world. You piss away so much money every month living in a box, you go to the same job for 30 years, you retire when you’re too old to do anything, you sit in the house that you just now fully paid for, and then they take it away from you the minute you get sick and get your medical bills.

The American Dream is not a dream; it’s slavery.”

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The importance of good shoes

you cant buy least not the legal way
you cant borrow them
you can be born with a portion of them

all the carbon fiber aero-shit doesn't mean dick if you dont have them...
at least not for longevity

The importance of good shoes..doesn't necessarily mean those things you wear on your feet.someone once said...TMS is a weird place scatterd with riddles only within the fight club know..and the importance of good shoes is one of those..

after poling a few folks the last few weeks inside the TMS circle we narrowed it down to a few individuals who have em and why they have them...and how they handle them...

1.Nate Williams
man role model of how to do it,,over the years Nates proven he is pretty frickin good all bicycle pedaling...He's figured it out quick something it takes some people there entire life to figure out...having a family means more than racing weekend after weekend..and doing so he has figured out you dont need to and still be a badass...

instead being that guy who wants to be good at all types of bike pedaling, even though he could probably excel at many other disciplines.....
the Giant sticks to what he is the best at.. off road  shit..
nuff said..

3.The Highlander
years and years of constant battles have hones the Sword to solid polished state..a once formidable TT guy with a solid sprint...Highlander isnt playing to swing in a bunched up elbow breaking field the years pass he plays the cards of a break and 3/4 times he makes the selection and post a solid ride..

hands down the best all arounder in scene time..the Roadking
a great less is more transition into his family life routine appears successful ..even after hiding and racing less last fall he took down the nearly un-take-able down ScottyA

as much as Dan might not want to admit his calling dirt road shit..why mix the power out put of a good time trialing rider, and the skills of a killer mountain bike race..a decent head of a road guy..and its a perfect combo...

wise old wont see Hess honching a break..i suspect his T-hold power isnt that solid..and he knows it..but when the field comes out of the last corner..he plays to his known strength...sticks to the plan and cleans up..

7. Luke Cavander
Put him on the track and its a whole nother world..Luke could of been a great crit racer..but his good shoes are at that track...

10 years ago you would of scene the Evil dude playing for the field sprint..10 years is a long time for an old dude..the first thing an athlete loses his sprint..cutting his odds instead of laying for a 20 rider bunch sprint the Evil-Dude probably improved his TTn and figures rolling certain manageable breaks against 4-5 guys improves his odds with old guy sprinting legs...nice shoes.

not sure if this guy is still around..he could be pretty good everything i think..but wind him up and let ride for a day and thats his perfect shoes..

10.Mike Gardynik
off most peoples radar..the guy that looks like the local hardware store manager...doesnt crit race..doesnt mountain 24 hrs...he can do one thing and one thing killer Time Trial..

its no mystery Mikes favorite number is 100...over the years Mike races less than most people realizes but has learned the quantity doesn't count..its quality...

the scene is a quite different place these past few years...they say its a young mans world now...
its gonna be interesting to see which of the young guys shoes develop over the years...


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Water is a crazy motherfucker. It can burn you to death, freeze you to death, drown your ass, but you need it to live.