Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fonzies Place

Holy Cow nerds...Jennifer Lawernce just is too gourgeous no matter what way she wears her hair..Silver linings Playbook American Hustle..are on the Fonzs list of favorites with her!
 People used crack on J-Los acting capability's but man i tell them to sit on it..She gets more attractive every year and stays classy with a look that aint too plastic..  A dame to die for..Sophie is ageless..

 Ok now this gal is way over the top...I dunno what the Fonz loves more about her? Her hair, or her Medusa ..she has a classic beauty that is rare now a days...and that dress WOA!

Sophie Vergara...that accent.the eyes those lips....the animal print..some days the Fonz thinks it wouldnt be too bad commit to just one gal!

 The Fonz only uses one brand of Shampoo and u-no who is on it..Im not into pedal bikes..but if she tooled into Arnolds on this Ten speed i might give it a try..It would be hard pressed to find a smile as bright as Farrahs...That golden Playboy spread she back in 1997  still gives me a lift off..if you ever get a chance watch the Burning Bed..ultimate-ending

 Too Young for the Fonz but near perfect age for my kid nephew Spike..Ariana Grande is the sweetest thing to come outta Hollywood in a long time..look at her hair..betcha it smells wonderful..hope she dont stray..

 T this one is for you..those teeth and that lazy eye..Kate set the bar for sickly supermodels...

 Remember fools..treat all ladies with nothin but pure doors, never gawk, and when steppin off curbs The Fonz would throw his best James Dean jacket over the muddiest, oil slickend puddle for any woman...


Saturday, January 21, 2017

get out of hell free

No cockpit demands as much intense focus as an SR-71 Blackbird’s, and in frustrating irony, no cockpit offers a better view. There was no time to look out the window. The plane knew when your eyes started to wander to the spectacle of earth from 85,000 feet; that’s when something would go wrong. There was much to monitor. The many “steam gauge” instruments reflect a bygone era, giving the pilot information ranging from heading to compressor inlet temperature, each dial representing a critically important system.

      Even though this cockpit was operated through 2,854 flight hours, it looks brand new. That’s because it was only ever flown using the gloved hands of a crew member wearing the essential high altitude pressure suit. Every control is large enough to be adjusted with those bulky pressure suit gloves.

     You sit atop your throne, the SR-1 ejection seat, which carries a rare 100% success rate. To operate the circuit breakers, you must reach beside and behind your seat, outside your field of view through the pressure suit helmet. To make sure you actuate the correct breaker, you count down the rows and columns by feel.

     March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California, is kind enough to display SR-71A 17975 with her cockpit open. This gives us a rare peek inside the world of the Blackbird, allowing us to look inside something that was formerly top secret and reserved only for a privileged few crew members. These photos were captured using a camera extended into the cockpit via monopod. At no point did I or my equipment come in contact with the artifact.

Better Off Dead…

Friday, January 20, 2017

1.Waterloo G/ the season the right way everyone gets medals!
2.Melting this new event
3.BRX...the queen of the classics gets back on track in hard-man status way
4.Lowell kept secret
5.Segements...go murder your local hot-shoe
6.LumberJack 100...your moneys worth it for the right the reason
8.Make A Wish...see above
9. Zoo De Mac...finda a mate..or have an affair
10.Palm...get in touch with your touring side
11.PANM...the UP eh?
12.Lowell 50...make up for the lack of your winter comittment
13 BRX fondo...stop drink a beer
14.KISS cross...OG cross series
15. MMM...see color feel alive

find one that fits properly

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

State of the State

Good thing we are all humans..T included cuz if I would of posted the moment i got that anger erection im afraid i wouldnt of been able compose myself quite properly..

so i let it in sink in a bit, let the turd dissolve in the stew and throttled it back a few notches..

Im going rogue on this one...No strippers, No haters..No silly comparisons to late night blue filtered light...
Im gonna be as cool and level headed about this whole thing as i can be...the grammar is still gonna suck so if you swallow that there plenty of other places that would love to see you

In a security leak the 2017 schedule has not sure quite what to think..not wanting to fully dissect each event maybe we can do that another nite...

if your not graveling your gonna have to hang out...and wait alittle while to get your fix can race but no need for that highly touted USAC license this more spring flingin at Waterford...

the whole month is still questionable..cept Lowell 50...hope your not counting on getting full use of that bitchin over priced Time Trial rig  cuz Willow TT may not be alive anymore..maybe do some MTBin..i dunno

The AAVC saves spring again...cuz you can exercise the coveted license for 5 weeks a....your 3 day weekend gets saved.and you can still swing yer dick at Waterford....The Kent ISD crit will honor your USAC category..and The Port City crit? hope so..but dont hold your breath..Oh there is stuff on our borders..but most conflict with anything we have here..nice

well by this time everyone is either going really fast of looking at another for the new summer micro brew..aint too much happening in June. the awesome Zeelend Friday night crit is still on the morning or night get in the car and go down to Cincy for a whole slew of hard ass crit racing..or drive up to Lumber jack100......Grab your fellow USAC racers and go up to Michigan Mountain Mayhem and bury your Neighbor and his wife along with the rest of the Fondo riders.. or why not Go down to Cincy for a whole slew of hard ass crit racing.....The Black Aces gig is still up in the air..but that dont matter cuz no one likes body bags anyways..Oh and if you are bored theres always...Waterford racing

BTR, always a great show..remember your social security number if you plannin gettin in the grip...Lansing state crit championship or Maple Hill want more? ..get in the car drive somewhere else..but problem is anything out state is on the same day as stuff here

The Race that isnt a Race..Cherry this one or place well enough and your social media status jumps at least 20 points..Hey what about Corktown...crit racing in the Murdercity..? if its the same course lets hope the promoters have a good supply of body bags if Canadians or any other Honches show up..August 20th..Gaslight is a welcome sight back on the schedule..pity..That Strada Bianchi thing sounded fun..oh well last hurrah at The Debates Devo race..sniff sniff sniff boy that went by quick

Fuck it
Its cross season right?

i dunno folks if there was ever a time to go full on segment chasin or check out MIA style..this may be the year..

ebbnflo i suppose

Truthfully nothin but mad respect to all those makin little things happen

Simonster shoulda rode a Xbike this day..

In life we are all given choices, some good some bad
The bad ones forever stay with us but thats life....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lemmys House of Crud

That 7/11 kit has never been matched in any way shape or form...and the hat over the helmet FUCKIN BAD ASS

I can get behind that Sagan thing right now..i mean like fuck it right? we haven't had anyone with tru full blown natural style since Cipo..the sport needs more of this..
 That kid from up north is pretty dialed love that video game creatures..he could be fairly sudden if he fine tuned it a tad more ..its dam cryin shame he turned Japanese on all of us..fuck
 Nothin but huge props to the big man for stayin true..and sportin the his semi scene legendary shoes..might be time upgrade em tho..heres one assholes..ask yourself....ya know your own sense of style?...come on whats yours?

 great lookin rig love solid colors..but what hack set it up? whats with the seat angled up into your nuts..?

Never has there been a team kit more stylish and well put together than the historic Blue-Wave..right down to the matching helmets..years ahead of there time in so many ways..The Evil dude ridin steel IF..the lil Pony on one of the first carbon cross rigs..and what about The Black Aces beads? they  had just started grow..word has it now the man carries an extra duffy for them to all the races...

I like the Grand Rapids Bicycle company kit alot..and short Earl looks pretty good in it..the Smith helmet fits in well with the green inside the vents..congrats you fuckin pass..
I dunno bout you but...sword carrying metal chicks in the forest make me wanna drink and slay dragons

 I know you Know what Im thinking............................