Friday, June 23, 2017

fuck you

1.Base media guys go up north and beat up on weekend warriors and win a race that really isnt a race
2.The Grayling Giant is getting pretty good at exercising
3,Nate Williams rides off the front of the Zeeland crit at 30 mph
4.After stacking the top 10 last year The EPS gets shut outta the podium
5.Hess and the Evil-Dude are a two man old guy wrecking crew
6.The Black-Aces gig looked thin but hard as shit
7.Rumor has years gig will be the Black-Ace fondo
8.Sarri sighting
9.3T has another do it all bike..
10.shoot me in the face
11 why does everyone always associate satan with heavy metal
for all we know satan could like smooth jazz
12.Burke sighting
13.B Rad took a big dump!
14.WTF does that mean anyhow
15.Life is a joke, so you might as well make it a funny one.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

State of the State

The grammar sucks ..but you cant deny the simple facts...we have it pretty darn good...

Waterford/Gratten worlds
The heart of it all..if it weren't for these races..some folks wouldn't have a purpose..and we wouldnt have burnout..we are dam lucky these two venues have stayed consistent..for some there whole season is made at these places..and for others..they dont even know they exist

The Black Ace crit
insanely hard for even the most skilled riders..its kinda of sad its the last of the true 90 min crits left..there sheer length is enough send most into a body bag..the masters racing is probably the hardest you will see in our scene..sad thing it doesn't get the respect it deserve..if you missed it this year or never went you missed a great asset to your scene..pity it probably saw its last race there

Dan Yankus
This guy is goofy..hard to read and even more silly and unpredictable in a race,,but dam hard not to love a guy that wears pink shoes,

Scott is TMS..T dunno what T loves more his easy going personality..or the fact he can peak his ass off in mid June and then burn himself into a fiery molted lactic mess and keep on smiling

It dont matter if its an old 70s Schwinn or the new electro shifting spend too much cuz you got plastic ones..there fun and fitted well you can haul ass..

despite all the T hate early on T gets it and its a great fun tool to aide when you need aide..the worst thing folks can do is get too overly wrapped up in its competition

AAVC this season they laid an egg..but for the most the AAVC means well..i suppose

the Wolverines
not quite as solid as in years past..there still Wolverines and with a repuitation of puttin out some solid guys for decades..mucho love

Base media
good for the scene and for the competition..young..kinda/sorta personal..but overall a healthy breathe breathed onto a scene that needs its..

The Lathrup team
man..the legends team..soo much so.. it gives T goose bumps...If there ever was a squad that probably had more knowledge and wins than this team..i wanna know
 love these guys..I would give anything to see an old school reunion of all the guys that have worn the colors at some point..

Kinetic Fitness coaching
with a reputation of being a real world..real human coach..nuff said...

love him..hate him..whatever if your in the DC circle your in good company cuz this guy is pretty badass

Lowell 50
this race needs more love..well laid out and executed so neatly

3t exploro
i get much as T love to poke turds at it..its a pretty cool being poor

Lumberjack 100
do this race once before you die just to understand how inhuman it is to place top 10...

Arcadia grit and gravel
see of these events that needs love

they mean well....

The Alma GP
JBbaby is makin good on his drive..ok so he peaks early and shoots his wad right outta the him its for the best 

Maple Hills RR
Jason Young kept this one alive and Jason Young is a rad if you dont support him eat a dick

The Zeeleand Crit
wow..when a town comes out in full support on Friday night its a good thing..keepin th schedule down to 3 races keeps the night short and folks from gettin bored..cuz we all know bike racin aint that much fun to gawk at..5 star event and super cool race promoters keep it fun

Island lake XC
why not put those hot laps to good use

Addison Oaks
once a muddy quagmire of miserable smelly one of the most well dialed trails around..if you hate mountain bike then you suck and have never riddin here

OK so its two worlds away to most folks still a badass solid race and TMS should embrace it more

hate seein a warrior go down this road..slow down big guy and take it easy bike racing and ridin are always here

Facebook/social media
like hard alcohol..good in small does deadly in too the rabbit hole as its long and twisty

Once kinda the bad guys of the road-scene..all that is gone and what you have left is solid horsepower and approachable dudes..good for the scene

man if t was younger..he would love to be part of this well oiled machine..

The Rival of the Bissell squad..EPS led by the Highlander is solid group of guys..lacking in the race knowledge..often makin up for it just sheer numbers...a group like this is something TMS always has..from the  time of the West Coast Michigan EPS..

Kevin C
no one looks better than guy..cept maybe Jimmy McMurray in the 80s

Michigan CX
Its here..never complain you dont have races..The CX calander looks almost as good as the golden years

Mid/Upper Michigan MTB
what a great scene...soo much cool shit up there

whether you want to admit your the come show up

you ride train..and race

united we stand together we fall..
Enjoy as we are all part of the goodthings


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oswald killed Kennedy..
Bigfoot is thriving in the Pacific Northwest 
Jimmy Hoffa is part of a Jersey turnpike over pass
Area 51 doesn't exist..and
Anna Nicole married for love

Monday, June 19, 2017

How good does Special K look in this podium shot..?
now theres a dude that knows his way to a fact that guy kroske sees his fair share for a short (no longer fat) fat bald guy..both r reppin well..The Lathrup dude needs more fine tunin though...but hes built like a armored truck...
maybe not text book official
 but this shot of the 1/2 Birmingham State championship podium looks well and balanced..surprised cuz that evil dude doesnt know a thing or two about how to stand on a podium the right way..
Near perfect..
Ben Whitehead comes out not too often and knows how to rep on top...
Hulk looks scary like a action figure on steroids..
only nic is that kinetic guy is not wearin civilian bottoms...I really like the way the 2nd and 3rd place guys are holding there certificates of achievements..
I think after riding your bike 100 miles through that hot ass State forest u should be allowed to wear whatver you some extent but  lets look alittle more into this shall we....

I like the lumbo big 10 man podium..its very befitting to a race of the this size..

diggin the

 SIMONSTERS mullet...nice!
the big red beard of Acker..(fuck how does he wear that shit in the heat tho)
Catlin and Tandguy look solid..shhesh look at Catlins wonder that dude won a national championship..
ScottyA is scarin me with that all aqua ensemble he is in..
Johnny Utah is not impressin me much with that hipster surfer look...fuck wear your jersey please at least..
and finally i dunno who that dork is with his back to the crowd..but holy crud..someone should of threw a turd at that guy for disrespecting such a killer fuckin ride..
i mean really what is this a sign of??
is this person crying?
did he get dry gulched by a bear across the nose..?

did he just spill his recovery mixture on his Quicksilver's..
whatever this person reason it might just be crusty old T ways but it comes across as arrogant and snobby ..but what does T know..

coming this week on state of the state 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fonzies Corner

Holy Bat turds..the Fonz doesn't really like super hero type Movies..and sure isnt up on the constant trying to reconfigure the oldies..but id be up for a lil distress with this OG Wonder-Hero...
I know quite a few people that dont dig the colored hair thing going on now...But variety is the spice of life from what T says..if all gals were blonde, or brunette it would be a pretty boring sock hop..Ariel Winter wears that color with double thumbs up
Ol Linda B may have been crazy possessed by that evil-dude.(not the evil-dude your thinkin of) .but man it was all for the best...crazy what sellin your soul without knowing does to a person...
LindaC...The OG wonder woman..holy cow nerds the 50s were cool but the 70s were outta site..
Does Cher ever age..
I mean seriously..This broad has looked the same for the last 40 years..who is this woman's doctor any how? 
treat that lady right in your life..she doesn't have impose super powers or make shit move across the room to deserve your goodness 

sick as fuck

Friday, June 16, 2017

doin it

1,worn out
9.out of business change
14,cut off
15. shut down

ways of out

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

State Of The State

Did ya all think about out any of this...?
I frankly dont care if you did or did not..and i aint here stirrin the stew..i just felt like maybe a little meeting of the non cooperating minds mind see somethin i dont...

The grammar is god awfull so readers beware...

1 Did i miss somethin..But who is runnin the MBRA?
Yea..what happened here..some young buck stepped in and took over a pretty neato series and organization...then oh wait it minute..fuck......its alot of fuckin work for little or no compensation..sounds like bike racing itself...
makes the ones that have been around a gawd awfull time really appreciate the golden Joe years,,leadership is hard and aint i aint faultin the guy..but its kinda like all we have is a really nice lookin website..Oh sure your gonna say hey T why aint u steppin up..why cuz i have clearly shown im told for this shit in soo many ways..besides nobody asked..but it aint too late..there are ways to save the ship i think

2 No point series
folks lets face it people love point series..plain and simple..but i think what happened it got too god dam complicated....example which races counted..why who wtf..keeping track of every rider down to 102 place.stupid....its should not not be that dam over thought top 10 at most..only get scored..points are awarded 10-1 point..

you know what ...? if your gonna charge full race fee price for spring shit..make those count as well..or see number number 4

3 a point series
makin folks pay extra is just plain dumb...really so you are really the over all winner when you finished third, fourth n fifth..all season and paid the to have your points tabulated..

second... askin a race promoter to raise his entry fees to cover the cost .........come on man ya gotta be joshin me.....really take some of the spring-fling grip and buy a guy a card for micro-brew of the month and have him do it..sheeesh..

4 The Spring thing series..points and payout debacle..good or bad...or wtf?
It dont really matter to most but for some its that quarter of a piece of a cookie they been longin for all winter..payin 30-35$ to train is pointless..and insulting...rumor has it they the promoters or one of the volunteers said they got tired of payin the same 3 or 4 riders the over all grip...nice so to T what that says is ...

"ya know we really dont want quality riders here..all that training you do over the winter who gives a shit..oh and besides we would rather have smaller lesser experienced riders here than guys that are good all around humans on hand to help out and teach the other up and comers..not just at the clinics but in the fields as well...

if this slip of the ignorant mouth was true...fuckin sad...and its why im here ranting in the first place...Christ it wasnt like Sagan and Froome were showin up every the end it is simply what it is,,another dent and shotty way to represent the scene..

5 The Maple Hills race
alot of factors here i think...ultimately i think it comes down to a few..not alot of road races if all are left in our scene only handful of guys can pin it WFO for the said distance..the scene in general is old age wise per-say..thus the reason the 1/2/3 field was so miserably small..... sickening..with the scene gettin gets in the way for them..things like end of the school for kids, graduation party's..home improvements for both..a man only has soo many days off from the job..and training for or doing 1 road race is not probably high on his,list to do things..not when you can go out to Waterford after work swing your man hood there and head home...see below

oh then theres that thing called Strava all might be laughin but you kinda know im touchin truth may not be the DC..B-real Media guys or Kroskes its effecting but ill bet god dam sure its effecting alot on the fringe guys..I mean think about it..really..hell you and your training Bloodhound buddies can go out and turn yourself inside out on a Sunday morning murdering segments and breathin when you wanna breathe... and be home by 11 with all the blue vein throbbin braggin rights for the chumps on whatever social media net work you massage..all of it without costin you a burnt up day away from the naggin wife..neglected yard..etc..

dont think USAC hasn't looked at the Strava folks with some concern..

6 the omnium and TTs added at the last minute..good idea or bad?
good idea bad timing..i liked the concept and applaud the effort..but it got dropped and kicked around too late..
overall the guy that put this one on needs much respect!!

7 why Waterford and Gratten races are so popular
simple..its easy to put on and organize..most folks are comin from work so there already away from home..cost is reasonable..awards are worth know what to expect when you do these its almost always a good beat down of fun...

8 The lack of Junior riders
bike racing is hard..its costly..or can be..soo many other outside sports...home life..peer games..probably most of all parent involvement..with all the crazy ass fuckers drivin around textin or doing whatver it is they should be doing..parents really dont want young kids out riding around on blood alley...but thats where the track racing and BMX tracks come in at... these are a  great place to be a kid..but unfortunately..they are few and far between and it goes back to parent involvement...

9 Mountain biking..........
come on this easy
 its fun...its hard as fuck but fun..for the newbies its a I did it thing..i dont think folks are braggin about doing the cat 5 suffer and survive with all yer skin intact at the Black-Ace crit...

fuck no there  smilin and swappin stories over a PBR with there buddies about pukin in the woods at the Rust Shaker..or X100..
its fuckin fun and thats why most people do things that cost money on there days off...

10 Cone Azalia whats up with that?
WTF is up here..if ol Super Dave was dead he would be rollin over in his slippery grave..but he aint so its just a WTF..
either let it die respectably or make it a standout event again...ok so it was never a standout event..but it was one of those holy shit you won fuckin Cone Az braggin rights.....i wonder if any one of the promoters ever talked to the one guy who rides those crumby roads of Monroe County more than any one ever about alternative ideas?

11 No scheduled State championship road race
yea i dunno what to say about that
 see number 1

12 No scheduled State Championship crit
see above and then number..its like with Lansing crit supposedly gettin pulled..we have no back up plan...

13 why the some races have become so soild and still thrive  like Alma GP..Lumberjack 100 
BRX etc
promotion and heart and i did it events..a wise man already said..Ok we all know BRX and those 100 mile I did events are successful for that reason...

Alma kicks its ass cuz its promoted so well..but Hey JB its all slides down hill after way it kinda shoots itself in the foot..
I assume this course is open all year?
how about spread the promo over say three or four races and keep the it the mid-State GP super series or somethin its (nicely centrally located)

 i dunno..kinda like the Wednesday night world of cross only once a month...I betcha a pack of Bun Lengths and a jar Nutella it would fly...the race is sweet as fuck but everything that comes after it is some what un-eventful...

14. scheduling conflicts 

15 the cross scene is on the rise race wise..great...but will people care?
yea we have a ton of races on schedule..but is that what we really need..I ofetn think too many events gives too many people they..Hey i cant make it this weekend or im over trained..blah blah blah ill go next week end..somewhere in the minds if cyclist we get hooked on quantity over quality ..we put such a high stake on pumpin out big 100 milers that we lose our sharpness..everyone wants there shit super-sized..

like a whole pile of races get 80 riders..that sucks..
factor in the gravel shit and the fall MTB races..etc

im going old again on ya..people with kids in sports and all the other etc.....lives..

things that make you go hmmm...

Saturday cross races..i get it but it kinda screws the normal workin stiff who yes they often have to work Saturdays...the short end of the turd stick..

I dunno just a rant its all it is..i told myself this was the official year..T enjoy the ride in which ever way it goes,,

forever yours T

dont be lame.....
Grab a shitty beer and sit down with T tonight on state of the state...@ 9:10 pm 
grammar is smelly but the turd is solid

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

funny how people often bag on the scene and its level of competition...

I can not recall the last time its neighboring states have produced as many world tour quality riders...

Monday, June 12, 2017

podiums are hard..hard to get to
often hard to organize..
and more often hard to get right...

lets keep this shit fun..cuz ya know T and Lemmy aint takin any of it serous..if you get picked or my rightly so get on the boxes..just enjoy your quick 15 seconds of fame cuz who knows..u may never get there again...
This was somewhat of a Bandit race.. so thinkin on the boxes dont always apply..I would gave this a total fail because of the dork in the middle and his one arm i just came triumphantly fist in the air salute..but because heis  flanked by two multi state champions and the Coors brew wagon is in it its a full on fuckin KOM!
almost a solid execution....that dude  on the far right needed to drop his right arm and leave the baggy shorts for the MTB podium..and the Bunny shouldnt be invading the Sven space..unless the Pony is doin the saME..Das German gets the pass on the pants..

winners can do whatever they want....
I suppose this is a is A phart bike race and quite possibly in four  years no one will remember this discipline was ever really around..
enjoy your time..
way back...
despite the fact that Saari and the Wiz are dressed in street attire i will call it a pass..not a win but a pass...the hand symbol isnt always a podium welcome..
but you know the rules..

winners get to do whatever they want...
be cool fools..