Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lemmys House of Style

aside from the ridiculous wide tires..this bike is sick lookin..
.but does anyone really mount a bottle on the top tube..
the only blokes ridin that long are ridin exploros..and they have sag vehicles handing them bottles  by co-eds
speakin of those guys
.smile you fuckin rotter your livin the pro-life travlin all over gods great earth reapin the the big$$ benefits of being a Factory sponsored athlete...
State Championship road race is in two weeks make a believer outta me..

sorry i just cant help my rotten old self...
wide tires on a crit bike
what has happened to our world..
fuck me
this is just fucking dumb..
cant even imagine how shitty this bike would ride with all that dead weight on the down tube...
inexpensive power-meters are coming...
soon they will be as readily and cheaply available as 50$ wireless computer...
but honestly less than 5% of the scene that owns one knows how to actually use one to its full potential..
coolest bike ever 
the Redhook crit has caught on like fuckin wild fire
Not too happy that The S company is now makin thick grip off it...
the whole thing...those limited edition colors are trick tho 
quite possibly the best lookin MTB on the trails this spring
But whatta ya think pal..maybe its time to up the game and spend a summer with the Giant and the rest of the Elite field?
Ya never know you just might like it
The scene hasnt scene a gal this hot since I dunno when..
pity she is just posin

Boy fuckin howdy im bettin Danny doesnt get too much pull on those tiny bars
man up and get bars that fit your frame..
Knew I had to bite you baby when I first set eyes on you,
That moment turned me on, I can't believe it's true,
I like to watch your body sway,
I got no choice, I'm gonna twist your tail,
Love me like a reptile, 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fonzies Corner

Whats the old saying...
Blondes have more fun...
Really The Fonz never gave it all too much thought..but through the ages the adage seems to hold some truth...for a moment think about the Blonde ladies through the ages...
.fer sure my gal Marilyn had whole lotta fun..the iconic Blonde got herself into all sorts of nocturnal mischief..the end result was a DNF
 but AYYY she left a beautiful corpse...

 One of the Fonzes all time favs...
even if was just in one film..
Faye killed it in this look..oddly enuf her true portrayal of Bonnie Parker also ended in a flaming DNF in a hail of  bloddy gun fire..........
Cheryl Ladd 
this dame will always rank up on  the Fonzes list of good Blondes...not alotta bad here
 makes ya wonder was she a true blond or built from a bottle...
Rumor has it... history never repeats itself..
but this gal tried and was often compared to the great Marilyn..fun i dunno about that,,,,,, crazy..sure .arent they all? but holy smokin chrome dual cylinder pipes..she was a hot burning thing of love..sex symbol..marrying old rich guys...drugs and booze...chalk her up another one of the blonde DNFs...
Word on the street...Heather was a handful..hangin out with rocknrollers that light themselves on fire.dudes with hair almost as good as the Fonzes  ..will that to ya...

Id have to think she has saved herself from a few DNFs over her aging career.aint over with yet heather loves to get crazy still after all these years...and .driving drunk seems to be her forte..
This gal coulda burned Arnolds....
Man i dunno its gotta be somethin in the water...like Heather rock n roll dudes are hard on women..I wish she would make up her mind on her chest size..she gets implants and then takes em out more often than Fonz changes dates...the gal is crazy..but im likin her new do...but she aint far off from a un-expected DNF
Amazing Amy was crazy wasnt she...
she dodged the dreaded DNF...
Sometimes life just moves to fast..even too fast for prime time..
Jenna..too much of dirty stuff can wreck a gal..not to mention cocaine, lap dances, and drunkin nights with RocknRollers and MX stars..
pity no one was ever prosecuted in the accident that involved her face and a Econoline 150...
shes DNFin and she just to crazy to know its over yet

we dudes have it easy
Be cool to your special lady this week..

Friday, May 19, 2017

AUG 30, 2008

1 Gregory Christian St Simons Is Ga 1:30:53.00  TURIN/Barker+Nestor

2nd Place 2 Derek Graham Cedar, MI 1:31:20.00   Bissell 3rd Place

3 Christopher Uberti Greenville, SC 1:31:20.38  TURIN/Barker+Nestor

4 Jonathan Card Sylvania, OH 1:31:20.95  Saturn of Toledo/Shell


6 Timothy Saari Rochester Hills, MI 1:31:39.70 Essex Brass

7 Thomas Archer Brighton, MI 1:32:23.55 Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles

8 Ben Renkema Greenville, SC 1:33:27.59 TURIN/Barker+Nestor

9 Robert Foshag Monroe, MI 1:33:28.17 Saturn of Toledo/Shell

10 Thomas Kachelmeyer Royal Oak, MI 1:33:29.Team GIANT Michigan

11 Peter Ehmann Bloomfield Hills, MI 1:33:35.87 Team GIANT Michigan

12 Vincent Roberge Dearborn, MI 1:33:46.49 South Lyon Cycle / JBCA

13 Jason Stephenson Clay, MI 1:35:11.39 VISION QUEST

DNF Robert Iser South Lyon, MI 1
DNF Michael Wyczalek Goodrich, MI
DNF Daniel Klein Berkley, MI
DNF Brian Adams Novi, MI
DNF Lucas Wall Dexter, MI

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lemmys House Of Style

boy not fully diggin that backwards hat on Jimmy..
in fact the backwards head thing has never been high on the Lemmy list and when you through it on an old dude it looks gawd awful ugly..homeless and worn out drunk are the first things that come to mind...
Baseball catchers, driving in convertibles, dirt-bags on BMX bikes and dudes in big ass offshore racing boats are exempt from the backwards hat hate list..
group rides, half wheelin and suffocation..and beers at the end..if she was towing the line around
yea id be up for it....
colorful gadgets..
im lovin these little trinkets to hold all those lil knowledge capsules
curvatures and landscapes

Jimmy..getting double cool points...
that Yellow bike was his winning ticket...
The Black Ace...
more style than 3/4 of the scene the red bar tape gets pulled together by those Red Brikos..
the  Gloves and white helmet finish it off...
what about that watch?
If you squeeze my lizard
I'll put my snake on you
I'm a romantic adventure
And I'm a reptile too

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“How many times do you say you’re going to give something up and then don’t? It’s that perpetual thing where you can’t break the habit” 

Phil Lynott

Monday, May 15, 2017