Monday, November 20, 2017

130 Opinions 1 Asshole

1.MMBA – Doing good for trails and racing, just don’t go to that forum…
2.MBRA – Why are they here again?
3.USAC – LOL, total joke
4.Trek – Still making cool plastic bikes
5.Michigan CX – On the rebound
6.the Lil Pony – The BOSS of ‘Cross
7.LAKO – Keep piling on people
8.Scotty A – Is there anywhere he’s not fast?
9.3T – Strange concepts perhaps I’m too old to appreciate
10.3T explore – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a Superbike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.Facebook – Red pill or blue pill?  Can be a good tool, can also be a cesspool
12.old dudes on Harley's – Not down with the motorcycle crowd, those guys are fags
13.cycling chicks that dont ride – As long as they’re hot…
14.equal payouts – As long as you do equal work, but that never happens
15.Cat 5 riders – Got to start somewhere
16.comebacks – Easier said than done…
17.Heart attacks – Let’s all avoid them – One of the bigger marketing scams the industry has pulled
19.Base media kits – Kinetic copycats
20 Michigan trails – Some of the best in the country.  And the sheer number is something that we shouldn’t take for granted.
21 Taylor Swift - CUNT
22.Doom Metal – I like my Metal a little speedier
23.dig shit – I flush my shit
24.Twinkies (original) – OG fat kid food
25.KFC – Fuck Yeah Colonel Sanders!
26.Tits or Ass – Titties ALL DAY!
27.Sebastian Bach – Had the pipes, but now he’s a joke
28.marijuana – Pass
29.ICEMAN – Great course, too bad it’s so late on the calendar
30 Specialized – FUCK those Cocksuckers!
31.Smith sport – Used to make cool cycling glasses
32.Frito-Lay – If you’re not down for that Twinkie…
33.Reese – Desert Island candy
34.Redhook crit shit – That’s some crazy racing
35.spring – Ann Arbor Worlds
36.summer – Where did everyone go?
37.fall - #crossiscoming
38.winter - Hibernation
39 erections – Still getting them
40.giant bicycles – Don’t get the credit they deserve
41.Danzig – Napoleon syndrome, should probably just go sell TV’s
42.masters that dope – Fuck em all to Death
43.Pizza Hut – Still got wicked good crust it lease or own it – Do what makes the best financial sense for you
45.Pioneer – Affordable power
46.Sram – They’ll do anything for you
47.Shimano – Tough luck Charlie, go search the deep web for that obsolete part we can’t even diagnose
48.death – It’s coming for all of us
49.single or double – Like them both, still can’t decide
50 11 speed or 10 speed.. – This one goes to 11…
51.Zwift – Guitar Queero
52.the WIZ – Loves that beer
53.Danny Klein – Spring King
54.Track racing – Better have some big balls for Michigan tracks
55.stains in your dates underwear – Deal breaker
56.flying – Safest mode of transportation
57.retiring – Some people are confused…
58.gun to tape – Go race Elite you pussy
59.time trialing – The race of Truth
60 Strava – It’s a dope tool we can all use for good
61.Liz Renay – Loved to get married
62.The Fonz – AYYYYYYYYY!
63.Amazon – Taking over the world
64.Kask – That’s a good looking lid
65.Milla Jovovich – I don’t get the appeal
66.Iron Maiden – Up the Irons!!
67.Alice Cooper – Brought horror to music
68.Ghosts – Stop chasing them
69.Time traveling – Where’s my DeLorean?
70.Trump – Candidate for Worst Human Ever
71.Milfs – Didn’t have these when I was a kid
72 House wives – They aren’t so real after all
73.books on tape – Great for road trips
74 Jeremiah Johnson – Best GIF of All time
75.Cherry Pie – I prefer strawberry rhubarb
76 Etap – Fuck wires
77.DI2 – Game changer
78.Arbys – Bring back the ArbyQ
79 Scotty Q – Have you seen the tandems this guy builds?
80.Whoppers – Love them in the Jr. version
81.Big Ray – Toothache pain
82.tubeless – What an incredible pain the ass to set up, but man is it a great ride ups – Ditch the barriers
84.barriers – Less is more Hagerty – Team DOPER
86.Gravel road racing – Not as cool as I thought it should be
87.Pick up trucks – Sure can fit a lot of shit back there
88.USA – Get over yourself
89.Brasil – Thanks for the wax
90. – SuperTan4Life
91.JB Hancock – No one tries harder than him to put on a great race
92.STDs – Cover your willy
93.kraft cheese products – Grew up strong on that shit, but Velveeta is coming…
94.Evil-Dude – Such a great bobblehead
95.Osgood – If only he could put the fork down… holes – I’m not digging them
97.Thongs – For the WIN
98.Carbonfiber – More sexy please
99.Rudy project – Lots of models, just don’t go for prescription
100.Dam Yankum – Runs in the family
101 singlespeeds – BMX for adults
102.driving 5 hours to ride for 3 – Depends on the 3 rides – Pick the right one sex – Yes please fights – The first rule of Fight Club…
106.Foosball – Table soccer
107.Bowling – Cheap fun with booze and smelly shoes
108.Darts - Meh
109.Farts – Still make me laugh
110 shopping carts – I’ll race those too rooms – They stink
112.jocks - Meatheads
113.Jock Straps – A bra for your balls
114 chix in jock straps – Sounds like they’re packing heat…
115 Spanking – I’ll give and receive
116.walking on Ice – As long as it’s not thin
117.dodging trains – Don’t push your luck
118 DC – The Pain Train!
119.PCP – Great Chapelle skit
120.Fist Fucking – OUCH!
121.Coke – Killed Pantani
122.Pepsi – That’s all Mike ever wanted
123.Luch meat – Why not?
124 PBJ – Love Goober, but only grape
125.Ramen Noodles – Still eat it to this day…and I can afford real food
126.Local Bike shops – Please support them
127.Ebay – Don’t give a shit about sellers
128 Smart Phones – Love them
129.Passion ...yours.. – How could I live without it?
130.tomorrow – May never come

 Look, you guys can go around if you want to;
I'm crossing here.
And while you guys are dragging your candy asses halfway across the state and back,

I'll be waiting for you on the other side, relaxing with my thoughts.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Keep doing rad shit

8.F Anderson
13.Don Cameron
14.Mark W

naturally aged
naturally aspirated

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.

Monday, November 13, 2017

liars and snitches..

your world
my world
your kids world will forever have these people...
Its hard to understand the human isnt it..?
in Ts grey matter he really dont think kids start out wanting be complete train wrecks..but somewhere along the line the hard-wired human gets re-wired...

somewhere these people fall into a black hole of self indulgence..if thats the right word...

In some worlds its for a gain of power...
In some worlds its a move to better there status in whatever world there trying to live..or what society wants them to believe they should be living...
In some worlds its if i could be soo bold...for riches, pussy, fast cars and a house on the hill with a garage full of toys

At some point as much as humans are aware if this spiral of sorts..its almost too late to stop without help or intervention
some folk dont wanna an addiction

you can not completely fault would be lying to say you..yourself aint fighting some battle on some front of your life...

maybe your too aloof to see it
if so good for fall into the small percentage of hard on happy ass people with no cares other than status updates of what new thing a ma bob to buy next...or what the fuck ever

I just pity the fools..and try not judge the human in whole..i dont condone it..all he do is just try to be a better human and fight the battles i can fight..

I dunno somethin to think bout
or not...