Friday, April 20, 2018

People live, people die…
they come down here.
I have infinite levels of Hell.
What you’ve seen is nothing, a mere kindergarten. It’s so easy for me now.
People have lost their willpower, their hope.
They think the world is going to come to an end.
Wishful thinking.
The world will last a long, long, long, long time.

1.Detroit a City on the Move
2.Mother Nature hates you get over it
3.last Waterford gets called off due to in climate weather worries you have 18 other chances this year to race there
5.Base media re-inventing aero
6.with weird shit
7.Haters are always gonna be jealous
8. 4K going to take the line Saturday Morning.Take that Steve Brown
9.How hard is the front of that 62 mile race gonna be tomorrow at Barry
10.How much of a shit show is the over lap gonna be after that left turn on the pavement at mile 61
11.200+ riders for the 200 mile class at Barry..thought Rick was gonna cap that shit
12.TMS sees 1k of Hits for Wednesday of the 18th
13 old school feelings all week..
14.TMS doesnt know dick about promotions
15.TMS doesnt know how to write what else is fuckin new..

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Get better sponsorship if you want to pay your staff. 
Stop bending your customers over. 
That lame payout ain’t even a reach around. No KY of nothing. 
I do like the mason jar of gravel idea though. 
Unique prizes are always better, especially if you’re too cheap to hand out cash.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The revolution is dead

after a long hard day of chasing koms and swiping right along with lurking strava to see what the rest of the hot-shoes are doing to gain the ever elusive edge...its time T gives his two cents on the thing most folks dont even know exist ...The always popular sometimes controversial all for somethin newly fuckn revamped MBRA point series...

hope your well rounded all natural training meal is fully digested

Sunday, May 6 
Port City Criterium - Muskegon
this second year race was a hit from the folks that made the trip
 nice town, marginal turnout...on somewhat of a boring course if it wasnt for the punchy little first turn hill it would put T sleep...

Saturday, May 19 - Sunday, May 20th 
Weekend at White Lake Stage Race - Whitehall (Stage 1A only)
Hey whatta ya know a stage race..sorta seems like a good idea...but why not through a crit in there and count the whole weekend towards the series ?

Monday, May 28 
Waterford Hills Circuit Race - Clarkston
Oh boy a weekend at Waterford....heres my gripe with this one...lets shake it up i dunno maybe im missin the details and i applause the Bias media guys for trying to keep the scene racing but lets hope its just not the same old like to see a 1 lap flying TT or a team time trial or win and out on the short course...just something different than Benny and Wanley show...fuck and if the any lunk head brings a disc wheel out this weekend some should throat punch em fuck me....

Saturday, June 9 Criterium - Kalamazoo
Hmmm..same weekend as the Death Crit..not sure how feel about that blunder..
go figure..doesnt matter most of  the scene is scared to go into the Black Aces hood anyhow..go do the K-Z00 crit its safe..just dont forget your social security number...

Sunday, July 1 
Great Lakes Classic Road Race - Ottawa County (Road Race, not the TT)
Hey....another road

Sunday, July 15 
Corktown Criterium - Detroit
Interesting thing about this race is the course isnt much less deadly than the Aces crit ..hell the pavement is shittier, cobbles and broken concrete hopefully they have Sram/Zipp there handing out wheels...its like the Mad Anthony of the road scene..the romance of going back down to Motown...i get it..and im on board..i also get why its on schedule this month but id be happier if it was one Labor Day weekend to piggy back of the Erie st race in Windsor

Sunday, July 22 
Vuelta a Puerto Sheldon - Port Sheldon
what? two years ago you couldnt find a road race in Michigan, now we got dotted em all over the calendar....

Sunday, August 18 
Strade Bianche Road Race - Ottawa County
seems weird..when most states and the scene as well years back concentrated there road races in the early spring and then have a summer of hearty crits, now a days the Michiganscene fills its summer full of road races and crits in the spring...seems odd...Maybe ist cuz we got all the gravel shit in spring? with the exception of a few people by mid summer most folks still are not pumpin out big miles for road races

Sunday, August 26 
Debaets-Devos Criterium - Auburn Hills
the ever popular end of bummer Debaets-Devos Criterium...well attended even though it should go back to labor day in my opinion...
  • Overall not a bad mix..with other races dabbed in the middle its solid...i guess..I do have one gripe and its a good one...
  • why no Gaslight?..this arguably one of the longest standing best attended crits in the scene and it gets left off? dumb move in my opinion...
  • No Zeeleand??? Michigan only twilight crit and the smartest run event in the state, they keep it simple no master racing just cats.
  • No real Time Trials nice..good thing you spent all your money on that track bike instead of that Time trial rig you were wanna race that shit better learn to swin and run....
  • Im also surprised there is not Waterford worlds triple pointer tossed in there just keep that contingent happy might been a good idea..
  • i do like they kept most of the races on Sundays much like the cross schedule that takes in no account bike shop guys and regular workin folks sometimes have to do a Saturday...This series is all around normal humans props...but in the next breathe it almost seems like the series was built around a certain type or cough cough group of riders..
  • In all T honesty....The MBRA is not treating racers like what they actually are..customers...paying for something..and when you pay for something you should get the best product or service in return..period...instead of cashing in on mediocre races...many of which conflict other races...
  • Not a huge fan of series anymore seems more like a 90's or a Y2K thing...I almost think lets just shut the fuck up and race our bikes save the overall grip for payouts spread evenly and uni formally across all category's 

I dunno there is a reason why dinosaurs went extinct i suppose...

Love ya all the same

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

That point in a Zwift A race when you roll off the front on a marginal downhill for the second time at 200w and realize you’re the face of cycling obesity and not even the TRON bike and unlimited power ups can save you now.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

What you gonna do? You wanna get down?
Tell me, what you gonna do? Do you wanna get down?
What you gonna do? You wanna get down?
What you gonna do? You wanna get down? Tell me