Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Gat dayum

1.fried chicken
2.the tower
4.6 n the morning your pusher
6.99 problems
7.the syndicate
8.the girl tried to kill me.
9. freedom of speech
10.Bitches 2
11.squeeze the trigger
12.Home invasion
13.ya shoulda killed me last year
14.shut up be happy
15.cop killer
44 presidents 1 King

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If i had a Million Dollars

So folks i honestly have been shaking my cranium of what i would do if that fool Max Dugan did return...and he gave me the money...The word from some unknown is "if T did have a million dollars..he sure be wouldnt be spendin it in the bike world"...but you see sucka..thats the beauty..the catch..the only way... if Max did come back..thats the only way you could spend it...No big ass pad, no gallon per mile power boats, no Italian sports hanging with Mike Tyson..(ok thats allowed)..and when Eva does stop by...she pays for the shower curtain and the rubber where is all this big money going if its laid down only in our scene....?Now im doin the pickin and spendin cuz you cant always trust fools with your money...

Since the cross scene is still fresh in your legs..let T address the cross scene...If I had million dollars..I wouldn't be puttin on no every other weekend series..and sure as hell wouldn't have strippers doin sign ups and  working the pits..T iss bad but he aint that god dam bad..No...Id leave that every weekend gig to Rick and who ever else wants to do that dirty thankless deed...No Id put up say maybe four events...look at the calendar tie em in with others series that are killing it south of heaven..Id take the time find sponsors..and if that didn't work i suppose id through some of Dugans cash in the pit..these races would be at four places...locations on land that would allow them to stay up year round..(stay with me fool..its a dream ok..its ok to dream.they haven't made that shit illegal yet and your significant will never know) anyways picture this a perfect world courses with all the stuff we started with here back when you all were still runnin 35psi in your tufos...all the elements.. elevation, sand...forests..and ugh..eeek gasp...omg pavement...and why the hell not how about a bad ass fly-over that doesn't have lawyers licking there lips..and in the middle of it...a big ass beer tent represented by some sweet ass Michigan beer company..who wouldbe be expected to have enough dam suds to cover the entire fucking day friends  bums, is the no beer thing anyhow....stay with me....a stage.. somewhere... anywhere on the course..with say..... the Scorpions belting its Das german sound...and they would play fucking songs like, rock you like a hurricane, big city nights and No one like you......i can see it..expand your is the time....if you cant go grab some more caffeine or take a quick look at snoopy cuz that fool can...oh and to make the littlest Pony happy..a pit with constant fresh warm wash water and a place to hang your double a area that would properly drain...besides WTF is with that laying your shit down on the grass thing..come on those cheap ass alloy saw horses from Park cost less than that Michigan beer keg you ran out of......and the prize list...would be fair...i wouldn't be throwing out water bottle swag either...there would be a big $$  for the fastest lap of the day..and big dollar prime say 700+ bucks or more... for winners of the first lap...payable only if you pay some jerk off from Velonews or cycling-dirt to be there..and write that shit up cuz everyone likes to see there face or name in print.......there would be food really fucking good food..burgers, deep fried stuff...and plenty of beer remember..we aint runnin out of that shit...all situated in a fireplace warmed stone dwelling.....its a dream...but would be cool would be filmed to music..the soundtrack would be by bands like Steppenwolf...Black Flag..Sabbath...Alice in Chains...edited properly...

that's the start...and if it didn't work out ....fuck....i wouldn't lose sleep...not a wink..

oh i forgot results would get submitted and posted to a dialed ass website by 6:00am the next morning..

Hate on fools...............cuz no matter what Im still Lovin you...

Friday, December 12, 2014

1. Expecting
2.Little Room
3.When I Hear My Name
4.Blue Orchid
6.The Big Three Killed My Baby
7.Bone Broke
8.Broken Bricks
9.I Cant Wait
10.Seven Nation Army
11.Dead Leaves and A Dirty Ground
12.Jimmy The Exploder
13.Death Letter
14 Jolene
15. One More Cup Of Coffee

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

44 presidents. 1 king.

the best hallucinations are of running like a three-legged dog in the trailer park.

best hallucination:
winning races is done on 8 hrs a week

the three legged dog part:

Its OK really it is..dont be mad..cuz we aint..its not for everyone..if it was it would seem so easy...seriously folks...winning field sprints, honching breakways turning the fastest laps times.. winning barry roubaix, winning state championships..etc..all those are not done by searching for excuses taking zeros  and missing weeks or months because Michigan weather is not conducive to riding..its done by dedication..not sacrifice..dedication..not consuming and making Jack or Jill dull person... to letting go, duck dynasty, porn stars, tumbling facebooking, selfies  or whatever it may be..that hinders the walk we talk...but its ok..really it is as long as you are one with your own universe and you are completely content and happy as the kitty on my lap making dough..with all the good you make of it......its all good....really it is...10K was a figurative of speech of sorts..a spot on the a way .because in all the hate angst..T still loves with more heart that that of half the scene combined..he really do...

be cool fools  its all good
 T more than most knows there helluva alot more to this short time than riding a bike.


Tuesday, December 09, 2014