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90 seconds adrift

The things you hear when you got good ears..the things that get tossed around at 1:30am...

Standing inline behind this 30 somethin attractive long hair skinny broad at the Tits and Ass Travel center.."thats TnA" for you sensitive folks..standing in line double fistn two luke warm Icehouse tall boys and  wrestling a bag of Funyuns under my good arm.. i have nothin but time to eaves drop on the convo that she is carrying on with her stunningly good lookin man..i didnt get the full jist of the story..but i did catch the line.."when your Karma is rising you just cant lose" ..I know im old..not in the "in" loop..the last time i had a couples vacay involved the Northwoods Inn, a cue ball and woman with two Bassett hounds..but that all being what in gods good name does Karma rising mean?..dont have a smart phone so wasnt  google ready...what the hell is that shit...but...i gotta think its just one my life's mystery's..things i dont need know...or just should write. unexpalnable...I say this  cuz in those brief few moments standing in line listening to these mind moved from this to that to The Results of two days ago Peak to Peakin...i gotta say a lil uwstruck..not that Im surprised the Wisco kid won the big money and who won the old farts class that Jim James fool aint never gonna die he is like that dam movie with that Wilfred Brimley sucker..cocoon..
awstruck in a way that it was not better well attended...maybe it aint just a "cross thing"..maybe its just a low in the sport..hell i could do a Friday 15 and then some on the MIA's and go aways that had happened in the past twelve included...maybe passion takes pass on goals..aint nothing wrong with that in T's book...i just hope i aint the last kid on playground..or the guy talking about when he used to run...or the dude wearing his varsity coat to his sons homecoming my only hope after all this poorly written crud is done and is a fleeting faint memory to those who dont care in the first place.. i can still write my one story no matter where....what or when...

dam the things your tiny little grey matter can do in less a minute and half

Friday, October 17, 2014

2.Island Lake Xc
3.Fort Custer Xc
4.Big M
5.Springfield Oaks Xc
6.Brighton Rec stage race
7. Boyne Mt Xc
8.Garland Point to Point
9.Mike Cool big lap
10.Peak to Peak
12.Riverview Hammer
13.Any Pando
14. Addision Oaks pre 2002
15.Pontiac Lake Xc

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"life is Rad when you do Rad things"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ocana, Van Impe,Zoetemelk and Merckx proof that Giants rode the earth
Eddy Merckx haciendo de las suyas
Un Crack!

Monday, October 13, 2014

the state of the state, origin of the feces and dinosaurs stuck in the void of Vietnam

I aint stoppin by fishing for hits..grammar is worse than ever..aint got no gun to your head..get my drift.........haven't read the latest on Tantra and i sure as hell haven't had any strippers inside my camper in the last three days..make sense? this is just a if flogging a dead horse with Kogels best  i didn't think it would go back to the origins..self titled self nick named and selfish SNAFU....all these apples don't far from our own tree fools...lets compare this ill composed turd to our current situation this ..and is a situation...dont be blind...I aint here just trying to wrap my mind and the small minds of few others in my teeny tiny circle all the while holding back crocodile got all this racing going on in around and not enough riders to even call it a success.....what it a just a Michigan it because we only border two..can we blame the Murder city..seems like the west side isnt as effected with this issue as much and for crying out loud its less 2 hrs away...have we gotten so lazy..and why in the hell can a guy on a fat tire bike beat the shit outta dudes on regular bikes at there own game..i gotta think if he  was on the "right" bike even Don could get a little lift off without recommend dosage. I aint no buckeye fan but man o man i sometimes sit in a  halo of green envy when i see the turn outs they pull...and then my mind that ever revolving constant play list from the 90's...Hootie, Barenaked Ladies, The Tragically Hip.The Spin Doctors Steve Winwood.....oooh the Barenaked ladies for christ sake god save me from..a fuckin swag bag of Hammer induced  worst case of cross gut  i ever had...watching three left over grunge tweekers hacky sacking and swapin stories..will it get better..will it re surge to a new more vivid time..will wearing the same jersey and short make you a team player..will you sacrifice your own inner driven ego... how about the pro it really a deal? or is it just another way to tell those who are ignorant to the world we breathe we are sponsored...sponsor..yea using we cuz im stuck in the middle of it...i heard someone say  few days ago...quoting a movie...y'all going to Vietnam and y'all gonna booking flight on a doomed plane....the only way step off is step out..chasing chickens and making believe..its ok when time is running out .....dam im rambling and checking out on why even i checked in...
give it some thought...we need to find a way to save this shit before we all end up listening to the Barenaked ladies....
fuck that guy......Islamic bastard 

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right now

1.2002 gets noticed as an AAVC alternative to the tailwind series
2.2003 The Wiz is one of the few tailwind regulars to attend battles it out with Blair Dudley
3.2004. Tailwind throws it on the schedule
4. The series brings riders in from the west side
5. Saturn of  Toledo/cane Creek dream team put the beat down all others in the A race
6. Queen Anne is killing them
7. Dream Team member Jer Walker gets his first win
8. 2005 the Lil Pony wins with a size able gap over soon to be arch rival Mike Wissink
9 SIMIONSTER suffers his mechanical
10.Rachel Steele is still around
11 Patrick Russell grabs a fourth in C men
12.2006 SIMONSTER riding on upcoming ICEMAN form nearly takes down the once unbeatable Black Ace a broken chain is his only faultier
13. Tom Burke makes his first east side cross appearance riding an aluminum sling shot
14.Rachel Steelwins again
15 The Cyborg takes down DC
16. Osgood finishes near the bottom in C men
17. Foshag finishes 4:44 back from his teammate
18.2007 goes two day Marne starts her cross thing the womens field sees almost 15 riders
19 Corey Stange wins B mens Osgood is on the move
20 Joe Brown still winning
21.Some Tan Guy gets on the podium
22. Lil Pony and the Wiz trade elbows making some cry dirty riding against the now rivals
23.the Evil dude crashes first lap goes from last to fourth by the finish
24.Dc does infamous taunt off the line
25. Thom Barrett wins C men
26.Osgood is still moving up defunct Two wheel Tangos head honch finish last C men
28.2009 sees smaller fields the wiz in full effect winning both days
29. Osgood still on the Move
30. Verran is getting good
31 Lako is seen in the C men
32.Danny Gerow is coming on
33.JTP is now in the house
34. 2011 Das german is now here and he is breathing
35 the Wiz comes close
36 Melly Kelly wins the now  micro womens field
37 the A-Game comes down
38 Osgood has now started his strings
39.lil simon edges out the new Guy
40.The Future is now here

Thursday, October 09, 2014

"Happiness is a byproduct of function, purpose and conflict; those who seek happiness for itself seek victory without war"
William S Burroughs

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1.Motley Crue
2.white leather high tops or low cut black leather tennis shoes
3.late 1st hour
5.groups of three class satin Jackets
9.walked the halls
10.stale smoke
11.Quiet Riot
12.Hated by Jocks
13.Disliked No one
14.tight jeans extinct

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

lift off

This aint no morning thing..didnt for one nascar second think it was induced by anger..the girl from the shell station up in Westbranch hasnt called in six months.... its not brought on by that tiny blue T has been just i cant honestly put my greasy finger on what emotion got this body bloody all erect and outta bed at 4 somethin in morning....but somethin did..and i am bustin at the seams to just go all rotten style and start a good old southern man rant ...but i wont cuz i am keeping those two crazy fools at bay and holden my cool and all the while  keepim my grammar lousy...
Who in the love all things black let that MBRA post about all things champion get through the necessary social channels and make its way into minds of those who support a series that falls short of nothing less than...I ant mad em about the whole sleeping with that shit on...but i know the company i keep wouldn't let me get three steps close to the ol snake pit wearing something made of second grade Taiwanese fabrics... and quality control of faulty materials..i mean what legit racers wants a Janet malfunction when there getting ready to take on all the hot shoes..but i guess "when you sat in the back of the pack all day" breathing and waiting to take everyone in the sprint you have all the time in the world to zip that shit up and prepare one of your finely choreographed town line victory salutes...i cant even keep my composure i sit here and shake like Jimmys gramma thinking about the obtuse mind that controls something that could be so good...but make ridiculous statements like the last...if thats what its coming too i dont if i can..

I sure don't wanna make a better burger ..I aint here hatin..and i wont ever post a job for a proof reader...hell i aint even here...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

."Who Gives a Shit Im flying"...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life is beautiful, Really it is Full of beauty and illusions. 
Life is great Without it you'd be dead 

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1.letting gaps open      at some point fucking commit........close that shit down.......dam Canadians
2..buying shit that will get you less than.001% IE aero gloves..carbon seats and bullshit sport supplements....see number 15
3.fighting for wheels 5 minutes s into a 3 hr race go back to Ohio dick head
4.swinging your bike.. formerly known as the DK syndrome.;previously recognized as the Docsvage dance...could be referred to as the Hoffner habit or at one time the bunny bounce but for 2015 its just the newbie nervous jump..its power robbing and totally fucking dangerous to anyone near one really fast swings there for the love of money stop it..
5.parking lot TT warm ups..your gonna fucking seriously kill someone..bring your wind trainer and warm up the proper way or dont fucking warm up at all  riding at 100 heart aint gonna get you shit  you lazy fuck
6.throwing your bottles before the aint gonna help your lousy genetics
7.snot rockets..or at at least watch what the hell your doing...
8.looking back...the race is in front of you cheese dick
9.wearing worn out one wants to see your baboon ass you cheap bastard
10 bitching that you got beat by the guy you didn't see all your fucking eyes
11.pick the right dont need mud tires in a dry dusty field..plan ahead
12. the attitude your not that good...and in the scope of the cycling world you never will be...its ok be a human
13.category jumping..see number 1
14 chopping wheels (last lap exempt)..relax god dammit ride  with some common sense
15 eating

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Fat bikes at cross races, gravel grinders on balance bike, slow rolls with glocks, unicycle 100 milers..fondos with numbers..cutting roots so you can win the KOM.....Tri geeks on dirt roads crying about strava segments..B racers with two fully pimped out rigs in the pits ...dudes dressing in drag hiding in the woods rubbing a batch off by hand...
what in bloody fucking hell has happened to all of us..have we all gotten that god dam bored with ourselves that we must keep making shit so twisted and fucking complicated

 the  running world has the beer mile..I suggest we do cocaine hot laps for Michigan pints

fucking god save yourself...

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if you don't like this you can
 just fucking die

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thrown around

1. miles
3.the words training and intervals
8.gel packets
10.under wear
12.race days
15.H2O bottles

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


you dont know my barber and if you did..but cha don't you would know she was she and not he...and if you went to her and you haven't ...cuz you dont know her      you too would let her sit on your matter your age, gender creed, nationality, sexual preference married..going steady after and no glo...
this aint no come back i know better than that once you walk you keep on walkin..but i aint got no,lyme about puttin in part time from time to time..cant let rotten fool mess shit up..besides he dont know shit about breakin thad..grammar aint changed probably got worse if that makes you cringe and gives you flash back to the time when cyber bullys called this place...home.take yourself over to that nice happy blog......that being said I didnt attend no night classes and  dont give two god dam shits what or who rolls on through...havent vented in a while..and stretching my lungs at middle school teenage punks and misc punch able faces  hasn't filled the cavity of the meaning of low T...But time spent watching cars whiz by with folks laughin and smiling through rose colored glasses got my aged ol soft grey matter churning..on the how to' how to keep rolling when the shit turns south..its easy to cry "over trained" when you aint easy to say burned out when the "plan" you was supposed following hasnt produced the expected out come you think you should of obtained...i dunno u dont see guys winning..ridin well or meeting there expectations cry burn out..its easy to ride through it when your ridin is satisfying but how do "they" do it when it gets rough...i  heard from a certain soul...lets just call him "Thad" refer to Steve Tilford as a machine....that is as biggest crock of a  turd strewn kettle of foul smelly shit someone could place under my picky ass old nose...fuckin machine...god it no machine...he may be a little crazy, highly genetically gifted..but he aint no machine...fool..i wanna tell Thad..he aint make in excuses why he can or cant do the things he used or thought he should be doing..that fool Tilly isnt soft and easly as butt hurt as you are thad....but couldnt cuz...... face to face suckas dont wanna here what they should only what they want spoon fed to a place where freedom is speach    it gets thinner ever god dam day...makes me nausea to think there are some so-called coaches out there spoon feeding baby Thads  there dosed soft ass plans composed of numbers and diaper wipes..maybe a lil Vaseline on the nipples would be the icing on there hostess cupcakes....

i gotta step off....i aint even supposed to be here i aint mad at cha...but  i got that ol vein poppin up in my forehead....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"The Jan is being a simple man" The Jan takes in schnitzel and beer, and outputs death and pain 
It is being that simple