Sunday, September 25, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

1.Johnny U
is this fall that this guy actually speaks to people without slightly insulting them? can he take down Burke and Yankus with his west coast attitude...

2.John Leach
Hands down still the best kit on the line..not really sure what Bissell saw in his potential  not a poor rider by no means but not quite the usual Bissell pick up..and i gotta ask this with the Nazi like officials that were rumored to be there...why is his front wheel over the line without a wrist slap or quick choke hold?

 every year it gets alittle harder for the big man said it before he puts probably he puts out  some mean numbers for the fella his size but with fast guys coming to cross from the  road or older Elites racin down makes his life harder on the grass..

Blown away this guy still shows up here and there one of the originals..despite his results his kit is kinda sweet

5.Eric Mcbride
This guy could be pretty good...I woulda left the Alma jersey at home hanging in the trophy case though

6.Brandon Goocher
this is that kid that used be the only kid under 10 racing cross..feeling old yet? Ill say this at least never thought T would see him racing the elite field...its tough up there hope he sticks it out for awhile

7.Simon Bailey
I like this guy alot but i still can not believe he is still at it..having been there since the start and through all the huge days to now...he must really love cross..or just hates football Sundays

8.Brian Walcharz
 all around this guy is pretty solid.. cant say he has the best head for racing tactics but fuck it right? a wins a win..

9.Tim Sorry
I like how he is hiding kinda in the bike row touting his State Championship jersey ever so sly..Tim was and is still a pretty solid dude all around its a shame the That Elite title eluded him when he was in his prime..

10.some other Jacks guy...
who is this kid..? rumor also had it he raced the 4/5 race as well as the Elite race? make matters worse he was on some big ass full suspension bike...i dunno what to think about all that..

Miscene elite cross and how it is now..

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

before taking Cialisv Consult your doctor if your healthy enough for sex

And you all thought id forgotten how to use my colorful imagination didnt ya...admit its ok...your human

But one thing T got probably more than any rats and suckas is full blown colorful beyond reality in your face behind the scene imagination and it aint brought on by licking postage stamps and handling kitty litter...

The scene got its fantasy on over the weekend with a little MTB TT and man ill tell ya it was a good one and as expected the the cool kids were on prowl...just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...The show was opened up with Spine of the Gods followed up with crop circle Monster Magnet put on one hellva show and with a stage up crowed to max with candy sprinkled golden stippers you knew that shit was gonna be good....
Pontiac in late summer was gutted to the point of that kidney belts and Spenco seat covers where in everyones swag bag...the roadies where nowhere to be found this day....early times where set by The WIZ but as more dudes kept coming the WIZ faded far down the list wonder what he is doing did SIMONSTER who must of thought it was 2008 as he showed up in a South Lyon Cycle kit......DC ridin off early Tom Nell form aboard a two tone gary Fisher..set a time few could hold a jock to..cept the Lil pony cuz back in the day he could ride a mtb with the best of em fast times were turned in but not in order by Catlin, The RoadKing The A-GAME Acker...2016 Wakeley..

The race was really secondary  in Ts opinion...the climax came when Travis Pastrana did a double back flip  over a burning  Motorhome full of those strippers that Dave and the crew lit on fire after a  meth experience went south.. .outrageously and insane all escaped and the strippers survived with minor burns..

In the end everyone went away for a change even Massey in disguise who usually hates loud music and getting beer spilled on his expensive kicks with a big hard on and a grin...

see ya next time and remember use your imagination..dont cost a thing !

Love Ya T
the radness of life...

stay creepy

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Keep your shrieking little urges in your burned out little heads

You all are gonna have to put your beautiful imaginations on hold till tomorrow nite cuz what im about to gloriously lay down with this foul smelling rant coudnt of waited another gal darn Nascar minute...can someone any fuckin one please fill me in or help me understand what in the fuck is up with Michigan cross....

Why does it seem that every race is run in a different format..and all the while  USAC does is take your grip with a socialistic grin....what in the fuck is crazy ol T rantin about...?

  • i gots to know i asked this before..and i get it... no one wants to post comments anymore but for fuck sake save me from from hatin Michigan cross forever...why are masters races 1 hr? nowhere else in the country or world for that...are masters cross races dont see any masters crit runnin the same length as 1/2 race on the skinny side...i mean is it not usually decided by why are some promoters still pushin this 1 hr shit..t think the elite field is stable enough now that it doesnt need to be lappin the masters..

  • And why one fucking weekend all masters races are 1 hr and then the next week some of them  get bumped back to 45?  what the fuck is going on... makes T wanna grip the his fingered harder than ever..make up your mind dam fools..stupid...

  • What does it mean to be an Elite level crosser in Michigan? when a guy has never raced a cross race in his entire fucking life lines up in the Elite field all the while racing the 4/5 race..did i miss the memo somewhere in my infuckin box? I understand and i  kinda get the whole racin two classes thing but wtf how can a rider race down..or maybe he is just racin up either way its some fucked up shit in my worthless opinion..

i dunno what to think any longer...seems kinda goofy

side note its pretty RAD ol KIDA is going to worlds!

nothin but Love T


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