Thursday, June 30, 2016

Danilo Di Lucas urine was nick named "angels pee"....                                                             nice

money guns and weed

Monday, June 27, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

1.John Leach....nice bike..nice shades ....nice kit
2.Dybo..shouldnt go out like this
3.Scott Kroske..he is still going pretty fast for a short chubby bald guy
4.Corey Stange...seems off this year
5.Dan five at lumbo 100.nice
6 Jason Young..looks like Shaggy rides like Speed Buggy
8.Jordan T said before
9.Kaytlyn Patterson...she is pretty good huh?
10.Eric Mcbride.....could be better
11.Wayne Kramer....Drugs, were a symptom - they weren't the cause of anything.
12.Kevin that dude fit or what?
13.The Wiz..wonder
14.Scotty Hoffener..tuff break
15.Brad Lako..nice job Ricky will have a Phart bike class at next years Lumbo 100

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Beautiful Chaos

Oh to be a perpetual kid...

life is soo much easier this way ...

being summer time and the heat has been bakin those cakes like Matts mom used to... i couldnt help myself...i had to sneak out to that big store around the corner and see what normal folks are wearing//after spending way too much time stumbling between racks of fun lovin pre-faded out Ts jean shorts..white leather tennis shoes, and swimsuits that would even make T blush i headed on over to the place i like the most..i like to refer to it as my happy place....The toy and bike isle ...and i can say this my little lift off  was hard enough a cat couldnt scratch it...i like an over-price foam bucket as much as the next sinner..but man somethin about these lids just tickled me more than ignorant...its cryin shame most hot shoes see themselves as th next Sagan cuz with the right kit i can see some fools pullin these lids off..

Its a pity ya have to grow up..but ya shouldnt grow old...imagine ridin off the front with a R2D2  guidance system directing your to the podium wouldnt be for most but in the hands of the right one it would be gol darn priceless

from myself and Lemmy...keep on playin Rock and Roll


No 42

Kroske laying it down
Recreational drugs...