Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hellofame wrap


5:Queen Anne/Black Ace:

Ts Opinion:
spot on the Black Ace is still the bar on what an old hard man should be measured by..too many races to name, and years to count the Black-Ace also made state champions..if you knew him you'd find out he aint so black...

Queen Anne: She made the path for all other female crossers to follow..Tailwind would of been alot lot less pretty without her!

4:KIDA/Lil Pony
Ts Opinion:
KIDA..come on no brainier..KIDA is a world-cup rider all the way..and whether he finds his way back there or he stays here in the US or hell rides around with Miscene hot-shoes KIDA kicks ASS.....
Lil: Pony....All time CX scene kind...a National title..state titles, and he can kick ass on a MTB oh forgot he was a BMXER back in the 80s..and shit the guy can skate too........ holy fuck

Ts Opinion: SIMONSTER is the modern machine...Mikes rides are almost as legendary as his workouts..the Dude won ICEMAN, and is a pretty solid all around rider as well as a  human..

Seamon:....Mike was the Miscene through and through there wasn't nothing he couldn't ride or a person he wouldn't greet with a smile...a huge chunk of the scene went away that summer day..

Ts Opinion:  The Evil-Dude..Foshag is alot like Burke minus a handful of State Titles...Foshag could ride just about anything decent a solid all rounder been racing since 1980 and probably the best friend you never had...

1: Burke..
Ts Opinion: The best all arounder the State has scene since the creepin in on a two kid status he may only get better...

Ts: special pick...
T had soo many others he felt he needed to add in but for now....Dybo..BigRay is way too old and too crusty to be left off this list this quarter...


2:Fun promotions
Ts Opinion: felt like Brent got the short end of the stick..but hey its a vote...Brents events paved the way for others

Ts Opinion:
Uncle Bobby made racing fun in soo many ways..all the way back to early days when he mailed out the results each and every rider to the final Orange crushem hope i aint the only when to miss that old bastard....

Ts: special pick...
The Rhinos and whoever keep the Waterford and Gratten series going....mid week racing rules


2:Lowell 50
Ts Opinion: Kinda surprised this one got the Nod..its run well not over-hyped like most of the Epic gravel thing's going..but its a great race and ran well..
Waterford Hills

1.Waterford hills
Ts Opinion: what actually is a track made for cars..that gives people a place to race..nuff said

Ts: special pick...
Birmingham Crits..the course is a easy to see anywhere bad-ass crit.. and the spectator turnout is full on in effect


2:Detroit Cycling championship
Ts Opinion:Another one T is surprised it made the cut after a first year big deal folks must of loved enough to call it forver..time will tell

Ts Opinion: really..any place were you can race a bike get shit faced and laid is befitting to the helofame in Ts book

Ts: special pick...
The Black-Ace death crit any rainy year...dont call yourself as crit racer until you go down and hang out in the Black-Aces aint Nascar..its Formula One on Cocaine and Pussy


2:Big Miss
Ts Opinion:..Yea Mikes big Miss even hurt T a little...anyone who has ever had one of these knows the feeling...

1:Magic Man
Steve shows up as what i would think as the underdog and then walks away about 15 pounds heavier...

Ts: special pick...
brotherhood recipe...any time you can and even lap the field with your a good day..fuck


Ts didn't see this one coming either...guess people dont like shelling out there hard earned bucks to keep the Ann Arbor trail system up to date...

really...eye for an eye tooth for cheat you get what you deserve...

FUCK YOU TMS GO AWAY...................

2.your a pot stirrer and you should be fucked by Satan

TMS lays it out there and lets humans make up there own...Charlie didnt murder anyone and TMS is all of you fuckers one comments anymore and i like to see that shit

yea did seem alot more fun before TMS pulled the plug that one New Years eve...


Monday, February 19, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

It seems like cyclists in general have fallen into the Ironman mentality. It's easier to pretend to be hardcore on a 100 mile gravel race than a 30 mile gravel race you actually have the fitness to pedal hard during. At the heart of it I don't think there is anything wrong with people finding satisfaction in any time of athletic pursuit or ride, it's just a bit of a disappointment that so few cyclists seem to prize true competition and aren't willing to allow competition rather than monotonous miles to define what is difficult.

is you

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Go on hate me...

Happy new year you miserable fucks

you own the worlds most fuckin poorly handling bike..
watch for it next year at local IBS

There is alot of bad shit going on here
i cant get passed the chick on my lower left
the stripes give her the old 24/7 camel toe..

Ok heres the deal dopplegangers
you can drink with me
but you better be able to keep up..
no one likes someone passing out on them
and Lemmy doesn't have time for part time bloggers ..
make an effort express yourself or die

 first off..what the fuck is on this gals head...
helmets have taken a turn for the nasty lately i thought nothing could top those horrible Brikos ..
but this looks like Lego is now trying to cash in on the bike world...
fucken god awfull..
the bike no water bottle and lock H2O i get it..thelock..
no ones gonna steal that shit while your shaggin in the woods....
on the subject of the bike....
 i hate when they stage shit like this at least put this broad in front of something valued more than 650$ fuck
her only saving grace fuck the dead...
those hips!!!

she looks photo-shopped...
Nice legs...

helmets too big..
bike is dirty as fuck
the seat bag is horrible...
Now the bike...
maybe shes just holding it for her guy friend as he checks out the local KOMS that he can smash...

I like to refer to shit like these from now on as
"calculated chaos"
who ever thought of these covers is a fuckin genius...

fuck me
why do i follow these tumblrs

the base media kit looks pretty nice for 2018
but that skinny kid should never flex not even in jokes
and the wafer thin chap on the left were the hell is his wingman....
he needs to have him or his gal shave the back of his neck..
detail bro details...

I can get behind these....

laces aside...the color defiantly yes...
only with an all black it...

go away......

Fuckin.............................................................old shit