Tuesday, October 25, 2016

what have you done for me lately...

Every now and zen T has these moments were he asks himself Wtf.....

Nine times outta ten its a human moment...
Just the other day T was hangin with a special friend..and outta the blue the name SIMONSTER came up...and wow bam did that grab a thread in Ts worn out faded has been grey matter...and sure as shit it was blown apart with what the fuck...
why..cuz SIMONSTER is one of Ts favorite old school hardman..and human to boot...but like you and the rest of the scene T and and his special friend have there opinions....and shit started to bounce t back and forth...

Special Friend:
The man is a good solid regional racer...who had the potential to be a Matter or Schouten..a Cole House...etc..? ..feel free to select any other name that is still out there slaying dragons.. he aint no slouch..but his rep is now bigger than palmier.....on one hand you take a person that is way under wattaged to most of there competition...but is tactically very smart and knows how to seal it up...the pendulum swings into a good solid bike racers who in the most part is cunning enough to race to his strengths and use there numbers to there advantage...
Take a rider who now has more wattage than they know how to handle..but has a hard time harnessing it..like a connection of sorts..paint the picture... a garage born 74 Pinto with a Boss 429 crammed between its shock towers and 9 inch rear end and big ol wrinkle wall meats out back......once again SIMONSTERS ..a huge plain and simple wattage machine..

i agree on all coasts...SIMONSTER is legend not just for his results..but as of lately mostly to those around him with a name like that who wouldnt...but what actually..is a legend..and how does your legend status become..and..after you have become a so-called legend..do you have to keep posting results of sorts??..or can fly on the carpet of it..

Special Friend;
T your on to something...like a aging Rock Star...Mick Jagger hasnt impressed me lately... but dam i do  love alittle Ruby Tuesday...its not like the man has not posted results...but even then they are now few and far between for a legend of his height...T do you think his results are not the greatest as of late because he is the marked man in the events he's doing.."everyone is waiting for the SIMONSTER to create the selection or make an attack" or Do you think he is just long in the tooth of his ways..his training is lacking certain percent and mentally he is not on....?

well he has proven over the years he is a pure no-nonsense big ol wattage machine..and yes i do believe he has been the marked guy over the years..you would have to be a fools fool not watch him...but honestly there are alot more riders now in the scene that have shown to be solid and more watchable..i guess you could say..
cuz if  he is not in the selection.... normally he will chase..and he aint a small dude.....bike racing is hard i could name on one hand at least 4 guys that are no-where near is strong as most but know how to race a bike..mentally...

Special Friend:
what kind of bike racer do you think the man is,,or could be? With his power and the fact that he has proven over the years he is not the most tacitly gifted cyclist..he is missing the boat..i gotta say if the man wanted to.......

properly prepared and properly fitted this guy would crush TTs and certain road races..hell even some crits for that matter...

Special friend:
But what about his noggin? kinda hard to teach and old creature new tricks right?

yes that would be the hurdle..any ape can do the work..no disrespect to the Simonster....time aint a friendly thing to an athlete..when is the last time you scene a fast 60 year old?

Special Friend:
a mind is a terrible thing to waste...

Monday, October 24, 2016

TAO of T

it might be a good idea right this very minute...this very second...if you aint already have folks

to change your ways,
your way of thinking
your mindset..

it might be the right time if you already havent
to see things in new eyes..
hear things with new ears...and a wrap a fresh brain around your scene general ...

it might be the right time if you havent already
to make the adaption...
make the change...
to create and build a new reason why...
its never too early..and you never can do it too many times..

its might be the right time if you aint already
to break all that you have done..
the stuff you think you created and designed the right way
things that used to work...

now come at it from a different angle..

its cool to reflect and dream...
to know where your going
you have to know where you been..
try not to glance back so often

 it aint going that way

step out of your world
hold your breath
let your hands turn blue
go with numb toes
be solo
find those percents missing
speak more often of relevants
and stay silent of those things the arent
follow the good things and ignore the bad

or not

Friday, October 21, 2016

simonster shoulda rode a xbike that day
Lower Huron 04

1.Vanias takes down the Wisco trio single handily
2.gets called out for ridin smart
3.BRX gets moved back into March...back to hard man status
4.maybe the waterloo folks will get the hint and bump theres forward..say march 1st
5.two days of crossin in Miscene
6.two days of gravel grinding in Miscene
7.fuck it head to the arm-pit of the US for better competition
8.TMS gets its first string of comments cultivating a the most common sense comment in years
9.a year without the bunny is like a year without...
10.you get out what you put in
11.Holy week is comin we could be ridin but you still prayin
12.USA Cycling announces improved 2017 Pro Road Tour
13.local amateurs are hunted down for doping
14. MTBing now secondary to the SIMONSTER..seems veered?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

with aprox less than24 psi

50 shades
going out like that

Holy dog shit! Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy, and you don't look much like a steer to me,

so that kinda narrows it down. Do you suck dicks?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Damage Case

Oh boy...its me that smelly ass old crusty metal fuckhead you cant stand to look at......i was just out ghostin around and happened to see the light on over in the TMS hole the wall and thought what the fuck..id come in snoop around..finger through the files....... kick over the waste can etc...
normally i dont peruse an open lap-top but curiosity got the best of me... boy fuckin shit..TMS is alive well it says...and then click..The White Trash Jetsetter tumblr pop ups..nice..and than another tab..oohh fuck..that dont look good i thought........pre-reg for the two day cross fall fury looks kinda fucked...lookin further into the weekend as a whole i couldn't help throw-a fuck you at the entire Miscne in general....

Some people...just dont fuckin get it...I thought to myself..what if...just what it...those neighbors of mine the Eurofucks decided to run the spring classics again in the fall..all the hard shit..just again...give the boys another shot at it.....seems kinda fuckin stupid doesnt it??..seems kinda like miscene in my opinion..looking over the pre-reg in another tab..just proves my distorted theory right...what is wrong with keeping the fall for cross time..givin its own season and not trying to cram another on top of it..thus watering down each and every event.."oh an open weekend..im sure someone wants to race a bike".......i commend the work these fools put in..dont get me wrong options and choices are as welcome as fully stocked bar...but i seriously dont think the promoters in general  put too much bloody thought into it..I think this time of the year is a busy time for most normal regular like folks with real lives..some have raced all season..done bloody hard weekend swing your cock around group rides..some have even choke..gasp... bred rotten stinkin kids and they too are involved in sports tying up weekends..and others have wicked significant others just dont get it that they have neglected all the the normal shit that shoulda got done over the hot months..now having them kill themselves before that miserable old fuck winter arrives...leaving little time to commit to another weekend of bicycle racing...oh and the money right..everyone has a pile of cash to devote to there egos...seems like a silly simple thing huh? but then again who said the promoters of any type of festivity's are smart..cept maybe the Bloke Rick...maybe Rick has done his homework a little and realized most of the weekend warriors are of that above age group..to think after all these years we are still floggin this dead horse is fuckin gawd dam ridiculous

But whatta i know huh?

Monday, October 17, 2016

I gots to admit in all this excitement T has experience even he hiself has lost track to who is on the list...so jist in case i missed ya...Vanias welcome to the list...youve been there all along but i figured it was a good time to remind the scene..way to ride like a pure bad ass...

a smart man said The MI scene is alive

for once T agrees