Thursday, June 30, 2016

Useless and shitty

The man the myth the legend...Johnny Utah has been droppin some names lately..strong dude..still has not made a ton of friends with his somewhat sarcastic west coast arrogance... but worse his is kit fuckin Ugly...i expect more out of a guy of his caliber.....fuck

This Canadian fuck is rollin the hipster glasses..yea...not a fan..
 Worst kit ever...hands down..  the Wheelman should had the common get this one dialed
what is even more mind blowing is that dude sittin on his about being MI fuckin A!

 Corey is lookin complaints here looks like he got a hair cut recently.. the only kit that can  make that questionable Smith lid look presentable..Its startin to grow on me..

Brother Wayne and crew.......take notes

 Its time The Evil dude give those out dated shades back to eBay..they were cool in there time but fuck...besides there too small for his face and the red helmet aint workin..stay evil my friend and stick  with black...

 This man dont need much in life...

The Bunny made that Wolverine kit looked good..and good thing Osgood kicked the addiction as the Bunny looks on in dismay at his destroyed mainline.. 

Speaking of Wolverines when you have been riding as good as this fuck can wear a jock-strap and mouth gag and still look good

 SJD had some nice style a few years back she may not win many races but she can rock the style fairly reasonable.....still cant figure out tho what she is looking at in this pic

Ok...lets talk about that red helmet back there in the 9 one one  suffocation mode.. aero lids are questionable on my list but one that resembles somethin the Cougar from Tupperware dropped off last week is gawd awfull hideous...

Dennis...just nailed that shit goals

Danilo Di Lucas urine was nick named "angels pee"....                                                             nice

money guns and weed

Monday, June 27, 2016