Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Late nights most of the times are filled with non threatening good ol fashion wholesome entertainment, a full sleeve of chips ahoy s and big ol glass of D ..and T is set. while laying back and and working my brain over the pre-season game.. Once gain the gentlemen like figure I have come know simply as Mike, came before me in the Static like haze of the idiot box. He brought with him one word for the night...Details.. Lawrence.. Details...and then he asked me to give my definition of the word and how and "if" I use it..
Webster 's version : de·tail An individual part or item; a particular...which wasn't too far off my thoughts. I couldn't resist and asked why? Because Lawrence, in life either we are told its all in the details, or simply don't sweat em. Its a balance and when we find that balance as most of us have in other aspects.. it can be a sweet relationship. Mike then went on to say, We are all unique, and we succeed and fall short by our own details, too many will drive a man crazy, not enough will leave him searching for excuses. My ultimate goal, if I could teach the world to sing, would not be for all of us to be clones of choir , but rather a performer in there own image. I said but what does all have to do with my speaking of the 2012 season? Mike simply said: Details will make the difference, anyone can take a picture as we all know, its the ones who can pull the meaning out of it that will succeed... Lawrence..think about it.
And in within the time of the Ronco commercial tried sell me another Ginsu ...he was gone..all he left me with was some thoughts of my upcoming pre-season shake down and whole pile of mystery...

before I get to work on the 2012 details....

Another wise man once told me.."life's beach, is filled with stones and on your journey to self success the detail you may have missed may be under the stone you failed to turn over"


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Got up this morning stumbled into the commode, looked in the mirror and out of the corner of my eye this is what i saw, And I thought DAM another grinder....but just then i got a glimpse of something.. a iny little dot it was moving real was something I experienced a few days back, if you want know.. look elsewhere at another time..but that being put me back into perspective...Before you all go hatin (theres enough of that here already) and assuming this is just more unnecessary filler, fodder and dog farts....take time and stumble through my poor grade school grammar and you might learn a thing or to, or maybe you don't..
I know my drift isn't always easy to understand and sometimes rather redundant.., but I also know some of you get it, just like i know some of you are doing what needs to be done..i can feel it, smell it, Ive seen it and have even tasted it..What is it?
The Initiative putting forth the effort with what time you have here, i don't mean going through the same hardly breaking a sweat lying to yourself motion, i mean making the most of it following through, committing to the process of whatever it is the big man lays on the breakfast table every day you rise to see another. Time is too dam short to fake excuses and fake movements and facial expressions....embrace that shit with new eyes, eyes of those who didn't get the second chance..treat days like the one i thought i was going to have like its the first, last and my Mee Mee once said...cuz you just never know..

get my drift haters?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey fuckers wanna talk about the four F's ...Filler, fodder, fat, and Facebook..? I got all the fuckin time in the day to give my opinion,and desperate fact, while sitting on the shitter i thought about the whole bloody batch..
Filler? you want filler, fat and fodder? its all on the Final F..that's right give me some hate.. I DONT CARE..fuckin Facebook..i get it..Waste more time and Fill the work day up with senseless babble about what your eating how many K's you rolled today, and were your going for the weekend .Stop with relieving the glory days..the Simple fuckin Minds sucked...and Molly Ringworm got fat, and you were never that good..... Its a whole shit sandwich that everyone of your friends gets to take a bite of..speaking of Friends...Fodder half of the people you call friends..Fuckin JHC...Fat yea that's a whole nuther can of worms snoop through everyones mug shots, pictures of what your eatin?. I DONT CARE and im sure to fuckin bloody hell no one else matter how hard you try.. pictures of food only look good in Martha Stewart's over priced magazine, Christ sake.. booze is for drinking not makin artsy photo's of..give everyone a fuckin Iphone and a Instagram ap and walla there photographers..

GAWD DAM and the next time some jack-off ask me if im on Twitter.. im gonna tell em twitter this dick mother fucker..

god save me Haters

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Still Getting up late after missing the basin with your carry over?
Still shoveling the same watered down porridge?
Still kicking the dog on your way to the same under appreciating, over valued, inconsequential drill you call a job?
Still bellying up to the table and lying to the waitress about how good you are?
Still spending more time in the car than on that over priced garment rack that you call a rig?
Still eating the same stew?
Still spilling the same elixir?
Still telling them it will be different this year?
Still knowing that it won't.
Repetitive ignorance and YOU. Is the mirror clean enough now!!!
Good luck liars and enjoy the springtime or your discontent. The numbers sometimes can lie.

Friday, February 17, 2012

TAO of Bruce

Knowledge will give you power, but character respect

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spoken Words

By now its no secret, I creep more than i sleep..but with all that late hr creepin there comes a price. Maybe its the lack of deep slumber, maybe all its the 99 cent Tortoni's pizza, and Townclub i consume..could be too much Dragnet and Remco commercials..I don't know..because there gets a point in Twilight that you just gotta say to yourself WTF T? is this for real, whats going on? and when is all this craziness gonna cease..take for instance a few odd 5 nights back..
After hrs sittin back on the Davenport feet up, dancing through sleep n creep, i had what i thought was a vision...mind you... thought..A figure stoodd before me in the dim light of the Magnavox..It was in a odd shape of an older gentlemen, he was quiet and solemn, and asked if he could sit down for a moment. I tell ya i ain't particularly fond of Bill Murray, and I sure as hell ain't afraid of no ghost ..and no way Ray Parker Jr isn't on my current tempo play list..but this was a tad strange even by T standards.

The Ghost like figure stood before me in true Midwest Jedi fashion, and this is what he said. "T i come before you tonight to ask a favor, Your a person of great knowledge discipline, and i request this one deed. I too have a great knowledge i would like to spread, It cost nothing, there are no commitments, it does not require a call back.. and you do not have to go to Tampa, Tempe or Tuscon to reap the possible benefits. But you must understand there will be doubts and skeptics, and even expressed the word we come to know oh so familiar "HATRED"..and UN like death itself..its not certain . Your grammar is not important.. but more is the way you spread what i will bring forward from time to time. I listen intently..Other thoughts were exchanged in this brief late night encounter. But he soon expressed his need to move on and assured me of a timely return..

Upon his departure. i had to ask ...because im "human"

you can call me Mike

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Wheres your motivation now you Michigan fucks? as expected old mother nature plopped her big greasy arse on the lower half again, and left a foul steamer.. Fuckin spring fingering, and Barely Ruby seems alittle shitty about now..
fuckin rotters

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pardon my soap box before i get to the real reason why im wasting your time. More so often I gotta scratch my head and say whats this world coming too, you got folks doin there grocery shopping in there Jammie's, people missing teeth but still got enough bread for that pimp in 4g network gizmo that they got there face stuck in, and TV has went from, Maude the Jefferson and Dragnet, to the Gator boys, two clowns rollin around buyin other peoples bric brac , and Pawn brokers making a living off being made for TV. and that aint even all the bad stuff our society is up to...Hell i ain't against change its just so overwhelming at times it makes me creep more and more as time goes by.
So that brings me to this BRX thing the Barry Roubaix. All though i don't necessarily agree with everything that cat has got on the docket for March 24th, ill leave that up to others.. but besides that, promoters around the scene should take note how a guy can take a once small event and turn it into this Godzilla like thing in a mere short night time. It has now become what in my opinion what others have tried to do with spring classics like ConeAZ or TOWC, made it the first swingin match of the new season, lets face it aint made for everyone and some will, some wont, some will sand bag and others will race up to just "do it". It may not have the life span of the infamous ICEMAN, and by no means does it hold the "party vibe" but its gettin its fair shake for what its worth.
Just when i thought i figured it out.. i lose the grasp of the ever changing world of ours, one minute you pay your 20$ to go with 700+ for the annual Yankee Springs TT on a rigid Mountain bike to ride 12 miles, and now double that for 3x the amount, to go a month early on bikes with Big skinny wheels that shift by buttons to do a 60+ miles gravel road race.
oh brother..

"It used to be when you bought a man that son of a bitch stayed bought"

Saturday, February 04, 2012


ill speak about this on a later date, but until then be like Joe L and get out there.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012