Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the 2011 plan goes off..

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Its mid week and i still aint fully digested all that got laid down for 2 days here in our
scene over last weekend. I cant by any stretch shout details, like HR, wattage numbers, or lap times. but i can say this if you didn't turn em in anger at least one day this past 2 day, you are probably are on a different "plan".
No one can say you didn't have a choice, lets look at Waterford..whats up with that? cold temps kept alot of the early swingers at home,Some care some don't..but that didn't matter none to the Finkel fellow,It took Detroit Martin and That older Crafty dude to help him wreck the place. a win for the big Miler II , its mid March but a win is a win is a win..right? a plan is a plan.
Barry Ruby..what can you say that hasn't been said, facebooked, videoed, babbled, bantered or gossiped? If you didn't get to this probably dont get it, or its not in your plan, or your from the east side of the scene... Ill I can say is i gotta throw shout out to the dark horses, we all new there were favorites, ringers, winners etc..But dam I love it when sucka's creep. Joe Cocker traded some pounds for watts and made good. ClintV stuck his visor in other people's plans, and rode solid..That Evil Sucker got older, and still was riding on last years plan. SIMONSTER's plan didnt go as expected. The WIZ left a few cogs at home, got revenge on Stephen Andriese. DC did what he does best, The HULK wasn't far back...CBISCUIT was ridin high on his snowform. If you do that ICEMAN thing, this should be in your "plan" for 12
FISKKNOB, dont get it, dont want to, but its a scene it should go as mentioned, T don't Time trial my body type doesn't allow me to get into that twisted like position. My eyes weren't peeled for the results , and from what i can see via the net there still MIA..
that leaves with AAVC#1, crit racing in near freezing temps didn't appeal to Lotta of the early guns, although a little light on Wattage from tired legs, It wasn't short of young talent to keep the suffocation factor at a high, It also gave Timmy another chance to swing his base around, He came AWFULLY close, but the seed of BIG TEX, came around in the end. I can also see the too numerous to mention usual AAVC suspects for Runway braggin rights were rollin around. Forecast for this weekend looks a tad more like it, so we can only wait and see who rises from there winter slumber to show there plan..

Keep it clean T

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 V2

If spring flinging aint yo game and you just cant stomach 34 degree crit racing, Take heed and go where the rest of Miscene is goin, This thing called Barry Roubiax i have no idea who that cat Barry is but people be liking his thing. almost 1000 sceners to date are head in over to what has always been the beginning of there season. Yankee Springs, except, it aint no late April 11 mile Time trial.... its 30+ of gravel roads that will put a test to the best laid plans of the 2011 season. it almost seems like a spring ICEMAN, hell even ICEMAN himself Steve brown is pining one on. HMM?? Maybe they should throw a before party, instead of an after party good way to kick off the 2011 season just my 2 censt..
I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I can even begin to name names that are goin for the few glory spots, but i can tell you this its what i would call a battle of Midwest Scene Titans, staunch roadies, the best all arounders , national level cyclocrossers, poser's, jocks,Sandbaggers, carpetbaggers,MONSTERS, Michigan hard men. old farts. SS, JSF,women, kids, midgets, and a whole mix of what have you.
I equate to Me, Balboa, Creed, Henry..the Hulkster, Spiderman,FOXY BROWN, Batman, Simonster,Bruce Lee, Lance, Tiger, and Arnold. MIKET .in one big grudge match. layin it down swinging, punchin, biting clawin, and rippin......Dam..
Almost too much for me to compute for the first what TMS calls the kick off of 2011. I almost forgot, if you leave some in the tank and legs are still fresh you can hit up the annual and the always CHILLY FISK KNOB TT, or maybe runway plaza in A2..

If you dont any of these this weekend you may need yo head exam ed...It aint no better time to start than now..
Like our Boy JOE-L says
get out and race..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wouldnt be a start of a Michigan season without Spring Flingin, and at least on the east side it starts at Waterford Hills raceway. What can you say about 1hr + of shear earlyness. Season are won for some here and Lost for many. gotta hand it to the Rhino's for keeping it alive with frozen toes, and allowing scener's take em to the line.
It could be a mix bag of what have you weather wise 20 degrees snow and wind, or maybe 50 degrees and wind, rain.. there's something for everyone. a mere smorgasbord of Michigan spring like weather.
if your goin plan on going up against guys that are ready for some good ol fashion spring suffocation. in past we have seen BIGRAY, LIL TONY, long lost Cross, and Essex fools holding the bag.. Goin way back Dudley and crew used to hold court there, but that may be speculative now. Never count out a pack of Wolverines, or even a SIMONSTER attack.
No matter what, Its a start for some, just respect it and treat em. cuz theres more where that came from.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well for some, this may be the last weekend of freedom before the Chaos begins.
Drink it up, light it up and just plain get it out, cuz its coming.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chris Gottwald Races for ActiveWater to End World Thirst

In June, Chris Gottwald of Kalamazoo, MI will embark on an extraordinary journey that will test the utmost limits of his physical endurance, mental resilience and commitment.

As a competitor in the 2011 Race Across America (RAAM), Gottwald will hop on a bicycle and pedal across the length of the American continent, 3,000 miles from Pacific to Atlantic, stopping to sleep only when necessary.

Gottwald has been cycling for 34 years. His career as an aviation inspection pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration provides a flexible schedule, allowing free time for training and spending time with his wife and two daughters. He competed in his first RAAM in 2008 as part of a two-man relay, placing second. In 2009 he was one of two dozen cyclists who attempted the grueling race solo. Gottwald was the top American finisher, coming in fourth overall, and earning the title “Rookie of the Year.”

The toughest endurance event in the world, RAAM offers long-distance cyclists the opportunity to challenge themselves to the height of their abilities. Over 1750 cyclists have completed RAAM since its first edition in 1982. Solo winners complete the course in approximately 9 days. Gottwald will brave the desert, plains and mountain weather, lead a crew in a mini-organization of support, and raise thousands of dollars to end world thirst through ActiveWater, a non-profit organization committed to defeating the spread of infectious disease through dirty water. ActiveWater encourages people to use their athletic abilities to make a difference in the world.

“I love to race, but I don’t compete for myself,” said Gottwald. “I’m confident that I can win any race I’m in, but my drive to win is to help ActiveWater end the world water crisis and change lives.”

To follow Gottwald’s progress in this year’s Race Across America, visit

Friday, March 11, 2011


My momma always said change is good Lawrence, " you have to embrace it with new eyes" and when one door closes many open. So I can relate with the happenings of one of the longest standing respectable groups of Mountain bikers. I may not fully relate with the culture but i can dig it.
Probably one of the strongest supporters of the TMS culture Bells Beer MTB team, will be know known as Quiring Cycles. What a perfect combo. handmade crack, and homespun sceners. Not quite sure what the new account will do to TMS traffic but we'll see. Congrats folks. but sit tight you may have to wait a few extra weeks to fly it, as spring just got put on hold.

be cool see you soon

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Brent Bookwalter possible bmc team leader at 2011 Paris nice

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


They say Speed cost money, its gonna cost even more with my mug on it.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Time we are all driven by it, its the basis of our day, We awake to it , we punch it, monitor it, pass it, kill it, wait for it. make the best of it, and when its said and done it cost us money and we all will die from it.
Is it or is it not the time to speak. I told you six weeks was an appropriate time to come out and show my pretty head and give the nod to old man winter, that its time he can pick his things up and move on. Ok sure there will be days, we all have them, nature is no different, and we sure aint staring at spring sunshine and buds blooming. But its safe to say were almost out of the woods, and i can speak on whats on the horizon in the weeks/months to come.
Ive been dodging buses left and right driven by some sceners as of late because of the lack of what some would call scene focus. AHH, Hell its been winter and just like some of you, its Ok the scene strays to a more free focus during this time.. ya know time to seek the truth get my drift?
Im not gonna bore you with a long drug out toe to toe speech of the season in whole, better yet Ill hit the high spots in the days and weeks to come leading up to the official gun of 2011 season.

Haters are gonna hate.