Sunday, April 29, 2007

Willow toes. and Beyond.

There was this trip to Cedar Point with a friend who, well lets say NEVER trimmed his toe nails and he quickly earned the name Willow toes after the character in the Movie....BUT uh its the not the movie we need to report not or this guy with 3 inch toe nails, Its the first official race of the 2007 MIscene season, not a warmup, or training race, but the first on the docket that counts for many. Lets get rollin...In brief a picture perfect day for those that showed and those that also ran. semi sunny comfortable temps and a slight wind on the back side made for some great TTin. In brief Josh Tarrant continued on with his good form, by winning the 1-2 overall, but good mention should go to Ken Vernier of the newly restructured Essex team for scoring second, you could of threw a hula hoop around the top 5. Hats off to The Saturn of Toledo squad for putting 3 in the top 10. Heck Saturn had many riders 1, or 2 in there groups all morning, same goes for the new South Lyon team, both squads looked chalked full of fresh legs.
Connor Virtue won the 10-12 group with a time that would of made some 1-2 riders nervous. the Giant Killer grew a few inches over the winter and used it to win his group as usual, Chris Brinkman just missed the win in the 17-18 group, Heather Mitchel looked fine winning Masters women
Power Monger Matt Thourout another Saturn Of Toledo rider won Masters 35, the age defient Mark Woliec of the Flyin Rhinos went sub 30, MCG HONCH Joe L showed good early season form in the tough Cat 3 group, but top honors went to his teammate Joey Scharrd, he placed 12th overall that was a great ride! young Gun Tucker Olander was rollin.
another old man Willow down and everyone has got there engines runnin for the weeks to its safe to say the season looks to be on par with the best one yet!

while your waiting for the next one to arrive.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Extended forecast . Tarrantial Downpours.

Thats the way its gonna be if he keeps goin the way he has been, he's young, good lookin, polite, humble and smart. Oh..he can ride a bike pretty fast too! Josh Tarrant has pretty much been on what you can call a roll so far this season. winning the lions share of the early crits and rollin through the college scene as well. He had some good results last year, here and out of state and looks to be doin what it takes keep it alive, with a good solid local team Lathrup industries and teammates like Adams and Docsavage, he's gettin help from some of the best we have to offer. With No disrespect to the 60+ or so other 1-2 riders that will step to the line, in 2 weeks, He is the Miscene pick to win Cone. keep it up Josh your part of the new breed.

1.First race, outcome?
Collegiate "B" RR in Ohio. I got dropped like a rock.

2. what changes have you made this year?
My miles have greatly increased every year as well as the level of intensity my body can handle. It has been really amazing the past 3ys since i started racing.

3. ever plan on doing a any cross races?
I always plan on doing some, but by the end of the season i feel so thrashed, i have a hard time going hard. Maybe this year, they look like a lot of fun.

4.Hottest chick?
Defiantly my girlfriend Tara, she's a great girl and really hot too!! I got pretty lucky

5.what are some of your secret cravings?
I like everything from cookies to pastry to pie. They all great with good coffee.

6. what are your weakness, cycling specific?
I haven't done so well in the Mountains, I think I'm getting a little better every year, but I'll never been a mountain goat.

7. favorite movie?
Last Samurai

8.What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?
I actually hit a deer while mountain biking once at Fort Custer. Ran right out in front of me and I T-Boned him. I was pretty surprised, but not as much as Bambi.

9. what races are looking forward too?
I tend to like the hard once, like Cone, Malliot Juane (sp?), Dexter.

10.big goals this season?
Win as many races as possible, Have a good showing at some NRC and Nationals you use any form of power meter?
Not Yet

12. do you coach yourself or have coach?
I have a coach, I owe everything i have done on the bike to his direction. He has helped me out so much.

13. do you set up a peak for a season?
We try for 2 peaks a season

14. what other intrest do you have or hobbies?
I am learning the guitar in my spare time and i enjoy hunting, hiking, camping shooting firearms.

15. favorite place to ride?
Asheville, NC

16. Long term goals?
Make the next step to race for a living.

17. Last C.D. you bought?
The Killers Newest One

18.any local riders who have influnced you?
Houston Peterson (my coach), Jeff Hamilton, Steve Cox.

19. whats a friday night like in the off season?
Usually hanging out with my girlfriend watchin a movie.

20. girfriend ?
Yeah, Tara, she's the best.
21. big hour traing week ?
22. do you follow a srtict diet?
fairly, i eat pretty smart, just too much sometimes.
23. would you still ride if you didnt race?
Absolutely, I love to ride, but racing is where it's at.
24. tupac, or Biggie smalls?

25 THANKS your one of the best!! and thank those that keep you rollin!!!

Broken Scener

By now most or at least some of know one of our brightest, and fastest and not to mention coolest people to come out of our scene as of late, Brent Bookwalter has had a minor set back with a broken leg, We want you all to reflect on your current state and be thankfull, and quit bitchen that you have problems, because this is what he has to deal with for awhile. Keep Brent and in your thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery.
Miscene is thinking of you.
get well soon...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scene interuption.....The Greatest Rock and Roll band ever..

The Who

first began in 1963. In their early days the band was known as The Detours. Like many of their British peers, the group was heavily influenced by American blues and country music, initially playing mostly rhythm and blues. The Detours changed their name to "The Who" in 1964 and, with the arrival of Keith Moon that year, their line-up was complete. However, for a short period during 1964, under the management of Peter Meaden, they changed their name to The High Numbers, during which time they released "Zoot Suit/I'm The Face", a single designed to appeal to their mostly mod fans. When it failed to chart, the band fired Meaden and quickly reverted to The Who. They became one of the most popular bands among the British mods, a 1960s subculture involving cutting-edge fashions, scooters and music genres such as rhythm and blues, soul, and beat music.

The band crystallised around Townshend as the primary songwriter and creative force (though Entwistle would also make notable songwriting contributions). Townshend was at the centre of the band's tensions, as he strove to write challenging and thoughtful music, while Daltrey preferred energetic and macho material (Daltrey would occasionally refuse to sing a Townshend composition and Townshend would thus sing it himself). Moon, not really a songwriter (although he contributed a handful of songs in the 60s), was a fan of American surf music.

The Who's first hit was the 1965 "I Can't Explain", influenced by the early Kinks hits (with whom they shared American producer Shel Talmy). This hit was followed by "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere", which was the only song credited as being composed in a joint effort by Townshend and Daltrey, though Townshend implied Daltrey assisted in songwriting without credit in the liner notes to Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy. Their debut album My Generation ("The Who Sings My Generation" in the US) was released the same year. The album included such mod anthems as "The Kids Are Alright" and the title track "My Generation", which contained the famous lines "Hope I die before I get old", and "Why don't you all f-f-fade away." Subsequent hits – the 1966 single "I'm a Boy", about a young boy dressed as a young girl, "Happy Jack" about a mentally disturbed young man, and 1967's "Pictures of Lily", a tribute to masturbation, all show Townshend's growing use of stories of sexual tension and teenage angst. More hits followed, including "I Can See for Miles" and "Magic Bus".

Although they had success as a singles band, Townshend had more ambitious goals. He wanted to treat The Who's albums as unified works, rather than collections of unconnected songs. Although Townshend later said that the song "I'm A Boy" was from a projected opus, the first sign of this ambition came in their album A Quick One (1966), which included the storytelling medley "A Quick One While He's Away", which they later referred to as a "mini opera". A Quick One was followed by The Who Sell Out (1967), a concept album which played like an offshore radio station, complete with humorous jingles and commercials, and which also included a mini rock opera, called "Rael" (whose closing theme ended up on "Tommy"), , as well as The Who's biggest USA single, "I Can See for Miles". The Who famously destroyed their equipment onstage at the Monterey Pop Festival that year and subsequently repeated the routine on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour with literally explosive results as Keith Moon detonated his drum kit. These early efforts resulted in Pete Townshend being the subject of the first Rolling Stone interview. Townshend revealed in that interview that he was working on a full-length rock opera. This was Tommy (1969), the first commercially successful rock opera and a major landmark in modern music.

Around this time the spiritual teachings of India's Meher Baba began to influence Townshend's songwriting, an influence that continued for many years. Baba is credited as "Avatar" on the Tommy album. In addition to its commercial success, Tommy also became a critical smash, with Life Magazine saying, "...for sheer power, invention and brilliance of performance, Tommy outstrips anything which has ever come out of a recording studio,"[4] and Melody Maker declaring, "Surely The Who are now the band against which all others are to be judged."

The Who performed much of Tommy at the Woodstock Music and Art Festival later that year. That performance, and the ensuing film, catapulted The Who to superstar status in the USA.

[edit] Leeds to Time Magazine (1970s)

In 1970 The Who released Live at Leeds, which is thought by many to be the best live rock album of all time.[5] Also in 1970, The Who began work on a studio album that was never released. At the Isle of Wight Festival in August, Daltrey introduced "I Don't Even Know Myself" as "off the new album, which we're sort of half-way through". But within a few weeks of that concert Townshend wrote "Pure and Easy", a song which he later described as the "central pivot" of what became an ambitious concept album / performance art project called Lifehouse, distracting him and the band from work on the album in progress.

Lifehouse was never completed in its intended form (although it was reconstructed as a radio play for the BBC in 2000, and most of the material was released on a 6-CD album from Pete Townshend's website shortly after). Meanwhile, in March of 1971, the band began recording the available Lifehouse material with Kit Lambert in New York, and then restarted the sessions with Glyn Johns in April. Selections from the material, along with one unrelated song by Entwistle, were released as a traditional studio album, Who's Next, which became their most successful album among both critics and fans, but which effectively terminated the Lifehouse project. Other Lifehouse songs were released as non-album-track singles and on various albums over the years, such as Odds and Sods and Townshend's solo album Who Came First. Who's Next reached #4 in the USA pop charts and #1 in the UK. Two singles from the album, "Baba O'Riley" and "Won't Get Fooled Again", are often cited as pioneering examples of synthesizer use in rock music; ironically, both tracks' distinctive keyboard sounds were actually generated in real time by a Lowrey organ [1] (though in the case of "Won't Get Fooled Again", the organ's output was processed through the filters of a VCS3 synthesizer). However, synthesizers can be found elsewhere on the album, playing a prominent role in "Bargain", "Going Mobile", and "The Song is Over".

Who's Next was followed by Quadrophenia (1973), a work in the rock opera vein, but which can also be seen as something of an autobiographical or social history piece about early 1960s adolescent life and conflict in London. The story is about a youth named Jimmy, his struggle for self-esteem, his conflicts with his family and others, and his mental illness.[6] His personal story is set against a backdrop of the clashes between Mods and Rockers in the early 1960s in the UK, particularly the riots between the two factions at Brighton.

The band's later albums contained songs of more personal content for Townshend, and he eventually transferred this personal style to his solo albums, as seen on the album Empty Glass. 1975's The Who by Numbers had several introspective songs in this vein, lightened by the crowd-pleasing "Squeeze Box," another hit single. Nevertheless, some rock critics considered By Numbers to have been Townshend's "suicide note."[7] A movie version of Tommy was released that year. It was directed by Ken Russell, starred Roger Daltrey in the title role and earned Pete Townshend an academy award nomination for Best Original Score. In 1976 The Who played a concert at Charlton Athletic Football Ground which was listed for over a decade in the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest concert ever.[4]

In 1978, the band released Who Are You, a move away from epic rock opera and towards a more radio-friendly sound, though it did contain one song from a never-completed rock opera by John Entwistle. The release of the album was overshadowed by the death of Keith Moon in his sleep after a prescription-drug overdose, only a few hours after a party held by Paul McCartney. Two ironies about the last album include the cover, which shows Moon sitting in a chair with the words "not to be taken away," and the song "The Music Must Change", which has no drum track. Kenney Jones, of The Small Faces and The Faces, joined the band as Moon's successor. In 1979, The Who returned to the stage with well-received concerts at the Rainbow Theatre in London, at the Cannes Film Festival in France and at Madison Square Garden in New York City. By the late fall, the band had agreed to undertake a small tour of the United States. Sadly, this tour was marred by tragedy: on December 3, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio, a crush for seats at Riverfront Coliseum before The Who's concert resulted in the deaths of eleven fans. The band was not told of the deaths until after the show because civic authorities feared more crowd control problems would arise if the concert was cancelled. The band members were reportedly devastated by this event. Also in 1979, The Who released a documentary film called The Kids Are Alright and a film version of Quadrophenia, the latter becoming a huge box office hit in the UK and the former capturing many of the band's most scintillating moments on stage over the years. In December, The Who became only the third band, after the Beatles and the Band, to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. The accompanying article, written by Jay Cocks, was overwhelmingly positive with respect to The Who, their members, and their place in rock music, saying that The Who had "outpaced, outlasted, outlived and outclassed" all of their rock band contemporaries.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

This from Tim Finkel

Think about it.

I just wanted to send my sincere endorsement to the Mi Scene. When I was younger I was really involved in the Detroit area Punk/Harcore/Emo-Core Scene. As a youth it did many things for me. One, it allowed me to belong to a positive click and kept me out of trouble. Two, it reminded me that i belonged to something that was bigger than me. Three, it made me proud to know that I was different that the populace and gave me identity.

Perhaps that was all juvenile angst and a way to differentiate myself from others. However, I share the same mentality amongst my involvement in the cycling culture now. I guess this is one of the strong appeals of mine when it comes to riding. So many cyclists complain that it is a sport that is neither respected nor understood in our country. However, most of us would be bitching if it became the latest fad. Thanks for representing our culture and voice and reminding us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. In addition, thanks to all those riders out there who respect each other as riders and individuals no matter what team you are on. We all keep things rolling.


Tim nailed it,in short. Its not about gloating, accomplishments and hype, its about a union, and bunch of people doing what they like.

this is the reason for the miscene.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Moncel At the controls

Jay Moncel.this guy proves that you can be a Factory rep and rep at the same time, Jay is the Regional Trek bicycle rep,long time MTB racer, grew up in northern Michigan, a fast cross racer and gettin faster. a up and coming cat 2 racer and one heck of a asset to our scene, yup i guess you can say he's got it figured out. How many of us can actually say, I LOVE my job and i dont mind goin to work? probably very few...

1.How long have been racing

Since 1995

2. what changes have you seen in the Miscene over the years

Unlike most super old skool racers, I started racing mountain bikes. Then in late 1999 I entered my first road race. After that i mixed it up for about 4 years then went full road with only just a little MTB each year. MTB was getting smaller but really unique with certain riders who stuck around. Road exploded and the next thing I knew michigan was kicking out pros left and right. Today with guys like joe lekovish pumping up our sport with every breath, I’m hoping to see growth in all diciplines, road, MTB, cross and track..

3. first bike?

Department store huffy BMX, real bike haro MTB

4. past sponsors?

Various local shops, Becks Mustard, Bontrager, Aiello Group, Essex Brass

5.what are some of your secret cravings?

Peanut butter, Nutella, sugar and deserts

6. what are your weakness, cycling specific?

TT, sticking to the plan,

7. how many bikes do you own?

Right now 3, cyclo-cross, road and single speed MTB

8.What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?

One time I was traveling to a race with 2 friends. We were supposed to meet at my buddies house and leave from there. I got there early and then brad arrived. When he got there we started loading the car. We were packing the bikes and brad realized he had forgotten his bike.

9. what races are you looking forward too?

Cone Azalia, Ada, Proctor Cycling Classic, Superweek, Downers Groove

10.big goals this season?

Podium anywhere. Help the team win the team points challenge

11.Have you have been injured?

I got injured last summer on a trip to colorado mountain biking with a group of friends. It was prettty cool actually. The first day we did like 4 hours in the saddle. Coming in on a decent I was leading the group. I got a little too hot in a corner and washed out and went OTB. It was a lame crash but I got a stick jabbed into the top of my thigh and had to take a trip to the emergency room. I have a nice scar now for life on my right thigh. That’s about it.

12. do you coach yourself or have coach?

For the most part I would say I coach myself. Ireally need to get a real coach. It’s a weakness of mine to not follow the plan. I think it would be a huge benefit for me if I did. I’m looking at the cycle-smart program with adam myerson for the fall.

13. do you set up a peak for a season?

I like to have good fitness around late may and into june. Every person I know that races hard in the area gets lethargic in july because its so hot and by that time we’ve all got a lot of racing under our legs. It’s a good time to rest and readjust for the last half of the season. After late august I start to taper down of course because I want to get ready for cross.

14. what other intrest do you have or hobbies?

Having other intersts is really important for me. Its helps me balance my cycling because you have to dedicate so much time to it. Music is a biggie for me. I like food and learning about nutrition as well as cooking when I have time. I like travel, film and art.

15. favorite place to ride?

Anywhere in Europe. Arizona – Mt Lemmon. South Carolina – Mt Mitchelle and Pisgah. On weekends riding to dexter and chealse for coffee. Traverse City is also really great for Michigan. Wisconsin is the shit!

16. whats your take on emo?

Don’t know

17. Last C.D. you bought?

Re issue of Monster Magnet’s Spine of God

18. good book or Ipod?

I pod all the way

19. girlfriend ?


20. what does Jay do on friday night?

Recaping the week of work and prepping for the next week so I don’t have to do it on Sunday night. And lately I’ve been having dinner with my girlfriend at fun restaurants in ann arbor..

21. big hour traing week ?


22. do you follow a srtict diet?

This year leading into the season I’ve done a good job with that. When I got back from my european vacation in late jan, I was serious about getting ready for the year. I’ve stuck to it since I’ve been back. I like nutrition and I can get into a rythem if I put my mind to it.

23. would you still ride if you didnt race?

Absolutely, its become a part of my lifestyle

24. Wine or beer?

Wine, but I like beer too.

25 THANKS your one of the best!! and thank those that keep you rollin!!!

Michigan scene is the shit!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the future is uncertain and the end is always near


The beginning (White Stripes and De Stijl albums)

The White Stripes (Megan Martha White, drums, vocals; and Jack White whose birth name is John Anthony Gillis, guitar, piano, lead vocals) were formed in Detroit in 1997 and first performed in public on Bastille Day (see 1997 in music).[4] The duo began receiving more attention after Jack White made the tandem the primary focus of his efforts, after his unceremonious exit from the Detroit garage-rock band The Go in 1999. While Jack and Meg have claimed to be siblings,[5] numerous sources have proven that they are in fact divorced.[6] Jack has described their eponymous debut album (released in 1999), as "...really angry...the most raw, the most powerful, and the most Detroit-sounding record we've made".[7]

Their second release, De Stijl (2000), was named after the De Stijl (the style) Dutch art movement which they cited as a source for the approach to their music and to their image. De Stijl-style art was also used on the album cover. It was recorded on a vintage 8 track player in Jack's living room, although he said he would never use that technique again, as there were many interruptions during the recording.

Rising popularity (White Blood Cells and Elephant albums)

Elephant, the band's 2003 follow-up to White Blood Cells.
Elephant, the band's 2003 follow-up to White Blood Cells.

The White Stripes enjoyed their first significant success during 2001 with the release of their first major label album White Blood Cells (initially released on Sympathy for the Record Industry, the album was re-released on V2 Records in 2002). The stripped-down, garage rock sound drew critical acclaim in the UK, soon spreading to the United States and becoming one of the more acclaimed bands of 2002.[4] In 2002, Q magazine named The White Stripes as one of the "50 Bands to See Before You Die". The Lego-themed video, directed by Michel Gondry for the single "Fell in Love with a Girl" off White Blood Cells, brought them wider attention.

Their follow-up, entitled Elephant, was released on April 1, 2003, again to widespread critical acclaim and even more commercial success becoming The White Stripes' first UK chart-topper and US Top 10 album. It was recorded with Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios, London. During their "50 Years of Rock and Roll" celebration, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it as the 390th best album of all time."Rolling Stones List of the 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made" Elephant was lead by the band's most successful single yet, "Seven Nation Army". It was followed up with a cover of "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself", originally by Burt Bacharach. The album's third single was the successful "The Hardest Button to Button". On February 8, 2004 the album won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, and "Seven Nation Army" won a Grammy for Best Rock Song,

In 2003, Jack and Meg White appeared in Jim Jarmusch's film, Coffee and Cigarettes in a segment entitled "Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil." Later in August of that year, Rolling Stone Magazine included Jack White on a special cover of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" issue at number 17 between Johnny Ramone and John Frusciante.

Released in 2004, Under Blackpool Lights was filmed entirely using 16mm film and was directed by Dick Carruthers. Jack White alerted fans to secrets within the film on his site postings, one of which was sure to be the writing on his arm. Recorded over two nights' shows, this writing says NOXIOUS which changes to OBNOXIOUS at certain points when film from a different night is used. The film features a cover of Dolly Parton's song "Jolene".

Get Behind Me Satan album and other projects

A fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan, was released in North America on June 7, 2005 and has garnered critical acclaim. In that year, Rolling Stone magazine said: "If you happen to be a rock band, and you don't happen to be either of the White Stripes, it so sucks to be you right now."[8] Three singles were released from the album, the first being "Blue Orchid", which was a popular song on satellite radio and occasionally FM stations. White's new spouse appears in the video for the song. The second single was "My Doorbell". The third single, "The Denial Twist", featured a video by Michel Gondry which documented, in typically bizarre White Stripes fashion, the band's week-long appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The album won Best Alternative Music Album at the 2006 Grammy Awards. They were nominated for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "My Doorbell".

The band released a cover version of Tegan and Sara's song "Walking with a Ghost" on iTunes on November 14, 2005. The song was later released on December 7, 2005 as the Walking with a Ghost EP featuring four other live tracks.

On December 1, 2005, the group appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, performing both "The Denial Twist" and "My Doorbell". The White Stripes are one of the few bands to perform on the show (on an earlier show, the group Tenacious D had performed a song after their interview).

The White Stripes postponed the Japanese leg of their world tour after Jack strained his vocal cords. Doctors recommended that Jack not sing or talk for two weeks. He fully recovered and returned to the stage in Auckland, New Zealand to headline the Big Day Out tour.[9]

On May 15, 2006 The Raconteurs fronted by Jack White and Brendan Benson released their debut Broken Boy Soldiers. White has since toured with the band through the rest of the year.

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, "Seven Nation Army" became the unofficial hymn for Italy, the Azzurri. The song was picked up by fans of AS Roma, one of Serie A's best teams. The song was sung to serenade Roma's players on the national team, most notably Francesco Totti. The Italian fans often chanted the song's signature guitar riff.[10] A version of the song featuring comments from Italian sports commentator Fabio Caressa enjoyed airplay on Italian radios and TV shows. Appropriately, the Italian team actually had to play against seven other nations to get the title (Ghana, USA, Czech Republic, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, and France).

Official logo for Aluminium
Official logo for Aluminium

On October 12, 2006, it was announced on the White Stripes official website that there would be an album of avant-garde orchestral recordings consisting of past music written by Jack White called Aluminium. The album was made available for pre-order on November 6, 2006 to great demand from the band's fans, the LP version of the project sold out in a little under a day. The project was conceived by Richard Russell, who is the founder of XL Recordings. Richard Russell co-produced the album with Joby Talbot. It was recorded between August 2005 and February 2006 at Intimate Studios in Wapping, London using an orchestra. The album is available exclusively through the Aluminium website as a numbered limited edition of 3,333 CDs with 999 LP's also produced but now sold out. The download format will not be limited, and will come with an electronic booklet.[11]

On January 12, 2007 it was announced that in the process of reconstruction, V2 Records will no longer release new White Stripes material, leaving the band currently without a label.[12] However, the band's contract with V2 had already expired, and on February 12, 2007, it was confirmed that the band had signed a single album deal with Warner Brothers.[13]

On February 14, 2007 it was confirmed that the band would be playing the 2007 Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Monday, April 16, 2007

when we were young.

Checkpoint the Chaos has begun...

Spring break..yea right, for most college students its beer, babes and bongs, but not for some sceners, its kickin it at early season races, Tarrant, Roberg and few others did some of that this past weekend. Tarrant looks to be on form for a good early season ,and roberg looks to be headin back to his second home in the land of Bart wellens and Sven, (We just had to throw a cross quote in there!) Theres been alot of noise so far this year and its only mid April, Simonster has been rollin tough, PappaT has showed it doesnt always have to be skinny, weight watchers doin the hurtin. Runway plaza saw the Josh Tarrant Lathrup Industris
take it with, 2nd Todd Elenz Zinko
3rd Ray Dabowsky WCS.Saturn Of T town has been hiding so far HHHMMM???..All the teams look to be on form and in new kits and ready to ramp it up come may. We cant wait for the war to begin

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Miscener Simonster, looks to be off to a good start outwest at Sea otter. keep it real!

Elite Men

1 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis 3.26
2 Max Plaxton (Can) Rocky Mountain-Haywood 0.05
3 Seamus Mcgrath (USA) 0.08
4 Jean Christophe Peraud (Fra) Orbea
5 Burry Stander (RSA) Africagt Bicycles 0.09
6 Liam Killeen (GBr) Specialized Factory Racing 0.10
7 Christoph Sauser (Swi) Specialized Factory Racing
8 Ruzafa Ruben (Can) Orbea
9 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelsk (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 0.11
10 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona
11 Todd Wells (USA) Targetraining
12 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona Les Gets Factory Team 0.13
13 Thomas Frischknecht (Swi) Swisspower
14 Ross Schnell (USA) Trek/VW
15 Nino Schurter (Swi) Swiss Power
16 Sam Schultz (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher
17 Adam Craig (USA) Giant 0.14
18 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona
19 Michael Simonson (USA) Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles00: 0.15
20 Sam Jurekovic (USA) U23 National Team

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Verbal jammin with Tony Bruley

Pappa T, Tony Bruley, Anthony Bruley, all mean the same thing, one bike racin lovin Miscener..Last season we did a post about faithfull Mi racers that would be dubbed a good all arounders, we dont mean in just one aspect of cycling, were talkin road,MTB, cross, track, Hell BMX? the MI gammit. I cant recall but I think Pappa T maybe have gotten slighted. Tony is one of our pics for the all arounder, When he's racin he aint sittin in, 99.7% of the time he is guttin it and throwin it down, with a drive like that he can be counted on for some good results, he's won Cadiuex in years past just missed a win at Cone last season, finishes in the top 5 year after year at cross, and kills it in the spring. Tony has a great attitude, and good taste when it comes to life. Tony your the workin class hard man, and this buds for you!

Q.How long have you been racing?
A Started Racing MTB's in 1994 after running cross country at Wayne state and messing around with marathons for a few years, running really does suck. Road racing? I think my first race was the Tour de Michigan in 1995? I am not sure you will have to Check with Dale Hughes he has the registration sheet.

Q what changes have you seen in the Miscene over the years
A When I started we had one of the biggest races on the National Calendar here in Michigan with the Tour de Michigan and as soon as I really got into road racing it went away, now hopefully with races like the Tour de Leelanau, we are slowly began to gain prominence. The scene as you like to call it, seems to be gaining momentum for the better, new races, old ones returning, and new and positive people moving into the sport. I think Guys like Joe Lekovish, the West Coasters, the Cadieux Crew, the Rhino's and the Wolverine's are all making things progress in a positive manner, even Essex Brass ho sted a race last year, hopefully teams will keep up their race promotion obligations. Oh I forgot to mention the Toledo guys as well, they are kinda like an adopted little step brother that lives in the basement, but even they are contributing to the Michigan scene, I can't blame them after all who wants to be part of Ohio, move on in boys there is lots of room.
Q.your known for racing all season long... road, cross and even some paul
bunyans in years past does it helps?
ANo, it really test the patience of the Wife and now the kids are old enough to realize when I am gone. Seriously, I hate to train, I races to coax me off the couch. I would show up for a pogo stick race in January just to race. Paul Bunyan races suck (joking), but I miss them terribly, they were a great way to get me off the coach on a sub-zero day. Cross was fun when we all sucked at it, now these kids are crazy with technic and conditioning, I love it but man it's tougher now, still love getting dirty though. It is amazing to see us up to Silver at Worlds, Awesome! just goes to show how the game has changed.

Q. past sponsors?
A Andre Sottile has been my team's biggest sponsor with Industrial Inspection, he has helped alot with the current Wolverine Elite Team, a real patron of the sport. Jim Kuhn at Suburban helped me and Sammut get the Suburban/ Wolverine thing going. Antoon Huyghe has been a great friend than sponsor. Ron Schmid and the guys at Fraser helped the last couple of years. I have been a club racer my whole life, Cadieux B.C, GS Blaukamp, and the Wolverines. I guess I feel better giving and sponsoring than taking, but it is a nice feeling when someone cuts ya deal, especially if you can offer that deal to a Kid who doesn't have two nickles to rub together.

Q.what are some of your secret cravings?
AGee, I guess it would be Beer, the darker the better, Rochester Mills Chocolate Malt Stout, well actually that is not a secret everyone I know, knows I love a good quality beer.

Q. what are your weakness, cycling specific?
A I guess sprinting, but when everybody is totally nackered I can kinda sprint on the track good enough to overcome some weary dogs. I guess climbing too, seeing that I am in the clydesdale range now, but I do have a KOM jersey in my closest from the year I won at Enchanted Mountain Stage race, I think I may have been a wee bit lighter back then.

Q how many bikes do you own?
A About 9, maybe in pieces 11 or 12, but I am way too busy to put stuff back together after I have taken it apart.

Q .What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?
A Funny for me? or Funny for everybody else? I guess trying to catch John Sammut when his chain broke on the track, in retrospect it was pretty funny, seeing a big dumby (myself) trying to catch a guys coming into the infield hot with a broken chain, I think is pretty funny now, at the time Sammut was pissed that I would try to catch him. For the Crowd in the stands, but gusting, I love that slap stick stuff, groin shots on American Funniest Home Video are me and kids favorite.
Q . what races are looking forward too?
A Those ones in Aruba between me a a couple bikini wearing tri-athaletes, those are my favorite, I think I have beaten the Aruban national champ like twice now. I am the man. Seriously, I rule Aruba. No really, I like flat, sloppy, windy races like Cone, I am french so I am a rouleur/ pursuit kinda dude.

Q .Best race win or lose?
A I guess it would be Kensington, I like that course, its tough though, I like that win because I was a little hung over at the start of the race, thought I was going to hurl, but then I was able to counter Sheedy's little dig up the hill, and they kinda let me go. It was early in the race so I kinda TTed for about 35 miles. I like last years National points race qualifier, I was trying to help Lukey (Cavender) win but with Luke Winger and Kirk Albers were there, we had to really counter eve rything they threw at us. So after Lukey covered a bunch of attacks I just countered and got a lap, it was game over when I got two, I love tricking dudes on the track, especially when its a high caliber kid like Winger or Albers. Loses, well I don't have to tell anybody about how many 2nds I have to my name, they all hurt, lets not talk about them.

Q .Have you have been injured?
A Took a stem in the chest, in a stupid training crash, ripped the tip of my sternum from the bone, nothing broke but I couldn't get out of the fetal position for about 4 days, missed work, what was really painful was the splintered Lemond frame, I still cry over that bike.

Q . do you coach yourself or have coach?
A I kinda coach my self, my philosophy, I only get to train about 1 or 2 times a week, maybe three times a week in the summer, so when I get to ride...I ride hard and fast. Rest a couple of days then show up at a race. I really get into shape once the track opens it forces me to ride a couple of extra days a week. That it, ride when I can, race when ever the wife allows. So in a way, I guess my wife is my coach, as she is the one who tells me when I can or cannot ride and she doesn't Charge nearly as much as Carmicheal

Q. do you set up a peak for a season?
A I guess I due to my aforemention training regime, I am normally good to go by late June or July, just in time for Dale Hughes to invite some ringers to the track. I don't lke to look like a fool on the track, but it has been known to happen.

Q . what other intrest do you have or hobbies?
A Lets see, is Beer a hobby?

Q. favorite place to ride?
A The Mike Walden velodrome at Bloomer Park has it all, its named after my cycling hero, is run by my favorite cycling family, and all my buddies show up there. What else can you ask for? Sometimes its just me and a couple of local kids messing around other times dudes like Frankie Andreu, or Curtis Gunn show up and throwdown. Did I mention its only about 1 mile from my favorite Brewery.

Q . Married, kids?, if so how do you fit in all the training and racing?
A Married for 11 years, to my college sweetheart, Dawn. Two great kids, Lizzy 7 and Lil' Anthony 5.

Q. favorite bike ever!
A I guess it would be my, Orbea Track bike, tall bottom bracket, stiff, low Q factor perfect for out velodrome and it was pretty, Euskatel orange.

Q. subscribe to any magazines, if so which?
A Duh! Cyclosport!! It's the true cycleporn! gotta have it, its has the best cycling photog in the World Graham Miller, who I met once at the world championship. Its a Bruley household bathroom staple.

Q whats Bruley vaction like?
A Chaos! Me and my wife are so busy with work we always default to Aruba, she can read in the shade and I can sneak off biking in the morning or midday sometimes. My buddy Gert Van Vleit has a really cool bike shop in Santa Cruz, rents me a nice bike for either mountain or road riding, the local Dutch Tri-athaletes put up a good fight but I can always beat them in a sprint, come to think of it, its probably the only place in the world where I can win a sprint. And again they have their own local beer, Balashi delivered fresh daily, don't drink the Heiniken though it bakes in sea containers for weeks, horse pee most of the time, but the Dut ch Marines are too stupid to know any better, Dutch Marines tough dudes but they can't sprint. I think there moto is to Serve and Protect Aruba and make Tourist Feel like they can sprint.

Q. degree or job title ?
A Was a Industrial Pipefitter for 13 years, now I am a full time student. I finally getting my degree in May, then it's back to graduate school to get my Masters and teaching certificate in special education. I love working with Kids, so thats what my next job is going to be.

Q. big hour training week ?
A Now, maybe 10 hours, with 6 hours of racing maybe in July or during the Detroit Six day.

Q . do you follow a srtict diet?
A No, but this time of year when I am not riding I do have to watch my intake. No beer, until I am racing steady.

Q . would you still ride if you didnt race?
A Not really, I ride to race. I will ride with my Kids though if thats what they chose to do.

Q . Taco bell or subway?
A Taco bell, Grilled Stuffed Burrito and a seven Layer, with a Diet Mountain Dew to go, this a sure fire gut bomb so make sure that you are near a bathroom about an hour later. Gotta have though.

25 THANKS your one of the best!! and thank those that keep you rollin!!! TuckedandTruckin is the Cyclosport of the Michigan Bike scene, cool retro images of my Punk rock high school and college days, TuckedandTruckin kinda sums up my cycling moto, yeah thats it.
26 Question you didn't ask. Why do they call me Papa Tony? That is all Jake Rytlewski, he worked as a busboy a Papa Tony's in Saginaw I believe? During the tour of Ohio, him, Mark Hekman and Matt Bonin thought I was acting too much like a dad, telling them when to get up, when to pack, telling them to pick up after themselves, Jake the little smart ass started calling me Papa Tony behind my back, Hekman started calling me Papa T. It pissed me off at the time but it has kinda grown on me, so you can thank Jakester for that one. I really admire what Jake has done with his career, super hard working rider and never affraid to ride his ass off for his team.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Journeys and Migrations

The Amboy Dukes

Ted Nugent, then 17, formed the band when he moved to Chicago in the 60's. Nugent had heard of a Detroit Rolling Stones cover band called Amboy Dukes that had just broken up, and took the name for his new band. The The Detroit Amboy Dukes had actually themselves stolen the name from a Brooklyn street gang of the same name (see Louis Buchalter). A book called The Amboy Dukes about teen-ager gang lifestyle was published in the 1940s. Written by Irving Shulman, it was circulated widely in mass market paperback and considered "hot stuff" in that more innocent time. It was filmed in 1949 as "The City Across The River," starring a young Tony Curtis. In interviews Ted Nugent said he has been given the book on many occasions but still hasn't gotten around to reading it.[1]

The Amboy Dukes released a number of albums with Mainstream Records. Having run their course with Mainstream Records, they signed with Polydor Records around 1970. At this time Amboy Dukes song titles would display such period flavor as "Why Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange" and "The Inexhaustible Quest for the Cosmic Cabbage"; the latter number was a multi-part epic that incorporated both Béla Bartók and The Beach Boys.

The band quickly grew tired of Polydor Records and signed with Frank Zappa's DisCreet (Warner Brothers) label. They released two more albums and then broke up.

While the other Amboy Dukes receded into obscurity, Nugent, as the "Motor City Madman", became a very successful and quite visible solo musician, hunter, and political controversialist.

The disparity in career outcomes has led to differing recollections among the former Dukes about what happened during the band's lifetime. Nugent claims to have been the leader of the band, and at times the "babysitter" for the rest of the band, and that when he took a few months off the band fell apart. And despite the apparent drug references of many of their songs, Nugent fervently denies significant drug use.

The other members of the band, such as Steve Farmer, viewed the band differently. They say guitarist Farmer and singer Drake were the main songwriters and the de facto leaders of the Amboy Dukes; Nugent was not the "leadman". In an interview , Farmer deprecated Nugent's creative role in the Amboy Dukes, and mentioned some rather embarrassing personal details about Nugent. From Farmer's point of view, Nugent was the one who needed babysitting - he was a spoiled brat and none too intelligent. Farmer did emphasize that Nugent was the only member not involved in drug activity and promiscuous sex with groupies, so on that matter everyone is in agreement.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Girl interupted

RACHEL STEELE.. If your not a huge cross fan or from the toledo area she is probably not on your radar, she's quiet, cute, and funny, and likes to live semi fast, just like her riding, she showed alot of promise here in our scene with a number of great rides last season at the Tailwind Cross series, she is something our scene doesnt have enough of, women racing and treating the men, she would often start with the competitve masters field just because she was beatin up on the women elite race so bad, in the process she made a number of 35+ men look twice as she rode through the field. With a bit more fine tuning she could do the same thing on road and as well National cross races, heres a quick look inside the one formerly known as part of the girls interupted. from now we call her just STEELE

Q .How long have you been racing
A 4 years
Q. first race?
A Perrysburg Criterium - back when it was put on by Tym Tyler in downtown Perrysburg
Q . Favorite bike ever?
A It's a three way tie. My first bike ever-a 20inch "Columbia," Principia RS6 (which I regretably sold) and my current 'cross steed, a custom Eriksen ti
Q . Music preference?
A I'm definitely of all over the board on that one.
Q .what are some of your secret cravings?
A Anyone who has been around me for more than two hours knows my biggest craving - icecream. So, I guess it's not really a secret. Hmmm...I like maple candy a whole lot.
Q . what are your weakness, cycling specific?
A Time trialing and descending off-road.
Q . how many bikes do you own?
A that I ride and one that hangs on my porch
Q .What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?
Flipping over my handlebars pretty much every time I attempt to learn how to bunny hop anything bigger than a stick.
A . what races are looking forward too?
The muddy ones come fall
Q .big goals this season?
A My goal is always to have fun and not to take anything too seriously.
Q .Have you have been injured?
A I've spent my whole life accumulating scars. I've never been seriously injured.
Q. job and or degree?
A I have both.
Q. favorite beer?
A Do I have to pick just one? I'm a big IPA fan, but I love Belgians and nothing beats a pale ale in the summertime.
Q . what other intrest do you have or hobbies?
A I love finding treasures at estate sales and thrift shops. I like to cook and bake too.
Q. favorite place to ride?
Lexington, KY
A. Favorite place to hang with friends?
The neighborhood bar
Q. Last C.D. you bought?
A I just picked up De La Soul is Dead and The Originals by Serge Gainsbourg.
Q. good book or Ipod or atari?
A I can appreciate all three, but I'd prefer a good book. Boomshakalaka. Sorry, I had to throw that in with the thought of Atari.
Q. whats your Avg friday night?
A Unwind. Shower. Dinner and drinks with friends.
Q. Love intrest ?
A I'm interested in love.
Q. big hour training week ?
A Depends on the time of year, usually no more than 15.
Q . do you follow a srtict diet?
A Some would say. I don't eat mammals for starters.
Q . would you still ride if you didnt race?
A . chocalte or bread, beer or wine?
Chocolate and beer.
thanks for your time!!! and good luck