Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Light Years

Yea, Yea I know its light years for some, and many probably wont be pedaling with any substance by then but its worth words. ICEMAN's pro class has officaily went legit. Pony up Norba dough as well as the hefty start grip and its gonna make some second guess which class they get there ya ya's out in.

Haters are gonna Hate.

stay hungry people ICEMAN isn't close but spring is

see you soon.


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Turning 50 is a big deal. But what do you get the punk icon who's done everything? The decades have made hometown hero Henry Rollins more than the sum of his many tattoos: Years after fronting the legendary band Black Flag, he's published a slew of books, hit the big screen in more than 15 films and, most recently, turned into a TV personality — appearing in the "National Geographic Explorer" special "Born to Rage" this past December and in a "Snake Underworld" episode of "Nat Geo Wild" set to air early this year.

"All of these things allow me to be this jagged, schizophrenic mosaic that I am," he says.

And on Sunday, Rollins will get a special birthday wish: celebrating his 50th before an audience at National Geographic Live!, "waxing psychotic" about adventures past and future.

Ahead of his appearance Sunday, Express pressed Rollins about his long and varied career.

20110210-henryrollin-250.jpgThe Punk Rocker
After a very short tenure with D.C. punk act State of Alert, Rollins moved in 1981 from D.C. to Los Angeles, where he joined hardcore band Black Flag as the group's new front man. Over five years and countless perilous live shows, he developed a reputation as a brutally blunt lyricist and aggressive performer, prowling the stage in nothing but a pair of loose black shorts that accentuated his muscular physique and extensive tattoos.

Today, Rollins has all but retired from music. "I don't even think about it anymore," he says. "If we can say that music is a bell, I rang it really hard, very frequently, and with a great sense of urgency — to the point of breaking it. But I didn't ring it with any great deal of distinction or finesse. So, there's really nothing more for me to do in music but be a hackneyed character."

The Actor
In the 1990s, Rollins landed bit parts in a string of high-profile films, including Michael Mann's "Heat," David Lynch's "Lost Highway" and, for some reason, the Michael Keaton kiddie flick "Jack Frost." In recent years, Rollins has won meatier roles on television, including a stint as an incredibly threatening neo-Nazi on FX's "Sons of Anarchy."

"It's pretty obvious that I'm not a neo-Nazi, but I am when I'm on that show," he says. "It's an interesting intellectual process to deal with, because the only way to put that part over is to really believe in it at that moment."

The Writer
Rollins founded his 2.13.61 publishing imprint in 1984 to put his journals and spoken-word performances in book form. His prose — including the gut-wrenchingly beautiful "See a Grown Man Cry/Now Watch Him Die," which dealt with the murder of his best friend in 1991 — is as bare and provocative as his music.
More recently, Rollins has gone the journalist route, penning a current events column for Vanity Fair and covering music for L.A. Weekly.

"That allows me to do what a lot of people do in this country: Be a pundit," Rollins says with a laugh. "I supply useless content to the already overburdened Internet. I don't care if it needs more or not — I'm giving it more."

The World Traveler
After gloriously misspending his youth in a smelly tour van, Rollins has a deep-seated aversion to gathering moss. "That's what I do with my hard-earned money: I buy plane tickets and I go," he says. "I force myself to go into these environments that are either semi-threatening or relatively untraveled. I know it's going to be interesting and I'm going to learn something."

A recent trip took him to Pyongyang, North Korea — a vacation that was treacherous but revelatory. "I wondered if I knew more about North Korea than the tour guide, because he can't read anything critical of the country," he says. "With no hint of irony, these guys tell you how great Kim Il Sun was and how great Kim Jong Il is."

One of Rollins' favorite destinations remains Africa, which he visits every chance he gets. "Once you connect with that continent — and I've been pretty far and wide — it gets in your blood. When I come back from Africa, I go into withdrawals. I miss it so badly."

Rollins has also spent some time doing color commentary for a blog that dedicates itself to Michigan cycling and the alternative culture of its authors.
"this outlet lets me give a little back to the grass roots of my followers, not to mention i enjoy the time away from my normal everyday life"

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Holy Crap, Has it been 9 months already? Cross season is here. NAAA!! Its just the sounds of chaos that drug me from my "other" gig.Maybe I can stop by from time to time just to make sure TMS doesn't get soft? But from the smell of the pot that got stirred over at the Finkelstien residence that wont be necessary.So since im here i may as well let you know whats been on my mind. Im not gonna go into his house, I have this strong belief i never go where have not been invited.
So what do i have to say that's irrelevant to TMS? I have been thinking out of my box lately. I also have been thinking about alot of you as well, and I think i know you. I think maybe its time we create some stories. You know something we can talk about at the water cooler, or at the coffee shop or to the kids in the classroom or that fuck at the car wash.
What do i mean? do something different this year, create and try new things in your world. could be bike related could be not... The stories of TOSRA, in 87, the old group ride and so and so of 95, Ragbri, back in 98 are dated. The 02 Tailwind Time trail series is long gone. Poto needs a rest. And lord knows you can only shave of mere Milli seconds of Island before father time takes more from you. Try a new race/trail, maybe Mountain bike if your a roadie. Go find a new group ride once this year, no one says you have to go every weekend. Ride somewhere different. it isnt gonna kill your plan. How about a new riding partner, dont feel like you have to slap butts with this person or ride hundo's every weekend maybe once or twice is nice. Dam change that god awful thousand yard stare to smile its ok to talk about shit other than who's doping and who is wearing what.
No one says you cant tell stories about your past life, but life is too short to sound like a broken record, problem is most of us just get stuck in a rut and say fuck it. theirs alot of good shit out there to be done other than make excuses, play games and make silly comments and smug looks on Facebook, tout numbers, brag about how it used to be. Give that same disgruntled bastard on his way from the office, something different to take his anger out on instead of the side of your head.

making new stories...
just a thought...

Regards Henry.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Man Who Saved TMS.

Seems like Bold statement right? How did this guy save TMS, is it dead? dying or barely producing a pulse? Why Him? Why would we hang that title on this guy, hell on some sites his good name could get drug through the dirt faster than you could say Pee Wee. Mention TMS to some people and you may get your jaw jacked. Now were gonna hang this guy with the credit of bailing TMS out of mid winter slump? Yes, But he didn't do it just now with this interview. Scott Kroske does it all season. How? Is it because of all his wins? How he is able to ride people off his wheel at a given moment? puts out huge wattage numbers? Maybe because he is so dam good looking, and is able to drink anyone under the table? How about all the hot woman that seem to flock to him at any group ride? could be? How about all the pictures he takes, makes no monetary gains, never complains or crys JPEG fraud, he is easy going, has the best sense of humor,smiles and carries no thousand yard stare attitude. Scott helps TMS out in an immense way, whether he is a friend, acquaintance and a father or a punching bag for that matter. We would have to say he earns TMS's first inductee into our New found Hall Of fame. On behalf of all us at TMS, Thanks Scott for all you do for us, You have tons of our respect it wouldn't be the same without you.

1. Detroit = Dee-saster. (No reason we shouldn’t be a world class city like Chicago.)
2. Finkel = Let's see your mileage after Ang shoots out a kid.
3. spring training = Repent for Haagen Dazs.
4. beer = Mmmm.
5. club rides = Relax and enjoy the grunting.
6. the month of May = Feeling gay (pre-1971 definition) in…
7. willow TT = First true test. No hiding.
8. cat 4's = Road rash on my fat ash.
9. cat 3's = Less rash on my ash.
10 cat 1/2's = Dropped…
11. mountain bikes = Smell of pine, the feel of dirt.
12. chicks = They all dig me.
13. Pabst blue ribbon = My dad (and Lucky Strikes).
14. fix gear = Men only.
15. mr t = Gettin’ old.
16. day = Kids.
17. night = Angry kids.
18. facebook = Only a matter of time before it’s used against us.
19. SIMONSTER = Driven.
20. Herriman = Honorable.
21. tits = Yes please.
22. guns = Safety first.
23. drugs = No please.
24. money = Never made me happy with it, makes me sad without it.
25. cyclocross = Want it.
26. time = Accelerates away.
27. cotton candy = Like my ex, can never get the sticky residue off my hands.
28. burger king = Calories and creepy commercials.
29. hangovers = Overrated.
30. rust = Oh Lee Um.
31. lance Armstrong = I got nothin’.
32. buzz light year = Spanish version made me pee.
33. woodie = in my pants.
34. stitches = in my pants, ouch.
35. erie st = Flat and Fast, like Moncel likes his women.
36. Bissell = Nothing but respect.
37. Essex brass = Good guys. Not a douche in the bunch (and that’s saying something).
38. the past = forget it.
39. the future = embrace it.
40. right now = live it.

If you see Scott, just say Thanks.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

sold out

Dam Fools dont know how this cat does it, That Shit sold out in 15 minutes. those crazy mtb'ers sure like there pain to last a long time and they are willing to pay top dollar for it. Got T's head spinin, and wondering what he is missin.