Saturday, April 30, 2016

There is soo much good DIO shit going on here..every thing from the dry ice to the cardboard swords the high stepping of Dio himself 

 the slain warriors fire in the back ground... holy fucking shiet...

If you're going to do something wrong, do it big, because the punishment is the same either way.
Mary T

Friday, April 29, 2016


1. roadbikes on dirt
2.phart bikes on pavement
5.four way stops
6.before the internet
12.helmets with no holes
13.single speeds media


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Isn’t it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailleur? 

 And the 39 Was Clean as a Whistle

Helen Levitt, New York, c.1939
mean while

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Unofficial fully unrealistic unreasonable unreleased 2016 road schedule

Waterloo grit and Gravel:
suddenly we have true spring classics now...medals to everyone because we all are winners no matter what USAC sez..Its the future embrace it.

Melting Man:
a hiddin jewel just waiting to be tapped in... hardman$$ points by doubling this up with the above..

Waterford Spring training series (1 race counts towards the overall):
first official  pull your manhood and swing your dick chase everything that moves showdown. A great three race series with only event counting towards the Miscene all somethin point series, individual 3 race overall winner will get an over the pants hand job from someone

The Lowell 50:
stop number two on the quest for high fives broken bike shit and the quest for power and glory. do this event if you skipped Waterloo and have any chance in holy hell to podium at big Rickys green machine

Barry Roubaix:
here it is The shining star at the end of holy week and now the official kick off to the Miscene season
no points awared here Rick dropped the prize money for the overall winners and filled it in with an extra life insurance policy for next years event

The Cone Azalia Roubaix:
The OG of gravel groveling Cat 1/2/3 masters only..point to point through every dumpy little gummo town in the lowest county of the state. if you love gravel, potholes rednecks named Thad and pig shit dont miss this one

The Willow Time trial:
stop number one of the series within a series The Willow TT not another better way to gauge what your folks stuck you with at the point of conception/

The AAVC spring training series  (1 race counts towards the overall):
The crown jewel for spring flingers gets bumperd into May and with the demise of other numerous races this one is a savor for early peakers. count one towards the overall..the rest braggin rights

The Westbranch classic Proloug:
yep thats right start at the old last corner and race to the old first turn Phartbikes, TT rigs its all fair game..The Westbranch classic Road Race ( new course point to point 120 K pro 1/2 all others 60K): 120 K starts In Westbranch and ends in the wild turkey capital of Michigan, The ^0 gets the same finish but a much faster route...dont leave Fairview without getting one of those neat Hot pink wild Turkey G-strings at the local beer garden!

Cherry roubaix prologue/The Cherry roubaix road race:3.5 miles in the AM...before a 60K road race up the hilliest roads in the north. not too long to get boring over the same old fight for wheels Michigan road race bull shit..

The Ausable valley team Time trial  25K++ (double points): 2-4-6 person teams
M-33 to the Mckinley bar..smooth fast and rolls sweeter than Timmy H.get there and get blitzed with the rest of drunken flat landers

Mid season break
go spend some time taking care of all the shit you neglect

the Sylvania cycling classic ***:
dont be scared of this one..dont die wondering...rise above and give this race the support it deserves...

The Four Corners twilight criteruim Ann Arbor***:
easy to understand and hard as shit to find parking..but lotsa a places to get grub and liquor when its all done..

The Capital City twilight classic***:
Just like last year..but reverse course with a pay to match the size of the turnout

The Jackson downtown throw down***:
think back if you have been around long enough this downtown crit with its minimal shitty bumpy corners is false flat one way and down hill the next..but this time around its 35 min all fields with a miss in out to make things dam fast from the line!

The Hines Drive 20K++:
one turn around easy for even those most mathematically challenged humans to grasp..

The Stoney Creek time trial ++:
One lap around..any rig worthy just watch out for uptight Rochesterites in Beemers

The AAVC low T summer crit ominium  (invitation only):
Industrial park racing returns to the scene mid summer 4 races is one sunny afternoon..a panel of judgementel pricks will sift through the worthy ones to come do battle all cats in one big sweat blue vien throbbing class..... 1 lap TT, a win and a out... miss and out then finish it off with a
 1.5 crit lapped riders pulled big winner gets a S-works bike courtesy of our Michigan sales rep

Another One Last Downtown Twilight crit ***
 (site yet to be determined): somewhere in the GR area...probably Gaslight but reverse..think how much fucking fun the last turn will be used as the first at mach III.....come on you wanna keep racing right...need to have that fitness for the absurd cross schedule coming

Labor Day 3 day
end the summer the right way fucking dead tired and broke 8am Saturday Kensington short course circuit race,  1.5 hrs all levels..Erie st because its worth it...and the labor day classic ( new venue)

***/++ denotes series top five will receive something of decent value, in a timely manner
entry fees same for all events and payout suitable

$$ hardman primes in all crits count towards somethin of decent value

somethin for everyone...keep Michigan working some money driving all over the place!

come on dream alittle...
dont cost nothing...

Ya know what Im thinkin dont cha? 
Im thinking you should stop by later today and check out the first in a four part series of the unrealistic world of the Michiganscene

Saturday, April 23, 2016

 drink some of that 5 hour energy shit, you pussy