Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Surprise Surprise Surprise, the weekend in brief

As old Gomer would put it the Scene is never short of surprises, There was a whole lotta racin goin on by our sceners, whether here at home base or at a far Misceners were keepin em honest..
first on the docket FRANKENMUTH home luke warm chicken dinners ,cheap xmas ornaments and outta towners, and now a bike race?..yup lets make it a tradition and start the races a tad later in the a.m. for those comin from across this grey land. as expected Jake the Snake did the trick to the wrest that wrestled with mutha nature and bagged a win near home turf. the fields were thin to start and when the temps dropped and the drops fell, well so did the riders, Pappa T atacked from the gun and took 3 with him in the 35+ cat, after drivin it for many miles he released one on the 3 others and rode in solo with a surprise attendee Mike the REV wissink for 3rd, HEY its nowhere near cross time is it??
monday brought the crit guys and the sunny weather to Grand Rapids, for the Gaslight crit, great venue, kwick registration and awesome turnout in classes. not mention the format allowed many riders to do doubles and some like RAY D do a triple, what did he have like 3 1/2 hrs of crit racin in him, I heard he couldnt drive home, he kept driving around the parking lot to the left. No matter he made $ in every cat.....Mackenzie Woodring continued on with Cat123 women dominance, as did the always Tough Chris Brinkman of saturn/shell, he didnt get easy as the Giant killer was in there to keep him from slackin, Cat3 had the option beat on the 4's or play there cards in the 1-2 field, (why did the promoter do this?) The ones that raced up got treated to cat1-2 crit racing at its finest, the Field was missing a select few, but still had share wheels. Through all the Lathrup boys, Priority riders, WCMR, and some outta towners and you got a 60+ rider field, The race was littered with small attacks to snag wine glasses, $20 bills by Lathrup priority, but nothing stuck, in the end Old school mtb'ers took the top 4 spots, and and the top 5 were all from competing teams, former Sobe headshock rider Tod Shoberg snagged the win for WMCR, Derek Grahm 2nd, Brian The Eagel Adams 3rd and Saturn/Shells Rob Foshag blew in for 4th.
the last couple of crits we have seen some surprise sprinters comin through at the end Grahm, who has been gettin quicker, Foshag as well with good placings last week, and Terry Palmer, he placed 5th here, won masters 35+, and had a couple of top 5 's at TOKV. its a nice change to see new faces near the front. Jim Bruce showed his age and trounced the 45 set
and what about those cat3er's that raced up?. Warbasse, Jamie Parker And Matt Prygowski all finished in the top 15.
Thanks Gaslight and Grand rapids for a GREAT race!!!
On the guys that ventured out of State. Those Sceners that went south to Edgar Soto, were hanging tough all weekend Jeff Koch, Tom Burke, And John Doyle all were ridin well, Jon Card was mixin it up out in Iowa, with placings that should put him in the money. Josh tarrant continued on his fast ways winning the popular GREAT RACE.
Things are gonna get intresting as the season goes on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Its here and gone,
By far the best kensington race scince its birthing back in the late 90's hats off to Joe and the Sun Lyon crew. The weekend was a blast and we heard nothing but good comments from all those that ran. The weekend started with TT times dropping asthe faster groups took to the start chute, If you were sub 5:20 you were haulin, Greg Christian started were he left off 2 weeks a ago with the fastest time besting Grahm Howard, and the Cyborg, Steve Clark. Other impressive and some surprise times were posted . the all arounders Tom Burke and Jon the ACE Card, Tom Archer seems to be getting some form with strong finish, Rob Foshag squeeked in with sub 5/20, as did Rob Iser. Matt the Diesel thourout killed the masters field again. Ms woodring did it to the womens field upsetting super Tuff Kacey Manderfield, and her teammate Theresa CliffRyan, Matt Prygowski unseated Joe Schraad for the cat 3 overall The Crit was nothing less than fast for all the fields, Crash 4 field eeeer Cat4 saw Venom riders on the ground and kept the meat wagon on its toes.. The Saturn/shell Brinkman boy did it to the under age field, as did his teammate Steve Mcgregor in the masters 35+ he rode off the front and was never to be seen again, The meat of weekend was the Display of why the priority posse is a national caliber team. After The eldest Howard bros took the jersey from the TT winner WMCR Greg christain, they set the tone for a controlled Crit and road race, that was nothing but text book tatics. The Crit began to take its toll on those not ready for what the PH boys were goin to dictate, going 2 at a time until the last lap when they sat on the front , they were joined with a MINIME Meurig from lathrup industries, a WCMR rider , and 2 Saturn/shellers. The PH took it and the jersey for the next stage.
Sunday morning they Miscene was greeted with a sunny morning and the final stage of a great weekend. with the Jersey's secured the road races were less dramatic. the overalls were pretty much set across the board, as most fields were too spenttocontest. Cat1-2 field had one of the best sprinters in the state Ben Renkema win it in a 5 up sprint with teammates Christain, Todd Shoberg, Tom Burke, Grahm Howard and a Saturn/shell rider. Special Note should go out to Julie Bellrose who hung tough all weekend with the 1-2 guys. WAY TO GO!!!! Masters 45+ group finaly had a new winner as everyone was getting tired of Mark Armstrong winning it, Swartenruder from the Delta faucet company washed everybody out.
Thanks all those that made this one a go from the real deal TT start, to the yellow jerseys, its great step forward. when you see the the Lyon crew thankem.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Fields of Nephillum

Looks like a nice healthy start list for both 1-2 fields, take note on the womens side of it. Kacey, and Theresa on the same squad!

1 Scott Riddle Pro Cat 1-2 Male

2 Todd Shoberg Pro Cat 1-2 Male
3 Michael Wyczalek Pro Cat 1-2 Male
4 fredrick anderson Pro Cat 1-2 Male
5 Tom Burke Pro Cat 1-2 Male
6 Gregory Christian Pro Cat 1-2 Male
7 ben renkema Pro Cat 1-2 Male
8 Brett Robinson Pro Cat 1-2 Male
9 Jason Swiatlowski Pro Cat 1-2 Male
10 Julie Bellerose Pro Cat 1-2 Male
11 Terry Palmer Pro Cat 1-2 Male
Essex Brass

12 TIMOTHY SAARI Pro Cat 1-2 Male
13 joe skrocki Pro Cat 1-2 Male
14 jason stephensonPro Cat 1-2 Male
15 Kenneth Vernier Pro Cat 1-2 Male
16 Bruce Rivera Pro Cat 1-2 Male
17 Jeff Weinert Pro Cat 1-2 Male
18 Wayne Tomkins Pro Cat 1-2 Male
Lathrup Industries
19 Jeffrey Hamilton Pro Cat 1-2 Male
20 Brian Adams Pro Cat 1-2 Male
21 Thomas Archer Pro Cat 1-2 Male
22 James Bruce Pro Cat 1-2 Male
23 Robert Daksiewicz Pro Cat 1-2 Male
24 meurig james Pro Cat 1-2 Male
25 Alvin NORDELL Pro Cat 1-2 Male
26 Blair Dudley Pro Cat 1-2 Male
27 Matt Scott Pro Cat 1-2 Male
28 Brian Alfermann Pro Cat 1-2 Male
29 Jacob StechmannPro Cat 1-2 Male
priority health
30 Eric Forrester Pro Cat 1-2 Male
31 jeff koch Pro Cat 1-2 Male
32 Graham Howard Pro Cat 1-2 Male
33 Omer Kem Pro Cat 1-2 Male
34 Benjamin Whitehead Pro Cat 1-2 Male
35 Derek Witte Pro Cat 1-2 Male
36 John Doyle Pro Cat 1-2 Male
37 Derek Graham Pro Cat 1-2 Male
38 Steven Howard Pro Cat 1-2 Male
39 Mark Olson Pro Cat 1-2 Male
40 David Williams Pro Cat 1-2 Male
Saturn/Shell of toledo
41 JONATHAN CARD Pro Cat 1-2 Male
42 robert foshag Pro Cat 1-2 Male
43 Kevin Vandock Pro Cat 1-2 Male
44 Jason Mishka Pro Cat 1-2 Male
45 steve clark Pro Cat 1-2 Male
46 Jeff Crawford Pro Cat 1-2 Male
47 William McLaughlin Pro Cat 1-2 Male
48 Phil Mishka Pro Cat 1-2 Male
49 Jay Moncel Pro Cat 1-2 Male
50 James Regan Pro Cat 1-2 Male
51 Tony Gwin Pro Cat 1-2 Male
52 Adam Slough Pro Cat 1-2 Male
South Lyon cycles

53 Gary DeAngelis Pro Cat 1-2 Male
54 Mark Caswell Pro Cat 1-2 Male
55 Robert Iser Pro Cat 1-2 Male
56 Alex KEOMANY Pro Cat 1-2 Male
57 John Rigdon Pro Cat 1-2 Male
58 Adam Sczech Pro Cat 1-2 Male
59 Jeremy Woolcock Pro Cat 1-2 Male
60 John Zaccone Pro Cat 1-2 Male
61 Scott Anderson Pro Cat 1-2 Male
62 Jordan Smitter Pro Cat 1-2 Male
63 Tucker OLANDER Pro Cat 1-2 Male
64 Thomas KachelmeyerPro Cat 1-2 Male
65 Robert Hockin Pro Cat 1-2 Male
66 Ian Lockley Pro Cat 1-2 Male
67 Andrew Weir Pro Cat 1-2 Male
68 David Boboltz Pro Cat 1-2 Male
Wolverine Elite squad
69 Robert Dobbie Pro Cat 1-2 Male
70 Anthony Bruley Pro Cat 1-2 Male
71 Raymond Dybowski Pro Cat 1-2 Male
72 Brian Kozeliski Pro Cat 1-2 Male
73 Adam McClounie Pro Cat 1-2 Male
74 Richard Russell Pro Cat 1-2 Male
75 John Sammut Pro Cat 1-2 Male
76 Simon Bailey Pro Cat 1-2 Male
77 Dan Klein Pro Cat 1-2 Male
78 Paul Heirtzler Pro Cat 1-2 Male

400 Julie Lewis-SrokaPro Cat 1-2-3 Female
401 Emily Flynn Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
402 Antonia Musto Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
403 Amy Stauffer Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
404 Mackenzie Woodring Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
405 Cheryl Olson Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
406 jennifer mitchell Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
407 Erica Weitzman Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
408 Theresa Cliff-Ryan Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
409 Kacey ManderfieldPro Cat 1-2-3 Female
410 Jessie Mclean Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
411 leslie gaines Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
412 ELIZABETHSKAU Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
413 Kelly Paterson Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female
414 Renee Schroeder Pro Cat 1-2-3 Female

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Getting to know another Miscener

Tim Finkel, he doesnt come into this interview with a string of early season wins, doesnt have have huge resume of high placings, isnt a sub 20 year old up and comer, and He isnt a cross lord out building base for the fall. But one thing he is like the rest of us is a dedicated cyclist and racer. Tim is somewhat new to the scene but has already shown that its not about wins and attitudes, hey isnt slouch though, he has shown to be on form for a great season, capable of goin with the best MI has to offer. He has shown last season that he can hang outside the miscene as well with good riding riding at superweek (see last julys post ). So sit back relax and get to know another one of neighbors.
1.Big goals for this year

For the first time, I wrote my goals down before the season started this year. I figured, if I did not have a target, than I didn’t know what I was shooting for. Some of my major goals include placing high at Cone Azalia, finish top 10 at Downer’s Grove Nationals, and to race two weeks of the Superweek Pro Tour and place “in the money” as much as possible. I also just bought a new MTB this season. I plan on racing the Lumberjack 100, Ore to Shore, and Iceman…my goal is to place in the top ten in each.

2. what changes have you made this season as far as training goes

I am a teacher so I have 2.5 months of nothing but riding my bike every summer. In the past, I have binge trained during this time and just rode as much as I possibly could. It would not be out of the ordinary for me to average 400-500 mile weeks. However, this year I plan to focus more on balancing my long mileage days with some short intensity rides as well as the obligatory recovery spins. In essence, more quality, less quantity.

3. Do you ever plan on doing a full duty of cross?
Cross is very hard! I have a ton of respect for the guys who tear it up out there. For the past few seasons, I have had a heavy load of grad school classes during the cross season. Also, I start to get really burnt out by that time of the year and need a break from racing. However, I have just completed grad school so I will have some extra time this year…so perhaps.

4If you were a bike part what you be?
I would have to say the pretty pink tassels on a little girl’s bike.

5.Favorite race win or lose?
In Michigan, Cone Azalia.

6. what are your weakness, cycling specific?
Probably my reaction time to attacks. Often times, I will watch moves made and think to myself, “I should be a part of that”…well, by that time it is too late.

7. how many bikes do you own?
Only five that are worth stating. I do have a nice little cluster of bar cruisers as well.

8.What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?
Two years ago, Adam Maclounie, Tony Bruly and I went to Kentucky in February for the Schoeboble race. It got cancelled due to weather so we drove to Newport to engage in an evening of 32oz. Arm curl workouts. About 150 ounces into the evening, we were sitting at a brew pub where the beers were as big as your head and Tony started going into one of his rants. He was dead serious and trying to convince us that getting this drunk was making us faster because we were building character much like riding your bike in sub-zero temps in the winter. At the time, it seemed to make perfect sense so we kept drinking until we forgot our names.

Also, while Ray D. stated my underwear dance was funny in his interview…I have to say that there is nothing funny about a dead sexy man dancing in his underwear in a hotel at Superweek…this my friend, is provocative and raw talent. You can’t teach the moves I have, you are just born with them and I have the skills to pay the bills.

10.if you could only choose one..crits or road races?
I would choose road races. I always seem to do much better in the races of attrition rather than the short, flat raw power ones. However, I love it all.

11.Have you ever been injured?
My senior year of college I dislocated my thumb to the middle of my hand after trying to jump a park bench at an Irish Festival in Kalamazoo. It seems I had a bit too much liquid courage.

12. do you coach yourself or have a coach?
I feel very fortunate to ride on a team chalked full of seasoned veterans. Tony Bruley, Dan Klein, Robert Herriman, Steve Mlujeak and Ray Dybowski have all given me some great advice and coaching over the years. I respect them all greatly.

If I were to call anyone my coach, it would be Ray D. He is always giving me pointers, encouragement, and calling me often to check up on my training.

13. do you set up a peak for a season?
I don’t set a specific peak. However, due to my schedule, I always know I am usually at my best in July and September.
14. what other intrest do you have or hobbies?
Too many…a jack of all trades some may say. I am also a snowboarding instructor, a drummer, a DJ, and no joke…the 1998 Michigan State Yo-Yo Champion. Yes, in college I worked for several different yo-yo companies as a demonstrator. It was a lucrative gig that paid the bills and gained me some minor celebrity status amongst the middle school scene. This is kind of what lead me to teaching.

15. favorite place to ride?
Georgia 6-gap.

16. are you into death metal?
I like black cycling shorts, but that’s about it.
I am not a goth, but perhaps a master of the goth population. My students are labeled Emotionally Impaired. Many of them are self-proclaimed “Goths”. I thoroughly enjoy listening to their plights in life and offering them counseling assistance.

17. Last C.D. you bought?
Stephen Marley,Mind Control Ben Harper, Both Sides of the Gun.

18. good book or Ipod?
I would have to say a “book on tape” on my iPod.

19. what does tim do after a big race?
Usually reach for the closest beer, then for the second closest and so on.

20. girfriend ?
Yes, I have a beautiful, sweet girlfriend who puts up with a lot when it comes to my training and racing. She is very supportive and I consider her one of my teammates. Thanks Angela.

21. big hour traing week ?
25+ hours

22. do you follow a srtict diet?
I eat when I am hungry, which is all the time. However, I primarily eat very sensibly, macrobiotic, and organic. My theory is eat good stuff, eat often, and love food.

23. would you still ride if you didnt race?
I would probably ride more. Racing has always been a bi-product of my love for the bike. If I didn’t race, I would not have to worry about proper recovery so I would probably just ride as long and as often as possible.

24. do you train with a power meter of some type?
Haven’t forked the money out yet. Currently, I just use heart rate.

25 THANKS your one of the best!! and thank those that keep you rollin!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Gutter soup served for brunch at Cafe Cone

With bright sunshine and a stiff wind, (if we can be so bold..)The miscene saw another epic Cone Azalia not scince the 1st year event when the riders were treated to heavy downpours and mud have we had such epic conditions, the sun was just there to keep spirits up as the wind had other ideas it was out to break the legs of those that thought they were on form, But inshort it made those that still were standing look even tougher. As everyone got served gutter soup for most of the morning.
All teams were represented with some non the surprises
Kenda A/F, TexasRoadhouse, from the gun it was CHAOS as riders were dropped by the first corner and many would falter as time drug on, the pace was redlined until only those that could bleed long enough hung on..WMCR kept the game incheck..in the 1-2 field incheck as it had Greg christian in a break with Buckeye strongman Paul martin , and teammate Kirk Albers were on him like stink on limburger, Jake the Snake Rytlewski couldnt be content with sittin in the field rode away to join in. christain fought the good fight and won it out right against 3 of the toughest guys in the midwest. WMCR should be stoked. tough guy award goe's out to last years winner jeffCrawford Not only did he have the fastest lap time of the day sub..24 minutes... he rode possesed back to the main field after a early flat.
Cat 3 was a great match up with outtatowner Chris Uberti from purdue university taking the win,In his first CAT 3 appearence the GIANT KILLER Tony W suffered a crash, the POPsecret boys wreaked the place in cat4 our man JB hancock rolled in a impressive 3rd.
Saturn/Shell owned the masters classes..
Matt The diesel Thourout, basicly rode aerobic and set his teammate and himself up for a win, Mark NOT lance Armstrong kicked em in the nuts for the win in 45 +, as did Frank the MAN kistler in the 55+
Cat1-2-3 women saw. Mackenzie woodring a priority health rider roll in uncontested, and Saturn/shell jen Mitchell cruised home for second even after a soil sample.
Another Cone in the books and all most of us have to show for it is deep muscle pain flat tires, but with the lust to redeem ourselves, we should reflect for a moment and thank SuperDave Koessel for making this race a reality, and Saturn/Shell for keepin the pain alive in 07. and robert and crew from Tailwind for scorin right. THANKS from all of us Misceners..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Miscene wishes all goodluck

Goodluck to all those that are about to rock.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Perfect Storm

Steven HowardPriority Health Cycling ClubCat 1-2
robert foshagSaturn Of ToledoCat 1-2
Benjamin WhiteheadPriority Health BisselCat 1-2
jeff kochPriority HealthCat 1-2
Eric ForresterPriority HealthCat 1-2
James ReganSaturn/Shell Cycling TeamCat 1-2
Derek WittePriority Health Cycling ClubCat 1-2
Michael WyczalekWest MI Coast RidersCat 1-2
Rich StarkTwo Wheel Tango - Morgan & YorkCat 1-2
David WilliamsPriority Health Presented by BissellCat 1-2
Tom BurkeWest Michigan Coast RidersCat 1-2
John RigdonSouth Lyon Cycle Racing TeamCat 1-2
Jeff WeinertGiantCat 1-2
Dave BaarSpoutCat 1-2
Gregory ChristianWMCRCat 1-2
Andrew WeirSunrise SportsCat 1-2
Tucker OLANDERTeam Einstein's RacingCat 1-2
Anthony BruleyWolverine SCCat 1-2
Randy WARRENXXX Racing-AthletiCoCat 1-2
Ian LockleyTwo Wheel Tango/Morgan & YorkCat 1-2
meurig jamesLathrup Industries/GiantCat 1-2
Robert IserSouth Lyon CyclesCat 1-2
David HuttonTeamOneCallNowCat 1-2
Brian AdamsLathrup Industries/GiantCat 1-2
joshua tarrantLathrup Industries/GiantCat 1-2
Derek GrahamPriority HealthCat 1-2
Brant HendlerWest Mi Coast RidersCat 1-2

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


With all the news of those misceners riding well in and out of state its goodtime to reflect on how thankfull we should be with our scene, Mi has been producing some outstanding U.S. talent lately, Heckman, Bookwalter, Howard bros, Stewart, Manderfield, Jake the snake ETC.. just to name a few. and with some riders goin good in our state right now it makes all of us look good. keep it up!