Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seperated at birth?

Timmy 90120, its mystifying how god creates multiples in what seems like such a small small world. Its no wonder Finkelstien has all those sweet rigs,a pimped out homestead, babes and throws lush parties. all the while, masquerading as a teacher..
But we all know the truth ,Boob jobs and face lifts are not cheap, and timmy is reaping the benefits.
must be nice.

coming from the duke

A good friend gave me a call and asked me to speak some sense into you greehnorns. If all the belly cryin and bad mouthin doesnt cease. as much as i dont want to, Im gonna have to start shootin.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MBRA crowns champions

this from our MBRA website,

Although i wasnt around for that pavement racing thing it look like was big deal with lotsa riders ridin with there eye on the prize. really dont know any of these dudes/dudets. but it looked to be healthy group. Hopefully T can make the awards banquet and give alittle high fivin when they do there walk of fame.

Congratulations to the CHAMPIONS!!!
Junior Men 10-12

Vermeulen, Nikolaas - Ann Arbor Velo Club

Junior Men 13-14

Anderson, James - Ann Arbor Velo Club

Junior Men 15-16

Veltkamp, Noah - Tri City Cyclists

Junior Men 17-18

Bailey, Mark - Unattached

Junior Women 10-12

Anderson, Abigail - Ann Arbor Velo Club

Junior Women 15-16

Peterson, Jaclin - Unattached

Junior Women 17-18

Trevino, Alicia - Unattached

Elite Men 1/2

Burke, Tom - West Michigan Coast Riders

Elite Men 3

Minnema, Jimi - Athletic Mentors Cycling Club

Elite Men 4

Bush, Mark - Kalamazoo Bicycle Club

Elite Women 1/2/3

Maguire, Sarah - Athletic Mentors Cycling Club

Elite Women 4

Ward, Mary - Wolverines Sports Club

Master Men 35+

Hietikko, David - West Michigan Coast Riders Master

Men 45+

Cahn, Mark - Team O2/Cadieux

Master Men 55+

Gilboe, William - Prestige Cycling Club

full standings by category and for each event may be found under the Michigan Challenge heading on Now........ "GET OUT AND RACE!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sceners in the standings

T wanted me to step up and throw some Love around to some fine crossers in the state of MI nice job , keep it mike and anne! JJ jackson

Men's USA Cycling cyclocross standings

1 POWERS Jeremy Cyclocrossworld.Com/Cannondale275

2 TREBON Ryan Kona 252

3 JOHNSON Timothy Cyclocrossworld.Com/Cannondale 221

4 DRISCOLL James Cyclocrossworld.Com/Cannondale 155

5 PAGE Jonathan PLANET BIKE 145

6 BISHOP Jeremiah Trek/VW 120

7 WELLS Troy Team Clif Bar 109

8 WICKS Barry Kona 94


10 TIMMERMAN Dan Team Race Pro 71

11 WELLS Todd TEAM GT 62

12 WHITE matthew BIKEREG.COM/Joe's Garage 62

13 ANTHONY Jesse Cyclocrossworld.Com/Cannondale 61

14 BAKER Jonathan Vitamin Cottage p/b XP Companies 60


16 PARBO Joachim CCV Leopard Cycles 52


18 SELANDER, Bjorn Ridley Factory Team 45

19 CRAIG Adam Giant Bicycles 42


21 SHRIVER Matt Jittery Joe's 34

22 JONES Chrisptopher Louis Garneau 30

23 LINDINE Justin Targettraining/U25 Elite 30


25 SUMMERHILL Daniel Clif Bar 25

26 DILLON Joshua 23

27 FRISCHKNECHT Thomas Scott-Swisspower Team 20


29 KABUSH Geoff Team Maxxis 18

30 SCHEMPF Weston 18

31 TONKIN Eric Kona/FSA Factory Team 18

32 O'KEEFE Matthew CCB/Volkswagen 16

33 SAUSER Christoph Scott-Swisspower Team 16

34 WREN Tyler 15



37 HAMBLEN Jonathan 1238 VOGEL Florian Scott-Swisspower Team 12

39 SPINELLI Justin Team Richard Sachs/RGM/Boathouse 10


41 DONAHUE Alec 942 MCGRATH Adam Van Dessel 8



45 KEOUGH Nicholas Jittery Joe's/Sonic 6



48 WEIGHALL Nicholas Rad Racing / Hagens Berman Llp 6


50 FRATTINI Davide 5

51 MYERSON Adam 5

52 GALLAGHER Michael 4

53 CAMERON Molly Vanilla Bicycles 2



56 SKERRITT Shannon Vanilla Bicycles 257 WYATT Nathan 2



60 WITTWER Greg ALAN North America Cycling Team 1

Women's USA Cycling cyclocross standings

1 BUTLER Susan MonaVie-Cannondale.Com 94

2 DOMBROSKI Amy Velo Bella - Kona 93


4 COMPTON Katherine Spike Shooter 80

5 GOULD Georgia Luna Chix Racing Team 79

6 BRUNO ROY Maureen MM Racing 79

7 VAN GILDER Laura Cheerwine 78

8 WINFIELD Diedre Velo Bella - Kona 76

9 WELLONS Rebecca Ridley Factory Team 74


11 SHERWIN Kathy Velo Bella - Kona 66

12 KERLIN Sarah Hrs / Rock Lobster 64

13 LLOYD Rachel California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 62

14 NASH katerina Luna Chix Racing Team 50

15 SIMMS Wendy Kona 39

16 JACQUES-MAYNES BEGGS Josie Specialized/Kmc Pb Cal Giant 34

17 WALBERG Catherine Midwest Trek/SRAM 34

18 MILKOWSKI Anna Velo Bella - Kona 33


20 ANNIS Sally NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 27

21 YOUNG Anna Planet Bike 22

22 HOWE Barbara Velo Bella - Kona 18


24 WALLACE Amy RGM Watches/Richard Sachs/Boathouse 16

25 DAVISON Lea Trek/VW 15

26 WENTWORTH Kristin Planet Bike 14

27 WILLIAMS Wendy River City Bicycles 14

28 ANDERSON Dawn Everti/Oak Bay Bikes 13

29 KEMMERER Arley Hub Racing 11

30 ROTHFUSS Cris NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental 11

31 EMMETT Kelly Giant Bicycles 10

32 VAN METER Emily River City Bicycles 10



35 GAVIN Kristen Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon 7

36 DALLAIRE Annajean Barbasol, Sobe/Cannondale 6


38 MAZZA Rhonda Team S&M 5

39 NORTHCOTT Katherine 5

40 SONE Linda Ridley Factory Team 5

41 SWATRZ Melanie 542 THIEMANN Nikki 5

43 VON TIETENBERG Heidi Midwest Trek/SRAM 5

44 BROWN Sydney 4


46 STEWART Maria Velo Bella - Kona 4

47 STEWART Sarah Total Restoration 4

48 THOMAS Vicki Ottawa Cross 4

49 KOONS Linnea International Bike/Global 3

50 MUCH Rebecca XXX Racing-Athletico 3

51 STUDLEY Kari Velo Bella - Kona 3

52 MILLER Meredith Aaron's Pro Cycling Team 2

53 ANTONNEAU Kaitlin Nova-Iscorp 1

54 WEBBER Lauri Secret Henry's Team 1

Monday, October 27, 2008

USGP brief

T aint goin to skip a chance at givin those props when proper props are deserved.
The properest is goin to the that dude who has been slicker than greased moose poop. Mike Wissink after killing it for the past month back here in the scene. he headed soujth to stage 1 of the crank bros USGP laid waste to the masters field on Saturday and finished it up with a solid 2ND on Sunday securing a sharp jersey designating himself as the leader of the USGP masters 35+ series leader. Nice work. keep it rollin!
also props go out to Weinert, the man who calls himself the BLACK ACE, that evil cat from Flash Gordon, Schwartz, the lil guy, and some other misc Rhino crossers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Its that time of the year for us here at tms the witching hour is creepin closer, and with that thoughts of things that our on our supernatural minds, so here goes it, we all got em even if we don't admit them superstitions, in life or in our OTHER world. whether we believe them is in our own minds.

when you do bad things...things that define your character...these things come back to haunt you. I don't live in fear of Karma, but I respect it and the "laws" it rules by. Simply put: I just try to do the right thing as often as I can.


Let me start by saying I grew up playing soccer and it was probably when I played for my varsity coach that I was exposed to the most superstition. He used to wear special sweaters on certain days, etc, he was big into that stuff. I got into habits but never too big into superstitions. I'm still pretty much the same way. With cycling I have habits and a routine if you will. I like to get to races with plenty of time to warm up, I'm generally calmed by taking care of myself and setting things up. Unless you are someone who has worked with me in the past or I have asked you to help in some way it is not unlikely for me to get a bit snappy if you try to butt in on my routine. I usually do a pretty good job of hiding this and putting on a happy face but my parents have taken the slack a few is best just to leave me be and if I want help I will ask. And although I have habits and a routine I have worked really hard to try and not let a disruption in those processes throw me off. What I'm getting at about superstition is that I have tried to not allow myself to fall into that pattern. Sure I will have occasional superstition, for example at a stage race if I race well on a certain breakfast, I'm likely to try and repeat that exact breakfast the following mornings in the hopes that it will help me continue to race well, which I think is reasonable! However, I recognize the power of the mind and how mental sport and life can be. I refuse to let my performance in sport or my successes in life be thrown off because I didn't get the right color apple or because Susie didn't send me the usual good luck email. Do you get what I'm saying? Sport and life are both unpredictable on a lot of levels and the most successful at either are those that understand and know how to adjust to what is thrown their way. Especially as a cyclist on the road you don't always have access to exactly what you want or you may have to change your plans to accommodate a van full of other athletes, so it is best to be flexible and not sweat the little stuff. That said I do believe that what goes around comes around and if you can call that a superstition, I believe you should always treat others well and give them all your best or it might just come back to bit you in a bad way.

kacey manderfield

jb hancock

I always change my login password to my computer to the next big race I have with a #1 after it. So it would be something like OretoShore#1, or Ironcross#1. If I don't do it, I get a little a superstitious. I'll bet you can guess what it's set at right now :-) I also set aside one pair of shorts for the big race day that I don't use during training miles.

IN RACING - never say the C-word

IN LIFE - I always cross myself when I run a yellow light.
really don’t have any superstitions when it comes to racing. I think I am too apathetic for superstitions. The closest thing I’ve got is I try to make sure I get a good night’s sleep the night before the night before a race. Who the hell knows if that helps, but it makes me feel better. Judging by how I have been racing lately, I think I need to pick up a more serious superstition. Maybe sleeping with headphones on playing Long Black Feeling cranked the night before the night before the night before the night before a race. Then I would start kicking some ass for sure
andrew the right stuff weir

I don't really have any superstitions and have never believed in them from day one. I think when you have superstitions you start to set yourself up mentally for failure. I just try to roll with the punches and take what life hands me...

jeff the lil pony

Never ever, ever, change something on your bike the night before a race, any race, or any part of the bike, even seat position; it will always turn out bad. That new set of lighter/faster/nicer/cooler tires that UPS dropped off on Friday, which you put on after work, WILL flat on you during your race on Saturday, no matter what


never eat beef on Tuesday, don't shave before a race, and skip pickles on any sand which. and always cross my chest when passing any roadside memorials.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

spreadin it.

State of CX in MI is in real trouble!!! Get a grip people - not enough support or riders! Word on the street is that Robert is planning on droping the CX series in MI not enough $$$ to justify the effort! I love CX, but unless other clubs & shops step it up just say bye bye to CX in MI. - Born2CX

T hates pots stirr's, MAN if we pulled the plug on some aspect of our scene every time the turnouts are low ya'll would be doin disease rides by now., No dont git me wrong could be better, but so could of alotta aspects of your whole cycling sport in the scene. its wave, its gonna be ridin through highs and lows. some years are better than others. roll with it and cut the jibber jabber!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Peak 2 Peak Mountain Bike RaceOctober 18, 2008Crystal Mountain Resort - Thompsonville, Michigan
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 1 Mike Simmson 1:53:51
2 2 Mike Anderson 19 Alpena 1:54:21 0:30 0:30
3 7 Derek Graham 27 Grand Rapids 1:56:14 1:53 2:23
4 90 Jamie Parker 36 Howell 1:57:39 1:25 3:48
5 14 Ty Schmidt 1:57:47 0:08 3:56
6 5 Tom Burke 1:58:22 0:35 4:31
7 4 Joseph Brzuchanski 35 Highland 1:58:58 0:36 5:07
8 64 Don Roth 37 Benzonia 1:59:06 0:08 5:15
9 8 Graham Howard 23 Grand Rapids 1:59:17 0:11 5:26
10 6 John Cowan 25 Petoskey 2:00:05 0:48 6:14
11 71 Russ Tiles 27 Spring Lake 2:02:11 2:06 8:20
12 62 Jeff Adamcik 2:04:01 1:50 10:10
13 12 Ben Renkema 21 Holland 2:07:37 3:36 13:46
14 9 Steven Howard 21 Grand Rapids 2:10:36 2:59 16:45
15 11 Justin Perry 2:11:14 0:38 17:23
16 3 David Best 2:11:36 0:22 17:45
17 61 David Hietkko 43 Ada 2:15:41 4:05 21:50
18 78 Karl Trost, Sr 50 Cheboygan 2:44:25 28:44 50:34
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 17 Erin Vicary 30 White Lake 2:16:09
2 88 Laura Webb 48 Dimondale 2:19:31 3:22 3:22
3 38 Susan Schubel 43 Saginaw 2:21:58 2:27 5:49
4 86 Danielle Musto 31 Grand Rapids 2:24:05 2:07 7:56
5 18 Susan Vigland 40 Traverse Cit 2:27:47 3:42 11:38
6 16 Christy Keely 23 Holland 2:29:04 1:17 12:55
7 15 Karey Collins 39 Oxford 2:31:16 2:12 15:07
8 19 Colleen Watson 42 Hastings 2:59:49 28:33 43:40
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 24 Bryan Underwood 18 Davisburg 2:09:48
2 20 Jeff Craven 2:11:17 1:29 1:29
3 70 Shawn Davison 29 Grand Rapids 2:12:24 1:07 2:36
4 72 Ross Williams 16 Williamsburg 2:16:11 3:47 6:23
5 73 Tyler Jenema 22 Gwinn 2:17:57 1:46 8:09
6 81 Alex Pina 28 Cedar 2:17:59 0:02 8:11
7 22 Michael Okma 26 Traverse Cit 2:21:32 3:33 11:44
8 21 Brad MacKenzie 2:30:21 8:49 20:33
9 82 Garrett Hein 22 Traverse Cit 2:33:55 3:34 24:07
10 23 Tony Sebastian 26 Novi 2:34:02 0:07 24:14
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 28 Todd Henrickson 39 Ludington 2:08:10
2 74 Timothy Jenema 39 Williamsburg 2:10:27 2:17 2:17
3 29 Matthew Hoffman 35 Grand Rapids 2:10:55 0:28 2:45
4 85 Scott Howard 39 Traverse Cit 2:11:48 0:53 3:38
5 89 Chris Molnar 33 Fort Wayne 2:12:37 0:49 4:27
6 84 Dan Korienek 36 Grandville 2:13:41 1:04 5:31
7 34 Todd Vigland 39 Traverse Cit 2:14:18 0:37 6:08
8 27 Eric Bartels 37 Grand Rapids 2:19:10 4:52 11:00
9 35 Jason Whittaker 31 Traverse Cit 2:21:12 2:02 13:02
10 30 Jarod Makowski 37 Troy 2:21:26 0:14 13:16
11 33 Dan Packer 30 Williamsburg 2:22:44 1:18 14:34
12 31 Rob Mitzel 2:24:07 1:23 15:57
13 59 Jeffrey Zeller 38 Onekama 2:26:55 2:48 18:45
14 60 Ronald Carr 38 Waters 2:27:55 1:00 19:45
15 26 Edward Barker 38 Oakland 2:43:20 15:25 35:10
16 279 Robert Millen 34 Cadillac 3:00:23 17:03 52:13
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 66 Jeff Wittbrott 43 South Lyon 2:04:57
2 41 Daniel Hofstra 48 Traverse Cit 2:04:58 0:01 0:01
3 87 Craig Webb 48 Dimondale 2:07:17 2:19 2:20
4 43 David Maclean 49 Ludington 2:09:06 1:49 4:09
5 76 Keith Riege 48 Lake Orion 2:11:19 2:13 6:22
6 46 Lewis Tripp 2:12:19 1:00 7:22
7 39 Jim Dewent 43 Grand Haven 2:13:57 1:38 9:00
8 77 Clete Swanson 48 Arcadia 2:17:07 3:10 12:10
9 83 Dale Carley 44 Alto 2:17:15 0:08 12:18
10 42 Andy Klevorn 2:17:43 0:28 12:46
11 45 Kip Miller 48 Bridgman 2:17:49 0:06 12:52
12 36 Patrick Barrett 44 Sault Ste. M 2:18:32 0:43 13:35
13 47 Peter Worden 44 Traverse Cit 2:22:32 4:00 17:35
14 40 Richard Garvey 43 Northville 2:22:39 0:07 17:42
15 37 David Beadle 44 Branch 2:28:18 5:39 23:21
16 63 Jeff Jager 45 Ann Arbor 2:32:34 4:16 27:37
17 44 Kevin McCartney 2:52:56 20:22 47:59
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 257 Don Fedrison, Jr 51 Williamsburg 2:09:53
2 49 David Coar 52 Fort Wayne 2:13:36 3:43 3:43
3 75 Greg Bower 50 Stevensville 2:14:50 1:14 4:57
4 65 Jack Kline 58 Lake Ann 2:17:12 2:22 7:19
5 67 Steven Tiles 60 Grand Haven 2:18:30 1:18 8:37
6 48 Mark Branning 51 Scottville 2:20:40 2:10 10:47
7 53 Geoffrey Paine 50 Manistee 2:22:30 1:50 12:37
8 80 Lars Welton 54 Traverse Cit 2:30:31 8:01 20:38
9 52 Robert Larson 57 Novi 2:31:18 0:47 21:25
10 54 Roger Sullivan 2:57:36 26:18 47:43
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 56 Arianne Petersen 29 Traverse Cit 2:49:11
Place No. Name Age City Time Tm Dif Tot Dif
===== ===== ========================= === ============ ======= ======= =======
1 58 Janet Grimm 49 Traverse Cit 2:41:21
2 79 Rachel Decker 37 Traverse Cit 2:48:37 7:16 7:16
3 68 Amy Jenema 35 Williamsburg 2:59:59 11:22 18:38

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the old guard

Yea im back! cant rid me that kwick, im like a bad habit, or a std easy to get tough to shake, besides that ol Gary owed my some dues.. T gotta chance to touch base via my Boss with a few of the so called OLD guards of our cross scene. intresting reading as you will find out, I can say unlike those pavement pounders, the cross cyclists are rare and thin breed, this season i think we have scene the greatest influx of new faces in the crowd, but as those that have went into the field have found the faces near the front remain the seasoned old guard.

1. Today vs yesterday?

The courses have gotten better, and so has the competition. Robert has done a great job with the course set-up and preparation. After racing out of state for a few years no one has anything on the Michigan scene. As for the competition, Jeff Weinert, John Card, and Rob Foshag have been putting it down year after year.

2. favorite michigan cross course?

I like bits and pieces of all of the courses, but if I had to pick one it would be Vets park. I like the back to backformat and the hills are great to climb.

3. Best michigan cross race ever?

Thats easy, Robert Linden! With out Robert none of this would be possible. His attention to detail (witch is sometimes too much) has made our races some of the best in the country. You might not know this but this weekend at a UCI cat 1 race was the first time that we have ever had chip timing. Not at Nationals, or any of the USGP's.
.The first 5 years I raced cross. Jeff and John would beat me by 5 minutes week in and week out. As for a venue Dexter Mills park. It was too flat.

5. the state of cross in our state?

We have a GREAT opportunity for the sport to grow. Great race sites, Great promoters, and a lot of lot guy's like me that want to pass the love for the sport on to the next generation. There are a couple of things that are missing. Shop involvement, promotion, and younger riders. I very rarely see shops set up at the races with there tents and product, here is a way for the them to sell another bike and clothing to customers. Promotion comes from the promoters and the shops. We are not seeing new people coming into the sport like they are around the country. If you look out east or out west the smallest fields are in the elite class. This has to be due to the fact that it is being promoted from the C class and up. Louisville is a great example of this. Just look in the latest edition of Cyclocross Mag.

6. one coss item you couldnt live without?

My Specialized S-Works carbon cross bike! Thanks to Dave Massey.

7. Most respected rivals?

Jeff Weinert and John Card. These two have been around the cross scene forever. Both are multi-time state champions and Jeff as you know is a National Masters champion. This kind of competition is hard to find and let alone in one state.Wow!

8. conditions that you feel suit you best?

I like courses that flow and do not have a lot of technical aspects to them. The USGP courses are some of my favorite. They have a great mixture of high speed power areas and some technical areas. I would rather race in wet conditions because I feel it takes some of the pure power out of the equation. As for technical sections the Fly overs at the USGP's are fun and the sand pits always add some interesting to the race.

9. decribe your riding style?

Home made. HA HA! I don't know if I have one. It's kind of grown over the years. I guess not overly aggressive but I look to be in the right spot when the time comes to attack.

10. describe a rivals style

Jeff Weinert, Great bike handing skills, very smart during the race, and very smooooth!

11. favorite after race food?

Protein bar and a Diet Code Red!

12. man made or natural barriers?

Both, Barriers are a part of cross and I love the beach at Stoney the run up at Lower Huron. The natural barriers are what make the courses unique.

13. least favoirte course of all tailwind events.

Course or venue? The courses change every year and I like the open ones. As for venues I think that Munson is probably my least favorite. This is only due to the fact that there is nothing that makes the course unique. It's just an open field with a hill in the middle.

14. what would you most like to be rememberd by?

That I raised a great Kid!

15. 1 rider that will or you see leading the NEW breed?

Tony Wieczorek, He is all about cross. Traveling out of state and putting in the time to get better. He is a great kid.

16. which is tougher in general today, or yesterday?

Today! At least for myself. I have a lot more expectations to meet each year.

17. toughest Mi venue?

I think that Vets park is the toughest venue. The competition is what make the races hard.

18. toughest Miscene cross comp?

Jeff Weinert, God he has come up a lot in this interview. He is always a threat.

19. what fuels you season after season?

My ego, what else. Anyone that is willing top spend 10 to 15 hours a week riding in shitty weather and being away from there family would be lying if they said anything else.

20. what bums mike out?

It's growth or lack there of. I want to see the sport grow into a monster like it is out east. From the fist time I raced a "B" cross race on my mountain at Lower Huron I was hooked. It is a great sport!!!

Michael Wissink

the man who calls himself the blackace. Jon Card has cross change scince you started

To tell you the truth, I still consider myself part of the "second coming". I didn't live in this area during the 90's when others were mixing it up. I still look at myself as a fairly new to the Scene. I think the primary reason that I've had some success is that I have always listened and learned from all X Sceners. Everyone has brought knowledge to my game. And Knowledge is King. I've learned from beginning riders to the old school kings like Overend, Tomac and Tilly. I have way too much respect for anyone out there fighting the battles. I've also learned from local warriors like the Pony, Too White, Q, Russ T, Foshie, Wiz, Simonster, et al. I think that is one of the reasons that has helped me to hang with the younger bucks. I've never thought I could not learn from all.

2. best Michigan course to date.
2001 Stoney State Champ course. It flowed. As long as a course meets the specified requirements for X and "flows", I'm all good.

3. worst one to date
I hate to bash courses because I'm of the belief that racers should race the courses that their offered. Promoters have a tough job. I would never want to be a promoter. It's a pretty thankless job. That being said and so that I don't "stand on the fence", one example of a bad course was last week. It just didn't flow and therefore was not fun to race. It's important for course designers to remember that X races "are not a mountain bike or road races". There are avenues for racers to race on those courses and a X race should not be that outlet. Just follow the correct X course guidelines and if it flows, it will be fun to race and watch.

4. cyclocross or road, heck even MTB if you had to chose and why?
That's tough. I love them all. I've always told myself that I wanted to be a good cyclist. Not just good at one of the disciplines. Road racing is cool because it can be like chess where in you have to think more and thinking at 180 heart rate is never easy. I do sometimes get tired of negative tactics, but then I can go tt or race X and get the rage out of my system. I will say that Elite level mountain bike racing is probably the most painful experience that you can imagine. You start like a cross race and continue the effort for another two or three hours. Not cool. I must admit, I probably like X the best as to me, it's the most beautiful blend of both worlds. Tactical, yet excruciatingly painful in the same regard.

5 sweetest Miscene victory
2006 State Champs. We've all had a dream season. Wiz last year. The Pony too numerous times to count. I guess you could say that was mine. The hardest thing was "coming good" at the Champs at the end of such a good run. I guess I also knew that at 42, that most likely would never happen again.

6. biggest heart breaker
2001 State Champs. For those not in attendance, picture this. One half lap to go and Q, Brent B, Russ T, the Pony and I are all still together after one of the most epic battles I've had the pleasure to be party too. I attacked after the Pony closed down (I think that it was Brent or Russ) and got the gap. I slid out with less than a K to go to completely blow the deal. I still tell the Pony that he owes me Kristy's Rice Krispy Treats for life for "handing" him that one.

7. One thing the most significant you have changed equipment wise scince your first cross foray
The first year that I raced X I used a 53 tooth chain ring. A little over geared, huh? Needless to say, I've dropped the"pie plate". That being said, I would say the most important change I've made is running lower air pressure with proper tread for specific course conditions. Novice riders can't imagine how important the right tires and air pressure matter. I think I started with Red Tufo Elites at 50 pounds of pressure. Not a combination for success in any arena. I would say that X is the only discipline where your rubber set up can truly affect your success. I guess that's not an equipment change, but it is the most significant thing I've altered.

8. whats tougher, cross or TT in?
Cross is harder because the rider is not always in control of the effort. The violence can be brought on by others. T.T.'in is more like self appointed torcher. I don't want to downplay the "toughness" of T.T. 'in, because I think that everyone knows that I try to be fast in the "down low". But the secret to being a good tt'er is the ability to concentrate, more than the ability to suffer. Most people think that tt'in is about suffering. Every good racer can suffer. Successful Tt'ers have the ability to concentrate like their life depends on it for the length of the effort. Not easy.

9. Toughest rivals then/now
Being as old as I am and raced as many years as I have, I've had many tough rivals. But based on the fact that we're speaking of the Michigan X scene and I have to pick one, who else but the "Little Pony". Of course, this "rivalry" is mostly created by everyone but Jeff and I. We're good friends and I know that we respect each other a great amount. Jeff has helped me to improve not just by passing on his Knowledge, but by pushing me harder in races these past seven years than anyone else. I think that we've become less direct rivals as we've both aged and the competition has elevated their game. We're both now fighting off "young guns" like Rev, Underdog and the Goth Warrior just to name a few. I do think that the elevated competition level has helped the local Scene grow and that's a good thing. The only worrying aspect is that we're all to a certain extent, old. We need more teenage and twenty-something's beating our heads in to keep the Scene alive. I see a rider like Little Tony racing elites and that's freaking awesome. He knew that would be how he would grow and he wasn't learning anything riding off the front in the Jrs. If he keeps his head on straight, watch out for him in ten. It's a tough road, but he's a good kid and he's listening and learning from us all. He's taking it all in so that he can woop up on us in a few years. That's what I love.

10. last meal?
Oatmeal. But if it truly was my "last meal", I would opt for the Wifey's carrot cake and sausage stuffing.

11. funniest person known
HeHateMe. Cynical and sarcastic, but you've got to love him.

12 nastiest known
To be honest, I've not run into too many truly nasty riders. During a race we all have our moments that sometimes aren't cool. But true racers understand that it's because we're hurting and after the race, it's "bygones be bygones" and let's go get a brew. That being said, the nastiest person I've ever met was one of my former Marine Corp D.I.'s that went by the name Staff Sergeant Anthony. Most of the time, Drill Instructors are just being mean to make you hard and so that you learn appropriately. But I do truly believe that Anthony truly was the devil on earth. Man, that guy enjoyed making men hurt. You could see it in his eyes. He liked it way too much.

13. most unique bike ever owned
I still own one of those six foot GT Dyno Cruisers. The thing weighs about 60 to 70 pounds. I used to ride it more when I lived out west as the off season weather was more conducive to chill rides. Don't be fooled though, the beast is not easy to ride because of its length and weight. You have to start turning well ahead of when you think that you should and don't even try a route with a hill in it.

14. worst bike ever ridden
1995 Pro-Flex full sup. Those frames were the biggest pieces of "you know what" ever made. I rode for a team that was sponsored by them as trust me, I would not have ever spent the grip on one. They were only good in the bike shop parking lot for oh...about 30 seconds. No, take that back, those bikes weren't good anywhere at any time. One trail ride and the linkages and pivot points started to loosen almost immediately. Once that happened, the bikes would squeak uncontrollably. I'm also pretty sure that if measured, you would have obtained a greater amount of lateral flex than vertically through the so called "suspension". Word at the time was that Henrik Djernes (who was sponsored by Pro-Flex in the early 90's) actually demanded that Pro-Flex make his rigs with solid bumpers therefore turning them back into "hard" tails. Must have been nice to be the World Champ as they didn't give me that option.

15. Favorite bike of all time ridden.
Colnago C-40. Still in the "quiver". To this day, rides as nice as the day I first threw a leg over it.

16. if you had a soundtrack to yourself what would it be?
Public Enemy, "Bring the Noise".


No, thanks to you (Michigan Scene) for keeping it real. A special thanks to the woman that you've all seen and wondered if she's as special as you think to put up with an old guy to stubborn to "turn out the lights". Yes, she is more special than you can imagine and the primary reason that I can still mix it up "On any given Sunday".


The one refered to often as the LIL pony vs yesterday in Michigan cross:

I'd have to pick yesterday.I think that everyone was pretty equal on the playing field because the sport of 'cross was so new and no one had it figured out yet just what 'cross was all about. There were a few road guys sprinkled in but i think that cross was mostly guys that raced mountain bikes. There also wasn't as much road influence when it came to course design as today. The courses were maybe more suited for us mountain bikers where bike handling was at a premium. Not that we don't have a few mountain bikey courses here or there today but we would have like 4-6 sectors of running sections per lap thrown in with some single track, something you would never see today. I used to tell Robert all the time that it was still a bike race not a running race or he would have had you running like 8 times per lap instead. Is it me or does it seem like people just want to ride around on a dirt oval free of obstacles like some of today's World Cup courses today? Not really my style of riding. We had the "Traditional CycloCross" category because not everyone had 'cross bikes at the time. It sure was so much simpler times back then.

2. favorite Michigan course of all time:

Pontiac lake Rec Area campground. It had a really nice mix of pavement, grass, two track trail and some really tough hills. I could always remember the race just getting blow apart there because of the nature of the course. It would be great to go back there today and run that same course we ran back then and see how we stacked up.

3. best mi race personally:

The Michael R. Rabe UCI cyclocross race at Waterford Hills in 2004. I'd have to say second best day on the bike ever. I went out and just floated over the ground and made it feel effortless. Also my my first and only UCI race win. I remember still to this day attacking 2 laps into the race and knowing that I could hold them off. that doesn't happen very often. I think Mike Rabe was looking down on me that day.

4.worst mi cross race ever:

2005 State Champs at Stony Creek. The body just froze up and wouldn't work in the cold, snow and ice. That first cold race of the year is always a crap shoot as to whether you have the form or not. That year it was for not, but Jer Walker rode out of his skull and won, that's where we came up with "too White" for his nickname.

5. the state of cross in our state:

The state of 'cross has seen some good and bad times but in general I think we're heading in the right direction. We don't see the volume of riders like other regions around the country but the riders that do show who have never seen or been involved in the sport instantly fall in love with it. A 'cross race has the same type of atmosphere that mountain biking had back in the 90's, minus guys burning one in the parking lot prior to their event. The past few years I've had more people come up to me or I've heard more people say how they are going to be focusing on 'cross for the following year. I think its a testament to the sport that has always felt more like a "fringe" sport and didn't get the respect it deserved accordingly even though it's the fastest growing sport in cycling right now. And I've seen over the years almost every top rider from other disciplines of cycling come out and race 'cross. But, I think park of the problem with the state of cross in Michigan is that our road and mtb season starts just so early in the year (march) so by October guys are just cooked. The MTB schedule probably helps the most because guys use 'cross to keep their form for the Iceman but we tend to lose them after that point. I also like what Rick has done with the KISS cross series along with JB and the Ithica race. I could never understand why riders from the west side don't race the Tailwind Series and vice versa? What we really need to do is form a unified series that encompasses all three promoters! We Should take a few of the best KISS cross races, tailwind races and the Ithica GP and put them together for a Michigan Trophy series. We need to also get more local clubs to put on cyclcross races like my teamTeam Giant did. The one problem is that 'cross is such a short season and we already have difficulty not putting events on top of each other. Maybe doubling up event on the same weekend? I think it's a good problem to have too many choices instead of having races getting canceled like the road scene had this summer. Overall 'cross is still on the way up and has room to improve... cross item you couldn't live without:

What Pro doesn't have them...Tubulars. I prefer Challenge or Dugast

7. Most respected rivals:

To be honest I'd have to say everyone that I've ever lined up next to in years past and present. In any sport you can never take a victory or placing for granted so you must show equal respect to everyone. But if I had to pick I'd have to pay homage to three men Scott Quiring, Jon Card and Michael Wissink. They were or are guys that always command huge amounts of respect when you line up next to them and have been my biggest nemesis's.

8. conditions that best suit you best:

I tend to like it when it's wet and muddy which tends to throw a lot of people off their "A" game. I've had 2 huge wins (USGP and Nationals) in the mud and have been referred to as a "Mudder" in New England terms by Richard Fries many times.

9.describe your riding style:

I think I excel in technical courses where you have to quickly get on and off the bike. I don't really have that enormous amount of power or strength as other riders do so I rely more on my technique and mental game to pull me through. It also helps to have what we refer to as a good "power to acceleration ratio" since 'cross has a lot of out of the saddle burst's and sprints. I'm also not one to miss a pull which sometimes get's me in trouble, I'd rather lead into a section then get gaped off coming out of a corner. Make them chase you...

10 describe one opponents riding style, you chose..

Obviously someone I have great respect for is Jon Card. He's kinda my polar opposite in that he has loads of power and strength to spare from his time trailing abilities. Where my body size is more suited to the technical side of the sport. I'm also like a foot shorter then him so that gives me a bit of a edge going around corners since I have a lower center of gravity.He's also a great runner from hiscollege days and is Marine tough.

11. favorite after race food:

Always a coke and typically my wife Kristi makes me a killer batch of rice crispy's for after the race that most of my friends can attest too. If you see me at my car after a race stop by, you won't be disappointed!

12. man made barriers or natural?

Who doesn't like going ala natural...

13. least favorite tailwind course of today:

Don't really have one. I always feel that the racers make the race, not the course. There is always that one course that doesn't suit you but may for someone else. I think that is what makes 'cross or cycling in general so fair for all. Plus, I know how much hard work goes into each and every venue from helping Robert the past 10 years.

14. name one thing you would like to be remembered for after your time is done:

Of course I want to be known as a cyclocrosser first and foremost but being a good role model for younger racers coming up is equally important to me as well. I'm working on a project next year, a cyclcross clinic for kids under 18 called "KidsCross" which will be FREE. I'm just trying to give back to a sport that gave me structure as a kid and helped me through my rough times growing up.

15. name 1 rider who you get picture leading the new breed brigade:

I've been thinking of this for a long time...Tim Saari. The guy is a hot air balloon just waiting to burst on the scene. I think he's just missing that one little piece of the puzzle to make it all come together, maybe confidence or big race experience is all he needs, or just one win and he's off and running. He's had some good races in the past particularly at States. Tim always seems to be near the front of the race at the start but hasn't finished the deal yet. I say yet....just wait ! he won't be the "underdog" for long

16. today or yesterday, which one is tougher:

Today for sure...the racing is way harder,faster and people actually train specifically for 'cross now. Also doesn't help I'm older and slower.

17 toughest venue ever in mi:

Pontiac lake campground

18. toughest competitor ever in mi.

pick 1 I could have picked a few guys but I'd have to put Michael Wissink out there today. He's dominated that last few years wining races with a consistency like I used to. Always in the mix Mike has really stepped out of his shell last season and become a complete rider by winning a USGP race in New Jersey and the State Championships last year. I always said before that he was just missing the confidence to win races, well he found it ! Plus what makes it better is that he's just a super nice guy and good friend.

19. what motivates you year after year:

Don't really know. Probably just that I really enjoy riding my bike first and foremost (mtb, cross, road, bmx). I've always said that when I quitracing that I'll still ride no matter what. Most guys would just hang it in the garage and never ride again. That's just not me, It's my way of relaxing and getting away from the every day stress that accumulates in life. I'm also glad for all the friendships I've made with people over the years through riding and group rides are a nice way of keeping those relationships going as well. Another National Championship in cyclcross is always in the back of my head especially this year.

20. what bums you out with cross in mi:

Lack of racers..If we could get 200 racers out there each weekend it would be a lot more fun for all. I've raced my bike all over the country and the 'cross scene here is extremely well run and organized. Sometimes you have to step out of your backyard to relies what it's like here. I always have said it's the "mitten syndrome" because we just don't draw racers from surrounding states like others states do as easily.

there you have it fools.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

only seasoned sceners need apply

back in the day there was this great pilgrimage of seasoned roadies that would head up to Boyne for a show down against the summer hardened mtb'ers for what was always one of, if not the BEST mtb battles we had all season. roadies looking to gain a edge before iceman were honed razor sharp after along season on the pavement, The mtb'ers were healthy for a grudge match in the north.
great times.
Now for the those that were once in this ring, name as many as you can in this pic hint this is the start of the elite and expert field.
There maybe something small in it for you.
photo courtesy of jason lummis, tms's best beer buddy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Down Under Dynomite.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

down under day1

Elite Men
1. Jeremy Powers
2. Jeremiah Bishop Trek Factory
3. Barry Wicks Kona
4. Joachim Parbo Ccv Leopard Cycles
5. Jonathan Baker Vitamin Cottage
6. Troy Wells Team Clif Bar
7. Mark Lalonde Planet Bike
8. Brian Matter Gear Grinder
9. Erik Tonkin Kona/fsa Factory Team
10. Weston Schempf
11. Brent Prenzlow Celo Pacific/alan
12. Nathan Wyatt Carolina Fatz/santa Cruz/sram
13. Steve Tilford Trek Stores
14. Mike Sherer Pony Shop
15. Justin Robinson California Giant Berry Farms/specialized
16. Justin Hines Handlebarscc
17. Joshua Johnson Big Shark Racing
18. Dave Weaver Alan N. America Cycling Team
19. Michael Wissink Specialized
20. Ernesto Marenchin
21. Andrew Messer Drt Racing
22. John Bailey Bailey Bikes
23. Benjamin Popper Hrs / Rock Lobster
24. Guy Vankrimpen Rapid City Cycle
25. Bill Stolte Hrrc/trek Stores
26. Andrew Llewellyn Calistoga Racing Team
27. Ryan Knapp
29. John Behrens Bailey Bikes
30. Greg Wittwer Alan North America Cycling Team
31. Shawn Adams Lake Effect
33. Isaac Neff Alderfer Bergen
33. Zachary Edwards Drt Racing
34. Nick Tinsler Darkhorse Racing-Rpc Mechanical
35. Aaron Hawkins Chrysalis Ventures Cycling
36. Rick Toler Team Kreitler Rollers
37. Andy Burns Central Ohio Bike Club

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


well ya'll surprised even little ol me, takes alot to piss my friend mr T off but somehow ya'll succeeded. One thing i have learned throughout years of hangin with the man is he CANT stand Belly aching. Dam theres alotta that happening here over something as simple as a grass roots bicycle race. No you havent heard the last of him he just was so put out he couldnt even punch the keys to report on the bicycle events of the past weekend, didnt help he got hemorrhoids. So i owe the man. Im gonna do the report this week. I dont really know much about the whole crosscycle sport but if I can handle being a perpetual kid for the last 40 some years, Not to mention having multiple illnesses and a physical condition that has left me 4ft tall for life, all those combined would put even the hardest crosscycler down,
Im sure I can handle this gig.
well were should we start Sceners. ( who made dat up?) Sceneres,? HM.
C fielders
Where the heck did all these dudes come from, If we could get the elite at this turnout level we'd be rollin.
The B race wasnt any thinner either dudes, dont know who won though. the race i myself like is the masters, 35+ that is the one that amazes me, I mean dudes with kids and some puttin elder kids through college out there suffereing like its no mans business. Dam gotta love, gotta love. Some guy named Pete Ehman rode the rest of the dads off his wheel to score the 35+win , john Rigdon stopped off at walgreens to pick some pain killers after his endo. Hey didnt i see some other guy out there with the last name Riveria. I had a friend i used to work with at 7/11 back in 89 named Riveria. wonder if its him? and the guy I hear is as age defying as the guy who calls himself the black ace..Uh Mark Woliec rode through most of the guys ahead of him and took another timeless victory. And Hows about that woman Ann schwartz score in another win. Gosh dam i looooove that Gal. if i were, and she were. well ..I can dream cant i?
Elite cats i studied up on this one, and found that some guy named Micheal' Wishnick was the one who has been riding faster than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and today was no different as he held the skinny guy called the Pony. i gitta aksed this one question, what is with all these guys and there nic names? Never have heard so many people flowin the alas's.
I heard alotta people cryin over the course and what not.. and i cant speak personally as i have never raced crosscycle the closet i got to a bicycle race, was the battle of the network stars in 1980 when I went up against eight is enoughs Adam Rich, and Bensons Missy gold on a lime stone running track. I pedaled my little butt off that night and still got my ass beat by a girl.
No.. matter i still scored bigger later on that night.
Im outta here.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Gonna have to wait fool, T's eatin.
check back monday.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

SUPER D. Dave Koesel that is..

How cool is this FOOLS
T's impressed!

Former MISCENER and Monroe MI native Dave Koesel SMOKED the competition to take Michigans first National Championship Jersey at the US Track National Championships at the ADT Event Center at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

Read about it HERE Dave was a long time fixture on the Michigan road racing and Bloomer Velodrome circuits until taking an Executive VP position at Felt Bicycles three years ago and re-locating to SoCal
. Men's team pursuit final

1 Garmin Chipotle 4.21.0 (55.162 km/h)

David Koesel (Felt Motortabs)

Taylor Phinney (Garmin / Chipotle)

Daniel Holloway (Garmin/Chipotle)

Colby Pearce (Garmin/Chipotle)


Friday, October 03, 2008

crossin after midnight.

Tms got a chance to touch base with Robert Foshag about his travels to cross Vegas. T still wouldn't go with the Vegas gig, so TMS had to step in. While everyone back at home in our scene shoulda been fast asleep with visions of work dancing through there heads Robert got chance stretch his legs under the vegas moonlight.
Robert had this quick report for the Vegas cross race.
The Interbike trade show/Cross vegas gave me a good excuse to bring my cross bike. The Vegas race was more of a adventure than a normal race. Having No expectations for a result, Just the whole glitz and glamour made the event made it worth the trip, The first challenge of the night was getting to the course, that required a 8 mile trip through the vegas strip, which proved to be task in itself. rush hour in vegas on cross bike in 85 + degree heat wasnt what i was used to . I watched the industry race were many masters national champions were getting it on. Once dark hit the womens race took the field. I tried to just stay out of the whole crowd, and only watched alittle bit of the comptom show.
Pre riding the course with Frishy, Sauser, and the mighty Lance only added to the spectacle of the whole night. with tons spectators, celebritys of the industry just added to it. It was by far a high of my season, My good friend and mentor Jon Card has told me its not often you get a chance to hit white baseballs in Yankee stadium and on that night, thats what it felt like. very cool. All of this wouldn't of been possible without the help from my boss and good friend Scott Goocher and family, not mention My wife and family.
The realy only venue that would make a great night cross race would be Munson. If properly laid out you could have great course there under the lights. The vets park may work, but i cant confirm that, as i have never been there after dark. I have always felt with alittle leg work it would very possible for something like a night cross race to happen at Munson park. parking is easy, and the corse could very simple without alotta set up or tear down time, on the south side of the hill. Who knows maybe next year.
thanks TMS

After looking over the pictures and video footage Robert sent. It looked like it would be hard to duplicate the 1000 plus in attendence, while editing the video, We heard Richard Fries, mention name like INDY car driver Paul tracy, euro legend johan museeuw? Dont know if anyone can comfirm that but that sounds pretty cool. If anything T missed out on the women

A Tms weekend

Thursday, October 02, 2008

on this day DEATH OF A ICON

the man that launched a thousand shaved heads.
Mr. Clean actor House Peters Jr. dead at 92