Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Rockford files.

No James Garner wasnt there, but if he was he would of needed his Firebird to keep up with The Priority Health Boys, they did what was expected and put on a riders clinic of winning! the 1-2 field they put 7 hard dudes off the front and made everyone come after them..Guys were comin off left and right and in the end there were only 30 or so left standing when the PH posse came through to lap them in the same fashion as last year. Speedy Sheedy scores one for the hometown crowd. with the rest of michigan chasin! There were some new faces and some sore legs in that field.

Derek grahm scored a win cat3 for his PH boys, some may remember derek from his earlier foray in the MTB scene in Mi when he was a fast youngin! also present in this race were a few MTB converts...HHHMMM???

Ben Whithead showed why he is Michigan State Champion as won the masters 30 race holdin Off Hooters!! palo Eugine form canada

Danny Klien from the Wolverines made rare appearance in the 40+ class and won it with the ever fast Jim Regan of Saturn/shell team.

Cat 4 once again witnessed a horrific crash resulting in the meatwagon making a showing...OUCH?!@$#

Once again this race has shown to be the toughest crit in Michigan only the strong are left when the lactic acid clears..Thanks to all those involved and thanks Priority Health for putin the hurt to us! see ya next year!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Holiday in Detroit

Get ready for some CHAOTIC racing in the Motorcity, NEVER have we had soo many choices. whether its here or slightly over the border, your gonna need your fast legs this weekend.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Get your head out of your ass, Anticipate Pain and Get ready for Rockford.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ben Renkema of the West coast riders Wins cat 2 race at downers grove.

Once again Ben Renkema found himself on the front when it all counted, as He wins the cat 2 race in Downers grove, in a Ironic twist Jeff Hamilton of Sunrise sports finished a strong second. Hamilton was the 2005 michigan crit state champion, as were Renkema is the 2006 state Champion. Congrats to all the Michigan Riders whole went and made The State look good!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Missing Cadieux cafe Crit??

yea, you can say all you want about the shitty course on Cadieux, the Hypo needles in the parking lots, the neighborHOOD, etc.. but the tradition is gone..Im a bit sad, My first ever crit was there..anyone else want share there war stories?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Cyborg wins Hines TT

It should come as no surprise, Steve, THE CYBORG Clark wins the pro 1-2 TT...I think The cyborg is a befitting name scince he is the exact opposite. quiet and reserved most dont know he is even there until he either catches them ( quietly of course) or at the scoring table, with this win he throws himself back in the hunt for the overall.
other great rides were also put in by Christopher Brinkman, 1st in the junior mens, (I told ya to watch him!!)
First Time cat 3 winner from the wolverines Robert dobbie, cat 4 womens winner Beth Homan of the saturn Of Okemos team Masters 55+ Ken polidon, with a time that would put him almost top 10 in the 1-2 field. and a hats off to all the 60+ riders in the CAT 5 field WHEW that was a big group and a good sign of things to come!!!
it looks the racing is gonna be good for the upcoming crits, i heard nothing but good outlooks from riders with the final weeks to come. congrats to all and
THANKS Cycling Saddlemen!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brant Hendler WINS masters track nats.....

In a previous post..the always fast Brant Hendler proved again why he is probably one of the BEST sprinters in the state! read the clip from USA cycling....
Friday’s sprint competition featured the youngest master categories with several races going to three rides in the best-of-three format for the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. The day’s closest race was the men’s 30-34 gold-medal sprint in which Brant Hendler (Grand Rapids, Mich./West MI Coast Riders) claimed his first master track title, edging out Jason Garner (Glenview, Ill./Garner-Northbrook) at the line.

Hendler began track cycling nearly nine years ago as cross training for downhill mountain biking. When he turned 30 this year, however, he thought he’d try those skills at the master track national championships.

“I trained for the kilo and bombed that,” Hendler said. “Then I turned my sights to the points race and got third so the sprint was all I had left. I was determined to leave here with a jersey - one way or another I was going to leave here with a jersey.”

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Photoshop phriday

Current pro 1-2 points leader..."Docsavage" posterized...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Were midway through the week and its time to start getting ready for the Hines TT, one last time to flex those TT watts and gain some valuble points. good luck and lay it down! Heres a few pics to get yea rollin...

Monday, August 07, 2006

ADA ...

The results for the ADA crit are up.
Ben Renkema of the West coast riders Wins the pro 1-2 race in a heated 1 hr 20 minute battle..with a lower turnout and the absence of some of the bigger guns. the race came down to field sprint that left alot of riders in a wake lactic acid. With Speedy Sheedy missing and guys like current points leader Steve Clark, and fellow Saturn of Toledo teammates. MIA were Jon the Ace Card, and Brian Adams to name a few, this left the door wide open for a great race. a mid race break of Pappa Tony and a few others made for a great finish, with about 5 to go the field pulled em back and set up for the finish. West Coaster Ben renkema pulls the win with Steve howard 2 nd and The always fast Brant Hendler for 3rd. Other notibles were former Michigan now a arizonia boy J karew fresh off the tour de toona riding strong, finished in the top 10. last years crit state champion Jeff hamilton also a top 10,er, his Sunrise boys should be proud. cane creeker Rob Foshag rode well with little support sprinted in for 11th . and once again kacey manderfield put the hurt to alota dudes egos, by scoring some $$$ and a top 20. and thats after hurtin the womens field...
the 1-2 wasnt the only one of the day, Ben Whithead won the masters race and did it by lapping the field with help from mark Olson, and few others in a awesome break, that left the HDI team dumbfounded! Trek eastside rep Jay moncel proves that industry types still ride and scored a 3rd in Cat 3!!!! Chad Everts won the the Cat 4 and looked strong! chris Brinkman of Saturn of Toledo/MVW continues to shred as he won the junior mens field, watchout for this kid he's gonna be good! the Wheelman and saturn of Toledo must be teachin him something!!!
All in all a great race and thanks ADA bike and all those involved.
CONGRATS to all the State Champions!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ADA crit championship was HOT!!

As expected racing was HOT at ADA. report to follow!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Photoshop Phriday

Scince its been a HOT week and and the racin will be HOT at ADA.And i have seen some hot chicks lately.... heres a pic to go along with it..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The MJ full on..

I would love to report on all cats, but due to my reporter who happend to only be in the 1-2 field, thats what were gone go for, but congrats to all those that did this event, without you our Michigan scene wouldnt be possible...
From what i gather the 1-2 race was fast and had there been another lap the field may have dwindled more..the awards go as followed...

Big power..Dak of course showing good form!! And Ol Steve Clark showing he can dig deeper into the season. the race for the overall is gone be awesome, if Clark can hold his psych through the tuff crits he could pull it off!!

Vulgar Display of Power..Ol Dybo rollin in for fourth WAY to go big Ray!

Big Blunder..The field for lettin ol Big Roll oFF!!

Most impressive ride..Casey from the wolverines..that NRC racing is payin off!! She showed good from and great skills all day!, just missin the top 15!!! Not mention, a rather pretty site indeed in a all male peleton for

Most aggressive rider. ill throw out 2 for this one.. A Cane Creek dude, not sure if it was the Crosser Wienert, or Foshag, but they were present in all the moves/breaks.. #2 would be Tucker from hot tubes, lotsa guts for a solo kid!

Best save I heard a Cane Creek rider pulled a nearly 30 yard skid in the last corner and stayed up..cross pays off!!

the best use of road blockin..once again West Coast gets this one!! cant beat shear ###

Does anyone like EMO crap??

Is this the way you get ready to lay down the sic wattage by listening to this emo music??

Tuesday, August 01, 2006