Monday, July 26, 2010

whats Up?

Gary: hey T whats up with that?
Mr T: listen up Mr Coleman just when you think it was safe to get back in it gets even more chaotic.
Gary: i hear ya. how about those MIA"S
MrT awe it aint all that bad..with the exception of those that don't hold a Miscne mailing label were all still here.
Gary: i guess your right..I even heard the rumor of the lil Horsey running wild.
Mr T : thats the facts, his time is approaching. I also caught wind of a few others coming out and stretching there legs after a long hiding..
Gary: yes sir ....the underdog was out on Saturday.
Mr T true Dat?
Gary: yes sir..raced a road race .
Mr T: come on mean that one up the highway?
Gary: yea thats the one
Mr T: kinda of a long shot calling it road race..... no I take that back it was and it is a good venue, but we all gotta remember... we were warned its mi scene roads.
Gary: how about that scary monster riding a made for Icerace bike?
Mr T : who dat?
Gary: come on T, don't play...SIMONSTER
Mr T: you mean simonster DONT PLAY? !!
Gary: that fool guy, makes goose bumps stand up on my butt!
Mr T dam Gary loose your fright. He's cool.just talk to him!
Gary: what happened to our old MCG forum board? Now i don't have any way getting my results, and road banter..I kinda think i want a dirt bike so i can at least have place rant.
Mr T: first off Gary you got a place to rant right here..second, get yourself a dirtbike there fun, and it would be lot easier to fit you on one than a roadie ride..But ya gotta haul that bitch around ya know?
Gary: yea that's true..I guess i can bitch, complain and speak my mind here on TMS..but i dont wanna piss any homies off..
Mr T: that don't matter, no matter where you go someones gonna cry..its life, some peoples skin is thin, others aint..I always felt TMS was open to anything except pickin on yo kids..It has kinda become the underground forum for those that arent scared, to open there minds up..
Gary: Ok..but people get so offended..
Mr T thats life, here or there its gonna happen, besides when its all said and done, and there throwin Clay on the box, it aint gonna matter.
Gary: dam t you speak truth.
Mr T: I try.... but with truth comes Hatred, fear and regrets.
Gary: you T ...regret?
Mr T : everyone feels regret little buddy.
Gary: I guess your right..
Mr T : yep.
Gary: wheres Terry Tate.? .i was looking forward to another voice here.
Mr T: well, you see Gary TMS, its alot like bicycle racing, it takes dedication, perseverance, patience, and discipline. Terry was scheduled to come on as a part time only gig, And its cool, if he is just slipping from time to time.
Gary: patience, discipline? you know i never thought of that way. can you explain?
Mr T: the way i see it, think of the mind of Jedi, takes time, to learn how to do it right, the saying..Rome wasn't built in a day. is tried and true statement...Patience is a virtue, some know it.... some don't.
Gary: I still don't get your drift
Mr T: let me make it simple, you ever wonder why some guys are smoldering pieces of human flesh in our scene around mid July?
Gary: I'm seein it now. why are some still going and others are junk?
Mr T: Gary just because theres a race, doesn't mean you have to pin a number on ,or group ride doesn't mean you have to hit it. right? pick your battles choose em wisely. Its OK to say no. the athletes body is like a book of matches, use em too soon, and when you want to start a fire. Your gonna be left out in the cold. Ill use myself for an example, I shadow box, run, hit the weight pile. work on my fitness, etc..but I'm not out looking for fights on the street every weekend, But when the time comes , hopefully if i have prepared correctly... ill be ready, half of my drive is preparation, its not always the end result. Holding back is not only good in the bedroom.
Gary: now i get it. i think.. But what if they don't care about the end result? Mr T: that's fine, but everyone cares in some way..the mind and powers of Jedi are not to be taking lightly and learned over night. It takes time...
Gary: wow.
Mr T: id love to it keep rollin but i got my friends from Atlanta stoppin by this afternoon, and the crib is in need of some cleaning.
Gary: we aint done yet with this are we?
Mr T: a mans work is never done...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

whats up wit dat? part 1

Mr T..
Ya'll must of been reading my mind about in yo face reports, and I gotta agree even T is growing weary.. This dam hot summer days got me feeling like its Atlanta..But i know i gotta keep it rollin, and having Gary with me lately always keeps me honest. right Gary?
Gary: Ill tell ya T hanging with you and the scene sure as hell beats all that other Bull shit ive had to deal the last few months, make that last 40+ yrs. Man could talk all day about lifes hardships..but I aint gonna go down that road...instead Im here with T to keep it real and your face.
Mr T: thanks Gary where do we start?
Gary: How about your take on this whole 10 speed bike thing? i used to have one, i got back in the day for a Sears and roebuck endorsement, but i never got a chance to ride it. you know they dont build bikes for guys my size. you ever seen my legs?
Mr T: that sucks, but i think your local LBS can take of that now, but its gonna have to wait..Ok Gary i hear ya. so we wanna maybe talk about a mid season report. some ting alittle more in depth, than what you will find elsewhere, something alittle edgy. maybe a pat on the back, after a good swift kick in balls HUH? is that it?
Gary: Dam straight T lets get to it....remember T no hatred, lets be cool..
Mr T Ok but man can do it all it once were gonna have to break it down in small parts I dont like to be rushed, I work on my own time No one elses. As far as the hatred goes some suckas are gonna have to toughin the fuck up..Its the Miscne, no one takes this shit serious, and besides i aint baggin on yo kids... messin with your lady, or even askin for money, im just keepin real.. tryin to make like Juicy fruit and hopin the flavor lasts.... i guess lets talk about where we came from..I really didn't know what to expect this yr, im as new to this whole 10 spd thing as well as you Gary, but i know i kinda like i said last fall, my butt may be big but i can go up hill..i know i know ...there are some tired dudes out there, and some that just keep coming..from late March, till Mid July i have scene the spectrum, so dont give me that you cant go fast in April and still go fast in summer BS, Its possible and those that know how to do it, are doin it. In your face? Ill stick it in your face and call out names..guys like silent D, that evil Fool, DANNYK, long lost Cross, and the west sider..I just like to cal LAM, who did forget...They have held steady for while..if the whole bottom dropped out this weekend they should go away with a sense of good work under there belts...
Gary: I hear ya T . spring seems so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday some sucka was calling everyone to get off there butts and RACE. speakin of that...what happened to our MCG chat board? and Whats UP wit The Thursday worlds? they seem kinda quiet this year T?
MT T.. AHH the Thursday worlds at Waterfords sport mans club..yes Gary the banter has been on qt this year..In as many years past the Thursday nights were the best gig in town, you had all types out there in the ring, the Racers, the fakers, the crossers, along with a whole alotta shit talkers..My speculation may its just low in in involvement right now..many factors have kept dudes, commitments, facebook, lack of fitness..nobody wants to get there but kicked. I also think suckas have put alittle more emphasis on the weekend stuff this year, like i said sometimes going into the weekend gigs with tired legs isnt a fun...I ain't say in midweek in is dead..just its been off some suckas radar.
Gary: Hey whatta about the MIA"S of 2010? throw me some names out. and why's..seems like alotta fools are not even showin up.
MR T Gary i gotta stop right there. Warcraft is callin..and Im gettin ready to mess some fools up. lets we'll be back in a day to lay more down you hear?
Gary: I hear ya, besides, I need a shower.

T: keep it alive and control the Hatred!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Listen up young fools, i gotta alot to say in a short time to get it across so stay close, keep your ears open, eyes wide and mouth shout, and ya"ll may get it..if you don't then so be it.
i know I know this place ain't the most well liked and visited spot out here in this mess called the intronet, but that don't mean nothing to me..those that go know, I want to know therefore i go. The Hatred has been flowing more than the wine has been in Atlanta, people griping, acting crazy, whining.. name calling, riding stupid, taking chances, some even ride with there eyes closed WTF is up with that? hell I'm even guilty of some of that shit, the grapevine says I'm a fight picker,?? sometimes the mouth moves before the brain gives it the go ahead, were all human, some just more than others..forgive me if I'm ranting, I'm gonna throw out the heat.... its getting to people making them all itchy, and scratchy, not to mention down right dam cranky. eitther that or there shoes are too hatred on T's side NO HATRED.....only love.
So whats up wid this shit? Those Hot July weekends got mixed reviews, the Big one that went down over in the GR area was a dam nice event, visited by those that really like real race action i call this an event Miscene crown jewel of the road season an honest to goodness Big race, lord knows we needed it. I ain't gonna go into specifics but I'm just gonna drop names. the Black ace, the Evil sucker along with a select number rode the pro race with full on Miscne respect. i like that shit. the Youngest of there rarely scene Hendler bro took home a brick and young Luke makes T smile. the Field's were filled with all my homies, and Kroske caught it all in time.
too bad the next day wasn't as well accepted. you must gotta drop $ in dudes faces to call it race, the few that drew seemed stoked. hell even rain and wind cant keep suck's away from the Thursday worlds, i love it..... but ya'all cant even do a honest mans charity event? I'm gonna write it off as the heat..And I'm gonna put that card some MIA's this season..where the Hell is some of the old guard? man I know were all aging but it just don't seem right, you would dam swear that posse from south of the border dried up in the sun.
I was gonna talk old school lingo about last weekends action in the KZOO area, but i want to keep it brief lets just say Cash for Chaos baby without a doubt. I felt i went back 5 yrs. dam its been 5 yrs this shit has been happening..i gotta stop now before my keyboard starts crumble, who the hell has been eating Popsicle s on this dam thing..?
the keys are sticking to me my digits.

I just gotta close with this Jedi quote .

"control your hatred, be patient and stay focused"

Im gonna save whats left in my brain for another day.

cya soon T

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its all cool fools thing i cant stand is being rushed, Dam if i weren't mistaken.... it was cross season with all this up tightness that's been here for the past 4 weeks. Ill let ya know when i get my thoughts sorted out. Lot happened here and far.
control the hatred

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Body may still be in Atlanta enjoying what life has to offer, but that dont mean my ears are not open to whats was going on upnorth. Just because its Michigan doesnt mean the summer cant be sizzling, if I can hook with few friends maybe must up some words from this past weekends goin on's.

control the hatered

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Whether its for business, or pleasure there's whole Lotta stuff goin on this weekend. No matter which way your headed, use your head and play it safe. Ill tell the folks in Atlanta ya'all said hi.
as always
and control the hatred.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

General Classification after stage 2
  • 1. Fabian Cancellara Team Saxo Bank in 5h 19′ 38″
  • 2. Tony Martin Team HTC-Columbia at 00:10
  • 3. David Millar Garmin – Transitions at 00:20
  • 4. Lance Armstrong Team RadioShack at 00:22
  • 5. Geraint Thomas Sky Pro Cycling at 00:23
  • 6. Alberto Contador Astana at 00:27
  • 7. Tyler Farrar Garmin – Transitions at 00:28
  • 8. Levi Leipheimer Team RadioShack at 00:28
  • 9. Edvald Boasson Hagen Sky Pro Cycling at 00:32
  • 10. Linus Gerdemann Team Milram at 00:35
  • 11. Brent Bookwalter BMC Racing Team at 00:35

Saturday, July 03, 2010

2010 tdf stage 1

  • 6. Alberto Contador Astana at 00:27
  • 7. Tyler Farrar Garmin – Transitions at 00:28
  • 8. Levi Leipheimer Team RadioShack at 00:28
  • 9. Edvald Boasson Hagen Sky Pro Cycling at 00:32
  • 10. Linus Gerdemann Team Milram at 00:35
  • 11. Brent Bookwalter BMC Racing Team at 00:35
  • 12. Adriano Malori Lampre – Farnese at 00:35