Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Separated at birth?

a quick peek at the last few issues of Velonews revealed they must visit TMS often as they have adopted Separated at birth, WHO knew, maybe we should contact our lawyers..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

looking ahead

Michigan’s 2009 cycling race season kicks off this year with The Killer Gravel Road Race March 28th, 2009- The First Annual Barry-Roubaix! Like the classic it’s named after, Barry-Roubaix will test riders against rolling gravel roads (80%), pavement, one mile of rough two-track, rocks, sand, mud, and possibly snow and ice, along with 2200 feet of climbing over its 31 mile loop. * A classic road/off road race featuring a variety of terrain and surfaces to test all your cycling skills. Cyclocross, Mountain, Road, Single-Speeds, Fixies and Tandems are all welcome. Road, mountain and cyclocross and cyclocross bikes welcome in each class. Classes: Elite/62 miles, Spt-Exp/31 miles, Beg/19 miles, SS, Fixie and tandem.

Age groups as well. Race held near Yankee Springs The website and registration will open January 2nd 2009 on Bike Reg watch for the new site link and more info

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

when the dyin calls XNATS brief

since you don't get too much of a report from those that go, or even a hearty one from the bulletin board bombers, TMS thought it would be good to shell out a brief run down or run over of what happened this past weekend in the center of country. This is a legit rundown from a ANON legit scener through our legit pipeline.
In no particular order:

Master men 55-59 OL JOE joe brown that is grabbed another spot on the box at Nats with a 4th
how many is that anyone gotta count?

Master 50-54 the always ageless Mark Woliec rode strong and finished 16Th, and Matt Baroli overcame a mid race fade to come back to 32 outta 70+ starters.

Master 45-49 the BLACK ACE comin from row 2 never got outta the top 10, put in a great run and picked up 9th. the old MAN of the SEAMAN was 53rd

Master 40-44 the lil pony started on the front and made like The Ace stayed top 10 to finish that way. his former teammate the evildude from flash gordan rode from the 2nd row and was breathin death down the pony's neck for 12th. Mike Wissink started a NOT too distance 4th row and pedaled like a pure BAD ASS to come into the top 3 on the box!

Master 30-34 brian Mitchell toughed it out amongst a HUGe field

Master women 40-44, Queen Anne does what he she does best and got down to biz, it paid off as she took a spot on the podium in at 5th.

Master women 50 54 Anne Grovert did the same as the Miscene Queen chalk her up for 5th

Elite ladies Marne Smiles, and Ann finished within the field of the country's best gals.

Not too bad a showin for Miscene we may add...have a great new year crossers come back soon

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A season in the Abyss

I guess you might be wondering why T's sittin in a empty black abyss like room? Well thats how i feel, black inside, a tad empty, and caught in the abyss we have come to end of another cross season for you, me and TMS, well whats wrong with that you say? Theres always next year!, well ya never know IF there will be next year so ya gotta take every one like it may be your last. At a time like this its kinda hard to through out a report, but a man has gotta do what a man is gotta do. So first were gonna check the report and if i can hold back the man tears, a follow up on all that was good and some bad stuff of the 2008 miscene croscene just may follow.

The 2008 State championship, on a day that was dreaded by many and eagerly awaited by few. ya all know the weather played a major part on the good and bad, so i guess ya gotta ask yourself one question where did you fit in?

In the Elite crop i can tell ya this, There wasn't one dude out there this past weekend not giving it 100%. The day can be described as epic battle minus 1. pre race favorite TIM SORRY, made it be known it was his to lose, but on course that wasn't gonna be told what to do, It spoke back with anger too many times for tim to reply to, Leaving the door open for the man known as the BLACK ACE and his evil dude sidekick to dictate how it should be done. The LILPONY tried in angst to defeat his 2 former tea mates, But Untimely succumbing to the BLACKDEATH of the two saturn riders. in the end the ACE and Evil traded blows till the last corner. the evil dude used his superlative powers and bolted to the line to claim his 1st ever elite cross state championship with the Ace right there for second. LIL pony rallied enough to score a hard fought 3rd. The MBRA roadking Tom Burke bested the up and comer BEARDIE WEIRDIE for 4th .

Elite women. There was a time a few years back when it looked as though Ann Schwartz may be coming to the end of her reign. that was then... and thats all it took. That gal has went uncontested ever since, her saving grace for most of the year is her ability to beat up on half the masters field. Ann is T's pick for crosser of the year!

Masters, DC dropped down only to go down By Brewpubber Joberon, It was great battle till the end, so DC got nothing to be ashamed of. that whole race was chocked full fights
Junior GIANT KILLER Brandon Goocher chopped em off at the knees again lapping many in is field. this kid has more experience than most of the C filed, he nearly took down his Uncle who did it to em in the C 40+'ers.

thrown names around in no order:
Mark Parmalee: good see new face in field. way most improved
THE GIANT KILLA TONYW: stuck it out all season and fair ed non the worse.

Vince Roberge: he's young and TMS See's a possible state championship in his future if sticks around.

Marne Smiley, NO SHO at states?
WIZ carrying the SCENE on his back claiming THE USGP title for those working class fools. TMS IS WAY STOKED!

Eric Meulh. were gonna miss ya pal. good luck in the new location

Corey Stange. a TMS favorite

RITTER SAUCE: upped his game fer sure

BIGRAY sighted at waterford? true?
Tim Saari, great season, hopefully with more on the horizon

kevin Mcgrew looked like he turned it up a few notches for 08.

how about the SS'ers out there good to see the brother WAYNE COOK back at it and PAPPA T you can nver get enough of him!.

where was da Finkelstien? we heard rumors but nothing materialised..
JPEG-GATE 08, poo on those that stirred it, and AND a BIG Thanks to those that took TMS back.

BIG thanks to all the volunteers that helped weekend week out with course set up.

and special props to Robert from and tailwind, and Jeff from Kinetics without them none of this would be possible.
who knows maybe T will come back next fall, until then thanks for keepin it real scene

Sunday, December 07, 2008

2008 Michigan state CX championship report to follow.

congrats to all that braved the bad stuff, to get the good stuff.
report soon.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

USGP REPORT portland d1

this just in.
Michael Wissink wins in Portland today to take back the Jersey.

wakin the dead

yea see what happens when danzig comes around... i was happy lyin in my dam box, now i gotsta report on some bullshit i dont know a rats ass about. and i thought the clay was cold?
Let me be the first to chime in, I have no goddam idea whats gonna happin this weekend, a bunch skinny men ridin bicycles in the snow makes no dam sense to me. If were up to me i would toss a snow white chicken out there and let em have at. No classes one big cluster fuck. trippin and slidin fumblin, all for the love of money.
GOD DAM YOU DANZIG. you should left me be.

you woulda thought i wasnt comin back?

my middle name is death so i thought it would be very befitting i come back and talk about it with you motherfuckers, If you new what i was really thinking you would probably want me put away.
lets just say This Cyclocross thing fits into my way of thinking, i don't think its so much the pedaling of bicycles that i like, UH i think its more the amount of pain you have to endure just to do it. WIN LOSE OR DRAW, whether its the thought of weather causing undo grief or the fact you will be suffocating while in pain tickles my fancy. As far as throwin out bullshit predictions, hell that's for the ones layin down $5 bets, Not me man no way.. I was taught at very young age you never never count anyone out. Its not matter of who is the most hyped or blog favorite or even the one thats been hot.., its who is the strongest both physical and mental on that given day. simple...Who cracks last wins. next time you run into face to face we can talk more on the whole pain subject.
good luck motherfuckers.
and remember my words,

D R A A G O's siberian weekend

My take on the Siberian weekend.
In my country dis is nothing, but everyday life. so i see no difference in any other weekend of sporting event. Without knowing the contenders as well as the Former American champ MRT, i can not really give accurate prediction as wanted. But i can say dis. Never count out the veterans of the scene, jonathon Card, Jeff weinert, and Robert Foshag would have riddin too many times at level and a condition like this, but I never underestimate anyone of my competition.
This is also true for Ann Schwartz, she too is seasoned to perform.
Masters riders have always had a long standing of true heart in DRAAGO's book. to call a specific may hard. But having experience always good.
although for some that are soft in dis discipline, they may have to call it off before someone gets killed.
Dat is all good luck!

This weekend shootin From da T

Can you believe it sports fans, were at the end of the line already, ONLY one more to go and the 08 season is dead history, as word on the street from the eye of gatto would say, "another one in the books". Before we go throw in predictions for this weekend bigshow, T's gotta address some large talk that been goin on behind my sleep in back. to all those photogs rippin on da scene lighten up its dam near the holidays, no real life threatening crimes are being committed, we should all be thank full we have creative minds, and some people willing to take time out of there busy life schedule to fill us with entertaining blogbanter. so chill out!
oh and about the web sheriff...dam fools did your mommy not give you a teddy bear when you was young?

And now the predictions.
The Cold and conditions are going to play a large part on who leaves happy, and who leaves miserable, well.... hell even the winners are probably gonna leave miserable, I think the main goal for all is leavin with toe's and fingers still flesh color and intact.

The Elite Guys. favorites? with the MAN gone defending Miscene honor, Its gonna have to go to the next in line Saari may have hot but he's gonna have to take down the Man who calls himself the BLACK ACE. but.....dont count out multi champ The Lili Pony, and that Evilsucker from flash gordon. we could have a spoiler from. The HIPPY, DC, Or Roberge..... if he finds his game.

Elite women? AnnS its hers to lose. is there another?

masters35+ the outsider John Meyers, and maybe another BREWPUBBER, "the sauce" and always tough SIMONB could steal the show.

THE OLDman of the SEA is gonna be a tough sucka to beat in the 45's

How's about killer B's? youll see a repeat of the weeks past?

C'ers, That fool who tookit at Bloomer is a HOT prospect, whats his name Sandblagger? help me ive been hypnotized...
Thats it fools,
be cool,
but stay warm
and be kind, cuz you cant rewind time.
and dont be surprised who you may find next time.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sceners speak

what was your most memoraible Michigan cyclocross state championship?

Jer Walker.
2005 at Stony because I WON it! After that, I think the 2001 Championship at Stony was Bad Ass. Full on field and the toughest dudes barreling into the end until Card eats it. Pony attacks and wins the day.

JB Hancock
Pontiac Lake in 1998, my first 'cx race and the state championships. That course rocked and I'll never forget my first 'cx race. Dennis Cotcamp took me down there; I rode on my Trek 930 rigid mtb. From that race on, I was hooked on 'cross.

Jon Card
would have to say that the 2006 State Championship was my favorite State Championship. The reason that it was my favorite is because I had one of those days where you don't "feel the chain". I had reached a pretty high physical level and I also rode a pretty good tactical and technical race. I also managed to win too. Which of course is never easy no matter where you race.

I would like to add that I felt the 2001 State course at Stony was the nicest course to race because it was very well designed and fun to ride. Lastly, I would like to add that Too White's win in '05 holds pretty good memories too. This is because he had worked long and hard to obtain that goal and it was good to see his commitment come to fruition.

Tim Saari
Considering I've had two mechanicals which essentially eliminated me in four tries, my pickings are slim. 2006 at Waterford was the closest I've come to a podium finish, so I'll have to chose that race. Card won going away and the Wiz showed that his time was just on the horizon. I slayed a few dragons that day and ended up just a few seconds behind Jer Walker for 4th place. I remember going up the paved climb a few laps into the race and hearing someone behind me say "it's just me." I looked back to see exactly who it was and it was my teammate at the time, Todd Frerichs, riding his heart out. I literally did a double take because I couldn't believe how fast he was going. I think that was one of his best races too so it was a good day all around.

Rob Foshag
2003 at Lower Huron, The weather low 30's, the turn out lower, Jon Card and Jer Walker rode away at the start, and me, Mike Wissink, and Nate Griffin chased for 45 minutes and couldnt close down Jer until, He had a chain issue, with one and half laps to go, and for us three it was game on. For the past 45 minute we were allies, now we became enemy's in a flick of a switch, with one to go we traded blows. I lead out after the last corner confident i nailed the silver, But Nate got me 40 meters from the line. I learned that day to NEVER sprint from the hoods.
Jeff Weinert
Every race I've done seems to be memorable but ... for me it has to be the 2001 State Championship at Stoney Creek. Jer, Jon and I still talk about that race to this day and I owe my second State Championship crown to "Card Cornor". If you look back at the results there were a lot of good riders that year and a few up and coming riders like Michael Wissink who was 12th. One other memorable moment of that race was Anthony Bruley sprinting like mad uphill and into the first corner and completely washing out across the pavement. It went down like this... It's the last lap and we're down to crunch time. Card is off the front by about 5 seconds or so. I'm chasing HARD towing a group which contained Russ Tiles, Brent Bookwalter and Scott Quiring dangling off the back.Russ and I are bunny hopping the barriers trying to make up ground. I'm thinking Card has this thing in the bag if he can keep the ship upright but were not giving in. It's down to about 750 meters to go...Card comes into a 120' corner way to hot and goes down like he took a right hook from Mr. T himself. The four of us breath a sight of relief as we ride bye him still siting on the ground wondering what happened. He jumps up after we pass bye but he can't get back on the group quick enough. And well, the rest is history. I sprinted Russ Tiles by half a bike length out of the last corner for the win and State Championship.