Friday, July 31, 2009


Alan (the dude on the right) enjoys the fruits of a great season after ICEMAN 08

Essex Brass Alan Antonuk came to our attention last season with strong finishes all year in Cat3, This Year, He never missed a beat, riding well since he pinned the 1st number on his back in the early spring. Tms is way stoked to have fresh new life like Alan in our scene, not to mention he has a great sense of humor.

1.last goal you met
I rolled out of bed this morning before 8 am, sometimes its the small goals.

2.last time you cried
Real men don't cry. For the rest of us mere mortals that can only pretend to be likes of Chuck Norris or Jens Voigt, its ok to shed a tear now and then. Last time was when I was reading a post of Fatty's describing how his wife is slowly succumbing to the grips of metastatic breast cancer. Its reduced a usually jovial writer to someone who you can feel his pain through his words.

3.last race you won
It was FRCCC Thursday Night Worlds @ Waterford about 2 weeks ago now. I attacked a tired peleton with 30 minutes to go and took only Alan Smith with me, who showed some real strength by hanging on until 10 minutes to go when he dropped off. Managed to hold the it to the line without getting caught by a chase group or the peleton.

4l last goal you fell short of
I was going to actually try and be funny for this interview.

5 last time you got poop on your hands
There was an unfortunate incident about 3 months ago involving some thin TP and some rather soupy poop. Lets just say I didn't make a 'clean' getaway. On the plus side that was the first bit of ass I got in a while.

6 last time you cussed in anger
See above.

7 last item of clothing you bought
I was at Victoria's Sec-- oh you mean for me? ehm.... socks, yea socks.

8 last person who made you nervous
The guys in the Chicago Crit that for whatever reason locked out their rear brake around a corner and kept it locked out, doing this all in the back 1/3 of the 180 person peleton. Luckily riders were on the ball and just went around these guys.

9 last time friend has shocked you
My roommate, last winter, we have wall-to-wall carpeting, we also had a contest going to see who could shock each other more. I think I won, but he was no pushover in competition.

10 last junk food you ate
Nick had these hard candies from Korea that taste like various sodas at track practice on Tuesday.

11 last person you wanted to punch
He knows who he is, and why he deserves it.

12 last pick up line you used
Last one I used was the tried and true: "Hi."

Last mean one I used at the club was: "Hey you want to dance?", "No...", "I said, you look fat in those pants"

13 last extravagant purchase you made
Gotta be that Zipp 404/808 + PowerTap tubular setup I got at the beginning of the season. They are a PIMP set of wheels though.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Essex brass Super kwick Alan Antonuk

Monday, July 20, 2009


tms is all into the whole lance/contador scne, but theres something to be said about the pure beauty of EDDY

Tim Finkel,

member of the Wolverine Elite Team as well as the Gary Fisher 29er Crew Factory Team will be venturing to the heart of the Canadian Rockies this week to compete in this year’s 24hr Solo World Championships on July 25th-26th. The race will be held at the Canmore Nordic Centre and boasts the largest international field in the 11 years the race has been running. Tim is registered to compete in the Pro/Elite category which is currently at full capacity with 150 of the best 24hr Endurance racers from around the world.

Tim has based his entire season around this event. Coming off his win and record-setting ride at the 2008 24hrs of Hot August nights in Albion Hills, ON as well as dominating the Michigan Endurance Series this year with his wins at 12 hours of Boyne and 8 hours of Pando, he hopes to race competitively at this years Worlds and is aiming for a spot on the podium.

“Despite the outcome, I have no doubt that this experience will be nothing short of epic, and the highlight of my racing tenure thus far, I hope to make Michigan proud!” commented Tim. Tim will be joined by his Wolverine teammate Alan Smith as foreman of his support crew as well as several family members and his girlfriend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a few weeks in hiding basher resurfaced, Tms had written him off for dead, but out of the blue he hits us with his take on group rides, dis agree or agree.. its your call.

OK lets get this straight I like group rides, I have done a variety of them some fast, some slow some sketchy some smooth, some i really like others i would never think of going back to. you get the point.. I'm not partial to either sidem as always i am compelled to kick myself in the balls and give both sides to you fuckers.
they call it a group ride right? We all show up every week for our time to ride in a group, trade pulls, race for the KOM, or the town line sprint points, right? if you want to do a workout or a block of intervals do it on your own time. you want to stop and smell the flowers don't expect certain groups to wait. Its a group ride..Want to run a stop light with the hopes of breaking away and dragging a few others with you to the pearly gates, save it. (err well If we started as a group some feel we should all pass on as a group, but that goes into the whole safety thing.) If you lose a wheel and half the group gets gapped off, your better off tail gunning for the next few weeks. most reputable groups have multiple skill levels or times of departure. either that or sharp in your fight club skills.
Its my night, my ride. don't come and piss in my pond with your antics

Counter Point:
Maybe I'm just being pig headed, they all have proper etiquette right? the saying know before you go, right? without going into the basics of common knowledge of riding in a group, no half wheelin, proper rotation concerning wind etc...No stopping for broken shit in the road and common courtesy of calling out debris is always welcome. Well what about them? whats fair game? With the thought of safety aside....If a rider wants to drill it at the front incorporating his interval workout? let him. hell heaven for bid you put yourself in the red zone in worry of wasting your chances for the town line about the constant attackers? go with them if you can, you get popped you get popped! How about the fuck who has been sitting in for 2hrs and decides to light it up? chase his ass down if you will, don't be insulted by the fact that guy within the group wants to ride off the front, your not getting paid to show up to the weekly hammer. Monster pulls or the 10 seconders, who cares if the one sap wants sit on the front for 2hrs let him , cant take his turtle like pulls, pick the tempo up to the point he ain't ever coming around. better yet FORCE HIM INTO SUFFOCATION and drop him from your group.. Its a group ride, on open roads NOT a sanctioned event and dictating who and how it should be done week after week, Gets old, or at least it should be left for team camps. In all do respect I'm not saying chopping wheels and throwing bottles Ala Tom Steels like, just don't make it like a fucking day at boot camp.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michigan Racers CLEAN UP at U.S. Masters Road National Championships and U.S. Juniors Track National Championships!!!!

At the U.S. Masters Road National Championships, held in Louisville, KY several Michigan racers competed and made the podium in the Road Race, Time Trial and Criterium.

Congratulations to Michigan’s newest National Champion, Bill Gilboe of the Essex Brass team who was victorious in the Masters 55-59 Criterium!!!

In the Mixed Tandem Time Trial 99-110 the duo of Kathy and Douglas Kirk were also victorious, also taking home Stars & Stripes jerseys.

Other notable performances were:

Tom Burke (Lathrup Industries) – 5th Masters 30-34 Time Trial
Antoon Huyghe (Cadieux/O2) – 4th Masters 75-79 Road Race
Mary VanderLinden (Flying Rhino CC) 4 Masters 55-59 Time Trial

For complete results and information check here:

At the U.S. Juniors Track National Championships in Los Angeles more medals and jerseys were awarded to Michigan racers!!!

Congratulations to Danielle Mullis who won all the events she participated in as well as the Omnium in the Junior Women 10-12 category!!!

Full results are here:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

on this day in 2006

Mid season is upon us and already its been a little Chaos for little cash..This Blog was started and will continue to be dedicated as an alternative to all the glory and self banter of your fellow sceners. Some may not agree on the text and images here, but rest assured its dam near the truth.
Enjoy and check back often as Tms will continue long after your gone.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Gilboe scores master crit title

proof that things do get better with age. Master 50-54 crit national champion
Bill Gilboe