Saturday, May 31, 2008

Week in the life of a Lifer

Below is a just a basic weekly routine of a anon scners schedule,
Monday: get up, eat, feed cat go to work. easy ride or easy aerobic with group of friends.

Tuesday: get up eat, feed/brush cat, go to work, left work early to meet a out of town old friend for 2hr hard mtb ride .

Wednesday: get up, eat ,feed cat , leave stop and get car washed and Jiffy wash, go to work, leave, meet friends 1:5 hrs road ride, came home early had to watch some type of sporting event. let cat out and got up at 1:30 to let cat in.
Thursday: get up, feed cat, eat go to work ,ride to BI weekly Drama class of….pain….and disappointment of waterfordhills took notes...
It seemed that due to the lack of races this weekend, a majority of local well known’s decided to stretch their legs for 2+ hours at Waterford Hills. From the gun Wolverines made their presence felt in every move, as they had in attendance ever club, team and local wantabee member that could turn a crank. Recent on-form and last race winner Don Cameron was marked from the start and left to ride with the chasers as a break of 8 got away in the first half of the race. It would be NO cash this week for DC, and just friendly words of encouragement from local boy YOUNG LUKE– I always have something nice to say - Cavender”. Mr KONA – Brent S decided to demonstrate his mountai n bike handling skills and proper head down sprinting technique by riding through the lap clip board / video camera tripod, OOHHH rendering the race cameraless (at least it wasn’t a tree). At the end, the MIGHTY (in numbers) WOLVERINES took the top spot, with DannyK showing you can have form all spring, followed by James Bruce and TMS favorite Tim Saari. came home late 10:30 let cat out.

Friday: got up soar, ate , looked for cat didnt come home last night? went to work, felt like shit. came home ate watch the tube went to bed,.

Saturday: slept in, got up changed the litter box. went and rode for 3 hrs with some friends around local metro park loop. came home ate, went out for moisty's brew.

Sunday: got up late ate, petted cat, met friends for a epic MTB ridefelt like shit. flatted twice. and called it a day, came home drank four Bells and ate.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Catchin up with Jay

most in the know, know Jay Moncel michigans Trek rep took a new position higher up in the Trek world, Most would say he hasnt changed a bitin lifestyle or looks.
left before
right after.
what do you think?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Airstryke called in over michiganscene territory. Body count not aval at present time

Thats the sound if there was a sound to this weekends racing across the SCENE. someone called in a seroius airstryke on the scene after it was said and done, ...smoldering debris. 3 GREAT races in 3 days.Seems like artillery from out of state was called in in some of the fields as they were creamed by NON sceneres. Someone's gonna have to remind that bloke the michigan racing scene is dead history.

EARLY start times were on the menu again whew! these are tough. standouts of the a.m were. JIMMY MINNIEMIA winning the 3's race beating out improving brother Wayne Tompkins, And a outta towner from FLA. Alan Antosick was 10th ridding, Bryon SUCKMY WHEEL Boyer was in there into scoring 16th. FRCC cross lord in the makin Matt Ashley used FRNKENM, for some early season training. cross guys watch out cuz he's lookin for your spot!

4's dale carley got his 1st win of the season beating a FULL field. FRCC 's Toni PONTONY was lookin good.

Masters 35+ was alittle thin, but that didnt Stop Don DC CAMERON from makin the other masters look at the back of his Scary Specialized kit for the second time in 48 hrs he won thursday at waterford....(dont know who came up with this kit but OOOH). the field had to sprint it out after DC rode away. (sharp eyes would of spotted michigan State Cross champion in the filed getting his groove on.)

CAT1/2 was display of what to expect in the comin days as a large contingent of outta staters put it down. and took the top 5 spots a small break formed with DANNYK and some others, eventually Matthew Busche from NOVA got the win over a tough field. he was just warmin up for TDL the next day...ESSEX Brass upstart Brendan Benson lead the charge of LOCAL talent. good to see JAKETHESNAKE back home. wonder what the pony's doin?


Could it get any tougher in MI? probably but not this weekend 130+ starters and very few made the cut. The field report goes as followed, Nice 65+ degrees and 10mph wind. safe start unlike last year. The pros made sure the ams didnt get in the the way as they drove it from the 6 mile mark weedin out the weak and breakin the stronger. rain set in at 35 miles and that was all she wrote as a valant group got OFF. MAN it was good to hear Brent BOOKWALTER riding strong. MISCNE is proud to claim as our son stories are circulating that a few made the move guys like the BLACK ACE Jon Card and one Howard bros as well as few others. The report also said the BMC and Bissel pros's werent takin any prisoners and cut the rest down. in the end it was another epic day in the north. Congrats should go out to some SCENERS. DOYLE, Jared Gilyard, Derek Grahm and TMS favorite OLD SCHOOL local legend TINKER PRECHTL for makin the time cut only 48 got that right claim.

what can you say great venue, awesome weather and great run event This one is set up so guys and take full advantage of doubling and even tripling the classes. ..

Masters Had Mark Olsen of Bissel fame take the win over the RICCOISER and DOCSAVAGE, THE WHITE LIGHTNING grabbed 8th.

45+ Had Paul eddleston on front at the line THE RICCOISER again scored another 2nd and treated John rigdon to dinner at Olgas kitchen, wonder if they had quessadilla's??
how about it?
Cat3 was huge field 70+ the opened it to 4s as well, Shane Hebb from the south beach FLA took it over a strong group heavy comp, Lawerence Warbasse missed 2nd 45+? Paul Eddelston old enough to be some these guys dad...took some $ for the drive back home got 3rd,
Women? Michigan GODESS mackenzie woodring won it for her home state crowd. good to see her on her home turf scince she went big.
CAT 1/2....STACKED field KILLER KARL now a scener Menzie's was the wheel to watch, as well as Saturdays winner Mathew Busch, it seemed like everyone in the roadscene was at Gaslight , good to see that. Matt from NOVO continued where he left off winning the 1/2 race over the eldest Howard Bros. DWITTE and Bruce 455 Riveria were 5th and 6th respectively.
Every year it gets tougher to score MIscene points and this weekend was no excpetion. only thing left is to find some moisty's
wonder what the pony's doin?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Thats what were lookin at
the big question is who's goin where? will turnouts suffer due to the gas prices and HIGH cost of everything everywhere?do you think your gonna see any IRON MEN/RICH MEN doin all of em?
FRANKMUTH weather looks to be alot better than last year, and the fields thicker as well. CAT 1/2 is gonna be a powerfest, this course has ZERO climbing and is gonna suit the RAW POWER types quite nicely indeed. watch for a breakaway early on in alotta fields.
TDL what can we say? got give the miscner teams credit for headin back to the north for a date with death, 100+ miles of real hard ass climbing...goodluck boys. make MI proud!
GASLIGHT crit dogs unite as this one is ONE OF, IF NOT THEEE BEST crit venues in MI. smooth fast and somehwat techincal.
to throw out predictions for this weekends events is to Lofty of a goal for us mere mortals, besides its time to go find some moisty's for the weekend.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

uncharted territory

Thats were it sent many misceners on this past Saturday morning. The Michigan Scene in whole asked for a event equal or greater than last years and what they got was the work of 3 stages wrapped into 1. The day left many questioning there fitness or solidifying the work done all winter. the day went off without too much of a hicup, nothing new to TOKV cars, casual cyclist, smokers throwin frisbee golf, and Skulls. just another day in metro park for us sceners.
written by MCG and edited by TMS

The Pro 1/2 race was super EXCITING to watch. Even with 100 miles to race a solid break of 8 consisting of State champions and other misc HIGHLY talented sceners, Dan Klein-WSC (breakaway specialist!), Tom Kachelmeyer-Giant, quiet and FAST Greg Christian-Turn, Peter Schilling-Priority Health, college upstart John Zaccone-South Lyon, Kyle Lake-WMCR, Rob Foshag-Saturn of Toledo, and Bart Carlson-WMCR escaped on the VERY FIRST LAP and and quickly had 30+ seconds on the chasers in one lap. A chase group of Cone Azalia winner/2005 state road champion Jeff Koch-Bissell, 2007 state criterium champion Derek Graham-Bissell, and up and comer Brendan Benson-SC/Essex Brass formed and from that point the race quickly became a chess match on wheels.

At one point there were 6 very distinct groups chasing each other on the course, all working very well together. At about the 75th mile the race changed DRASTICALLY. Suddenly guys who were looking strong just 1-2 laps before were now found sitting at the side of the road. Those still riding had that blank stare of SEVERE BONK. You could almost see the lights going out as racer after racer packed it in. Only 38 of the sixty starts completed the full distance. At the head of the race the lead break disintegrated and the miles took their toll.

Suddenly 2007 State TIME TRIAL champion Greg Christian came roaring through the finish area solo. Everyone watching just shook their heads and thought "what the heck is he doing, DUH, (he is State TT champ folks!) he's still got FOUR laps to go!!! INSANE!!! Well, Greg must have known what he was doing. Behind the chasers started to explode. The only other rider remaining from the original break was Dan Klein. He was joined by Jeff Koch and Derek Graham, both of Bissell. The Bissell racers quickly put the squeeze on Dan and Jeff Koch was then off the front chasing Greg Christian. I was riding in the support vehicle making our way through the middle of the Pro1/2 pack when we passed Greg going the opposite way riding a flat. A quick turn-around and some serious RALLYE car driving by my nephew (in a mini-van no less!) to make our way through the rowing team traffic and we caught Greg at the top of "Snot" hill. He'd been riding a flat rear wheel for about 4 miles! In a chaotic wheel change the likes of which you'll NEVER see in the Tour de France (they make it look so easy on TV!) and Scott Gifford, my nephew Nick and myself got Greg back on the road.

At this point the only chaser in sight was Jeff Koch. Greg maintained his advantage over Jeff on the final lap to take a BRILLIANT win! Jeff Koch of Bissell took a well fought second and in an exciting two-up sprint Derek Graham nipped Dan Klein for 3rd! That was an exciting sprint. Derek lead it out, Dan pulled ahead with about 100 meter and Derek just notched it up (or Dan's leg gave out! ) and took the sprint!

In other fields, the action was not as exciting but stil worth a look!
masters 35+ had the lucas oil trio, David stone, Mark Swatrzdruber , Chris Moscara and Hagggerty's TINKER Prechtl droppin the hammer on MR paintrain DC Cameron who was sportin some very intresting Specialized togs.

masters 45+ haggerty's Dave Hofstra , got the win over david Linden of FRCC

Cat3 ers Wolverine Alan Smith won this one over west gangster lupe martinez of Leadout racing. Alan has been looking good all spring. all that training with the godfathers is payin off. Nice ride. PAKHU was 34th in well fought battle

Cat4 had Allin Antonuch from the edge of the trail cyclery won it over Willow TT winner JIMI THE KID Jimmmenia .
women 1/2/3 boastet one of the biggest field in kensington history, kristy keelly came out on top with a win for the PH CHIX, beating out some Bissel babes
CAT 5 was huge. wen U got a 37th place and Ted TOO TALL Welsh got 33rd

Notes from the valley of kensington

SIMONSTER ridin a 29er is that legal?
Thomas Kachkelmeyer ridin in the break and then getting in the top 10 for a Miscene best 1/2 finish
Haggerty boys postin alotta wins in the Masters groups.
DNFin for mixing fields? come on its TOKV
Greg Christian droppin the entire field en route to a solid win SCARY
Ben Renkema NOT top 10in
Wayne Tompkins droppin back to 3's for 08
Lathrup with fewer riders at the start than ever b4.
Miscene MTB standout Brent Stienberg bumpin up to 4's
Whitney Krohl the only girl in the 1/2/3 filed NOT sponsored by BISSEL, Haggerty, Giant MI, or PH weird???

Monday, May 12, 2008

words of wisdom.

The sport is a form of entertainment and enjoyment.

If any of you are like me, you have at least once in your cycling career asked yourself, “Why am I doing this? What is the point behind all this training and racing”? Some of you have maybe even questioned yourself as to why you can’t just be normal and lay on the couch on Sunday afternoon with some tasty American light beer and a bag full of partially hydrogenated potato oils in the shape of comforting chip flakes, watching football and blindly soaking in the consumerism undertones. Why do we insist on driving to distant places with the hopes that we may do well in an event that will simply give us glory only within our small and insignificant subculture that 99% of all people are completely unaware of, or if aware of, make fun of and ridicule from the outside looking in. In a world of infinite possibilities, why do we insist on recreating the same realities day-to-day, week-to-week, season-to-season, and year-to-year?On my last road-trip training endeavor, I found myself spending the evening in Louisville with some of the Essex Brass boys who have been at this a little longer than I have. I shared a living room sleeping arrangement with the ever so flatulent David Mullens. Just before it was lights out to rest up for a following days worth of training, we had just concluded some early season race talk and speculation and David posed the question to me, “Why do we do this, why am I still racing after all these years”. I went to bed that night pondering the question deeply and found that it has taken me quite awhile since then to actually formulate an answer that makes sense to me. Furthermore, I have concluded that if I am going to spend all of this time, energy, and emotional investment in this sport, than I better have a damn good answer for myself as well as my friends, family members, and other loved ones.Everyone is drawn to the sport of bike racing for different reasons. However, I am hard-pressed to believe that there is not a common thread of thought process or reasoning that is taking place amongst us all. When it all boils down, there are undoubtedly easier paths that one could take to achieve happiness and instant gratification other than the grueling, arduous one leading to bike racing.During the tenure of my bike racing I have observed several different personality types and racing styles of people I have met and raced among. A variety of these styles have been successful in obtaining their desired results. Some people race fueled by anger and spite of their opponent, they want to completely annihilate their competition, make them suffer, and leave them in a pile of defeat while they throw their hands up at the line basking in the self-affirmation that they are the greatest. However, it seems these types of racers involvement in the sport can tend to be short-lived if they fail to recreate this reality at a high frequency every time they race. Another type of racer is the tactician. This is the well-calculated, intelligent racer who is drawn to the sport by out-witting his opponent and thus claiming himself more cunning and clever than him. These types seem to usually have great organizational skills and engineering minds. They also tend to stick around for years and years, honing their craft and most often experiencing consistent results.Some people are just simply drawn to the team aspect of the sport and the camaraderie it has to offer. This rider would rather go train with a partner or several partners rather than spend time in solitude training. They take pleasure that they are part of “a pack” and that they hold status and rank amongst the pack.The list of rider types goes on and on. I’m sure at times we find ourselves falling into many categories dependent on the conditions. Despite this diverse set of rider personalities, one common thread does seem to be evident. I have concluded that we all do this to simply to feed our egos. We are all severe ego-feeding addicts. We have all experienced some kind of success that gave the racing bug, that gave us the racing induced ego-feeding disease and we are now serious addicts. At first glance, this idea seems to be incredibly self-serving and self-absorbed. In a way, cycling is inherently a selfish sport. Wait a minute, I signed up for all of this to escape the ignorant masculine egocentrism other more typical sports appeared to offer.The idea of ego feeding does not necessarily need to have a negative connotation depending on how you approach it. We must ask ourselves, for what are we trying to feed our ego and why? Healthy competition is a good thing, but if it becomes so overbearing that enemies are created than this can be very destructive to our delicate sub-culture and the support we have to offer each other. Are we striving to produce desired results to prove something to everyone else thus making ourselves feel good, or are we going to go beyond this shallow method of feeding our egos? This evening, while I was riding the B-Ham Unofficial Tuesday Night Worlds, a verbal scuffle broke out between two riders that resulted in much unnecessary negative energy and closed the lines of effective communication between them. One rider was feeding his ego by using the method of belittling another rider…this was no good at all. On the other end of the spectrum is the more sophisticated idea of ego feeding through intricate, meditated, and conceived personal goal setting and achievement. For instance, in this type of racing you may view your opponents as a measure of yourself to them. Mutual respect is created and you are not simply trying to beat them out of spite but rather because you are aware of their skills and abilities and are using them to gauge your personal progress. This type of racer is the one who may be in a breakaway with an opposing rider, ultimately beat him, but than still commend him after the race was over and to acknowledge that their breakaway success was achieved only because of both parties working in synergy. Likewise, if that opponent beat you, you would congratulate them on their well-earned victory. This type of ego feeding takes pleasure in the internal personal achievements and is concerned less with the external spectacle of the whole competition.As a food analogy, ego feeding that is simply focused on beating your opponents down, racing on anger, and viewing them as enemies is like fast food. Fast food is incredibly delicious, cheap and fills you up right away but is in no way a healthy regular staple in your diet. However, ego feeding that is based on setting and achieving personal goals, and respecting your opponent because of your mutual love and dedication to the sport is like eating food rich in nutrients and antioxidants. This method will keep your competitive engine running long and healthy and will contribute to the sport in a supportive manner.If you take anything of significance away from this above rambling, it is to ask yourself the question, “How am I going to feed my ego?” Are you going to be the superficial guy who has a long list of people he has beaten and is broadcasting and boasting this to everyone, or are you going to be the racer who can claim that you have set personal goals and gained deep internal satisfaction from achieving those goals.As cyclist, we have enough obstacles to overcome (i.e. irate drivers, gawkers pointing at and ridiculing our colorful lycra, lack of respect from the overweight football fan in the cubicle next to us at work, etc.). Don’t devalue the sport by racing on negativity.
Posted by Timothy Finkelstein
this is why we like this guy so much, thanks tim for reinsurance

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early morning bloggin and ranting TMS STYLE

This is something thats been on TMS's mind for a long time, is it society, or just human nature to be insecure? Or does it come from the lack of something physical or materialistic, that makes some, heck if not most people insecure and hypocritical. We would have to say alittle of both. In 2 years that this has been up and runnin the influx of bad mouthin is surprising. OK we are at fault to some extent, by giving the anon posters a place thrive. and even some of our postings, but even without anon your still gonna get it, except they have to show there REAL name yea right. We love it Michigan has had some good races and race series, club involement not to mention group rides that challenge many lesser states races alone, and you always get people cutting it down in one way shape or form, lousy course, pro 1/2 dead, entry is too much, Negative racing, so and so didnt pull through, rank amatures etc.. I guess our big question, Who around here is pro material? you got a few but they dont do there thing here that often and when they do they act right. When it comes down to the bottom line, a upgrade, free team kit, carbon wheels, a sense of style and the poker face, and few measly results, all this while acting like a asshole in multiple ways doesn't make people respect you. This whole thing isnt a brotherly lovin, or you should be OK with whatever the outcome of the day is, emothions are normal but those that think there above the limit should think about themselves more in depth, (although we doubt there ego will let them) We'll bet there not collecting a check on sunday after they finish whatever the race/ride of the week. We pay for this shit, it takes time and commitment, yea we do it for fun or whatever our reasons for, but just because it doesnt fit in with your "reasons" dont muck it up, or cut it down for others, I think most sceners know (the intelligent ones at least) its not the world cup here, were not kidding ourselves, we dont think were IT, its our time to enjoy what we like best. those less fortunate should think about it next time you give the scowl of discontent. this is just TMS 2 cents

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

MOB RULES tour rolls into Milan, other dates to be released.

If anyone was payin any attention to the cat1/2 field they would of noticed the sea of Bissell jerseys at the front of the line. after 3 hrs there wasn't much change. Looked like a pre concert psych up to whats coming in 08 around our scene. The setting perfect temps perfect, the course cone, the turnout EH? coulda been better, what kept em away this year? Gas prices? fatso's post on the MCG's board of horrible road conditions? thought of bad weather? FEAR of Bissell? who knows but it was a low show for most groups.

The masters 45+ the SALTY dog Krwyasnki and almost ageless FREDDY Anderson of WMCR went 1-2 this after FRCC 's Mark Woliec got sent back to last for some ODD reason. strangely enough this group had biggest % of dnf's. you would think the OLD guard of the field would no how to keep it together.

Masters 35+ Matt THE DIESEL Thourout of saturn of toledo rode around with some company before he decided he had been over the road too long and played like the Kris Kristopherson in Convoy and put the hammer down and rode in for ANOTHER cone victory saving face for the home team. PAPPAT O2 trained for 3 weeks and got the return of 2nd place for his 21 days in the saddle.

Cat 5 saw Mi elite MTb'er Brent Stienberg of KONA midwest riding a cross bike with knobbies sanbagg a win. wont be long before he has his 1/2 card .

Cat 4 Bem Penner from the wolverines beat Miscene favorite Alan Antoniocki, and the wrest as well with some good riding the wolverines look rejuvenated for 08 fer sure.
3's Christopher Bogedine and a Sunlyon rider Scott Gifford got away and went 1-2 in the Cat 3 race. with the rest of the filed rollin in behind. Fall Crosser Todd 40 something? Frierichs railed in for 4th
13 cat1/2 women went to the line. the race was marred by severe fall from a Saturn of Toledo rider heather Mitchell, on section 1 of gravel. as we go to press she is still hospitalized in saline. she is doing better but all of us should keep her in our thoughts. all of this said...Not taking anything away from The haggerty gal Erica Weitzman who won it over the PH tribe. Erica's husband also made a nice showin masters 35+ with a solid 3rd.
The main attraction cat 1/2 For the first time in as many years we didnt have past winner at the roll out. MIA's Were 2006 winner Jeff Crawford, last years Greg Christain. First edition winner Kirk Albers, Jake the Snake the entire Lathrup posse. and many others from WMCR, Saturn of Toledo Giant MI. 30 some riders went to the line, with Bissell carrying the brunt, then Wolverines, Essex had a full squad, some outta towners from Lake effect. As expected Bissell controlled and manipulated the field into paste after train interruption. a break containing all that counted got away with the MOBSQUAD dictating who stay and who will go. in the End 2005 state road champion from Elk rapids Jeff Koch got away for a solo win followed by the power full DWITTE, and springfling standout DANNYK he got in between Ben Whitehead to mess up a Bissell sweep. a nice showing by WMCR up and comers Bart Carlson and Kyle Lake as they got in the the top 10. tough day at the office for many as 5s and 3,s rolled in many many minutes later.
Not going fully into the issue of the downed rider, but from what we gather. those that took care of the issue did it without thought and with much compassion, that goes for the volunteers and riders that stopped, were not saying everyone should of halted and the race called, but when riders attack, or get hot headed because they have to slow or there in fear of being caught.. you basically suck. tms.

Friday, May 02, 2008

To Survive

To live and die in the Killing Fields, looks like another day of survival at the office. TMS hates throwin out the predictions for this one scince its a crap shoot in away in whos gonna survive the trips through the mine fields, lap after after lap , riders falter. Crashes, punctures, broken bikes, The fastest and strongest doesnt always win. NOT saying the past winners werent the fastest. NO NO NO NO...dont get all all angst up on that one..Luck plays a BIG part. Lets face it to win this race ya still gotta be goin PDQ. We can recall one year when lap 1 put nearly the entire TEXAS ROADHOUSE crew out of commision.
TMS is gonna throw out some names but not in any order, with the pre reg list looking like Lindsey Lohan, just much like the party whore herself , it doesnt say much for what your gonna get once ya get her home Or in this case to the line. and just like OL lindsey, Without a doubt its gonna be stacked as it is every year. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS.

CAT 1/2 Grahm, Albers, Koch, JAKETHESNAKE, Docsavage, Martin, Christain, GODFATHER, Witte, Riveria, Whitehead. Simonster??

CAT 3, SunLYON 3 of the top 5 , Mapleleaf, FRCC, Wolverine.

Masters 35+ the Diesel, THE Claws, DC, STARKY, Bailey, PAPPA T

Masters 45+ Woliec, Kangas Cahn.

Women 1/2 PH chix. unless bellrose shows

Cat 4 JBBABY, Alan Antonick, AAVC

Teenagers, AAVC

Thursday, May 01, 2008

aks GERT.

TMS had a chance to catch up with a old friend some of you may remember him from his pro days, Gert Jan Theunisse, he hails from the Netherlands This ex pro's accomplisments include, Best all around climber and fourth place at the 1989 Tour de France. Gert-jan was banned for life from road racing because of banned substance use. but later aquited. He now coaches e njoys life away from the stress in rigors of the UCI scene, and he has taken a spot as guest columnist here at TMS, we caught up with Gert last week and ran simple one word questions by him.

1. Michigan - TALENT
2. crits - AGGRESSIVE
3. rr, rest in relaxation that is.. - CORE
4. 24 hr mtb races - POINTLESS
5. carbonfiber - SMOOTH
6. campagnolo - COIN
7. winter - INDULGE
8. summer - LEAN
9. group rides - PREDICTABLE
10. hair - UNKNOWN
11. sun - PLEASURE
12. Wayne Newton - OLD
13. favorite place - HOME
14. snakes – EVIL
15. christians – HYPOCRITES
16. zombies - WEIRD
17. vampires - SEXY
18. chocolate - RUSH
19. wind - SEPARATION
20. mud - SKILL