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Tiao of T

I've been up all night watching Dragnet. tr yin to think of something witty and creative pertaining to all this grumbling of this years cross season, Its dam amazing how fast the joy and lust, turns to disgust, and criticism. Its like a good marriage gone bad. One minute its sex in the kitchen next its campin out on the couch and fighting over travel miles...I gotta say this before you go building a box for the cross scene, we all need to step back and remember it took 10+ yrs to get here we cant go and kill it over night. Ok there is a few snafus, but it aint all that dam bad. i think i will address them one at a time. You all remember folks i aint no expert crosser, but i didnt arrive on the scene last season either.. get my drift?
OK the elite field, Lower Hurons turnout was dam sad in its own right..I couldn't imagine going to the line with that turnout, Hell Wissink should be doing time, as he has a machine that makes money and its made by Tailwind.net. I aint sayin mike is riding easy, NO! He's working for it for about 3 laps, But you know the mans lovin whats happining and he rightfully should be, He aint No paper champion! thats for dam sure!!. I gotta speak my mind but that Saari fella surprised me with his showing, no I'm not going into the whole LIL pony and his gripe, but it did seem kinda sketchy. 9 riders and its mid October, T knows 1 thing in Michigan cross.. as it don't get any easier after Nov 1, except for athletes that know the game and how to play it, but the sad part of that is, there either, so-called RETIRED, or opting to take there game elsewhere. Its too bad as we have some of the fastest masters crossers in the country right here on our playground. Did i say masters??

Some cat brought up the fine art of sandbagging. But in there defense, the so-called accused.. can you call it sandbagging, If those that are racing the OTHER classes and winning move up. there getting there butts chopped off PERIOD.... T's take on it? if you have spent more than 3 yrs in the B field or masters, excluding the AARP group. and place top 3 consistently Its time you go find your manhood its misc parts, where ever the last chick threw em, and head back to the basement and bust it out old school style and step the fuck up, I could name names but its not necessary, as you know who you are. Also while were on the subject... if you start the season in whatever group, you don't get the right to step down and race your age, its like a marriage, you made a commitment you have to live with no matter how miserable you are. If its that's bad you need to take some time off and figure it out if you got what it takes.

Another gripe T is rastlin with is the venues, I can understand why the man thats takin your dead presidents is settin up shop where he does. He's got connections, cant fault him here.. it takes time to make new ones, I understand, but by seeking new avenues he may be investing in a better cross future for his clients, rather than living for today. I know im gonna take some heat on that.. But I cant lie.

How about the other racing goin on The KISSCROSS gig is what it will be, and will always be! a alternative for roadies, and mountain monsters still hungry for a effort without thought, It fits perect for what its designed for, the courses are as expected, nothing more nothing less, show up get a black eye, sooth it with a micro brew. But that being said whatabout the last weeks cross conquest in DTOWN? I dunno, but it seemed alotta folk were scared of the dark to me. the venue was intresting the layout was a throw back to the good ol days of yor, marked sparingly and somewhat shotty, but T is gonna throw some love its way.. as its a first time event. next time i expect more of a effort.

No i wouldnt start assembling the coffin just yet, lets just let survival of the fittest take care of that. Lets just remember how hyped we were for cross back in August, and try to bring some of it into November.

On a side note: Just to let you all know T has been watchin this cross thing for some time, below is some intresting reading. look it over and check some names..


On this day :

October 21, 2001 Tailwind cyclocross series race #3 0f 6 lower huron metro park

A race open

1 jeff weinert IF 1:00.17

2.paul stanton saturn of toledo 1;04 01

3.simon bailey cadiuex cafe 1:04.31

4.mike gardulski bikesport 1:05 45

5.Robert foshag saturn of toledo 1;06 10

6 mike wissink wheels in motion 1:06 12

7. gus hemingway 1:06 28

8. rich kendall, AAVC 1;06 43

9 al mcwilliams wheels in otion 1: 07 12

10 dan vandock saturn of toledo 1:09 47


11 jer walker MVW 1:09 51

12 brian roswarne AAVC 1:10 02

13. gene faes AAVC 1:10 58

14 ryan callung city scape 1:11 09

15 brian eckert FRCC 1:11 16

16 david Boynton wolvrien sports 1:11 46

17 adam slough Saturn of toledo 1:11 49

18 Ric Lung AAVC 1:11 56

19 Jody Koch WA WA WA WA!!! ford no boundries 1:20 51

masters Elite

1.Jon card 59.45

2 mark woliec FRCC 1:04 09

3 nick durrie ford 1:05 09

4 steve hansen tomac 1:05 34


5 mike seam dale cant turn right 1:09 49

6 Kieth riege FRCC 1:11 21

7 bill dunning wolverine 1:11 50

8 darren erspamer Adventure cyle 1:12 18

9 mike Britt aavc 1:12 18

10 matt baroli antoons BC 1;14 22

11 robert bergnab 1:19 01

DNF Matt jankwiak team revolution

B women advanced

1 karen mckee MVW 47.26

2. ann shwartz FRCC 50.27

3 alicia Hamilton AAVC 51.35

4 anne "Grandma" grovert MI CYCLOSPORT SATURN 51.49

5 leslie maes wolverine 52.36

B race beg women

1liz getner 58.04

2 lillian ruiz wheels in motion 1:0034

3 jody delavern planet cycle 1:0053

4 angie corbin 1:05 54

5 Pam Anderson Tommy lee DNF

B race 19-29

1 paul hertzler fitchburg cycling 44.47

2 ron gratop saturn of toledo 47.09

3 jake Rytlewski bay city 47.20

4 jeff zeiluza Uof M 47.41

5 james combx 47.49

6 PJ gardulski 48.13

7 kurt munson GOMER MANIA 49.20

8 Ed BOyak b3 52.07

9 mark mordus american cycle and fitness 53.54


10 jason Mishika 59.31

11 tim meilock 59.58

B race 30-39

1 jon sulentec 44.56

2 dennis lessard pedal and tour 45.23

3 mike aderhold woverine 45.36

4 Eric tompkin planet cycle 46.34

5 gary deanglis planet cycle 46 37

6 eric werner planet cycle 47 31

7 wayne cooke wolverine 47.51

8 mark robinson FRCC 48 06

9 armando vega 48 18

10 peter borsema 49 09

11 jean duet MVW 42 04

12 Roger inman planet cycle 54 37

13 gary olveria FRCC 56 31

14 Glenn occonor wolverine 57 01

15 steve balogh 1:00 04

16 steve nastavolk nannkin appliance 1:03 47

B men 49-49

1 mark armstrong MVw 46 14

2 mike rabe wolverine 47 46

3 jim sarks MVW 49 04

4 david mielock 49 21

5 steve kinley mainst cycles 49 49

6 mark rieter MVW 51 04

7 dave hnasion riverfront 51 21


8 mark lovejoy AAVC 55 14

9 rick rhinestine 57 14

10 tim grose 57 21

11 bob wydra DNF

B men 50-and over

1 joe brown 46 53

2 james lessard pedal and tour 57 11

3 rob Tiege 1:04 59

Intresting huh?

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Bustin loose!

Dam T is just bustin loose with excitement with whats been goin on in our crossscene as of late Night racin, The crew from Jacks postin some good eats to boot, a evil sucker sighting, the Pony and the Roadking whooppin ass in O-H-I-O, Its almost too much than one black man can bare..

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dont worry about the blind mule, just load up the wagon.

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Im givin a shout out for my friends at the MBRA site, that dude Joe has got more hypein in his blood than that fool creed. Like the MAN sez GET OUT AND RACE SUCKA!

Hello Michigan Racers,

Cyclocross (CX) season has gotten underway!!! Some of the biggest weekends of racing have happened, but there's still a TON more CX racing to be had.

FIRST - History was made at Cannonsburg Ski Area near Grand Rapids with the FIRST EVER NIGHT-TIME CYCLOCROSS RACE on Friday, September 11th.

Check out the video here:


Full results and the rest of the Kisscross schedule can be found at:


ANOTHER FIRST - at the Tailwind Michigan Double-X weekend, September 19th/20th, Michigan CX racings FIRST 'flyover' (now dubbed the 'Rhinover') made its debut! The ORANGE-CRUSH flyover challenged races with a tough stair section and a steep exit ramp. Rumor has it the ORANGE-CRUSH will be back at the Michigan State CX Championships in December.

For full results of the Double-X weekend, check out www.mbra.org

Sunday, September 27th - ITHACA GRAND PRIX OF CX

Brian Hancock continued to build his race into a monument of Michigan Cyclocross with the 3rd edition of the Ithaca Grand Prix of CX and the 'Amphitheater of PAIN!!!' Racing was FAST, FAST, FAST!!!!

Check out the full results here:


OUTSIDE of MIchigan - quite of few of Michigans best CX racers traveled to Madison WI for the first stop of the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross, the Planet Bike Cup. HUGE results were posted by Mike Wissink, Mark Parmelee, Jeff Weinert, Anne Schwartz, Marne Smiley and other Michigan racers. The fantastic performances against some of the BEST CX racers in the US just confirms the very high level and the depth of Michigan CX racing!

Check out full results here:



Michigan's SECOND Night-Time Cyclcross takes place this coming Saturday, October 3rd at the Tailwind Munson Park CX race in Monroe. If you missed the Cannonsburg race, you won't want to miss this one!!!

Race flyer:


Racing continues -

Saturday, October 3rd - Highland Park, Grand Rapids - www.kisscross.com


Saturday, October 17th - MAD ANTHONY Cyclocross Race @ historic Fort Wayne, Detroit

Race Flyer:




Sunday, October 18th

Tailwind - Lower Huron - www.tailwind.net

Kisscross - Caledonia Lakeside Park - www.kisscross.com

Sunday, October 26th

The LUNG BUSTER @ Maybury CX


WHEW!!! That's a LOTTA RACING!!!!!