Tuesday, April 27, 2010

doesn't get much sicker than this.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

T speaks

yea i know some of you are sick of seeing my face here, to be honest some days when i look in the mirror I'm sick of it as well, But what i ain't sick of is the day the good lord above, below or ? that gives the gift of another. I have this thing in my life that if i don't learn one new thing a day, then its not a good day , lately T has lotsa good days. OK sure they aint all rose filled and smell like all my girlfriends, but it cant be all good, just like it cant be all evil. Balance in ones life is a hard thing to obtain, if you can do it more than not, your a winner. If you dont well try harder fool, cuz it feels good!, and feelin good is good enuf
Nuff said about that, I came to speak a little on whats been goin on in and around our scene. From what I hear, see, smell, and have tasted the spring pre race things have seemed to be goin nicely, STS'in turnouts have been up Pre Waterford worlds have been fair, that ol gal Mutha nature cant even keep em way. How about the dirt side of things? just cuz my butt may be big don't mean i cant handle a bike,I got skills.. the forever and always Yankee spring thing looked fair, I'm alittle confused to why it was 2 laps? for the elite crew and expert dudes....I aint goin into who's been hot or not, or who showed and didn't go, Ill leave that up to those that know. I can say this I got a feeling were in for good things this season.
next time you through a leg over the bike and clip in. enjoy it.
Cuz T is.

and If your wondering who id use my punch on?..Ill tell ya flat faced. Joe Leko, for calling T out too many times, I love ya Joe, like brutha...but im for real, im in your face, and at your side all at the same time.. but id still like to take a jab at ya none the less. No hard feelings and since i aint the only one

I can wait.
cya all soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

gettin it for free

yea sucka's this is gettin to be a habit, like a bad one indeed. until T can search all remaining trunks, ditches, dumpsters and cheap hotels, for the REAL TMS, lookslike ill be posting more stuff, so love me or hate me, ill be here for a bit. And no i haven't pulled the plugs on T products.There some good stuff in the works...
I thought since within a week the season with the exception of STSin will be in full swing and since some of you will be seeing some old friends, or rivals, etc..on a weekend to weekend basis. I thought of alittle question you can ask yourself.
If you could punch 1 person, without them punching you back who would it be? you only get one, and theres no repercussions. think about it, make it good. choose wisely could be a friend, rival,boss, spouse, the ex, the asshole at the car wash. you get it free, no strings attached.

I got mine. you got yours?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No sucka's i ain't here to sell none of my fine products, and since you asked there doing quite well. I also ain't here to talk about STS'in, or about my company that arrived this afternoon. but what i am here to jabber about is this trick lookin skid lid by the those crafty Belgium folks, Normally T or tms wouldn't speak on product that's not scener or t made, but i cant hold back, cuz these lids are funky dope fresh, and made for those hard men for a hard day. And well T priding himself on being a hard dude, and liking hard things, these are right up my alley. I can see these going either big time or lame.just like T they may be slightly 5 years ahead of our time... love or hate em. you make the call.
Have a fun weekend

Friday, April 02, 2010

Caption this

Because TMS can always count on our Man Kroske for sending pics of the strange, we thought it would be fitting to have the proper caption any ideas?
yes this is a real funeral and this dude is dead.