Friday, January 30, 2015

1. Flying first class
2.good shoes insurance
4.Spouse, Children
6.being on time
8.The Assos T,Equippe bib short
9. The Porter Cable
10. Divorce
12.proper nutrition
13.good friends
15. DI2

worth every penny and sacrifice....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

At some point the euro chicks figured it out quicker than there male counter parts....drop the drugs and drop weight...pity cuz you dont see a style like Pezzo anymore...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

 Robert Whitman. Prince, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1977

Friday, January 23, 2015

"Stop! In the name of love."

The Mountain Screamed Three Times Today

I gotta rant and i don't give two shits who is listening.. gives a rats ass ...or even has the slight bit of interest...i really wanna talk about hands are ringing this dirty old dish rag like no tomorrow...On the other side of my sleeping back i have heard nothing but daunting cry's, and belly aches that make the lil turd droppers next door look  like grown men...sniffles of the jacked up Icecream race...and I just gotta say what the fuck people? ....come on no one is really taking it up the ass and I sure as hell don't think no one is gonna have to suck anyone's cock.....I know my grammar is about thick as that homie at the local shop throwing out pro deals like candy...but stay with  me on this or don't.....
Wanna skip it?  go do Cincy 3 day sure that's a savings.... race fees are less..factor in gas maybe a overnight stay...and the probability of getting your soft butt handed back to you is probably highly likely...return on investment....yea rigght..don't be hatin on me me i aint mad at cha...Go to USAC nationals...MTB, road about jacked up..and holy fucking shit you cant even win money there....but you can sell your medal when you podium....fact of the matter i aint on old Steve's pay roll but the man has to make money....Its probably one of the coolest races/rides in the country...and for crying out loud its in your back yard...the cut back on the brew a few times a month...and whammo your in and faster too boot..i hate going all clubber like..but its a silly thing..either your in or out..and if your out  who gives a shit take it like a man..stop crying on the social billboards.cuz i betcha Steve aint losing a bit a wood.....

Now go channel that belly aching to good ol old school training and ram it down someones throat...


Listen Up

i got a toy review comin and some other misc shit to speak on..... and I aint all that happy.

1. it nvr good enuff cos life abt infinite tries till u die she support me cos i support her

2.  don’t we all wanna be foolz n luhh

3.  promises compromise spiritual stability

4.  im an animal im not allowed to b naked in da skreets tho i have to go to my nest if i wanna be naked

5.  tryna safely live this unhealthy lifestyle tho

6.  media troll w real life just to see who they can make mad or sad

7  igot android cos i wanted everyone to kno im retarded

8  well just let da media decide wtf u currr abt den

 9 freedumb of speech mean u can say w/e u want but it dont really mean shit other than u just said w/e u wanted to & u can feel however u want abt dat & dat right thur iz wtf u call freewill

10  u are born to play god

11  imma sell drugs start a non-profit church & pay all da church bills w dem dirty racks

12  i like how they lead us to thinking it abt sum god wanting us to have w/e we want when it really all abt w/e we want & how da govt can capitalize on it

13 u stay youthful thru not fucking anyone & nvr stressing out over ne one who fucked u

14. it nvr good enuff cos life abt infinite tries till u  die

15. oh da beauty of bein poor & barely surviving


Thursday, January 22, 2015

God dam....It must of been something in the drugs..ya know more like real people stuff..cuz shit was hella alot cooler back in the day...


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

 Led Zeppelin, November 1971, “Electric Magic” at Wembley Empire Pool, days after the release of Led Zeppelin IV, by Michael Putland.



What is Tomke trying to tell us here? and that crusty old bastard used to spend countless hours cussing and discussing rating and debating small portions of our life..things meaningless to you all happy go lucky folks...things that couldn't even fill a bottle cap with even the most decently constructed shit post....but that dont matter cuz in T's world things dont move in the same as sane folks specially not when you missed the Petticoat Junction re-run premier cuz you had been up all nursing a sick Tabby ..maybe it was the full belly of Nacho's..I dont know...but one thing me and that ol fool can agree on is everything has why i eat this butter right out of the tub...

But seriously living in a place were drinking Busch n driving is looked upon as a right of passage...your weight room is on the porch, old cars are used as privacy fences and everyone is born with a motor between there legs and has a motocross track three steps from there hot tub....whats Tom telling us..Is he one with the bike..he is all the wattage? maybe he is high? I wonder how his bike and component sponsor feels...saying fuck you i don't need no stinking soulless plastic parts to kick the shit out of the rest of dope fiends..I AM IT! ..maybe its just a euro-fuck thing..i dont know...I am just god dam blessed that tobacco chewing fucking guy in the jacked up F350 super duty that coaled me last weekend doesn't pay no attention to the silly world of pro cycling....cuz i wouldn't be here wasting your time...

PEACE fools

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eagle River 1973
Gilles in the alouette twin tracker, Iron Wood Michigan 1973
James Hunt and Gilles Villeneuve

65 years ago today, a Formula One legend was born.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Everybody wants some
1.Five Guys
2.Lars Van de Haar's start
3.the Rolling Stones Goats Head soup
4.Kind Strong Bars
5.The Bar maid at that dive bar down the street
6.The first 25 seconds of Bostons Piece of Mind
7.The fries at Rallys
8.not USAC
9. Ebay item number 331445486850
10.Cold weather
12. Snoopy jacked on Caffeine
14.Helmut Newton

Kills It