Monday, July 30, 2007

separated at birth

A little unknown fact that they used Jon Cards image for the character Frozone in the 2004 Hit The Incredibles.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

separated at birth

Word has it Will Ferrel will be playing the part of Dave Mullins, in the Dave Mullins Story, its a story about a man trying to juggle a cycling lifestyle, and full time job. all while moonlighting as a standup comic.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

separated at birth

Tim Sari, or Steve from Blues Clues? Tim had a great career in The early childhood learning field, before changing to his current job and becoming a Miscener.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mullet Jaunne

Correct us if were wrong but if this course/race doesnt get the State road race in the future it will be a crime. With No disrespect to WMCR and the Cedar Creek crew, but like everything else in life, change is Good, Major Taylor had its time and fit in when we needed a State Road race, and Cedar Creek is good venue, and should stay on the calander as should have MajorT, But its time to go elsewhere for the State Roads, Yea we can dream of northern Michigan in all its beauty and splendor but until someone can step up and get it done... the crew that threw this race should be proud, registration and scoring was top notch, the roads? well its Michigan what ya want. Turnout? 50+ in the cat4 and cat 5 not mention the 1/2 field being thick...The course took its toll on many summer burnout and cookouts could be to blame but, add a few more laps and the fields would whittled down further. CyclenFit thanks, great day of racing.
Now the report. How about John Sammut nearly edging out Master Morgan for the masters 35+ win. Tom Nells Don Cameron strolled in for 4th whew!!, and what about the girls interupted comin out of hiding and drivin dirty in the womens 1/2. Bill Gilboe clobbered them in the masters 45+ as did FRank THE MAN Kistler in 55+ Cody Brown of nearby Highland took the Cat 4 race, and the ever HUGE Cat 5 got dogged by Rodney Eaton
the 1/2 field saw its share of attacks through out the day, but it wasnt until lap 3 the right combo was put together and 10-11 guys were gone with all team represented, it was control and cover for the field. outtatowner Chris Fisher beat Sven, or is Steve? Howard for the win the Cyborg came in 5th and Matt Prygoski was 6th the Savage was 7th. Suprise faces in the filed were Steve Mulijek, and Chris Uberti movin up from the Cat3, as far as movin up goes, it looks as though someone handed out upgrades for the summer, as many 3's were seen swimin in the 1/2 field. Yea that about sums it up, if you see Ron Stack and crew, thank em.. we have.

Monday, July 23, 2007

separated at birth

Saturn/Shells Phil Mishka, or Hollywood wannabe Nick Lachey?
you make the call

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

gNats Wrap

gNats are now in the books, and we seem to be nearing the crazy part of the season, crits and chaos thats we like to call em! We faired well in a whole at 7Springs with a surprise National medal, some sceners probaby dont know existed.... Mixed Tandem 90+ Time Trial – Patrick Aimone (Belleville, Mich.), Anne Marie Phillips (Northville, Mich.) WAy to go!
Graham Howard - second in the U23 time trial. Elite men saw the our Neighbor Paul Martin take some more names and another title home to North Royalton Ohio The imfamous Norm Zellers placed 19th and was slightly out done by crit DOG HECKMAN at 14th, the all arounder Tom Burke was a not to distant 26th. Greg Christian in there too. TmS favorite Josh Tarrant was MIA in the road race and off kilter in the TT. also rans in the last week of battle were Adam Sczech of SunLYon, Elite mens TT and Alvin Nordell in the Elite mens RR. it may be time to refuel and recharge for round 2 of the year for some, and for others its damage control and get back together. Keep it up, cause if you dont someone else is.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Common Grounds

Back in the mid 80's Detroit rocker The Rythim Corp had the hit Common Grounds, I dont think anyone had that in mind on a hot breezy afternoon in mid July at our states capital. The fields were a bit down this past weekend, July is a tough time for alot racers, mid summer burnout plagues many, outside races draw many out to battle elsewhere, leaving the opening for new faces in the mix. but no matter what the shuffle is, the podiums seems to contain the usual suspects.
This is great venue and deserves a better turnout. Downtown crits are a TMS favorite. The Cat1/2 field was one such group missing some of the watts it normaly contains, but that didnt stop DocSAVAGE form takin the heads off the rest of the field. PH boys and Lathrup tried to diassemble the pack in a break that got too big for its own good, but when it came down to the end the Savage took it with PH Dwitte and the 455 Riveria hot on him. the top 15 contained some surprise finishers. Brandon Lyon, the Fleein Koreon, and Fabulous Fred Anderson all scored points.
Cat 3, got combined with the 4's and had what has got to be the best finish we have witnessed in that class scince this roll has been goin, a slight stack up took out a few... but still kept the field together, Brendan Benson got it by a hair with Kyle Lake snakin 2nd. Amy Staufer won the Cat 1/2/3 womens field.
Masters 35+ had PAPPA T doin it to it like Pruit used to do it to it. Rob Iser saved his head and held onto 2nd.
Its almost sick were half way through the 2007 season, The courses and turnouts in our opinion are the best they have been in years. with guys like Christian, The Howard brothers and Jake the Snake tearin it up outta state, Not To mention always a Scener Mark Heckman winning Tour Ohio, shit The BLACK ACE with double podium spots at gNAts, and over 70% of the 1/2 field being a master, it gives the riders comin through the ranks some drive, the state is tough and does have the ability to produce some good talent we should all be thankfull we got guys like this, and the teams we have, supporting the events around the state.
as the old school saying goes

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Misceners ride well at The California Giant Strawberry USCF national championships.
heres a quick run down so far.
Jon Card masters men time trial 40-44, 4th place
Jon Card Masters men road race 40-44, 4th place
Scott Claes masters men 45-49 crit 17th place
Jim Regan masters men 45 -49 crit 5th place
Mark Olson masters men 35-39 crit 3rd place
Jason Swatloski masters men 35-39 12th place
Terry Palmer masters men 35-39 18th crit
Ken Vernier masters men 35-39 crit, 33rd place
Jeff Koch masters men 35-39 road race, 1 6th place
Robert Foshag masters men 35-39 road race 28th place

the u-23 field had a good showing with the Howard bros both riding well, as wellas scott Stewart, John doyle and misplaced scener Tucker Olander doin battle
good luck to those doin the Elite race, the course from the looks of the results will take no prisoners.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

James Knight checkin out the action, Dexter, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

On this Day in 1957

50 years ago today..John Lennons group take part in a Village Music festival , and is impressed by Paul McCartneys skills of playing a upsidedown fender. a friendship is born.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Streets of Dexter.

Who ever thought it was a good idea to move theThe State Crit Championship from Ada to Dexter, should be........applauded, Not scince the old Midland course has this race been this selective, Yes ADA is a fine course no doubt, but this years event made alot of riders on the wire, no sleepin at the wheel here just flat tough crit racing.
Nice weather again for the umpteenth week in a row! can you believe it!
BIG RAY DYBOWSKI let it all hang out, and made it 2 State Titles in less than week, winning Masters 45+ in solo Fashion. Fabulous Fred Anderson snuck in for second. Pappa T took advantage of a run away pony and got in its draft to get a second behind outta towner Jerry Whitim in masters 35+ .
Cat 3 had a strong field that stayed together and set up for a mean field sprint the towns people got to see Joe Shraad win it with Saturn/Shells Paul Eddleston second. West Coaster Nate williams came home for 3rd.
Cat 1/2 was stacked with nearly 60 of Michigans finest PH had DWitte, Allen park winner Derek Grahm, Whitehead, TWT had Stark, Lockley and crew, WCMR brough them all The ever fast and last years race winner, Ben Renkema is comin off a couple fine rides at tour Ohio, Strong Man and new 2007 State Time Trial champion Greg Christain, 2007 Road State champion Shoberg , Hard man JasonS, 2004 road State Champion Brant Hendler, Riddle, Robinson, Lathrup, well ..the team is as stacked as well as WM with full house of sprinters including 2004 winner Brian the EAGLE Adams, and last years winner of this race quiet Jeff Hamilton, SunLYon had Shugnight, the Fleein Koreon, and crew. Saturn of Toldeo was missin the BlackAce and the CYBORG, but still had Foshag, Regan and Jeff Crawford to the deed. Blair Dudley looked good in the make wish kit, Wolverine were without Finlestien but had super aggresor DANNYK and cool hand Luke with all the blog banter and bulliten board bullshit on the line, it was gonna be a bloddfeast for those that showed. The race broke up almost from the gun with many guys takin a soil sample in the tricky first corner, By midway the field was splinterd into a bloody lactic mess. breaks would come and some would go, but it wasnt until the near end when the decsion was made and 5 got away to battle it out, The Crafty one JasonS, 2 Lathrups MINIME, The quiet Jeff, and and Hard chargin Derek Grahm. Roundin the last corner it was heads up as Grahm posted yet another win in a great season of fine rides. seconds later the what was left of the field saw a tough 5-7 rider sprint containing Renkema Docsavage, Riveria, Foshag and crew.
Big News in the the pre college set was Chris brinkman or the Giant KILLER DIDNT win , he was second to PH's Zach Mcbride. Ms woodring did as expected and took the womens 1/2/3 were finaly seeing a good turnout in that class. Team Venom got revenge and creamed the Cat4 field with Bryon Boyer wreckin it. Peggy Herron from the Michigan Sports and Fitness magazine won womens Cat4 in fine style.
All in all It was a perfect day, a tough corse and good turnout only added to the it.Thanks Dexter and all those that made it happen we cant wait till next year.

Ridin with heart award goes out to: Matt Prygowski covering everything that moved
most agressive: Rich Stark goin for it all day, only to end it with a crash.
best showin by a team: DRAW. Lathrup and West Coast puttin 3 guys in the top 10
sweetest win: BIG RAYS
strangest sighting: Grant Kidd in a vintage Extang Uniform or Max Finbiener in a Makewish kit

2007 Dexter Criterium
Michigan State Criterium Championship
Saturday, June 30, 2007

Elite Men Category 1/2 –55 Riders – 75 minutes + 2 laps
1. Derek Graham Priority Health/Bissell Grand Rapids Gold Medal
2. Jason Swiatlowski West MI Coast Riders Grand Rapids Silver Medal
3. Meurig James Lathrup Industries/Giant Novi Bronze Medal
4. Jeff Hamilton Lathrup Industries/Giant Kalamazoo
5. Scott Riddle West MI Coast Riders Lowell
6. Ben Renkema West MI Coast Riders Holland
7. Bruce Rivera Essex Brass Beverley Hills
8. Derek Witte Priority Health/Bissell Grand Rapids
9. Terry Palmer Essex Brass Macomb Tw
10. Brian Adams Lathrup Industries/Giant Novi
11. Rob Daksiewicz Lathrup Industries/Giant Howell
12. Rob Foshag Saturn of Toledo/Shell Monroe
13. James Regan Saturn of Toledo/Shell Toledo, OH
14. Peter Schilling Unattached Ann Arbor
15. Gregory Christian West MI Coast Riders East Lansing

Elite Men Category 3 – 37 Riders – 60 minutes + 2 laps
1. Joey Schaard Ann Arbor Velo Club Okemos Gold Medal
2. Paul Eddleston Unattached Birmingham Silver Medal
3. Nathaniel Williams West MI Coast Riders Grand Rapids Bronze Medal
4. Kyle Lake West MI Coast Riders Ada
5. Fred Bunn Cisco Cycling East Grand Rapids
6. Jamie Parker Unattached Howell
7. Scott Kroske Wolverine Sports Club Birmingham
8. Brendan Benson KLM Bike/Fitness Birmingham
9. Robert Sisson Flying Rhinos CC Milford
10. Matt Ashley Flying Rhinos CC -
11. Nate Cole River City Velo Jenison
12. Chris Boer Weg+Berg Grand Rapids
13. Tyler Jenema Hagerty Racing Gwinn
14. Zach McBride Priority Health/Bissell Kalamazoo
15. Nate Elmer Team DRT Ft. Wayne, IN

Elite Men Category 4 – 38 Riders – 45 minutes + 2 laps
1. Bryon Boyer Team Venom Lansing Gold Medal
2. Charles Rennie Hagerty Racing Traverse City Silver Medal
3. Peter Beels ECTA/Honeywell Grand Rapids Bronze Medal
4. Rodger Bowser Two Wheel Tango Ann Arbor
5. Scott Gifford Ann Arbor Velo Club Canton
6. Brent DelRosario Wolverine Sports Club Shelby Twp.
7. Richard Hummel Maumee Valley Wheelmen Bowling Green, OH
8. Lupe Martinez Unattached Hamilton, ON
9. Brad Fry Kalmazoo Bike Club Portage
10. David Schultz River City Velo Kentwood
11. Michael Pizzorno Wolverine Sports Club Northville
12. Zachary Maino Ann Arbor Velo Club Jackson
13. Brian Hancock Team Giant/Michigan Alma
14. Douglas Hedges Wolverine Sports Club Royal Oak
15. Ben Caldwell Ann Arbor Velo Club Whitmore Lake

Elite Men Category 5 – 36 Riders – 30 minutes + 2 laps
1. Benn Penner Ann Arbor
2. Brady Mattison Ann Arbor
3. William Sherwood Royal Oak
4. Tom Elias Bloomfield Hills
5. Colin Snyder Livonia
6. Tolm Golden Plymouth
7. Rex Biest Charlotte
8. Ryan Nagelkirk Lansing
9. Cam Kohn N/A
10. Andrew Hromadka Ann Arbor
11. Chris Loftus Ann Arbor
12. John Lentz Ann Arbor
13. Kevin Dittmar Novi
14. Jason Perkins Chelsea
15. Matt Windy Reese

Elite Women Category 1/2/3 – 18 Riders – 45 minutes + 2 laps

1. Mackenzie Woodring Priority Health/Bissell Wyoming Gold Medal
2. Leslie Gaines Priority Health/Billell Okemos Silver Medal
3. Julie Bellerose AAVC/Team Aberdeen Ann Arbor Bronze Medal
4. Amy Stauffer Priority Health/Bissell Grand Rapids
5. Jennifer Mitchell Saturn of Toledo/Shell Toledo, OH
6. Sarah Maguire Priority Health/Bissell Holland
7. Tara Tasha Team Giant Wyoming
8. Laura Johnson AAVC/Team Aberdeen Ann Arbor
9. Antonia Musto Priority Health/Bissell Ada
10. Cheryl Olson Priority Health/Bissell Delton
11. Ann Remmers AAVC/Team Aberdeen Ann Arbor
12. Wendy Caldwell AAVC/Team Aberdeen Whitmore Lake
13. Aimee Allen Maple Leaf CC Windsor, ON
14. Emily Flynn AAVC/Team Aberdeen Okemos
15. Renee Schroeder Wolverine Sports Club Grosse Pointe
16. Lisa Meils Team Giant/Michigan Troy
17. Maia Orabi Wolverine Sports Club Shelby Twp.

Elite Women Category 4 – 2 Riders – 30 minutes + 2 laps
1. Peggy Herron Michigan Sports and Fitness Magazine Ann Arbor
2. Carre Zalma Unattached Gregory

Masters Men 30 + - 8 Riders – 45 minutes + 2 laps (no MI Challenge Points)
1. Dave Baar Weg+Berg Velo Ada Gold Medal (30+)
2. Lucas Wall ABC Cycling Superior Twp. Silver Medal (30+)
3. Max Finkbeiner Make a Wish Whitmore Lk. Bronze Medal (30+)
4. Nathanael Elmer 3 Rivers Velo Ft. Wayne, IN
5. Rich Stark Ann Arbor Velo Club Ann Arbor
6. Wayne Tompkins Hooters/Reynolds Racing Windsor, ON
7. Doug Gatto South Lyon Cycles Lincoln Park

Masters Men 35 + - 25 Riders – 45 minutes + 2 laps
1. Jerry Whitham Chiropower Ft. Wayne, IN
2. Anthony Bruley Cadieux Café/Team O2 Rochester Hills Gold Medal (35+)
3. Jeff Weinert Team Giant – Michigan Lake Orion Silver Medal (35+)
4. Dave Hietikko West MI Coast Riders Ada Gold Medal (40+)
5. Robert Iser South Lyon Cycles South Lyon Silver Medal (40+)
6. Randy Herman Two Wheel Tango Dexter Bronze Medal (35+)
7. Charles Rennie Hagerty Racing Traverse City Bronze Medal (40+)
8. Dave George Cisco Cycling Sparta
9. Jon Morgan Team Giant – Michigan Milford
10. Sean Klobucar Hooters/Reynold Cycling Windsor, ON
11. Terry Ritter Team Giant – Michigan Royal Oak
12. Rob Selle Just for Fun West Bloomfield
13. Jeff Gray Essex Brass Troy
14. Brian Clissold Unattached Battle Creek
15. Doug Hedges Wolverines Royal Oak

Masters Men 45 + -21 Riders – 45 minutes + 2 laps
1. Ray Dybowski Wolverine Sports Club Waterford Gold Medal (45+)
2. Fred Anderson West MI Coast Riders Okemos Gold Medal (50+)
3. Mark Cahn Cadieux Café/Team O2 West Bl’mfld Silver Medal (45+)
4. Eric Snider Saturn of Toled0/Shell Toledo, OH
5. Ray Barberhenn Ann Arbor Velo Club Ann Arbor Bronze Medal (45+)
6. Michael Birman South Lyon Cycles Portage
7. Dave Lewis Team Koehlinger/Kelly N/A
8. Larry Bohnsack Ann Arbor Velo Club Brighton Silver Medal (50+)
9. Jonathan Brinkman Maumee Valley Wheelmen Toledo, OH
10. Dave Stebbins Cisco Cycling Team Belmont Bronze Medal (50+)
11. Terry Bandsta West MI Coast Riders Spring Lake
12. Bernie Clinke Cadieux Café/Tam 02 Metamora
13. Marc Dettman Priority Health Grand Rapids
14. EJ Levy Cadieux Café/O2 Southfield
15. John Demmink Cisco Cycling Rockford
16. Mark Armstrong Saturn of Toledo/Shell Toledo

Masters Men 55 + -6 Riders – 45 minutes + 2 laps
1. Ed Reid Cycle Fit Grand Blanc Gold Medal (55+)
2. David Linden Flying Rhinos CC Dexter Silver Medal (55+)
3. Mike Krywanski Cisco Cycling Rockford Bronze Medal (55+)
4. Loren Simon Cisco Cycling St. John Gold Medal (60+)
5. Jay Muller Rapid Wheelmen Middleville Gold Medal (65+)

Junior Women – 1 Rider – 30 minutes + 2 laps
1. Whitney Kroll Saturn of Toledo/Shell Midland Gold Medal

Junior Men 10 - 12 - 3 Riders - 30 minutes + 2 laps
1. Rudy Peterson Flying Rhinos CC Kalamazoo Gold Medal
2. Rem Vermeulen Ann Arbor Velo Club Pinckney Silver Medal
3. Jacob Kiel-Locey Ann Arbor Velo Club Ann Arbor Bronze Medal

Junior Men 13 - 14 - 4 Riders - 30 minutes + 2 laps
1. Lexy Vermeulen Ann Arbor Velo Club Pinckney Gold Medal
2. James Anderson Ann Arbor Velo Club Saline Silver Medal
3. Eric Lanlonde Maple Leaf CC Windsor, ON
4. Joe Wendorf Ann Arbor Velo Club Ann Arbor Bronze Medal

Junior Men 15 - 16 - 7 Riders - 30 minutes + 2 laps (Provisional results)
1. Tayler Birman South Lyon Cycling Portage Gold Medal
2. Tony Wieczorek South Lyon Cycling Trenton Silver Medal
3. Noah Veltkamp Saturn of Toledo/Shell Coleman Bronze Medal
4. Myles Davis Wolverine Sports Club -
5. Caleb Bromley Ann Arbor Velo Club Jackson
6. Paul Jacobson Kalamazoo BC Richland

Junior Men 17 - 18 - 9 Riders - 30 minutes + 2 laps
1. Zach McBride Priority Health/Bissell Kalamazoo Gold Medal
2. Chris Brinkman Saturn of Toledo/Shell Toledo, OH
3. Marco Cote Maple Leaf CC Windsor, ON
4. John Lucente Maple Leaf CC Windsor, ON
5. Ryan Crawford Aquila Racing London, ON
6. Marc McDonald Wilkins Ann Arbor Velo Club Ann Arbor