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"I can see it now a car load of you and your drinking buddies going up to empty my parents liquor cabinet, its too depressing to even imagine" From the Movie Animal House (quoted from Katy played by Karen Allen), Lumis, Lummox, the Brawny Lad, Hell raiser are all things that come to mind when we here at Tm's think of when someone mentions this Guy. Fact is he seems like a outright straight shooter and one heck of a great person. the first time i met Jason was at Fort Custer and he had this killer lookin dog with him, right away i could tell what kind of person he was.. I also used to spot him wizzin by me on a green Stumpjumper out at the POTO as i gasped for breath ...He's been a mainstay in the scene for the past 9+ years not only in the off road scene but crossin it up as well. Heres a quick blip on Jason Lummis.
1.How long have you been racing
1998 I started in Sport Mountain Bike

2. Your a long time poto Hell rider, if you keep track....what's your fastest time on the big loop?
     Fastest Poto was a 1:05.45 and change back in 2001, average on Thursday night Poto World Championships (PWC) is a sub 1:10. I like riding DBL Pottos at about a 2:25 pace
3. Occupation? Construction and now Aberdeen Bike Shop in Chelsea

4. past sponsors Bells started in 2001. We had a team with Tom Archer, Rick Noonan, Shelly Wilson called G&G (Automotive sponsor)in 2000 that morphed into the 1st Bells team with JAJ and Jim James.
   That has been it.

5. worst bike you have owned in the last 10 yrs BE HONEST its ok.?
 Colnago Road bike, absolutely hated the ride

6. what are your weakness, cycling specific?
  Being a flat lander from the Midwest I would say long climbs are my weakness.

7. Your first bike?
Besides a BMX bike as a child, would be a 1990 Cannondale with down sloping TT and a Pepperoni rigid fork 3lbs for frame and fork ( I still have it)

8.What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?
  Too many to list. But I tend to have allot, at other peoples expense.

9. The bells crew seems like a fun group. whets it like traveling with them?
   Like a big family the guys/gal are the best friends I have ! We have The Simonster, Joberon, Johnny M, JAJ, Q, now Erin V. and myself. 
    We all talk a couple times a week/day especially during race season.
    Traveling is great we try and carpool as much as possible.

10.Do you train on the road bike often??
   Used to, until I got my 1st Quiring 29er and now mostly dirt roads, mixed with trails and a little pave. I haven't been on a true road bike in over a year.

11.Do you follow specific training programs, I.E. peaks and Taper?
   Nope just like to ride allot and never real easy. I'll taper a little before a 'BIG' race. 
   I usually just ride easier on days I feel slow and harder on days I feel good.

12. do you coach yourself or have coach?
     Coaching? I would say self abuse would be the only self coaching I do. I will ask Art Flemming for advice once or twice a year.

13. Secret Cravings?
    Peanut M&Ms I can put a few lbs down real quick. HOPSLAM mmmmmm beer

14. what other interest or hobbies do you have?
  Hiking, XC skiing, scuba diving and backcountry camping

15. favorite place to ride?
    Poto, Gunnison, North Carolina ---Pisgah area, Moab, Durango, North Country Trail.

16. Have ever considered racing on the road more often?
    Sometimes, but the whole sucking wheel gig gets real old fast . There just has been too many conflicts with Road and MTB races over the last few years.

17. Last C.D. you bought?
     Tragically Hip -- Yer Favorites box set

18. good book or Movie?

19. what does jason on friday night?
     Sleep ! I love my sleep.

20. wife and kids ?
 Wife Kathleen and son Zackery. Kathy and I have been together since 1998 and we where married in 2003. Zackery is 15 months old. 3 dogs as well.

21. 26-29er and why?
  29er ! Why ? Rolls faster thru the trails and over obstacles. Higher BB height means less clipped pedals. 
  I feel I have better high speed control on my 29er and traction as well.

22. do you follow a strict diet?
     Not really. I do eat about the same meals everyday (large breakfast, lunch and a small dinner--- with lots of snacks all day)

23. would you still ride if you didn't race?
      Hellz yes, I like to ride my bike everywhere.

24. rigid or suspended, In the past you have ridden FS bikes, do ever miss them?
     Rigid for racing for sure, rolling on the Quiring 29er with STANS NO Tubes rims set up tubeless. Suspension on courses that need them, like PLRA (thats it for Michigan races). 
    National races have courses that I would use a front fork for. The downhills and rough areas in MI are just not long enough to need a front shock. 
     I just take a little abuse for 10 secs at the most.
  Yes I have had a couple FS bikes and I always pushed the shocks to the limits with stiffness and pressure. I have broken too many Rock Shocks and never hurt a Quiring steel fork.
  The suspension works, problem is it works all the time. There is allot of wasted movement with in the bike.
  FS bikes are great riding bikes and are comfy. But would you want a Cadillac or a Ferrari in a car race ? 
 Yeah the Cady would be comfy and smooth, but when you want the speed and handling you get a little stiffer ride with the Ferrari.
 So here in the Midwest I say FS bikes for racing are a little too much. They make riders lazy in the handling department, point and shoot doesn't always work.
  Now that I have a Titanium Quiring 29er I don't ever see myself riding a FS bike. Tubeless set ups and low pressure adding a Ti set back set post with a little skill and I can ride all day.

25 THANKS your one of the best!! and thank those that keep you rollin!!!
 Keep up the good Shit ! and Remember arguing with anonymos people on the internet is like the Special Olympics.
It doesnt matter who wins you both look retarded

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11. best MTB, SIMONSTER, Only iceman would of made year a tad sweeter.
12. Master of the year, road/cross..all the OLD FARTS
13. CRIT of 2007, Gaslight for the new venue, Dexter for the technical toughness, Michigans gaining the rep as a crit mecca.
14. Road Race of the year TOKV, flawlessly ran, great weather, and nice turnout
15.Best Cross course, ITHACA GP,new ve
nue thats worth a look.
16. BEST MTB event the ICEMAN hands down
17.BEST all around event, road/cross/mtb, TOKV BABY, or Erie St over the boarder, tokv had the smoothness, Erie st has the history and the atmosphere
18. Best TMS'er makin it outta state, Kacey Manderfield, brighter than the sun, or Jake the Snake bakin those cakes.
19.BIGGEST BLUNDER, 2 Texas Roadhousies, underestimating Greg Christain at Cone Azalia
20. TRACKIE AWARD. Luke Cavender he and few other are gonna the new breed of young guns. watch
there you have for some pics and funny comments we recieved with our ballots later this week.

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Yea, OK! alittle late than never, its not all our fault, as those that were asked to vote didn't get back to us in a timely manner, thanks to those that did ! and hopefully next year we can get more votes somehow, (we need to work on our email list!!) please understand these are NOT just the views of us at the controls at TMS, but of those SCENERS themselves. maybe your teammates, riding buddies, and who knows the dude dating your wives and girlfriends casted them. Instead of hittin everyone with one overall rider of the year we broke it down into some smaller segments. So in the next few days we gonna throw out a few a day. Sit back and enjoy, bitch, cry, agree or debate who deserved the nods. remember we always like comments anon or legit. thanks for your support!!!

1.Male roadie of the year. THIS was the ONLY one that came in tie, no lie. half the ballots went one way the others, well the these dudes are sharin it.
Lathrups MINIME James Muerig, and WMCR Greg Christain.
MINI me held his game from spring fling to the end, and Greg started winning early in the spring, took on the Texas Roadhouse boys and later won the State Time trial as well. tough dudes.
2. Female roadie of the year Mackenzie Woodring rarely had any challengers she looked good weekend after weekend.
3. UP and Coming roadie. Matt Prygoski of Team Venom, won the the Cat 3 overall in May and didnt hesitate to butt heads with the 1/2 later that month, He's got a good attitude and strong sprint.
4.LIFER ROADIE BIG RAY DYBOWSKI, Rays a swell guy and picked up 2 more state titles in 07, He doesnt seem to be on some mega serious training program he just likes to ride and take chances, if they pay off, well he makes a bunch skinny guys look bad.
5.Miscner Sprint KING with no offense to any other of the guys that were in the field sprint mix every weekend, you cant deny 2006 Crit State Champion Ben Renkema of WMCR took so many fields sprints we lost count, he's young, rides smart and kicks like mule.
6. SPRING FLINGER Lathrups Josh Tarrant took no prisoners through the early months of the year and in April he killed everyone that came to runway plaza. Lets hope he can pick up were he left off last spring.
7. Male Cyclocross'er of the year. NO ONE scince the The Jeff Wienert days of late 90's has anyone laid it down like the long time deserving
they often refer to as the REV, or we call him the WIZ, or the quiet one. Specailized Mike Wissink came out swingin with 2 bats and never let up, he rarely showed chink in his armor, won a Crank Bros Masters event, got a UCI point and Stopped the Former Juggernauts domonation of the Tailwind Series and State championsip stranglehold.
8. Female Crosser, FRCC Ann Schwartz, hit it every weekend and even made some guys look bad.
9. Up and coming Cyclocrosser Essex Brass Tim Sari, if he keeps rollin you may see him taking a state title in few years.
10.LIFETIME CROSSER Tailwinds Robert Linden A great series and Jonathon Paige coming to the UCI was HUGE. thanks!

thats all for now check back Wednesday for the FINAL 10.

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This is tad off the radar for most workin class TMS stiffs, but still a great plug for us grunts.!

US Pro peloton boasts a record 10 racers from Michigan!!!
Jan.13.2008 -..... Posted By:Joe Lekovish
The 2008 US Pro peloton will include a record number of pro cyclists who call Michigan their original home. Sure the demands of pro cycling usually means that to remain competitive at the highest level, a racer may re-locate to places like California, Arizona or North Carolina, but all these racers originally started out racing as Wolverines, Rhinos, MCG, Rapid Wheelmen or other Michigan club team members.
Additionally, of the 17 UCI pro teams that are registered in the U.S. in 2008, Michigan is the home base for one, the Bissell Pro Cycling Team (, something VERY FEW other states can boast!!!
As if that isn’t enough, our state will also feature a US Pro Cycling Tour event, the Tour de Leelanau ( on May 24th and the National Racing Calendar event, the Priority Health Classic ( on September 6th and 7th.

So, if you find yourself taking in the Tour of California in February, Philly Week in June, or of course the Tour de Leelanau or Priority Health Classic races, make sure you root for one of these guys!!!!
BISSELL PRO CYCLING TEAM ( Director: Glen Mitchell (USA) HOWARD, Graham - Grand Rapids, MI(USA) HOWARD, Steven - Grand Rapids, MI

BMC RACING TEAM ( Director: Gavin Chilcott (USA) BOOKWALTER, Brent – Comstock Park, MIHEALTHNET (

)Director: Mike Tamayo (USA) O'BEE, Kirk - Rockford, MI(USA) PIPP, Frank - Iron Mountain,

MIJELLY BELLY CYCLING TEAM ( D.S.Danny Van Haute (USA) CODY, Michael – Ann Arbor,
RITE AID PRO CYCLING ( Director: Jonathan Wirsing (USA) RYTLEWSKI, Jake – Bay City, MI
SUCCESSFUL LIVING ( Director: Steve Hegg(USA) WHITE, Bradley - Leland,
MITOSHIBA-AEG D.S. Gustavo Carrillo (USA) HEKMAN, Mark – Grand Rapids, MI
Director: Len Pettyjohn (USA) BALDWIN, Chris – Kalamazoo, MI

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We all know what Robt Herriman looks like on a bike, scince he is on it more than he is not. We thought it would be a cool thing to see him back in day. These opening shots are just a sample of Roberts mom probably has hid in the closet. He is definitely one of us here at TMS

1. best moment on a bike?
The endurance races tend to evoke the most emotion for me. The finish lines of any of my five Leadvilles, two Lumberjacks, or my solo 24 hours of Boyne were all right up there. But I’ll go ahead and say rolling through the start finish area, on my way out for my last lap at the solo 24 was a best moment. Lots of friends there to cheer me on. It was cool. I got a little teared up rolling out for that last lap...

2. worst?
I guess any of my rides that have ended in the ER. I have had a few. Topping that list was a subfreezing, winter, night ride were I slipped and crashed, twisting my foot around, about 180 degrees. Then trying to ride home in 6 inches of snow with a snapped tibia and fibula. It wasn’t that it hurt all that much it was just the realization that things were gona suck for a couple months.

3. what training would you say is most beneficial?
Honestly, I pretty much ignore any conventional wisdom. I just ride my bike. No coach, no weights or cross training, and I rarely stretch. I think, just by default, if you ride 14 to 16 thousand miles each year you can have fun and get some results at the races.

4. who do respect on a bike in our scene? influences?
There are a lot of great riders in Michigan. Many that I respect. Some that I only see at the races but they still seem like genuine friends. I think that’s awesome and makes the racing fun. But I have to say I respect Simonster the most. I mean, I have to respect him or he will rip my legs off and beat me over the head with them. :-) Influence? Well, if it was not for Danny Klein I may never have fallen into this sport. Danny got me into cycling for sure.

5. favorite bike of all time?
My 2007 Trek Fuel EX 9.5 is an easy choice. I have ever owned a bike that I was so excited about. It’s just a blast to ride.

6. friday night in the off season? in season?
Friday night in the off season is an easy, hour spin around town. In season it's the same with a stop at the bike shop to get some energy gels for the weekend’s race.

7. biggest extravagance?
I’m a pretty simple soul so I don't have many extravagances. I don’t suppose I really need to have 13 bikes. I truly only need 10 bikes to survive…

8. any regrets in cycling?
Not really. There’s always gona be a move you could have made, that you see after the fact. But as far as those moves go I have been really lucky. I’ll admit it, I have been really lucky a lot. The big, big, Tour de Leelanau podium a couple years ago was pure luck.

9. is it true you were a inline skating honcho?
Sure. I got into in-line skating in 1992 at age 31. I saw an x-girlfriend in-line skating one day and was inspired to give it a try. I was soon racing on the skates and leading group skating adventures. That was in the hay-day of in-line skating and I was one of the guys that led groups of up to 250 skaters bar hopping in downtown Detroit. A local in-line skating legend, Dave Cooper, nicknamed me "Satan" cause I’d typically take the group father than anyone really wanted to go… And so the "Skaten with Satan" group skates were born…

10. who would win a arm wrestling match you or Danny K?
Boy, I would think most of buddy’s grandmothers could take me. I’m a skinny 155 pound weakling… Danny for sure.

11. first bike?
Looked in some of the old photo albums and looks like my first bike was at about age 8 and the bike was a step-thru frame design (aka girls bike). Maybe it was a hand-me-down. I have 2 older sisters.

12. favorite music in high school?
Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Scorpions… Hey, it was the 70s…

13. does robert have any fears? if so what?
Yikes. That’s deep. Of course. I don’t think I’d like to be buried alive.

14. last fist fight you were in? did you win?
I was never in a fist fight in my life. A guy once called me a "scarecrow" back in my rock band days and was beat up by my band mates but I was not involved in any of the physical goings on. I remember feeling torn between feeling sorry for the guy and happy that my friends stuck up for me. It was strange.

15. greatest strengths? weaknesses?
I have tons of patience and lack confidence. The lack of confidence has me race conservatively most of the time. Cycling strength would be climbing and endurance. I don't have a ton of power so sprinting is just OK but I have surprised myself a few time at the end of a race and finished ahead of some of our best local sprinters...

16. road or mtb?
Mt. Bikes all the way! I concentrated on road for a couple seasons. I got a couple results and placed 6th overall Cat 1/2 in the Michigan Challenge Series one of those years. But I just don’t find road racing anywhere near as fun as mt bike racing. In the last several years I have only ridden my road bike a handful of times. This year I rode the road bike 4 times.

17. pizza or burritos?
Burritos! They're often my pre-race dinner. I know where the mexican restaurants are near most of our races..

18. chix or bikes?
Chicks! I have 13 bikes down in my basement but I’d rather have 13 girls down there. :-o Just kidding. But yeah, chicks...

19. goth or metal? or soul?
Goth "and" Metal. I like the industrial stuff... A short list of a few of all time favorites.. Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Front 242, NIN, Ministry, Revco, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult…

20. do you peg your jeans?
I guess not. I didn’t even know what that meant until I busted in a call to Finkelstein. I had planned to answer that my last couple girlfriends said they were pleasantly surprised.

21. how about feather your hair?
My hair. I do like my hair a little longer. Maybe it’s just in my name. I am a Hairy-man.

22. most memorable win?
I don’t really have that many to remember. Addison Oaks last fall. From a 4 man group I put in a little dig half way through the last lap. Looked back and saw my teammate Greg Kuhn at the front and I knew things were looking good for the win. Greg and I got to use team tactics a few times last year.

23. any crushes as youth on TV stars?
How about Judy Robinson from Lost in Space. She was hot!

24. beer or wine?
Beer. Beer is one of my little guilty pleasures. I pretty much drink one 12 oz. beer at the end of each day.. It's my little treat for riding that days obligatory 40 miles.

25. winter or summer which do prefer?
I sometimes think that people must figure I like riding in the winter cause I ride everyday all winter long but the truth is I really don’t like being cold. But misery loves company so I trick all my friends into riding with me all winter long with my silly winter ride contest. I prefer summer!

You didn’t ask, but here's my life story (short version)…. I was made in France, born in Tawas, MI on Christmas day, 1960. Lived in Roswell, New Mexico (1961 thru 1967), the rest of my youth was spent in Warren, MI. Played Soccer in Jr. High. Played Guitar in various local bands in my late teens and 20s. At age 31 I got into in-line skating which eventually led me to cycling in 1995 at race age 35. Then add 140 thousand bike miles and you got me today.

And of course a big thanks to the sponsors and all my friends for keeping things fun...

Thanks Scene.

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The Frankie A interview

It dont get much better than this homeboys....He came, seen and did it, and he is STILL ONE OF US! without a big intro, cuz he doesnt need it...Frankie Andreu

1. best moment on a bike?
Lots of great moments. Riding with my teammates around Lake Como, Italy and stopping for coffee and laughing during 2/3 of the ride. The 96 Olympics. I didn't win but I had a great ride finishing 4th. Finishing my first Tour de France and the 1999 Tour coming into Paris with the team in yellow and seeing the Eiffel Tower and Champs d'Elysee. Then of course when I won a stage of Tour of Poland and won a live pig.

When my Motorola teammate Cassertelli died during the TDF. A day I will never forget but it was more like a month that had a lot of emotions regarding his crash. It was tough on everyone involved, the entire peloton. No one thought this could happen and it was very difficult to deal with.

3.Favorite race of all time?
I loved Paris Roubaix. All year long we do road races on the flats and on the climbs. Roubaix is different, very different and challenging. This is what set it apart from the rest and that's what made it one of my favorites. Also, Milan San Remo. Beautiful roads, racing along the Italian coast, and very fast and intense.
Then the Tour de France. The biggest bike race, all the media, the hype, the pressure. Everyday is the biggest day of each riders career, one stage win can make a huge difference to a rider.

4. Who do respect on a bike in our scene? influences growin up?
I grew up coached by Mike Walden. He had a huge impact on my progress and also my father. The two of them helped and encouraged me in every way possible and always in a positive manner. I was also lucky to get on 7-11 team early on before they jumped towards Europe. I have the utmost respect for the guys that went over there on their own, that must have been so hard. I had riders like Bauer, Hampsten, Yates, Anderson, Keifel, Phinny, Leonard Nitz, and more that taught me how to act like a professional, train, and race as a pro. This made a big difference. Noel Dejonkeer, who heads up the U23 National Team, was director for 7-11 and he also made a big difference with all the young guys.

5.Favorite bike of all time?
I only rode like two models when I was racing. Eddy Merckx and then Trek. The Trek was great but nowadays there are many great bikes. With the weight coming down and carbon fiber all over the place there are plenty of good bikes on the market. I currently have a Blue RC7, and Lemond Tet de Course, and my old Trek.

7. biggest extravgance?
I'd say in 1997 I bought a new car, BMW M3. Hincapie had one and it drove incredible. My wife new I loved the car and so when I was racing in Europe she went and bought one and when I got home it was in the driveway. I probably would have never splurged on it, not my style. But I don't regret it's great.

8.any regrets in cycling?
I would have loved to have won a stage in the Tour. Never happened. I got 2nd at 4 different times, some were in the TTT. I did 9 Tours, they have 21 stages, so I figure I messed up about 189 times. The 90's were some fast and tough racing. I admitted to using EPO at one time and looking back I do regret that. It was impossible to keep up and after getting dropped over and over I cracked. Just because it's tolerated and accepted is no excuse. It just made it easier to do what seemed like everyone else was doing.

9. How do you see Michigan racing now as opposed to when you were coming up through the ranks?
There are more riders and more riders that take it seriously. I think Michigan racing is healthy and there are some great events on the calendar but there are still a lot of spaces where there are no races. It would also be great to be able to get a large style race in the Detroit area. Also the track in Rochester Hills is fantastic for everyone to benefit from. Not only for doing the races but riding the track is essential in learning tactics, pedaling technique, and bike control. I see a good amount of young talent racing in Michigan and I look forward to seeing where these riders end up.

10. who would win a arm wrestling match you or Ray Dybo?
I think Ray would win. I would have to talk some smack to him first to try and break him but Ray is tough and he has been around. He know cycling, he knows racing, and has great tactics. He would bring all that to the table and crush me.

11.first bike?
It was a blue Peugeot, I'm not even sure of the spelling. It was my fathers old bike and thinking about that it probably weighed 30lbs.

12. favorite music in high school?
I liked the Smiths, and Duran Duran. I have my kids listening to Duran Duran now. Honestly I wasn't that much into music. Never bought albums, cassete tapes or any of that stuff.

13.does Frankie have any fears? if so what?
I hate spiders. Simple, but I won't touch them or get near them.

14.last fist fight you were in? did you win?
We are going back aren't we? It was in high school and the school bus. Probably on the only fight I was ever in where I actually punched someone. One other time at a high school football game. We were the visitors and I was walking out, in the front, with my friends. Little did I know that the guys behind me were flipping off the home team. Before I knew it some guys came up, started yelling and knocked me straight down with a fist to my head. That was probably my last scruffle.

16. Tours or classics...
Classics, one day and the best riders wins. No secondary tactics, just rip every ones legs off and win.

17. Pizza or Burritos?

18 chix or bikes?
I'm married so it's bikes.

19.Goth or Metal? or soul?
None of the above.

20. how often do ride honest...?
I try to ride about 3 days a week but during the summer with my team directing and travel schedule I will get some good weeks in and then be off the bike for 2 weeks. It varies tremendously. The Tour really cuts into the cycling that is 4 weeks of nothing. When I get back from that it's like starting all over.

21. do you feather your hair?
that's funny.

22. Most memoribale win?
Olympic Trials in 1996 to make the Olympic team

23. any crushes as youth on TV stars?

24. Beer or wine?
Beer. Red wine gives me a bad headache even if I just have a little. I'm a lightweight so just a little beer can give me a headache also but at least that comes after four of five.

25. winter or summer which do prefer?
Summer. I'm not a fan of the cold and changing flats in the freezing.

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