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Friday, November 29, 2013


1.out Tufo and Michelin
2.In Challenge and Dugast
4 out Flyovers front teeth and shin bones
6.out box section Deep V
8.out Top Mounts Hydraulic
10.out steel Carbon going double
13.out being single
14.out abc's
15 in 123's

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

I dont know anything about getting bent over and i sure as hell don't think anyone had to suck anyone's cock..But i do know that it wouldnt be all that worse than whats gonna happen in the weeks to come....cripes..
When the multi state champion has to ride his rig to the race after racing the day before in chilly conditions  and still hang on for 3rd..that speaks volumes... now I aint saying the 2012 crosser of the year beebee is laggin and Hoffener  rode easy..Its just things that make you go well know..and what about Jgood? should be more like Goin-good. Man two weeks is still two weeks..I can only imagine who will come out or down from the rafters...I Cant slight Jays lady..and that chick with that wild ass crazy 80's hair....Makes T feel like kickin Stryper up while  his whites are rollin and tumblin....good match up all the same..

1. Sven
4.Blackest Ace/Hoffener
8.C Wells
9.Tom "Too Cool for school" Clark
10.Gary Mudd ..what a fuckin cool name for a crosser...

Friday, November 22, 2013


1.1998 The lil Pony wins the inaugural race beating metro bikes Curt Johnson and all around hard guy Jason Swatloski..Jerome Pelloriti finishes 14th wearing a sweat shirt combat boots and chain wallet. DC is winning the B race on a Headshock Fatty cross bike..only to pull out 100 meters from the finish..weird.. 

2.1999 Brett Robinson wins the state championship on a flat bar redline conquest against a solid field

3.  October 8th 2000 Lil Pony takes down Russ Tiles and roadie fast man Brian Adams,JB Hancock has the ride like no other and goes 10th.. the Black Ace wins the once $lucrative$ masters race. Jody Koch wins the womens race.

4.December 3 2000, the Lil pony takes down the same three again. The Wiz wins B men 29 and under, also on a headshock equipped Cannondale crossbike..still cant figure that guy out... and Joberon Brewchampski takes down the B men 30-39 on a mtb..

5..October 7th 2001 the lil pony wins by almost 2.5 minutes over future junior cyclocross national champion Mike House from Go-mart

6.November 18th 2001 the new guy using a 50tooth front chainring and yet to be seen double brake levers  Jon the Black Ace Card  wins against the lil pony Scotty Q and some guy US Postal rider.

7. September 21st 2002 The lil Pony wins again..Ron Stack Riding a mountain bike has the ride of his life finishes second ahead of the Jon the Black Ace Card. the younget Howard bros wins 18under B race

8.November 24th 2002 the Lil Pony wins the state championship against west sides Russ Tiles and some kid named Brent Bookwalter Queen Anne comes on the scene finish second

9.October 10th 2003 Host the first Michigan UCI race Jeremy powers beats a small field on a ragged out K2 cross bike. The Lil Pony finishes 3rd. Queen Anne wins..and Robert Foshag wins the Masters 35+ 2 Jon Card gets second just getting edged out by Adam Myerson.

10.November 16th 2003 on wet rainy cold Sunday afternoon The Tailwind/Cane creek dream team of current and future state champions  Jeff Weinert, Jon Card and Jer Walker go 1/2/3

11, September 25th 2004 the lil Pony wins again Joe Brown wins masters 45 and Tim Saari wins B men.

12.October 2nd 2005 The Cane Creek duo of Jeff Weinert and Jon Card go 1/2 with Mike Wissink holding off SIMONSTER ...Patrick Russell wins C men and Dc doesn't finish

13.November 26th 2006 the imfamous Blue Wave of Jon Card, Robert Foshag, Jeff Weinert and Jer Walker take 4 of the top five spots only to be broken up by the now leader of the  Red Army Mike Wissink... Raechel Steele is hauling ass by now.. the Hippy Matt Ashley wins C-men on a Trek roadbike

14 September 30th 2007 The Wiz beats the black Ace and SIMONSTER on his march to his first State Championship,  Patrick Russell wins B men Cruz Bogey wins C men

15.November 23rd 2008 the Wiz beats out Essex brass Tim Saari in a 4 up battle against Saturn of Toledos Robert Foshag and Giant of Michigans Jeff Weiner, Matt Willing wins B men and Jgood Starts coming on the scene with a win in C men beating JTP and the cross-bastard wins the old farts

16.Sunday November 22nd 2009 the Wiz wins again only to be overshadowed by  some shitty riding on Tim Saaris part.. that was brought to a boil when the the Lil Pony went old school Greystone on him. Queen Anne wins again...Clint Verran wins B over Danny Gerwo and JGood  Jmak also rans Brandon Goocher beats the now super quick Richard Rainville in the battle of ankle biter set

17.November  2010 Tom Burke does what nobody has done all season and takes down the German version of Ivan Drago.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

This dont mean i aint got no fuckin life cuz i do mother an onion there are many layers..its because of that i aint gonna drag this out all fuckin week/ aint that fuckin hard..i got shit to do..favors arent paid in hours or quantity..
lookin over the PT files it aint too muther fuckin hard to figure out who puttin out and who's suckin the lemon..remember when the series was nearly there?  its at best thin now ...
besides that fuck i dunno shit and i just made all this bullshit up to please T

lookin at the big picture heres how that shit looks..above national avg of 330..
sitttin in at  number 1 on the pile as of right now..the nod has to that wattage machine German bastard..vanilla may be the flavor and style doesn't dictate but in the end watts win ...but its close

his team in a similar plain brown wrapper but with contents of a greater sum ..Tom Burke holds LT pretty fuckin dam near..

rolling in at number three within the same ball park  Adam the Bunny York..although regular results wouldn't reflect it..he is like a ford pinto with a 427 side oiler stuffed under in its combustible trunk. always searchin for traction to leave the numbers on the ground like fuckin greasy ass skid marks..its a hard guess which is higher his watts.. total travel miles, or dollars spent..

number 4 numbers aside but on a skill level and bag of tricks that if my next  litter was on the line to ride top 10 for one lap only  at any UCI race near this shit hole..i gotta give props to the Lil Pony all the while the rest of his crew is out there beating each other up..lil pony sits and carves that shit out waiting for that chilly ass day out west..

Aaron Beebe rounds out in at number 5..last years pick as the crosser of the the nod and call up from the band everyone loves to hate..its safe to assume he puts out more juice than the pony but a skill, experience and overall fuckin craftyness shit leaves him here at guy in all respect

there are others..Parmachicken, the Whiz..Wells Underwood..etc..but ill leave that up you

Standard issue 275-320...

How many years has that Lil British fool been pittin it on..hell he should get the tailwind life achievement award..he holds a slight advantage over the micsene version of Ts greatest rival

 Monte -San0-prod..pulls in at second with the same numbers as above..although results may be a tad better..its still a break even

Wade Burch...results are few but...numbers could be louder than quantity 

Jgood what can i say but that fuckers got heart..but Christ muther fuckin sake he is all over the map this fall..quieted the nay Sayers a few weeks back with a win at vets park..that alone bumped his ass up at least 3 spots on this useless ranking..god dam if he can old come good in 3 weeks

Older man

P Russell hands down the grey leader of the old out of state with the germen crew couldn't hurt one bit..
DC.NO one beats DC..except on an occasion..his numbers are near the upper deck but..he runs like a diesel..
Rich Stark steady at around mid range.
Seamen lowest of older men but benefits from experience which keeps him within the top 5

Elite females.
too few gone too remember when there were all these chicks racing cross? me neither... thats too bad cuz chicks racing bikes is cool in my book...but its the way it is..i fuckin dont see it changing..

no numbers were turned in.for the following
i would love to through out the lower end of the spectrum but in class/field that is centered around the fun aspects numbers and intervals shouldn't be the muther fuckin concern..just ride your bike and drink shitty beer

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Every fuckin year its the same  mother fucking thing i cant even grab a bag of fresh step and one of my favorite Wolverines  without having to answer that dam phone..I dunno what T wants me to say?  what the hell do i know..Hell nobody reads this shitty blog at least not bike racers from what i hear..nobody gives a shit from what i am told..and to make matters muther fuckin worse..I dont know a dam thing about what the fuck is going on in the scene right now..
But since i am brothers with T and supposedly i owe him a favor for the last litter of tabby's

Ill figure it out like I always  do ....but it aint gonna be like last year..
 your gonna get it on my terms when im good and fuckin ready..

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A man doesn’t need much in life

Watch more videos on CyclingDirt

Triple T Tuesday

slow and low that is the tempo..i aint got no problem robbing from the you gotta do what you gotta do when it all is grinding on like a War machine...Tuesdays are coming to a close and boy oh boy is it gonna be a barn burner in 21 odd days..The 2013 version of the Michigan mafia of Das German and Burke continue to trade blows and battle each other... the Bunny battles the mud..the lilPony sits it out in a beautiful  T like state..P Russell holds down the grey and the Blackest Ace stays outta state..

and the rest are nowhere to be found...
1, Das German
2.The Blackest Ace
3.Lil Pony
4. The Bunny
5.T burke
6. P Russell
7. No points awarded

Monday, November 18, 2013

Holy cow..
i just realized we are dam nearing the final weeks of the twelve for something makin no sense at all and who gives a shit point series and T hasn't hit the points tabulation button lately .i hate droppin the ball but sometimes life just gets in the way..and you just gotta keep learning..besides that the phone booth near the liquor store dropped its WiFi know the one where Glen makes all his creepy phone calls from..sorry folks..

 for what its worth here it is...

1.Sven 90
2..da Bunny .85
3.T burke 84
4.the lillest pony 40
5.Simonster .39
7.wakeley .33
8.the Blackest Ace 32
9.Hoffener .31
10.P Russell .23 add +5 for speedy updates
11.Wells .18
12.Beebee 18

Jgood 15
kolo-tc 13
big mac 13
employer 12
shrek 9
whiz 9
Diek/Will 8
vanias 8
Patterson 7
San0-prod 6
B Renkema 6
Seamen 5
Xbastard 5
tandguy 5
Q 4
White Lightning 4
DK 3
Dybo 3
R Steele 2
Tim Keffer 2
Sketchy Fuck 2
n/a 2
Employee 1
Iceopeners 1

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Friday, November 15, 2013


2.Wolverine..the model club
4.power week
5. Miscene Bi week this week wtf?
6.schedule conflicts..stupid
7.have you ever heard of a bunny liking mud
8.regrets not a single one..
9.u cant cross a water buffalo w/ bovine
10. If you got it today, you don’t wear it tomorrow
11. here's a diet for ya just make sure your physical activity outweighs the amount of food you put into your body
12. but really they just got some sickening shit on their mind that’s fucking them inside out & upside down is what it is...
14. ♫ I feel good…♫
15. wind trainer..fuck em

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

 Thinness and MIA's have set in and spooky ol Danzig hasnt even stopped by with his power rankings..i gotta think its just the lull in the season....
1,das german remains down under
2.Jgood....want some?
3.bunny resting
5.P Russell fifth this week first in updates
6.T burke, 6th on this weeks poll but 1st in keeping the marriage intact
7.big mac..nuff said
9.c wells
10.cross bastard

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Friday, November 08, 2013

black science

1.don't swing your bike....
2.and dont ever swing it around me
3.skinsuit for any race 1 hr or less
4.never sprint from the hoods...
5.ok thats anoyying
6.find renkema's wheel
7.difference between pro and armatures.... pro's never stop pedaling
8. a bush league move
9.describe a "heaping"
10.get in
11."there are gunslingers everywhere"
12.never gap me off tuffys and armadillo tires..nuff said follow wheels too much
15. i would never ride in a break with that guy...

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Its easy to be a certain way....i cant fault any human, a small grain of ignorance is part of  all human nature...hell i will even through myself under the bus my list is longer than the line at my local liquor store on Friday night...I know the stories, i hear the idle banter..the mumblings the looks the cold shoulders...i know its rep..a place for bashing..a cats watering hole..irrelevance to nothing important..nothing constructive, and 99.4% detrimental to the well being of feelings, emotions and there dam good name..fact is..i rarely am able to believe in an artist for their ideas as well..but more often than not i accept them for what they we all aint that different..maybe its just the closing of the season and  misc such..that has T all misty...
Never really spoke on it much, always given it thought...and well since its directly related to the subject but isnt in a kinda sorta got some good things in your scene when bashing and picking seem par norm..stuff like last weekends Iceman happens..i know it happens every year for i dunno how many aint the only thing..its just an example..its not the world cup..its not the doesn't matter what cat you don't have drive two get the it...its always been just people doing it for there own reasons...its easy bragging about insensitivity....what isn't easy.. is waking up laughing....and living like that it is the last one your eyes will see...

because like a wise man once said:

 if you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build there's.


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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

 boy oh what....?
1.your employer...everyone got days off
2.J under pressure
3.Das German the-Maschine
4.the Bunny travel miles
5.Diekema and the Williams show
6.T Burke.
7.Renkema. who knew?
8.Tandguy hides well rides well
9.the Black Ace. Iceman/colonoscopy show
10.SIMONSTER. "heavy sigh"
12.Adam Watts, who?

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

The wailin’ guitars girl
The crash of the drums
Make you want to keep-a-rockin’
Till the morning comes

Let me be who I am
And let me kick out the jams
Yes, kick out the jams
I done kicked em out!!!

Friday, November 01, 2013

in no order

the Miscene 15

top 15.