Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday with Lemmy

Im in giving mood..Lets keep it simple today metal heads..
“Born to lose. Live to win.”

Monday, July 29, 2013

Many people think of bacteria as tiny Lone Rangers, paddling their flagellar canoes across the desolate petri dish sea. But in “the wild", bacteria exist as complex, interwoven, constantly competing social communities.
Every scoop of soil is a battlefield of chemical chatter. Species send out molecular messages-in-a-bottle that ride the waves of diffusion to their mates. Some even thread electrical cables between neighboring cells. Now, new research has identified elaborate shared membranes that let single cells swarm as a superorganism …

 No bacterium is an island.
"It’s important to enjoy life while you still can."

Sunday, July 28, 2013

out there

former Michigan Natives..Mac B  rides to a top twenty at the U.S. pro crit championship while  coming off an early break Chris Uberti, riding alone, grew his lead to over one minute for approximately 25 minutes of the race, only to be caught with six to go. 


Friday, July 26, 2013

getting  fifteen from seven

1. The Lion of Leroy rides some of the Midwest best off his wheel In Muscatine Iowa  Memorial day weekend  2012
2.Simonster suffers a mechanical while contesting for Tailwind CX win against the Black Ace at Vets park 2006
3. TimmyF goes nearly uncontested spring 2011 to claim spring flings overall
4. In a Vulgar Display of Power Greg Christain wins the inaugural 100 miles of Kennsington May 2008
5. Das German wins the first of two State Cross titles December 2011
6. the young Mac B wins the tour of Frankenmuths cat 3, May 2009
7. Bashers Corner appears for the first time and is shortly run in the spring summer 09
8. Cry Baby, P2P and Iceman make a fall peak  realistic
9.TOKV 3 stages two days... last one year
10.Barry Ruby gains cult like status in a fortnights time
11.KIDA earns his U23 stars and stripes at USAC Nationals  June 2011
12. Paul Martin destroys Labor day for most 2007
13.Seven yrs later Tms still cant count or produce proper grammar 
14.Bill Gilboe wins his Jersey In Louisville on a hot day in July 2009
15. May 16th 2010 the Holy Diver dies

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday with Lemmy

I got this warmed over fecal pot on slow simmer this a.m.  not lookin to serve its thoughts and chunks  to anyone but myself .... after last weekends mind crime of senseless late night awakenings and steady sleepwalks over why and how comes and where its going of your crit scene..I got a chance to wonder again..but I didn't lose any sleep over it..I have to think what the outcome would be ..if we had upped the time of a normal miscene 1/2 crit of an avg 1 hr plus to say..90 min...I dunno seems like over the years the time of some our crits have dropped..
From what some say its not like any of the venues are so hard and technical that keeping them at 1 hr is totally separating the fields..and making outcome selections...and what with more and more riders going out of state to NCC events and other harder more demanding places..couldn't hurt...

or maybe it would be just....
"OverKill "

Monday, July 22, 2013

They see me rollin’, they be hatin’…

The tour may be over haters..but gawd dam I miss my 120 pound Italian doper.

Friday, July 19, 2013

another fifteen in seven

1.Bookwalter. nuff said
3.Grand Rapids Host NCC events
5.The WIZ wins the 2008 USGP masters title
6.Jonathon Page comes to Springfield Oaks decimates the field
7.August 2007 Sven Howard laps the 1/2 field at Rockford
8.Robert Sells Tailwind
7.KISSCROSS brings grass roots cyclocross to miscene forefront 
8. DC races more than anyone in 2012
9.KIDA  nuff said
10. Huge controversy hits The Tour of Mount Pleasant and sets an all time TMS hit record
11.The Pony and the Underdog throw em down at Bloomer fall 2010
12.Mad Anthony brings racing to the hood
13.Munson parks ends its CX run with night racing.
14.Gotwald sets a world record summer 2013
15. Tanguy breathes easy for 100 miles while other gasp for air

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not a single solitary fuck was given that day  Not a gotdamn one.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday with Lemmy

It probably comes to no surprise or maybe it does..I am a connoisseur of all things..My love for finely classical in status items as well as the most technologically advanced equipment known to man. have made my life as solid as the metal i worship..My extensive although quiet and often unknown World War II German memorabilia collection speaks rather quite for its self  but connection with a time not to be forgotten nor taken lightly.. just like my Thundering Rickenbacker  and Marshall stack speak unadulterated  for the lust of wanting to be shoved up the arses of every party rocker from Battle Creek to Brazil.....
Well since your all in the house..we might as well bang our heads for a bit...all of this came to me while i had some late night drinking and thinking.. spending sometime brushing up on my TMS history of sorts.That in turn had me rolling over in my sleep Sunday nite... .I kinda answered it for myself..but...do riders prefer industrial park style crit racing over Technical suburban courses?  Stay with me on this..looking over the numbers from last weeks Ohio state crit championship within most peoples radar drew so few Miscene folks? Now i understand the whole National conflict, and human commitment issue..But looking at the BTR turnout seemed considerable larger..a very small contingent from the miscne area seemed to make the short trip south. I know it wasn't Miscenes state championship but it was one all the same..I guess my whole thought behind this potential turd kettle is..throughout Tms history do riders generally seem to like the office park style racing over any other type? or are promoters just creating a more "friendly" environment.. Allen park always seemed to draw more than Rockford for example..Waterford and often Grattan numbers nearly challenge weekend gigs. If this is true maybe promoters job just got easier..Hard ass Technical courses may go the way of the dinosaurs..

"In The Name Of Tragedy"

Monday, July 15, 2013


Back to that day again folks good excuse to start with a fresh clear mind..fresh head of steam..good thoughts and positive vibes..all of it will only enhance the time u spread.....ya know?...its glow time don't cha ya know..If you haven't hit update..its that time when you arrive and and let em all know how your two day went..don't wait another second cuz your friends are waiting with a cup of ol joe.an open ear..
If you hung out around here chances are you either stumbled around Brighton Rec area .went long at Boyne..or vied for bragging rights out on the west side..The latter seemed to be the choice for most numbers...Saturday featured the best industrial park crit this side of Lake Michigan and was almost treated to the future with a full dose of RODAGE..and mind you... it was a safe one even with the armored truck in town..but that don't mean no disrespect..The real thirsty fools saved it for Sunday and the only ones of the 2% will remember other TMS..Is DG.. the 2012 crosser of the year earns an upgrade   the masters who already had there chance but its worth noting..Gilboe..wins again.....and whats left of the Lathrup crew won another..dam..doesn't even seem like its half way through July already..but it is...

If you have not already Its time to make your butt scarce and get outta here and start living that dream...


Friday, July 12, 2013

Here and Gone in Seven

1. TDL
2.The Underdog
3.UCI cross
4.Scott Riddle
6.Bells Beer Team
7.Rockford crit
8. Joe skrocki
9  Bikesport
10.Jeffrey Hamilton
11. The Blue Wave
12. Tour Of Cedar Creek
13. Julie Bellerose
14 Dexter Crit
15. Kachelmeyer

Thursday, July 11, 2013

to the gills

yesterday, today, tomorrow

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesdays with Lemmy

So help me understand this..today marks some form of birthing..seven years ago today..the concept was devised before the whole social networking became so Godzilla like huge..in the midst of the blogging area  folks were content with just keeping and creating a space for thoughts, achievement and sometimes just a dumping ground to spread a little creativity..most where  self centered occasional giving props to friends and such..some where serious, some wacky, some about food, some about what fat people do for food..journals, advice items to be bought and sold..etc..you get the idea..But going back mainly to seven years ago..someone had the idea of promoting Michigan cycling mainly bike racing..keeping track of races, results..people and adding a sense of  a drunk cyclist to a scene that had none..it wasn't overly concerned with the Frankies, or Obee's or the Tour..It was meant to give normal working class Joe's, people with kids, jobs..lives outside of this silly world that cost soo much..a little spot to go vent, speak and just blow shit up without regret...I understand there's alot more to the story....and even a goal that wasn't reached..but I think you get the general idea..

So as your ever Hated  turd stirring dirt bag of the dying metal scene..whats up with it? If you have followed it for 6 months 2 years or 7..How has the scene changed in general, everything...in whole..Its been an interesting fun run and if it gets called a career..hopefully it did what it was intended to do...

All For You..Motorhead

Monday, July 08, 2013

Modern Man

Its been awhile since T actually sat down and took it slow ya know just sat and drink the black coffee..without the full on Jones to get it rollin. I gotta admit..things have been alittle wacky around here what with Lemmy cookin up turd stew.. and the rumor of TMS goin away kinda had me searchin the net for new gigs..didnt know if should even be checkin the schedule anymore..So I told myself i cant be livin like this..Said fuck the day planner, tossed the Blackberry, and lit that bitch on fire..completely kicked that shit old school freestyle ..funny thing the blood pressure lowered..and fewer fucks were given to how I view this pile..
SO its Monday..the day after you spent two  annihilating seven..in the books it looked to be a quiet one..not alotta going..that is is until you creep deeper into it.. The 4th had people stretching the weekend out over four days..if that was the case maybe USAC Nationals was how you spent it..from rumors abound a few made the trip..I cant confirm any solid results other than one national championship was brought home to the west side..SO maybe you stayed home killed a few days Kidrock style..Maybe went out to Bloomer and felt the new wood..and then hit up the Black Aces race? It was part of the MBRA series..and the Ohio state crit championship..numbers and results aint up yet so time will tell if you all made the big man happy...hope so..

 with that all being said..stick around for maybe results and seven year shit..
For now your free to go and cast that glow.


Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday July 5th 2013

kwick 1

1. Go With The Flow
2. 3s and 7s
3. Breaking The Law
4. Blue Monday
5. Have Love will Travel
6. Running Free
7.Rocket Queen
8. Expecting
9. Odyssey
10. Mountain Of Mars
11. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
12. Gimme Shelter
13.Whiskey In The Jar
14.Ten Seconds To Love
15.Cowgirl In The Sand

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tuesday with Lemmy

OH BOY! Its Tuesday  again..sure seems like time is flyin..ever time you turn around the kettle of simmering disgust is on the stove gettin ready bubble over again..sure goes by quick..just like summer huh? dam the big 4th is almost upon us..pretty soon its elephant ears and pig balls and phh summers gone..and the only thing you  got left is Tailwind cyclocross and the afterglow party..

The whole time I've been rambling I know what your thinking.. im pretty but i ain't as pretty as a couple of titties.. and via this NSFW  I like the idea of things in twos..just in case one of em fails..which i got me thinking via an anon and it got me thinking about one of the main discussion of disgruntled feelings..theres a certain group of fellas out there in your scene that seem to be center..they seem like good people to me..As far as life goes i understand they have this way about them..but they ain't bad people, they ain't out burning babies, mugging old ladies for there welfare checks and throwing car keys at poodles..but they do inspire somewhat of a anger in some folks..Got to be good people to me.. as someone with a lot of bread is layin it down for em..and eeven better most are married men shepherding children.
the question that comes to my mind..you got this huge group..OK a team of muscle.. and be honest they are fast dudes..the big pile..maybe not alot of tactics.. but power all the same..the whole racing is fueled by competition even rivalry of friends, co-workers brothers....i am curious why don't the big wigs of the big sucking company create two teams..outta the one big one..seems like it would be good for the rep..good for the competition..good for the moral maybe of the lesser (if there is any) on the team already..I know im just some crusty worn out faded rocker..but its a thought all the same double exposure maybe at some different events mix em up change em around....etc..its like doubling your pleasure..

just remember..you can look just..
"please don't touch"