Monday, August 03, 2009

7th inning stretch

Although not completely over, And anticipating some of the best racing still coming, The road season is rapidly nearing a end, were did it go? some of you might be glad, other not. One things fer sure it was anything but boring, with a slew of new events and new faces at the front of most of the groups, it was a nice change to the same ol same old. In keeping with constant change, TMS is going to drop names at random.

Cruz Bogey: the surprise wattage cottage of miscne 09
Tanguy: the giant killer from the OTHER side of the mountain

Tom Burke: never stops

Timmy Finkel: a drive not to be denied

BIG RAY: the train keeps a rollin

Alan Antonuk: miscnes power monger 09

Derek Grahm: screeech

Waterford worlds: Better than the weekends gig

Essex Brass; how bad do they want the Waterford crown?

Alan Zolotoski: BITD

Williams bros: whats with TMS and bro combo's?

Big fest: only thing that could make it better would be teleportation.

Saturn of Toledo: Whaa happened? oh yea the auto industry


BIG WHEELS and BIG miles: Hermitman

Adam York: Cat3 killer

PAPPA T: back from the dead

Hietikko, David: how old is this guy?

Susan Vigland: SI on line...
40, broke from the pack at the 23-mile mark and went on to win the 57-mile women's open event by 51 seconds at the Superior Bike Fest, thereby earning the title of 2009 Michigan women's road race champion. Her time was 2:45:35.3; the following day she was second in the eight-mile circuit race (21:41.3).
how sweet it is!!!

State TT: glug, glug glug

SIMONSTER: earning it

Pack Fodder: gotta love em

Ben whitehead: hotter than $10 pistol in July

DANNY K: problems problems success
Bissell: just how many guys are on this team?
Priority health: ditto
Wolverines: can we keep the rock city kit for at least another season?
Lathrup 1/2 posse: on sabbatical for good reasons
The Black Ace: controversy....
West Branch RR: possible state race? ..someday
Allen Park: R.I.P.
White lightning: another year, another team
S W A T: mia last year! back for more in 09
car 455: were are you?
lil Pony: skinless
the Cyborg: terminated
Me and myself killed a world today