Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesdays with Lemmy

Help me understand..racing a bicycle with no "goals" racing just to race..to finish, to follow wheels..to have fun..not to get drop..I mean I am old, ugly, cranky..and almost tone deaf.. fuck i don't even own anything trendy and drink the shittiest liquor my dollar can afford.... but  that doesn't mean im outta touch with most things..I suppose I get the personal soul enjoyment..and the "fun" part...but paying for it..for Christ sake couldn't you not get that from just riding your bike..with friends or in the splendid glory of nature? Like all things I strive to understand...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Its Monday..back to normality for most.. the full report... yea its over there..T's? allow yourself a brief interruption from flashin your Monday norm to co-workers, friends, associates and networks alike..they say numbers don't lie..but sometimes they can get mixed up and scattered around...leaving only the knowledgeable ones sort out the scrambled mess..kinda like the last weekend of April 2013..lotta racin going on so early.. maybe more than any other weekend all year..leaving number caring folks to pick and choose..hopefully the one you  had chosen worked for you..I got alot on the pot today.. so i will spare you the nausea of anymore of my lousy grammar and  leave you to head on over to the most popular to see how your "friends" rolled.


Sunday, April 28, 2013




Saturday, April 27, 2013

TAO of MIke

 photo 1H9Z.gif
Lawrence, i know your still sleeping, its Saturday and why shouldn't you be? I just dropped by to see how you were its been a few weeks and we haven't spoken My words maybe brief today and hold a little bit of what you call "drift".. if you understand this... they hold tremendous value..
Lawrence, constant confrontation doesn't always equal success..there are gun slingers everywhere,  out there, there not always out to prove who's guns are best..there quiet, often hidden and sometimes soft spoken flash isn't a factor..they don't require a lot of attention, maintenance and massage, and are fed via a hunger and driven by other natures.But they can be just as deadly as the "high rollers". watch for em and keep your closest friends in site. If you understand this  it will help with the longevity you often dream of.

Friday, April 26, 2013

to do
1.Cohutta 100
2.“truest mountain bike races” Rust shaker..were the hell is it?
3.Poto-Brighton-Island lake triple.
4.Willow TT, parking lot warm ups, thick guys, expensive bikes, the appearance of Sven home by 1
5.Hit up Home Depot get in get your shit and get out..all the while dodging cougars and old dudes with white leather tennis shoes.
6.Ride solo, fuck it don't ride at all
7.Burn things and drink Oberon
8. Pre ride Cone
9.Go to Cannonsburg and get a pre view of the state games venue
10. Go back to AAVC  again..for the spring fling finale..
11.Fertilize the lawn
12.Watch Carl and Angie duke it out..
13.Run over to Pontiac lake and see DC and maybe the Wiz,but don't forget your kidney belt
14.Make the boring Drive to Holland watch Bissell and the  new super power Einstein tear shit up
15.Listen to Led Zeppelin and organize the garage.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tickled Ignorant

Somethings just out right do that to you, and this is no exception, T can hardly compose this
even with his poorest grammar
A Giant and a Monster in the same kit..
don't mind me saying but in the typical Tom Clark fashion this is too cool for school. 
 congrats To 616's Mike and Jordon for a much anticipated debut.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesdays with Lemmy

Help me Understand..What makes a good team..I mean more than a group of just drinking buddies, guys wearing matching colorful jerseys, using the same equipment or fellas hooking close friends, old pals up, maybe its quick new gunslingers or steely eyed  shop guys?....Im not talking world class needle injecting dope fiends..I want to know more what is successful in allowing a group to perfectly execute a solid plan of success on a local level..

I don't shave my legs and haven't pulled on a pair of skin tights in a long time..but i  really want to know..

Monday, April 22, 2013

 photo anigif-7_zps0b748591.gif Sometimes flow comes in different forms..could be a cup of thick Joe and a smooth slice of Velveeta , followed by a fast drop,..maybe all it takes is kicking the dog checkin the meters and slidin into those slick ass black Gloria Vanderbilts..any way you flow is your way and like i always have side we all are tad bit different and what strokes our boat..
 Its what your grey matter likes...I could get all misty and fill your time perfectly composing a commonly lousy grammar post and play my favorites on how differently most of the Miscene rolled this weekend..but i aint..
My flow is rollin too creamy hot right now to sit here and finger poke..By the time you make your rounds through all those popular networks you'll know whats up..mother nature aside..things are lookin pretty spiff..I know by no means im i feelin a tad bit o "hate..or rape"...this Monday morning...the tummy is full and the kettle is empty..

time to roll fools..


Saturday, April 20, 2013

You are a mirror. All that you do will be reflected back to you. Negativity will be shown to be worked out. Positivity will be shown to continue. Each is a reflection of you. Be content. Stay balanced and know that you are love.

Friday, April 19, 2013


1.Garland Point to Point
2.Oakland County Crit
3.The Riverview hammer
4 Lapeer Crit
5. Mike Cool Big Lap
6.Allen Park crit
7.Keweenaw Chain Drive
8.Tour Of Cedar Creek
9. Shanty Creek XC
10.Eastpointe Crit
11 Irish Hills XC
12. Major Taylor State Road Race
13.Sugar Loaf  Norba XC
14.Tour de Blue Care series
15.Kandahar XC

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Help me understand..the romance of gravel road racing..I mean. i understand why those euro fucks do it..but the sudden rise in riding expensive bicycles.. those you may normally never ride on gravel encrusted roads..for no, to very little monitory gain..
is it a sense of  hardness?
just some kind of devil..?
help me understand
 i really want to.

Friday, April 12, 2013

1.Kiss X
2. Fun promotions
3.Stomach Of Anger
5.Road Apple rally
6.Leadville 100
7.Whiskey 50
8.Barry Roubaix
9.Paris Lancaster
10.Tour Of Battenkill
11.NUE Series
12.Ore To Shore
13.Ultra X series
15.LA Ruta

Thursday, April 11, 2013

fuck masters racing.
 A bunch of old men convinced that there is still some sort of value in winning the Michigan 45-55 Masters Crit. No, there isn’t, you are old, stop kidding yourself and give up. Your ultra-light carbon bike with matching zipp carbon bull shit looks just as stupid as your beer gut. Stop pissing your money away on stupid shit, and try to actually race again. Oh, and riding 220km every weekend didn’t make you fast 20 years ago, and it won’t make you fast now. Give up, or try to do something less stupid on your bike, like loose weight.

 Fuck juniors.
Yeah, the children. Put them at 8am every race, and patronize the hell out of them. Give them a pair of socks for winning a crit. Or better yet, nothing. They are too young to matter anyway. Sounds like this one is already done for me.

 Fuck Cat 5  through 3.
 Yeah, because getting 3rd at that one crit totally means you need a P.R.O deal on a bike and race fees. You are an idiot who is inflating everything about the cycling industry to the point where no one new wants to join. Why do bikes cost so much, because you fucking rob companies and LBS or any profit. Give your “team” bike back, and quit telling your “friends” that you race bikes at a “semi-pro level”. You are the epitome of an amateur, and it is about fucking time you realize it.

 Cat 2 and 1.
 Where the fuck did that ego come from. Yeah that family of 3 that actually watched your sprint finish were impressed. But they will forget about you faster than all of the friends you have abandoned to pursue your “career” in cycling. The only thing that differentiates you from Cat 3 is nothing. It is all in your head, just like most of the life you lead right now. And you are too old to ever make it anywhere in cycling.

 Domestic Pro.
Once again with the attitude. You travel around the US to ride a bicycle in a circle. Just think about that, and wonder what gives your life meaning. Maybe you should get a twitter like Adam Myerson, and bitch all day long.

 International Pro. Cycling is fucking stupid anyway.

hatin....or flat faced truth....

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Help me understand..what does USAC do for me the average Metal Head..?
I pay my dues and the only time hear from them.. is when they need grip again..
im confused..

Monday, April 08, 2013

 like a three legged dog that just got the corn cob kerosene treatment....Ive chased my tail.. bit my lip twisted my wrists held my tongue and ringed my hands..even tapped my toes..and now i got a nasty rash...so much i had to stop and see Susan....just cuz
I kept quite with fear of selling those grapes before it was time..well fuck it..i suppose
the time is now..is it right only you can decide the 2013 season has left the station, some are on and others are on different train and or still packing there bags
for the next one. So whats up with it? BRX and spring fling and other misc stuff is now rollin or in the past.
Surprises are some... and others are non..rumors have circulated through out T's world like output numbers, TSS and who is sleepin with who.....so whats up with dat?
I myself cant help but smile with the ever present winds o change that blow through my ears..evolution is sweetest thing to man kind ...next to maybe skittles..and Katy Perry
I aint gonna suga coat it..some increased, some decreased, some got old, some were reborn others have died and others got laid to the waste side..
so were does this all stand in your world probably nowhere..but ultimately its a useless shit post all the same..and since i honestly dont feel like talkin about ....the romance of another gravel road race...

Essex brass..the end of era..the dog is dead and the sacrifice is done..once the home of a national champion like Gilboe,and power houses like Rivera and DK,the place were Antonuck made his big splash and Benson got some street cred.. many called this place there brotherhood. Timmy Saari even put Essex on the cross map for a brief blip on scene time..and a often unknown fact that even The infamous Black Ace donned the kit..the big question is
What will come of the always rumored Dave Mullins scene domination tour.. without funding what will he do?.
oh i can still here the 89X radio commercials.."the Essex brass cycling team going because that's the only way they know"...and the Rolling Stone like
photo shoots were to die for..
so what happens next?

Rumors circulate of a combined effort via Cycle-Therapy/Essex brass..but at this time conformation has been Nil..
speaking of of Ct..it kinda reminds Miscene of the old Tom Nell gig or yore..

a few short years ago it was the  most dominant team in all miscene, Extang, Ford No boundaries, Ford Giant, and now known as Lathrup Industries..the  team of solid experience that just cant seem to find the fountain of youth and evolve..once a team that boasted names of superb talent like breakaway honch Archer, spring fling kings Dudley, and Tarrant, former Tri dude gone roadie Nick Durrie and the diminutive Meurig James etc there now in the WATND...
so they now go to the line with a ever growing combine age older than any other team in the state.
 rumors circulate the loss of the Roadking, the Evildude and the guy who cant seem to find his socks..but maybe with the help Essex's  Bruce Rivera, the ever solid Steve B and maybe a rejuvenated BA and crew..the over the ill gang can find there mojo for 2013..time will tell if pride and down right old school brotherhood can out ride the vigor of youth, destruction and the sacrifice to give up the dominance of weekday worlds..to put guys in the final.

In what has been the most hype and promoted of all new compiles Einstein cycles from up north has seemed to create quite a stir..at least on the other site..i aint holding a whole lotta weight in it not yet..not until i see some sacrifices being made. what once was priority now seems Ec2..if rumors hold true..Fisher gets the Roadking as a team mate which ain't all too bad
but team status aside..RK seems to be in his own world and on his own plan most of the year,
 Ryan Cross is now there maybe this is the year he finds those legs he had back in 10 when wins came easy..kinda...
guns and equipment dont always
make integral components to a team. But there the next thickest all the same

year in year out Wolverines beat the odds..few years ago it was a lotta Timmy heart, the past has been alotta foreign watts..this year?
could the turbo diesel be runnin full..for brief i though Cruz bogie would be home..and maybe Danny G..wonder what the pony is gonna do?
steam, will it be all Roddage and no dopage..can Dybo still pull his shifty moves.How the hell can kroske still finish in the money..and is Timmy comin back?
...with a raised eyebrow and thumb to the chin it gots T thinking

Bissell..how can you better create a perfect monster like this?..fact is you cant...not at least here in this state..
you can come armed with a holster of hate and still not walk away with all your limbs..you want me to name names...
just when you think guys like Swat are over they come from outta no-where in full mid-evil style to drop names and kill dudes..then you add DG, Vanias,
 multi state champ Williams..Lam, Whitehead Witte..etc..the big question that circulates round T's grey matter is...does this team sell more carpet suckers..or is just some dudes write off..

 Leadout..home of the friendly monster and all around just plain cool dudes..i dunno what to say but i think they got this shit figured out..they race when they feel like
ride what they want, do whatever discipline feels good and always seem to put guys in the top 10 and even top 5.

Priority Health...what happened..like the perfect storm diffused.......upstarts like Hoffener lookin for a home built of watts..only to arrive a day late
and few dollars short its mystery who still remains..i sure as hell aint gonna say its cute prepubescent teenagers...anyways...the scene seems to be to boring to hold the attention of guys like Getwild long enough to spread the knowledge to those that need to know....oh so so said.....who is teaching our youngsters besides aging masters riders still causing havoc...wtf..did i say that? ..sorry for spreadin hatred.....

I dunno the whole scene seems kinda silly at the present second..lotsa old dudes..and very few young ins..dudes jumpin ship for a better homie hook up..dudes tryin to reinvent themselves..guys wearin silly hipster outta style glassess..folks floggin dead horses...dudes gettin dirty..riders bettin the farm on mid week skits...kids going official..upgrades, down grades...kinda puts a lil fire in T's belly..all the while trying to hold back vomiting

maybe its just silly kids stuff..

hate on fools..

Friday, April 05, 2013

last words

1.smoke em out and kill em
2.diesel fumes
3.one shot one kill
5.Back off
6.Born Horny
7. ill haul your shit but i wont take your crap
9.m 22
11.I don't shoot innocent animals, only the guilty ones
12.Runner girl
13.When I snap your the first
to go
14.Bells Beer
15.Id Hit That

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