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money, drugs, guns
Awwww yeah

1.flat bars or drop bars....flats
easier to do one handed wheelies..

2.gravel or pavement...gravel
less likely to get crushed by a fuckin car

3.dirt or gravel...dirt
because really thats what we all want instead of bone jarrin hand rattling romantic gravel....

4.trimmed or bald...trimmed
trimmed..bald is for under age girls or
ever see a wine belly...?

6.winter or summer...summer
days are longer and life is too short to sleep

7.Lako or McWilliams...McWilliams
Al looks like he has more fun...and fun is cool!!!

8.Spring racing...fall racing
Spring is when your motivated from the death of winter..
fall is sweater weather and time for jocks to get laid..

9.single or geared...single
we need a simpler can add a few when you need to mix it up.

10.shimano or Sram...
Sram will do anything for you..
Shimano is ultimately the Evil and the place were the whole world gets the pro-deal..

11.Creepy or normal...creepy
the creepier people stay away from you.

12.Franklin or Trevor...Franklin
because he is classier

13.Scotty or Burke...Burke
Scotty is the man right now..
But Burke is the All time All arounder and being good at alot hings despite what Kenny Powers rad

14.Loyal and sporadic or Undependable and regular... Loyal and sporadic
rather have a little of a good thing than too much of some bad stuff.

15,Steak Fries or onion rings...steak fries
Love me some big ol Donut style rings..but the breath part brought with em doesn't jive with after dinner acts..
Steak fries done right will hold with ya longer..and compliment steak nicely and red meat is rad

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lemmies world

Hey its cross season now right?
lets start this night off with alittle good ol home spun cross love

Holy cripes this kit looks good..
i like it complete original color scheme..
every year i think teams think they have the most original colors and designs only to be dubbed multiple times by others...

Boy tho..this cat makes Lemmy feel really old..
do you ever look at a young man and see the old man in him?
just like looking at old men and see the young youthful lad in him?
this scares me...reminds me too much of that grouchy old fuck by the convalescent center with his walker..

B-rad your shoes are waiting...

Nice style
explain this to me?

This does not look like fun..
but gosh by-golly DC can ride a bike

I cant remember if used this chick before..
but i can never get enough of this Instantgram gal..and rumor has it she does race..and can drink a mean tall beer...
that braid....

The overall Cross-Fit CX National champion reared his head this past weekend at Wixom..
Found out what Michigan cross is all about..

the only time your allowed to wear a button down while racing is when you leave your kit at home...
ill give this wanker a pass today

Great color choices
not a fan of lace-ups..

Two things in this pic make Lemmy go HHhmmmmm
I guess i never realized how thick Colin was..
Two..that Rig..looks like it changed its spots..Id love to do a full feature on this bike cuz im diggin his commitment to the crime..but this aint old school TMS anymore so i wont..

Wolverines are trying to build there cross effort back up..
and this guy is leading charge..probably time for a new kit bored of this one..

Love this bike
1.its pure Metal
2.the color
3.those green  tires..

Its true 3Ts can win cross races..
But the real fact is Scotty A could win on a shopping cart the way he has been ridin lately

Nice to see the Wiz back out there....
not a fan of his bike though..
looks to put together..if your gonna go silly 80s you have to go full retard on it..
the bar and matching water bottle make it look like he is trying too hard..
Water bottle...

oh no fuckin hand-ups in 100 degree death heat i forget

Here come them fuckin' 3T dudes
with their do-it all bikes.
Who gave them fuckin' 3T dudes
those hideous kits?
Who let 'em race?
Did you make 'em pay?
Who let 'em stage?
Whose lettin' 'em play?

Tell us what to do... Fuck you!
Tell us what to do... Fuck you!

The tension mounts...

Ok im into the big glasses thing going on right now..
but this broads are way fuckin outta line..
what brand are these??

The lemmys jury is out on this..
never a big fan of Orange and Purple

the whole package...
Lemmy approved...

If it swells...
ride it...
fuckin losers...

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