Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treatin in my hood

Yea, OK.
Wishes all a Happy Halloween
dont forget to inspect the candy, and section the apples

Monday, October 30, 2006

Vets, revisited.

Alright..Vets park, whew whatta day, The look of pain was a common expression through out the day, but that didnt stop Michigan crossers, from goin to battle on what was probably the toughest day at the office all season.
The day started bright and breezy and cool with course made up of a soil soft as a pair of twinkies ,
B race saw a new winner again , i dont think we have had the same winner all season, Andrew from the The S team took it. Good win on a tough course!, Jason Brake suffered a hard fall when he clipped a barrier.
The Cyborg, Steve Clark rode off the front to win the masters field, ahead of Don Cameron, and Rhino Tod Frierichs. Dam.... Clark made that long ass hill look easy. How long will it be before he takes this cycling discipline?
the Little guys were rippin, Brandon Goocher of Jacks Bikes had his hands full with, Joe Foretran of the maple leafs. as he had to settle for and this weekend.
Rachel Steele worked the field and the pits as well as the local bar scene with a style unlike any other elite woman has in years, all the UCI racing and blogin is startin to pay off.
The elite men's race was a cornicopui of riders, The usual supsects, the Cane Creek trio, The quiet one, The Simonster and his pals, were gettin ready for the Iceman, Sunrise was well represented. Young Gun Olander was back at it, and a few surprise guests, two of the WCMR riders were on hand to show there Kisscross skills. and a few others new to the A game were gonna do the duty. Once green flag dropped all the bloggin Bullshit stopped as a group got off the front, with Cane Creek and Simonster layin it down, Card who has been goin faster than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs pushed hard, Simonster would have a untimley breakdown leavin Card to roll in with another win, big props go to Sunrise and Cane Creek both teams put 3 guys in the top 10.
It was a tough day for all and a dam good warmup for those headin to Iceman next weekend, Thanks Tailwind and Twowheel tango for another great weekend of cross!

Give us this day

Enjoy this day of Samhain
danzig from the samhain outtakes, circa 1986

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vets Park..

One of the many tired racers stumbling around the Vets park cross race, Full on story to follow.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

console yourself

With soothing sounds of seventies, curl up in front of the fire, and tune in to anything from the freewheelin days of Yor.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

cross 02

Mike Gardulski, displaying perfect form at Bloomer 2002
Mike, one Michigans hard guys in the the late 90's-early 2000, racing cross, road, and His main thing MTB. He was Always a top finisher and one Helleva nice guy.
we miss ya Mike hope to see ya soon!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cross bikes of the sceners

Either the Cane Creek guys really like there bikes, or the others are out there too busy training to to send specs and images , because i have requested them from other riders, and got few replys., So this installment of cross bikes comes from the another member of the Cane creek team, this time its Rob Foshags Independent Fabrications Planet X, a brief background on Rob he too like most of the cane creek guys has been on the cross seen scince the 2nd Tailwind series of 98. Rob has over 25 consistent years of racing experience, all the way back to his BMX days he has perfered cromoly to the bikes that roll on dirt. He says the bikes have a super smooth feel and dont beat you to death like some alloy frames, being employeed at a shop allows him to pick whatever bike he wants and he chose the planet cross, Although he says he takes alot a shit from a fellow teammember he does not plan on changing now, both bikes are set up the same, with the exception of crank choice, the oldest bike could not use the new 2 piece style D.A cranks. This one has been raced scince 2000 season and see's occasional paint make over at IF.
Frame :independent fabrications planet X 52 cm
Fork :wound up carbon fiber, carbon steer
headset: Cane Creek Solos
drivetrain :Dura Ace, 10 speed
FSA single ring carbon guard with jump stop
42/12-25 gear ratio
Handle bars :Ritchey biomax 42
SRP Mr Grumpy brakes and avid tridangles
Vintage mathauser brake pads
Cane Creek top mount brake levers

Thomson stem and seatposts
standard Selle Italia Flite seat
shimano 959 spd pedals
Cane Creek carbon tubulars, or alloy tubular wheels
Tires vary depending on course, Challange, Dugast Michelins, or Michelin clinchers
weight 17.5 pounds with carbons, 18 with alloys

The Eye Of Gatto

In the continueing saga of sceners that i think go beyond the call
if you add up time on the bike and behind the lense, Gattos
got us all beat. He's seems to be everywhere, and
shows no favortisim towards riders, or teams.
Im gonna let Doug tell his background, and about the things he
Loves, his bikes!
I have no formal training in photography at all; I just took my camera
to races when I did MTB races back in 2003, then I got a cheap digital
camera, then in 2005 I got my current bit nicer Fuji camera (which is
also slated for replacement). I have always worked in computers and
have had a gaming web site up for since like 1998, so I posted the
pictures there in a subdomain before I got my current gattoracing.us web
When I was nearing the end of my master’s program in 2001,
and working
in computers(there are a good number of fat computer people) I started
mountain biking on an old very heavy MTB I had from a few years back
from Dunham's. Then at the start of 2002 I got a $300 Gary Fisher
Mamba, only to replace it in 2003 with a Giant XTC2. After 2003 I
switched to more road races, to where I am now solely road. I did not
ride my MTB at all in 2005, and when I did pull it out in May or June
2006 for one ride it was covered in dust (but it still worked just fine
after a hose off and some oil). My local bike shop of choice is Fraser
Bicycle and Fitness in Fraser (go figure that one), I have bought (or in
the case of my CX bike had built) all four off my current bikes there.

Well, my road bike is a red 2004 Specialized Allez Comp, hopefully to be
replaced or modernized if the money is right this winter. My triathlon
bike is a red 2005 Felt S32, not slated for anything as it is rarely
used. My MTB is a black 2003 Giant XTC2 (not pictured, as it is in the
attic, more or less mothballed), used less then the tri bike. My
cyclocross bike is a dark green 2003 (I think) Cannonade frame and fork
I bought off a person who won it is a prize drawing; it was not fully
built until the 2004 cyclocross season. For road/TT/Tri racing I use
23mm Michelin Pro 2 Race tires, in red.

It is my firm belief that red goes faster; that and the 2004 Specialized
and 2005 Felt just both happen to come in red when I bought them, so I
buy tires to match.

I like road races, followed by TTs, and I really like TTTs. I do
several duathlons a year, I have yet to do a triathlon, the opportunity
has not really presented itself yet. In the winter I do masters
swimming, with some occasional indoor inline short-track speed skating.

Doug, Thanks!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006


If Music/performers were compared to cycling, this dude would be cyclocross, GG ALLIN, he's so fuckin hardcore he's dead.

Early A.M. bloggin.and rantin...

Normally i try to refrain from making opinions, and flat faced comments,but i think Weinerts blog brings up a valid point.
Jeff says....Also, where was everyone this weekend? The turnout was pretty weak in all the fields and in the elite field there were only like15 people at most? You can't blame me for beating everyone and scaring them off this year. So what's there excuse. Maybe it's time for some of those masters and B's to move up. There are guys that race cat. 1 road and elite MTB racing those fields taking good results away from legitimate "B" and Masters riders.
You know theres truth there, im not gonna name names, we, and you know who you and everyone has there reason why they think there were there at (i dont train that much, im here for Fun, im only racin until ICEERACE, etc).. ,maybe its time to accept the fact maybe the A game is were some of you guys need to be, shit your not gonna get faster waxin em.
In the words of a friend of mine Tony W, But without a select few there wouldnt be the term SANDBAGGER.I know its a dirty job and someone gotta do it, but maybe its something you need to think about? or not.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The quiet one takes it

Its been a LOOOONG time coming but Mike Wissink finaly pulled off a win and it came Saturday afternoon at Lower Huron metro park. To the Joy of His Pal/Sponsor Dave from Specialized Mike stuck it out in group of 4 that rode away from the gun, that consisted of the Cane Creek duo Card, coming off a top ten at last weeks Cinci race and Jeff Weinert with em was the Always tough Simonster from Bells beer. using the smart cards The quiet one rode wheels all hour did little work and came through when it counted. Weinert grabbed 2nd at the line ahead of the Bells beer hardman (Simonster looks poised to do some hurt on the ICEField in a few weeks)..
Other notibles of the day of Sunrise include, Matt Scott score his first cross win of the year, Last race C winner Jason Melcher rode to strong 4th just ahead of Roadie Cat 3'bigdog jason Brake in the B field.
Don Tom Nell Cameron continued on his winning ways in the masters group, Big SURPRISE...The Cyborg, Steve Clark of the Saturn of Toledo, also played the masters game and finished 3rd, lets hope he doesnt ge serious about cross, we may all be in sometrouble
Although the turnout was on the lower side across the board, The day was picture perfect cross weather cool damp and a great course set up with last year run up alittle greasy puttin more than a few riders to there knees.
Thanks Tailwind for another great afternoon


I went to school with a guy nicknamed DINK, I dont even recall is real name , we all new him as DINK He looked alot Pinoccio on a all liquid diet. Dink could be seen from one end of the high school corridor to another, or all the way across the lunchroom, because of the bright purple varsity coat with the big D-I-N-K on the back. Anytime I hear Whitesnake, Trixter, Poison, Motley Crue, Bang Tango, Winger, Bullet Boys ETC....i think of this dude with the orange mullet, protruding nose and piercing eyes often. weres DINK?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wolverines in the news..named to the 2006-2007 USA Cycling Endurance Track Squad!

Theresa Cliff Ryan of the United States
World Champion Inline Speed Skater

about Theresa Ryan

Full Name - Theresa Marie Cliff Ryan
Known as - Theresa Cliff Ryan
Birth Date - June 19, 1978
Birth Place - Cedar Springs, Michigan, USA
Height - 5' 8" (172 CM)
Husband - Gary Ryan of Australia
Siblings - 1 younger brother (David)
Home Team - Wolverines of Michigan
Pro Team - Verducci Racing Team
World Championship Gold Medals:
- 25 Gold - 15 Silver - 8 Bronze (as of 2002)
Women’s Endurance Squad
Sarah Hammer (Temecula, Calif./Ouch Pro Cycling)
Neva Day (Manhattan Beach, Calif./Southbay Wheelmen)
Becky Quinn (Quakertown, Pa./Spike)
Kristin Armstrong (Boise, Idaho/Team Lipton)
Kori Seehafer (Louisville, Colo./Team Lipton)
Sima Trapp (Boise, Idaho/Colavita-Cooking Light)
Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Cedar Springs, Mich./Wolverine Sports Club)
Kelly Benjamin (Overland Park, Kan./Diet Cheerwine)

Hammer, an automatic nomination, ended an 11-year drought by winning the world title in the pursuit. She also set a new national record, met a time standard, and claimed the individual pursuit national title. Day was automatically chosen for meeting a time standard. Quinn, Armstrong, Trapp, Cliff-Ryan, and Benjamin were all coaches’ nominations based on their 2006 results.
also side note.

Theresa Cliff Ryan Wins National Championships

U.S. National Criterium Champion

Downer’s Grove Village, Illinois, USA, August 19-20, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

American Express moment.

If theres one person who needs a American Express card (does anyone remember the comericals or im dating myself?) is Steve Balogh, i posted a quick blip on Steve and Doug Gatto a month back but, I thought alittle more depth was due scince, for most of us we wouldnt have any pics of ourselves doin what what we love. I was gonna right this big detailed story of Steve, but I think its better coming from the Artist, and That is what Steve is in many ways a talented photographer thats self taught, like most artists, and muscian talented in playing many forms, and of course a regular Joe that just loves be around bikes, and friends. i was also gonna include a shot of his mug but for some reason i couldnt..

Note, some people think I'm a professional photographer, I'm actually
employed as a manufacturing engineer. I hate calling it a hobby, as I've
enjoyed some pretty good perks from it. This took a while, I had to edit
out too much detail that I started with, hopefully this flows better and is
interesting to read
I caught the "photo bug" on my eighteenth birthday when my mom gave me a
35mm Minolta point&shoot camera. It still amazes me to this day just how
well that camera works. That immediately lead me into buying 35mm SLR
cameras, extra lenses, and experimenting with different films. I had also
purchased back then a special Macro lens and experimented with closeup

Since then my accomplishments are as follows:

1. I shot thousands of dollars worth of product photos for my previous
employer, using pretty much just the macro lens with our parts set up in a
light booth. The photos were used in a company brochure and presentation
books for a presentation for a "Big Three" customer.

2. Afterwards my current employer sent me for vision system training in
the mid-nineties to learn how to use the digital imaging software used in
factory automation. This was before digital cameras were being massed
produced for the public. My photograpghy skills gave me an edge at
troubleshooting. I was rewarded with some new knowledge of digital
imaging, and a pretty decent salary increase.

3. I've shot about eight weddings af friends, + I was also paid to shoot
an anniversary party.

4. Other subjects I've picked up in the last few years include
musicians. A former coworker of mine is also a rap artist, and paid me do
do a photoshoot for his website and other promotional materials. Myself,
I've played bass since I was 16, added an electric guitar about four years
ago, and three years ago I picked up a rare instrument called an "NS/Stick"
created by Emmett Chapman and Ned Steinberger. I recently photographed the
entire Chapman Stick festival in Ann Arbor. My photos were used in a
website article for the event, and some may be used by one professional
Stickest in his upcoming instructional book for the Chapman Stick. I will
not know until next year what may or may not be used. My photos from the
Stick festival included the Stick inventor Emmett Chapman himself, along
with some of the top professionals known worldwide. Getting photos of
Emmett actually performing is something few people ever get a chance at.

I switched to digital cameras around 2000 starting with a point and
shoot Nikon Coolpix 950, then moving over to the Canon D30, selling off all
my old Minolta film gear that I used since 1984 (However I kept my point &
shoot Minolta from 1984, and still have it today). In 2004 I sold the D-30
and picked up Canon's MKII digital SLR.
Last year I picked up the full version of Photoshop CS2, bringing back
some of what I learned from my vision system training.

My first digital race pics were MTB pics of my friends, but I eventually
found it easier to shoot more pics, as sometimes it's hard to tell who
people were when they went by. Sometimes I would miss people I knew by
trying to shoot only those I could recognize. I soon learned that I could
combine my cycling and photography interests in one afternoon, by shooting
racers I don't know. Races really test your skills, you only get one
chance to take each shot, there are no re-takes if you make a mistake.

If someone were to ask me what the best photo I've ever taken was, I
would have to say the one of Mike Rabe smiling while riding his cross bike.
He hated having his photo taken. After he passed away, I ended up
finding out from his family and friends that was one of the best photos
ever taken of Mike. Most people ended up with pics of his hand trying to
cover their lens. I took that photo with a huge telephoto lens I had just
received the week of that race. He wasn't racing, just riding over to the
finishline to watch. I've been offered cash for that photo by his family,
but I've always turned it down. Some things in life are worth far more
than money, you just can't put a pricetag on things like that.
Thanks Steve from all of us.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

From the sound of this past weekends racing in southern Ohio, It looks as though our Michigan sceners did pretty good, Jon Card continued on with a strong ride as did Anne Schwartz. and the little power HOUSE, Tony Wieczorek. did it to em again!! the following is from the the Biowheels website!

The women’s UCI Elite race saw 10 starters, with the heavy favorites, Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhinos), Betsy Shogren (Fort), and Cara McCauley (Team Cheerwine) all getting off to flying starts. McCauley’s flying start quickly went to flying over the bars through the Red Bull sand pit. Shogren and Schwartz worked well with each other to keep the rest of the field at bay. The evenly matched pair rode perfect races, and it all came down to a final lap showdown. Shogren took to the front with a heavy tempo attack, and held off Schwartz through the twisty finale to take a five second win. Rachel Steele (Saturn of Toledo), Kim Sawyer (Travelgirl Magazine), and local Marilynn Hartman (Pedal Power) rounded out the podium.

The UCI Men’s Elite race concluded the day. 39 riders lined up at the start, an increase of 25% over 2005. The list of potential winners was long: California’s Chris McGovern (Sonic) and Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa), Massachusett’s Michael Cody (FiordiFrutta), Wisconsin’s Tristan Schouten (Trek/VW/Michelin), Pennslyvania’s Ryan Leech (Meredith Group/Cannondale/GPOA, and last-minute entry Minnesota’s Doug Swanson (Grandstay Suites).

Trek’s Schouten was the first off the line to drop the hammer, pulling Cody, Swanson, and Leech away from the main group. Big Shark’s Nate Rice got the great start as well. Sonic’s McGovern and Celo’s Prenzlow had issues on the start, and were unable to catch the train that was eventually driven by Swanson, who took over in the Red Bull sand pit. Swanson and Schouten animated the front of the race, driving the tempo in an effort to maintain the gap to the chase group of Prenzlow and McGovern, who were at a tantalizingly close 6 seconds for much of the race. The remainder of the field broke up into large chase groups, with riders moving back and forth between groups. Cane Creek’s Jonathan Card made the best progress from back in the field, moving more than 10 places forward from his mid-pack start to finish seventh on the day. Back at the front, a full lap acceleration by Schouten had Leech on the ropes, and Swanson and Cody careful to hold his wheel (Schouten had ridden away from them the previous day at the Java Johnny’s race in Middletown, OH). As they reached the uphill road section, Swanson put a huge move on Schouten that was marked by Cody, and a ten second gap was attained prior to hitting the courses one set of barriers. With 3 laps to go, Swanson and Cody drove the pace in front while Schouten chased the gap down to five seconds. Cody took the front for good in the last lap’s twisty finale, and managed to hold off a very tough Swanson at the line for his first UCI win of the season. Schouten came through third at 14 seconds, and Prenzlow held off McGovern for the final two podium spots.

UCI Elite Men

Place Rider Team Time
1 Michael Cody FiordiFrutta Cycling Team 1:03:25
2 Doug Swanson Grandstay Suites 1:03:25
3 Tristan Schouten Trek/VW/Michelin 1:03:39
4 Brent Prenzlow Celo Pacific/Salsa 1:03:55
5 Chris McGovern Sonic 1:04:03
6 Ryan Leech Meredith Group/Cannondale/GPOA 1:04:20
7 Jonathan Card Cane Creek/Caboto Velo 1:05:47
8 Nathan Rice Big Shark 1:05:51
9 Kyle Jacobson Team Beans and Barley 1:06:17
10 John Minturn BioWheels Racing 1:06:26
11 Anthony Slowinski Clarkesville A-Team 1:06:56
12 Jeff Weinert Cane Creek/Ride Blue 1:06:56
13 Michael Wissink Specialized 1:07:08
14 James Holmes All9Yards.com 1:07:17
15 Phil Noble BioWheels Racing 1:07:38
16 Stephen Cummings Meredith Group/GPOA 1:07:38
17 Shawn Adams Alan Factory 1:07:38
18 John Behrens Celo Pacific/Probikesupport 1:07:38
19 Shawn Harshman Harshman Wealth/Primus Mootry 1:08:11
20 Robert Foshag Cane Creek 1:08:52
21 Mike Hebe GPOA-Cannondale 1:08:52
22 Gunnar Shogren FORT Factory Team 1:08:52
23 Nathan Chown Cyclissimo/KONA Canada 1:09:26
24 Ryan Rish Alan Factory 1:11:53
25 John Degele Inland Construction/BTD 1 lap
26 Daryl Sawyer Camp Highland/Nouveau 1 lap
27 Jesse Rients Nature Valley/Penn Cycles 1 lap
28 Ryan Myers Chiropower 1 lap
29 Donald Galligher Chiropower 1 lap
30 Rick Toler Kreitler Rollers 1 lap
DNF Scott Rendall

DNF Justin Becker BioWheels Racing
DNF Joshua Johnson Big Shark Racing
DNF Jeremy Walker Cane Creek/Caboto Velo
DNF Kevin Atkisson Texas Roadhouse
DNF David Howe Neuvou Velo Cycling
DNF Ryan Gamm A&F a2coaching
DNF Chris Saunders

St. Catherines C.C.

UCI Elite Women

Place Rider Team Time
1 Betsy Shogren Fort Frames 38:30
2 Anne Schwartz Flying Rhino 38:35
3 Rachel Steele Saturn of Toledo 39:52
4 Kim Sawyer Travelgirl Magazine 41:03
5 Marilynn Hartman Pedal Power 41:43
6 Amanda McKay BioWheels Racing 41:55
7 Bridget Donovan BioWheels Racing 42:35
8 Cara McCauley Team Cheerwine 42:51
9 Anne Conroy Team Revolution 42:53
10 Amy Matson-Hyland

Masters 35+

Place Rider Team Time
1 Robert Bobrow Papa Johns Cycling Team
2 John Gatch Montgomery Cyclery/Specialized
3 Tim Beirne Papa Johns Cycling Team
4 Don Cameron Specialized
5 Christian Zauner Papa Johns Cycling Team
6 Mark Strecker Queen City Wheels
7 Steve Roszko www.bikereg.com
8 Bill Crank Pedal the Planet
9 Morgan Webb Barbasol
10 Jerry Witham Chiropower
11 Joe Collins Team Louisville
12 Ramon Corpuz Team COBC
13 Layne Peters Bikesource
14 Lars Anderson

15 John Riedel Independent Fabrication
16 David Hyland

17 Dave Nissen Queen City Wheels
DNF Anthony Hergert Camp Highland Racing
DNF Scott Lyle Queen City Wheels

Masters 45+

Place Rider Team Time
1 Brad Wunderlich Team Louisville
2 Roger Wilson Pedal the Planet
3 Joseph Brown Flying Rhino Cycling
4 Mark Wolowiec Flying Rhino Cycling
5 Matthew Baroli Paint Creek
6 Rick Lyons

7 DA Fleischer Pale Ale
8 Harry Wicks BioWheels Racing
9 Mike Otting 7 Hills Racing
10 Dennis Barber Bicycle Station
11 John Schnatter Papa Johns Cycling
12 Doug Hamilton

13 Matthew Koehn Oz
14 Chip Ellison UDF/Queen City Wheels
15 Jeep Barrett Mafic Cycles
16 Robert Zeman Team Louisville
DNF Fred Steinbrecher Pedal Power Racing
DNF Walter Lay Team Louisville

B Men

Place Rider Team Time
1 Travis Mullen Pedal the Planet 42:29
2 Clayton Omer Papa Johns Racing 42:55
3 Andrew Llewellyn Papa Johns Racing 43:14
4 Andrew Messer Morris Trucking 43:18
5 Chris Mayhew Wissahickon 43:40
6 Marcus Moran Team Louisville 43:46
7 Brandon Jessop BioWheels Racing 43:54
8 Brad Nelson MOB Squad 44:10
9 Dan Ott Darkhorse-Smitty's 44:10
10 Nick Tinsler Darkhorse-Smitty's 44:49
11 Jake Zimmerman Ohio Valley Velo 44:50
12 Allen Morris Queen City Wheels 44:59
13 Dan Tille I Pro 45:10
14 Jay Moncel Trek Factory Racing 45:21
15 Kieran Sikdar Bikesource 45:22
16 Royden Kern CES/Schellers 45:23
17 Brian Neiport UC/Reser 45:38
18 James Turner I Pro 46:10
19 David Emig
20 Jeffrey Kiesel Team Louisville 46:22
21 Phil Gardner Ohio Valley Velo 46:25
22 Joe Bellante BioWheels Racing 46:45
23 James Rassmussen Bike Line Racing 46:53
24 Jakub Toborek Pedal Power Racing 47:05
25 Adam Rodkey Team Tortuga 47:10
26 Greg Charkoudian Pedal the Planet 47:10
27 Andrew Johnson Buckeye Cycling 47:10
28 Matt Fox BioWheels Racing 47:33
29 Ryan Lindsay Zephyr Wheel Sports 48:10
30 Marty Smith CES/PTP 48:41
31 Bob Combs BioWheels Racing 49:15
32 Steven Rider www.truesport.com 49:15
33 Josh Lahman Queen City Wheels 49:15
34 Steven Gers 7 Hills Racing 50:38
35 Chip Dobson Darkhorse-Smitty's 50:40
36 Keith Morlen Bolla 50:58
37 Matt Bell Darkhorse-Smitty's at 1 lap
38 David Groen Team COBC at 1 lap
DNF TJ Turner BioWheels Racing
DNF Jc Breslin Schellers
DNF Andrew Brown Specialized/Cycletherapy
DNF Andys Burns Central Ohio Bicycle
DNF Rob Bush Texas Roadhouse
DNF Jack Crawford Team COBC
DNF Joe Hall Pista Elite

B Women

Place Rider Team Time
1 Sherry Downing Kenda Tire 26:40
2 Lindsay Hatfield Texas Roadhouse 26:55
3 Nancy McElwain Team Louisville 27:40
4 Shannon Holmes All9Yards.com 28:02
5 Lisa Tashjian Title Nine 29:10
6 Lindsay Rodkey Vello Bella-KONA at 1 lap

C Men

Place Rider Team Time
1 Charles Garner Team Louisville 23:00
2 Greg Johnson Flying Rhinos 23:50
3 Duane Walker Team Louisville 23:56
4 Kyle Wingler Savage Hill 24:10
5 Bill Timberman Springfield Cyclery 24:35
6 Mark Kimmerle Alan Factory 24:35
7 Adam Balz
8 Dominick Wieczorek Sunrise Sports/Jittery Joe's 24:58
9 Martin Meadows
10 Bret Brevoort Darkhorse-Smitty's 25:36
11 Ben Sweeney BioWheels Racing 25:38
12 Andy Paskins
13 Clifford Stambaugh Dayton Dental Cannons 26:10
14 Brian Bishop
15 Kyle Combs Univ of Cincinnati 26:32
16 Mason Morgan
17 Alex Hasse Darkhorse-Smitty's 27:03
18 Mark Luking Team Louisville 27:30
19 Chris Rawls
DNF Chris Kazlauskas Ohio Valley Velo

Juniors 10-14 Boys

Place Rider Team Time
1 Jarrett Frauhiger Queen City Wheels 25:50
2 Sam Dobroszi Queen City Wheels 34:40

Junior 10-14 Girls

Place Rider Team Time
1 Hannah Mossman
2 Samantha Nissen Queen City Wheels 38:30

Juniors 15-18 Boys

Place Rider Team Time
1 Tony Wieczorek Sunrise Sports-Jittery Joes 40:50
2 Josh Lahmann Queen City Wheels 44:10
3 Ambrose Dobrozsi Queen City Wheels 45:54
4 Jarrett Frauhiger Queen City Wheels 46:22
5 Joe Meister Queen City Wheels 47:10

Juniors 15-18 Girls

Place Rider Team Time
1 Michele Morris Queen City Wheels 45:10

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Boyne MT ..

For most roadies, this time of the year is either a time for rest, and rides without little stress, for a few its cross season, and fewer it means a trip up north to Boyne Mt for the Fun promotions MTB state Championship, for as long as i can remember this has been the ONLY real state Michigan Mountain bike championship. Although the rider count gets fewer each season but there will always be a select few of road guys that show up with great fitness and hunger to put a dent in some mtb'ers hopes of a state championship. This year Tom Burke of WMCR and Eric Forrester of Priority Health both won there classes. nice job and a great way to cap off a season.

Friday, October 13, 2006

How many

How many dudes can lay claim to what Weinerts got on his back?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pappa T

I have been racing cross since 1997, back then Robert Linden was just getting into it, and there was an Ann Arbor series that was kinda cool. The courses were lame, flat with a couple small run ups here and there, no off camber stuff but Pontiac lake had a really cool course through the camp ground area, with two wicked run ups and three or four sets of barriers. Prior to 1997 there was only one cyclocross race a year and that was in Somerset, Michigan near Jackson. Only Wolverine roadies showed up for it usually. The Wolverine's also were the first club to bring cyclocross to Michigan as a training tool, the first State championships was held at the Dorais Velodrome around 1977 or so, Bernie Clincke was crowned champ. Bernie's Dad, a Belgian immigrant, built the barriers and made poor Bernie warm up for the event by riding from his home in Utica to the Dorais Velodrome located on outerdrive and mound, in Detroit. Bernie rode a modifie d road bike, with "special" cyclocross tubulars ordered straight from Belgium, he most likely was the only guy at the race with cyclocross specific tires. The flying rhino's also held a couple of cyclocross races at bloomer park in the early 90's, these races usually included the wooden stairs near the stone pavilion (all 124 of them.) I never raced in these early cross races, I missed them by a couple years.
I race on a couple of Orbea cross bikes, the younger of the two was the proto-type showed at interbike in 2002. Dave Koesel (Felt's National Marketing Director) snagged it for me when he was an Orbea rep. It is set up with an old Winwood carbon cross fork, Ultegra 9 speed rear shifter, Ritchey Cranks, Single 42th chain ring, with Sram 12-26 cassette, Spooky Canti brakes, and Ksyrium wheels, with Verdastein knobbies. The bike creaks and rattles but generally stays together, when I run tubulars I like tufo prestige 32's for most conditions. The other is set up with an Alpha Q fork, and truvative cranks with a double 46-39, and 11-25. The newer Orbea's have a lower bottom bracket height, so my favorite one is the old prot-type as it has almost 11 inches from center of the bb to floor clearance, you can peddle through any corner with this baby and not scratch a peadal.
Pretty cool..thanks Tony thats a cool piece of cross history most of todays guys dont know about.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

makin the scene look good!

Ol Smoky Joe Brown of the FRCC makes Michigan look good with 2 big wins in the 55 + cat, at the Crank Bros GP, this past weekend, not bad for a old dude!!! way to go JOE!

Saturday, October 07, 2006