Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lovin to Hate.

Once the spoken words of the infamous EYE GATTO..that's a wrap. Its over..2011 is dead history and braggin rights don't mean least not around here..I could give you the whole long drug out poor grammar T version, but ill spare Haters that opportunity to throw disgust TMS's way, besides I got 2.5 months of idle time before any real racing gets rollin to let that hate flow. Instead, ill give you what your fellow ridin buddies gave T as there Good, Bad and Ugly of 2011..dont be afraid to pipe t has come to accept Hatin is just as good as lovin if done in the right ways....
No one died...I think
Alexey V
we got a real course for the state RR
BR became legit
2,478,983,987.5 CX bikes at BRX
field sprints
Rainville grows up and through s smack
cross B's increase
TANGUY is the best at going long
Detroit got a mutha-fuckin crit
Hotties still come to watch
Wiz comes back from last years brain fade
Milford got bigger and badder
Dirt road classics (or whatever the fuck they are) finally showed up
Cone is still king of tossing your salad
Yorke wins the big dick contest for the most races in a single season
No fights in cyclocross, only a little bummed
Road King wins state TT
The Ace let us race in his hood, complete with pool...and hairy guy doing yard work
Tailwind under new management
local Elite sceners resolved the fact a ICEMAN victory is now for the gifted
LIL pony dazzled Haters and lovers with his slic dance moves
CX State Champs was a 'proper fucked' cross race
Lummis is back roll'n
Kroske honches the State TT
the Quiring kit
CHIX in GR smokin
the "future" honches a few breaks early on
the Black Ace reveals his super hero kit
DG doubles up ORE@SHORE..state RR
Timmy is the king of spring..
outta sceners appear every weekend
race choices a plenty
everyone bitches about TMS when they realize there the ones writing that shit
dodging car jacks in the ghetto trumps, breaking legs in the burbs
Sven brought questionable watts and upset that mainstays
Kroske is still a perv
westside throwin TMS love
Uberti wins state crit championship
mountain scene on the incline
Rhonde Van Stoney gets bigger
CHIX in Milford hot
fake boobs
Kroske fathers my child
chix with glasses
Crit in D-town
Dave Massey callin the race
Bells sponsor ICECREAM race
Panther flyin when they show
surviving mid summer burnout
Stange bumps up
Rudyard grows inches.

DLAM goes down at cone
TOWC lays an egg
Bells pulls the plug on the MTB gig
Terry R RR turnout is as lows as most sceners wattge
"I want to win before I upgrade, ya know?", fuck off, go plank
Evildude face plants at TOWC
Friday TT's
straight shooters
Best paying omnium in MI was a secret charity event, huh?
Quiring kit
Battenkill promoter loved money more than racing. Maybe wear a condom and don't have eight kids?
cry babies
Toledo/Sylvania crit
Barry Roubaix finishing area....start taking bets who dies in 2012
Mysterious Flint / Fenton points omnium...wait, what just happend?
Birmingham Crit loved its purse so much it tried to keep it
linden CX how many turns?
Pretty boy Joe steps down
I'm pretty sure the wolverines are breeding...
Big red swallowed up the 2012 talent
Panther population in Michigan extinct
Alex V wins Battenkill 2 race
No matter how long you make a road race it still finishes the same way
Grand Rapids showed the pros what a real weather advisory could be

the UGLY
Greyhounds caught a relay race...seriously.
November Mustaches: glad your wife finally let you grow something
Broken bikes
Nobody likes the truth
Miscene spring
Michelob Ultra sponsor west branch.
Toledo/Sylvania crit turn out
Rich guys who think the rules don't apply. Fuck off.
Horrible tan lines
The smell of a full porta-john in the summer heat
Waterford worlds needs a new master to make it faster
Cherry Roubaix endless championship podiums....everyone gets a medal!
Brian-the-brain-Matter goes down while reaching for greatness at icedog
Trainer time
BOBW on his 4th x race of the day..
Timmy's sweet disintegration
Dropping your GU in the porta-john, but still using it..What!? I wiped it on my shirt
Crash fucking much?
Being disconnected
The Monster doesn't show, keeps the nookie
forever wait for results
Facebook banter
The girl at the Pilot station
pizza elbows
the cross guys form
Old school glasses
Kits with holes in them
Broken bones
rudy Ps shifters..someone show that kid how to put his bike together
track events on the point series
not riding for the month of July..
haters..u-no who you are
the top heavy pay outs
muscle cars at Milford
Kroske in the $
fake watts
fake shakes
fake friends
BHAM hangs on to the funds
Dtown pay out
fake teammates
JMAK dissin TMS
No Henry in the fall
Haters LOVE wtf
altering Xcross courses
to be continued...

Monday, December 26, 2011

TAO of Bruce

As you think, so shall you become.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas all.... from TMS


4ème Manche de CDM cyclo-cross from Petitesreines on Vimeo.

Do yourself a favor if you haven't this


Not all the stuff you that's being pushed is legit T endorsed, take for instance these three obviously imposter's
#1 I sure as hell ain't that ugly..
#2 , I'm ripped.. but i ain't on that kinda plan,
and i don't have to tell you whats wrong with #3.
So just like our scene beware of fakes

Mego's Finest

HTF and nearly sold out everywhere this holiday, season but if you use your head you can still find em...Apollo, Balboa,Thunder lips, the only suck'a that's missing is that commie matter you don't have to be a kid to play with toys, this set is sure to stir fun the next time you through a Scrabble party or Twister night. set up a few props, could be books and what not and have at it,
ya know the out come

T's Last minute gifts

You got to love this position just one more for gift, the one for yourself.. stores are packed, good thing Dollar General is stocked up on this hot pocket billfold. You dont have to pack it Phat to feel T coolness just carry it like a boss with pictures of your Atlanta friends and maybe yo kids, no matter cuz when you pull it out to fork that cash for those over priced bullshit energy drinks and inflated entry feels.. you can take pride in being connected to such a solid crusade..
buy it sucka..your worth it.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Krampus is a mythical creature recognized in Alpine countries. According to legend, Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children. When the Krampus finds a particularly naughty child, it stuffs the child in its sack and carries the frightened child away to its lair, presumably to devour for its Christmas dinner

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

output via input.

Ive been meeting with an old friend a few times aweek, and we do what old friends do, we cuss, we discuss, rate and debate, different aspects of our life could everything from chili dogs to Atlanta hotshoes... Its a good thing... since both of us are on two different planes, so it gives each of us a clear shot at Truth talk. Ive been told that people like straight shooters, someone who doesn't pull punches and comes at em 100%..Id like to think thats true..but in some cases...(heavy sigh) sadly enough it isnt. My good friend has tried to keep an outsiders view of what im about to lay on you, so take in mind it aint all T's cryin.

What im trying to get at while the thoughts are still fresh in most sceners mind is alittle input.. on what can make the 2012 Eastside pride cross scene what it needs to be other than the color grey. So i assembled a few quick surveys to your right and if you all could take some time to input honest ansers that would make this time worhtwhile..believe it or not the avg number of folks visiting TMS weekly from September through early December nearly doubles that of the regular season. that tells me that someone cares. and believe it or not those that bring this shit to you, care as well and theres a dam good chance they come here. Your output depends on your input..if the classes dwindle and riders lose interest..theres a good chance you ain't gonna get any more output...get my drift?

Keep on keepin on.... as TMS and myself respect all your thoughts immensely..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

TAO of Chuck

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Charles Bukowski

Thursday, December 15, 2011


for what its worth.

Come on Haters ya know you want this, ain't we all wanna be someone else at some point in our life? Liz, Justin B and Timmy J don't have anything on this kit. Wear this set with pride knowing that your not some fake and you all can Wrest easy as this garment isn't by Galoob so you know this shit isn't junk..Hate on fools...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Ideas

See Haters..this is the kinda shit im talkin about that fool Kabush knows, now you can too. just in time for the holidays and up coming basement sessioning...The Mystery of the Fobiddin Monastery, this is a great way to learn phonics, or just sit back and listen to get your creep on. Its full length and is part of my Mystery series.

In stores now.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

TAO of Bruce

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
Bruce Lee


T tried to keep me away but it didnt work...You fuckin rotters got just what you prayed for i hope ma natures greasy, disease riddin, foul shit tasted good, did it go down easy? probably better with a mouth full of now shut the fuck up, So the dirty sods race down,and your dreams were broken with an ill time form, and some wanker has one great ride in a 365 day year, now the whole scene is back on the you think you can rebuild for a national box and a world medal? ...or whatcha gonna do you bastards now with your silly cross blogs next season is nearly two births away, and that hippy shelved the spring cross idea years ago. Oh well theres always fuckin, barry roubaix and ICEMAN..

God save me.. Hater

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Different World

Once again... had this whole big elaborate big story laid out, the whole toe/toe day ....but a simple image was brought to T's attention and it put him in a quandary...which way do i go? because too much of a good thing leaves you punch drunk..?.not enough leaves you searching for more so that being said im gonna throw out two stories if you can muddle through T's poor grammar maybe you will get my drift, and maybe you dont.......
Long: You needed your jungle truckers just waid through the sloppy details....Its so hard I kinda wanna just close the season out in brief being that it left so many with soggy hearts and the braggin rights shelved. Oh sure you all got fuel for your fire of 2012 season.. if there is one, the Lil Pony used his shit kickers to kick some shit in a ride second to none.... while the new German State Champion suddenly creates a super power and makes the rest of the elites look like there turning BigRay gears....But in short its done..Masters was like lookin into a rich broads closet many don't know what Clarks to choose cuz it got thick like no other time and left mainstays trippin over there own fancy pumped up kicks and allowed Hatred to get in there way of there dreams. the Monster stayed away and kept the trophy, and you coulda got funds in elite womens even if you showed up with Cfm's all ...To peak for the day you had to be questionable, cuz it was it gonna be like using your butt cheeks to pick up Vaseline covered pencils unless your like to gamble because that one crazy fool had enough in the Moon boots once again to keep the quota up for uncle bobby...
The Cross eyed suffocation end always has a weird way of bringing people together and leaving them united in its own bizarre way..when you got the Surly bastard winnin and washin steeds ya know it can only end funky..I dunno..... all the pre race hype seemed to over ride what everyone was dancing for, but much like alotta things in life once you get it...its not all its cracked up to be..ahh but its cross...... bad day in the mud sure as hell beats a good 65 degree dry day..cuz this is gonna be that one your all gonna speak of from BITD..."I remember when".....but you know T's rule...... you got five years...

the short: A champion is not defined by a title.

hate on, and thanks for givin T reasons...

Monday, December 05, 2011

Sit tight fools, as a full compute is in the works.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

I predict ...

Some fuck on a Specialized will win the mens elite race.

I predict ...

Id love to through my ever loving to that figuratively speaking "old bird" but a bum wing has left her clipped. You could have a Monster rear her head, but if she dont show that skinny gal could take it. unless Ms Woodring shows, but cant figure she is much of a mudder. I had hopes early Steele and another would bring there old game to town but now those thoughts are fleeting memories..

Chinese Scenes from BASE-Book - Matt Gerdes on Vimeo.

nice roads..

Friday, December 02, 2011

I predict...

The only fucker who cares about the B race is maybe that Rainville kid, cuz he says he is out to prove the fuckin nay Sayers wrong , and who the fuck are they? does anyone really give fuck what this little shit does? I dont...wanker

I predict ...

Sven will ride away, composed, mouth closed dumping questionable watts to those in his fucking wake.

I predict..

I gotta throw..My 2 cents on the Masters 35+ I gotta say its a gonna be won by a down player, could be the Pete Thompson show...if I could pick a solid 35er it aint gonna be Lil Simon, watts are too close, lets just say upset city...

I predict...

I predict that its gonna be too much for me too stomach deciding which class the aging DC is gonna pin it on. if he acts his age he's gonna be trading blows with the fucker who claims he likes Slayer..but in the end DC will get what he deserves..W

I predict..

If the monster shows.... its lights out for that skinny broad.

I predict..

You motherfuckers can hate me ll you want.. but you gotta admit the fact remains that this shit aint easy and there's more than few of you glad its over, the big question still remains who's gonna have the legs to make the run to Wisco..if your plannin a rebuild after Sunday your a fuckin a dead man walkin...

I predict...

That lil British Bloke will run away from that chunky fella in the silly yellow shoes , but only after he disposes of that fake punk..

I predict...

Its gonna be all Wiz and Sven, like Clubber and Balboa..with no disrespect, to RoadKING, Vinny, the LIL Pony, and possibly the Black Ace..

the questionable numbers..don't lie.

the rest?

will be fighting for scraps ..

I predict...

Some fuckin wanker is gonna leave with a compound fracture, or multiple cuts and contusions due to that ill engineered walk up called the orange crush. leave it up to an American Union carpenter to build such lame ass piece of smelly foul ass shit, probably built by the same blokes that framed my fuckin suburban home, which now crumbling around my tired arse..

I predict..

Never fuckin write off a state champion, that wasnt just givin to Parmachicken, I gotta feelin he is gonna surprise some of you jack offs

Thursday, December 01, 2011


I didn't just start doing this today. Not like some people . You know my stomach turns with their funny stuff. You don't have to carry a gun 24/7." I know about peer pressure and all that, but I say, "Hey, they called me a sissy because I wouldn't join the gang. Who was calling me a sissy? Does it make me a sissy because somebody called me a sissy?"I'm going to fight if you touch me or hurt me . But if you call me a bad name, or whatnot, I'm too smart for that. "If I fought every time somebody called me a name, I would never get out of my own dam way. But I'm disciplined. I'm smarter than that, like My mother said, "Consider the source." When you see who called you the name, then you understand why they're doing it. Then you don't have to stoop that low.