Friday, February 26, 2016

Heaven and Hell

3.overniters roads laps
7.8hr all niters
8.point to point TTs
10.disease rides
14.slow rolls

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pharting around

Ok i know i know i we go again another one of Ts horribly composed, turd covered piss smelling posts about some shit he knows very little about...

I aint gonna argue with ya..your probably right...but heres the beauty of it haters...T dont dislike either one in all actuality he gets it..Hey if anyone needs a Phart bike its T ...have you scene my ass lately you cant exactly bounce a dime off one of my cheeks..seem befitting type of bike for T.. ..But id get that shit all decked out alittle different from your basic brown shoes off the shelf  Phart-Bike..first off id drop those flat bars to a set of nice deep carbon  slam the stem add that new fangled electic shifting system..for sure some type of wattage meter....big ol-fat slicks...than id get my ass set up into a aerodynamic-ecosystem fit and id be in full effect...come on use your grey matter think about know it would be trick as fuck.....someones is missing the pay check long until that big S company adds one carbon-fiberd out send your ass into debt ride into there line up next to all there other give you 40 more watts at whaver without  a motor rigs....Id bet my Willie Talk doll on it when it happens DC is gonna be the first to roll up to the line in the new USAC road category they created for it....Phart bikes are cool i said it just dont know why every time a new form of bike rolls out the ingenious minds of the ones that created them we have to start a race series for it or why  its any more of a conversation than the Fix gear one that redneck hipster dude that rides down my street every night singing Interpol .i dunno maybe he does talk about it on his side of the social network and Zwifty world....
There it is that word that took T months to fingure out what it was Zwiftin..every time i turned around i was hearing so and so was first i thought what the fuck does this fool have an OCD of keeping his crib clean..??..But then a friend let me in on what it was..a high tech way of racing your buddies, or that tri-geek from south beach all without leaving your if strava wasn't enough of a bragging right thing its gotten taken to a whole new level..stay with me on this i aint hatin either one..anything that gets folks ridin more is a win in Ts book..just like its bastard child Zwiftn keeps a Jedi  like focus through times when they may be yawing..Im alittle confused, but mainly cuz i just dont know that Zwift world....why does everyone ride the same course all the time..? Is it a cyclist thing where we are programmed to the same stuff all the time....I guess if it was me and i had the grip id give it whirl...dont know how long i could stay composed to staring at that screen without searching for a commercial or two...but what the heck....
But if i had real grip!!!     id have my own version of zwiftin...dont have a name for it yet..but  id have some full on gnarly shit red-bull drop ins where if you crash you cant zwift for a few weeks cuz of injury or ..maybe some crit about a gravel grinder..OH man maybe some local events could make there way into the fold..and how sweet would it be if they did... and if you were racing your real life buddies or some of those fuck-heads that show up outta the blue to the local agrro-large penis pissing ride...and what if they actually road like there real life self..looking back..chopping wheels..moving you over into the curb..Id have assorted Milford cougars there too..moms with kids trying to get the other side of the course local just divorced cops on steroids working  the corners..OH man..and at least a few times at the end of an event there would be a random protest that would delay your results..some how id have to figure out how to do piss testing as well...holy crap Id never leave the basement....

As far as whos gonna be faster come spring....,i ain't no fortune teller...but its safe to assume anyone with a proper training program passable genetics and put there time in wisely is gonna be ridin decent...

lovin ya more than ever

Sunday, February 21, 2016

44 presidents 1 king 

 Jochen Rindt laying on his Lotus 49 chatting to Jackie Stewart, year 1969

 Pedro Rodriquez and the Brabham P153 in Monaco, 1970.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Iggy Pop performing with The Stooges at the school gym of Farmington High School, Michigan, on December 5, 1970.

 The gig was late due to Iggy being arrested earlier that evening and The Stooges played only four songs but I bet it was the end of innocence for all the unsuspecting teen students attending this show when the 23-year-old Iggy appeared shirtless, wearing a dog collar and jeans with cut-out crotch, revealing his red briefs, and performed his legendary on-and-off stage stunts…

you did realize it was only time...