Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In no order here we go:
thick fields..
Muscle Cars everywhere
women's field.. healthy sorta
kids everywhere...even in the road?
the only 2  missing were.. name em?
MT Khaki's blows trousers ...as expected 
Miford where nice people meet
Dave Massey = big pimpin
David Johnson's official  cross prep begins
body alterations everywhere...
you cant touch this..
hey lady control that mutt
Paul Martin = smooth
Lathrup wins all the old stuff.
even a Docsavage spotting   wtf
move up on 30mph                      no problem
lotsa futures...
cross talk             everywhere..
Chewberti = solid
Gr was just an opener..OK
Collin Snyder is back...             and reclassified 
it was a who's who         even if you didnt race
Parmachicken wins cat 3
Wiz finishes mid field masters 35
Das German lurks the 1/2
The Black Ace looks stylish
no pony?
Dybo no state title this year..
nice glasses
a Lewis Tripp sighting..yea wtf?
Waterford Wednesday = state champions
old cougars everywhere..
you cant afford it.
Nate W..state champ...
Kevin Collins a walking human anonymity chart he is.
Scott Hoffner..gets the homie call up
A-game goes to the dark side..
tail gunning aint easy
walk your bike          or ill break your wrist.
I dunno who packs more muscle Bissell, Shrek that Mvw rider, or the Callaway Vette that just rolled past..
a Matt Walp sight wtf?
Mark W state champ
boy everyone got old....
whats up with Antonuk?
nice place to park..fucker..
KIDA the euro future..              just sayin..
Bissell just how many did they have?
RGF down             again..
hey lady can i have a light?
the Sith doubles up again...scary
no data required...
Beamers are par norm.
see ya next year..maybe


Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fifteen

1.Danny keeps lurking beneath the surface..
2. wonder what Blairs doing?
3. It aint over until you eat a deep fried Snicker and they measure the pig with the biggest balls
4. Bloomer park crazy days..was it worth it?
5. Cross rumor: masters 35+ get the hour they craved
6. snorting Zot dust... can that be considered doping?
7. NRC pros in your backyard, NRC pro's at your State Championship
8.  Now the season gets Hard
9   Milford where   the futures of Michigan cycling come together
10. The Wiz comes up for air.. and rides around breathing...WTF?
11. Parmachicken gets nipped by Simonster
12.Good news No one got shot in Flint. But someone stole my gearbag WTF?
13. Rumor: i can hang with those guys..
14. MBRA point series is anyone focusing on it?
15.Overheard: Racing is so easy now a days guys are doing 2 or 3 in one day..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sleepin On Speed n TAO

So in good fashion The Haters demand the Jelly and T can make like Judas Priest and delver the goods. The "scene" has scene many great events stumble through our state over the years..with out going long..and babbling how it was back in the day..ill spare you. And we entirely as scene are no stranger to see talent emerge from our fields as well..although not all go on to be Johnny T's , Frankie's and Bookwalters..many give it a shot and pay there dues to a sport that is dam hard and often unforgiving. Some make it.. some end up bar-tending which isn't all that bad..some do both.
So we sit on the eve of a National championship event in our backyard..might be a few turns if it ever makes its way here again..its perfecting timing for a few of the newly turned "pro" guys from Miscene to make there debut.....TMS was initially conceived to show case Michigan events and Michigan riders, there are plenty of "other" sites that state there opinions, views and what not... about the "Tour, cross worlds and Dope riddin Fondo's.." We don't shun those that go..but its not our thing..We get our  pleasure watching the riders like the above,  form from the likes of so many guys that make up our blue collar scene. Without, Waterford worlds, Grattan, AAVC spring fling, Birmingham rides, Hot Laps at the Local loops, Pando, Hanson Hills Marathon, Kisscross,  Double cross  etc..there wouldn't be green pro's and  National Championships or any other bigger events that have blown through over there years..although at times its a little rough around the edges..its your scene enjoy it for what it is...cuz in the scope of it all....... it could be worse


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

drink some of that 5 hour energy shit, you pussy

Monday, July 23, 2012



Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fifteen

1. Danny, its better to burnout and fade away, or is he just lurking beneath the surface?
2. RGF TKO the Bissell crew at the Best industrial park crit this side of Lake Michigan
3.Fly weight finally comes good
4. The Lion and BIGMAC-B get there wings..
5. MIA's plenty..
6.BIG RAY cant stop winning
7. the only thing hotter than the July's recipient is his lady.waa waaa waaa
8.big weekends are just around the corner.  got legs?
9. rumors of a harder State Road course, make sure to save some after two days of racing..
10. Haters go hiding..heat musta got to em?
11.TMS six years and the grammer still sucks..
12.you too can get your upgrade to pro 1/2 status..just ask..cough cough..
13. Dam Yankus makes Zolojesus jealous..
14. the Rodd Bros, are now a 1/2 combo pack..liquor and babes sold separately
15.Track racing..does anyone care                   except track racers?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Shit Post

Since Tms has been known to lie, cheat, steal, and now the official home of the faceless cyber bullies ..we thought why should today be any different? So in a time when fools are making like David Lee Roth and coming in crazy from the heat, I thought it would a good time to through out another waste of time shit post..
The "other" site which is ...much cooler, way more respectable..is far more legit.. but has yet to gain the solid following..(http://kolotc.com/) came up with a post that we here at Tms thought it would make a good one to piggy back off of..and maybe go a tad further
So here go's haters..we all know theres different degrees of HARD..but without going into that whole pile of hatred banter, etc... (we can always use another shit post later)..iF you can take time out of busy,hard ass time crunching schedules, put your grammar hatred aside, for few lousy moments and   throw a couple votes out..Mind you polls may be swayed a tad due to non existent events ..but make do with it..if we left any off you can hate em up.
 other polls will be added in the next few days.
stay cool fool

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sleepin On Speed P 1 1/2

Heres the deal people.

Going forward slightly, but always returning to the nature of the roots..I feel compelled to speak on the latest vent of angst...Hate on TMS all you want. We have never and will not  so called  "police post" for any reason. This is a anon blog. pure and simple, with the exception of harming children..for as long as it exists no changes will be made.. whether we agree to the comments are irrelevant.
Some ask why anon? well my friend.. its quite simple..you see at some point everyone has had an opinion, good, bad or just grey.. might of been about a race, a riding buddy,  his lady.. or that asshole at the car wash.. whatever, but because of the thought of being tagged a jerk or ridiculed, or beat down for speaking yours, you don't say a word..but chances are someone or even  the guy next to you feels the same..Oh OK.. some will say "ill say anything to anyone face"..that's bullshit and you know it..So that's where TMS stepped in, it gave the pallet for those to voice there opinions, mind you some are not always constructive, and at times pushed the limits of decency but many have brought change to our scene, and in all honesty and fairness are we really that sensitive to take all those to the point of losing precious sleep..? for Christ sake you got brothers burning in garbage cans in your back yard....The world isn't perfect and don't be so naive of this scene you created, its not as flowery as you imagine it to be..
 You want pure and clean and grammatically correct? ... step up, cat up or fake up.... cuz you don't need no stinking homie hook up to start your own blog and do shit your way ..its easy.. a blogger account is free but if your too lazy to do the work there's always the alternative to manipulate..

Momma always said  Lawrence "if we were all the same the world would be a pretty boring place sweetie"

get an alignment of the situation

Friday Fifteen

1. and you got the 1/2 women's field at Terry Reisch
2. Hone your skills here."The Michiganscene" the official home of cyber bullies for over six years.
3.Don Cummings the July recipient of  "The Future Of Michigan Cycling"
4 Shrek is coming again..
5. the 1/2 field at Terry Reisch.. thats a crying shame..
6. 2 weeks no problem...never take your fitness for granted..
7..Parmachicken beats em at there own game...
8.and The Wiz is found hiding in a field south of the Irish Hills.
9.feelings, nothing more than feeeelings.........
10. The Black Ace wins two more State Titles..not bad for a dude pushin the best side of forty!
11.Danny's sly.... like the Canuck club
12.Dont Call it a "come back"
13. haters love jelly... and Facebook makes great bread.
14. Don't Die wondering.....on second thought.....
15. Charity or Funds..well we know who wins this one.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Sleepin on Speed Part 1

After much thought and debate within Ts grey matter, I feel compelled to shed a Little on and bring some of you sceners back up to speed. This Month marks sixth year this thing ...self proclaimed nic named the scene has been functioning, its pretty insignificant in the world of us folks.. but it exists all the same. We (TMS) don't think its much more than what it is, don't lose sleep over, it aint out creepin around your house. or committing no major crimes. OK sure TMS has bent the rules a little, right clicked images, borrowed  words and topics.. but that being said..solidness is put into all things TMS ...we don't do things without a legit meaning, that goes for every post, image and what not..some get it some don't. by doing so it has served as the tongue for the faceless, nameless,  and truthfulness of real people.
The grammar has always been shit..probably cuz tms is always hustlin, and movin from one thing to the next..an excuse its not but its the truth all the same. Without a long drug out post we willl spare you all ..and break it down in a few pieces over the next few days or when time permits.

If we forget to tell you thanks for checking in from time to time..

Friday, July 06, 2012

1.two weekends in one week i can get used to this.
2.Wheres Danny?  he's been gone for so long, do you think he will ever come home?
3.Soundtrack Artist for the week of July 1st Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
4.Gotta love all the Chinese guys riding womens department store bikes at the local loop?
5. Big Rays wins another state title..nice....
6. 3 hot ass days of crit racing in southern O-H-I-O..sceners were MIA         of sorts..
7. Uberti...now that kid is good..                                                im sorry HARD
8. whats up with DA Bunny and RGF?
9. Pat Robb your upgrade is ready now........just sayin
10. too bad more people don't track race....... looks fun
11. Hater Hater......... don't go away mad
12. Hard: not easily penetrated : not easily yielding to pressure 
13. Hard:  of liquor : strongly alcoholic; specifically : having an alcoholic content of more than 22.5 percent 
14. Sharks are not made............ there born 
15. Picture this: Jgood shaving his legs, over under... .................tub or shower?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The GnT Convo's

TMS.    thanks for taking time out this holiday week to stop by and fill this shit post with some ill-revilement thoughts.
 T.        aww come on its no problem im busy..but im never to busy to hang with G
G.      thanks T same here.Besides hanging with Dat Ass Dana and Trouble Todd can be trying at times
TMS.  so i without pulling punches whats the State of the State.
T.    well its like this, mind you this my perspective, lotsa racing, lotsa riding lotsa talkin but they aint all mixin. Seems theres no order to the chaos..any weekend you can do wha you do. The State has  seemed for a while  like its a separate entity of cycling world..I dunno maybe is like this elsewhere.
G.  Too much water in da soup.
TMS   whatta ya mean G?
G.   too much of a good thing the quality gets missed, I aint sayin the races are low quality, but the turnouts hurt. people got too many choices and can choose to be picky.
T.   a few years ago the schedule wasn't as thick..so folks had to get while the gettin was good..
G.    and not mention the scene was some what new Lance effect was full, its a natural cycle, and its a hard sport to keep it pinned year in and year out. It will come back around, not to the full extent at every race but there will be a few.
T.   like MP and the Cherry. those are the ones that will draw em out
G.   WMSR was a good and Milford state Crit will be solid., my only gripe about the Cherry Ruby, is why the hell add TT, and hard ass crit the day before the biggest road race of the scene The State Championship...lets face it the course aint easy and if you do the the two before... unless you have the good doctor in your pocket you aint feeling dead ass fresh?
TMS.  but sceners always want more..
G.  yea.....thats there downfall..               just sayin...
TMS.  so is it boredom or burnout
T..  Little bit a both for some.
G. unless your Ray D, or DC, etc... or those without full life commitment of responsibly outside of pedaling a bike...there will always be some that make the sacrifice of missing TV shows about killing gators to meet the goal and degree of hardness  ...
TMS.  Good point..explain more T
T.  well its like this you may not be doing the big euro hours but face the facts a solid contingent started pinning numbers on back in late March, probably did some intervals in late February..fools get tired not just physical but in your brain and that aint factoring, work, family and general life stress....that's the burnout side...on the boredom side.. well i think we can all attest to the facts the scene can kinda can eat itself up without knowing it..before you realize you have multiple years of he same ol same ol, and for some its too much to handle to keep fresh..
G.  a kid cant be eatin Spree's 24/7
T.  thats why you see alotta cross overs from MTB events to RR and back again...I call it the DC factor
TMS. so would you less is more... in general?
T . cant hurt..but suck'as think just because there's a race you gotta do it
G.  maybe its cuz they cant do the work
T.  maybe....but if your doing the work..and can be selective maybe that can be success to longevity..
TMS. interesting..
T.  boredom its natural..change is too..its adapting that can be hard for some..
TMS... Hardness, some say you either got it or dont..
its what you make it of it.
G.  who's to tell whats hard and whats not.
T.  for the tri geek that rolled up to the local Tuesday night with his full carbon fiber pimped out Felt only to get dropped and left to suffocate by the aging masters dudes riding ragged out dated 9 speed rigs..that shit was hard..
G.  But that aint hard.... you want hard go to Iowa
T.   yea thats a different type hard..
TMS,  so its no mystery hardness comes on all levels.
T   no not at all..
G   i dont think folks around our scene are trying kid themselves that there hard. Its your scene your world your life... if your happy or content with it..who gives a rats ass. what some fuck says..
TMS. which might explain the lack of numbers from our area that lets say that dont travel as close as 4hrs to Big time races, or farther to National events.
T. I think they know its hard, if you aint riding off the front at Waterford, Grattan or any other weekend scene race, the return on the cost to travel, time away from work, family, etc..isnt justifiable..
G. its your world its what you make of it..just keep tabs that it doesnt eat you...
T  hardness comes in the face of the guy who doesnt pin it on any longer but will do drop you on some hill in the middle of nowhere, the Gunslinger on the plains of truth... it comes in the face of the Wednesday night worlds kller, in the face of the Tanguy, DG, The Lion of Leroy, KIDA, A-Game..Shaggy and his crew, the EvilDude. The Bunny the Black ACE, the Chinese posse at the Island Lake. Das German..DC..Dybo.. PROBB..Chunky Clunker RODD the BOD SIMONSTER, TIMMY F.etc....im missin but aint dissin ..all carry a degree of hardness..until the all mighty can step forward with the stick to measure it...haters are gonna hate with riddles that make you go hmmmm..
G. wow..i coudnt of said it better myself..
TMS. free speech is the beauty of our country, and our scene..
G. I guess since i came in late to the TMS world why anon...?
T. dont ask me...
TMS. good question Gary... July marks the 6th anniversary of the TMS..maybe it would be good to spread alittle knowledge and bring people back up to speed on the scene in whole..why this shit blog is still here..
T. sounds good
G ill be waiting...

Thanks GnT

Monday, July 02, 2012

Sith number One

Without evil there is no good..
He is secretly respected, and  hated anonymously . He has been a figure lurking throughout the "scene" for more years than rightfully know.From dirt and dust strewn Hot laps, to week after week eye crossing lactic acid pulls at Waterford, his tactics and  wattage are questionable,There is no doubt he is skilled with the many weapons of wheels, over the years he has hardened himself in a unorthodox way..but then again who are we to question the way hardening.

 "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"

without a formal introduction TMS is proud of Sith number one.