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Well a hardy hello lost sceners, Its the holidays and TMS has been kind crazy lately, with all the celebrations and food, and gift giving I think alot of us have forgot what The season is all about. me and T thought it would be a good time for us to tell our fellow sceners what we here at TMS are really thankfull for on the The inside. We spend soo much of our season ranting and raving about this and that, and we never seem to have the proper time to tell everyone and everything who comes here like it really is, its the events, words, places and people who keep the fire alive deep inside TMS. All of them shape TMS in a way most dont realize . The Limbo of the midweek, holiday wrap is a good time to lay down from both sides of our world. So for TMS, Me, T and the ill fallen Glenn D, here goes it..In no particular order,our thoughts and thanks.
yellow shoes
The BDA's
The TnA's
the Evildude
the UK
The Canucks
TMS's fans from over seas..HELL YEAH
the Fuckers
the truckers
JB, haters are gonna hate
Early March on the Waterford Hills raceway courtesy of the Rhino's
The AAVC spring fling thing, killing them and grilling them
Hermit Mans Epicpades
Rick Plite... Barry Ruby
the Autopilot
MBRA series good and getting Better
Wolverines ..soul!
Ann Arbor
Tailwind USAC series
Bells beer, support em they support cycling
MT please..
The BLACK ACE. pure style..
Thursday worlds, making em and breaking em
east Grand Rapids cougars in the water
Erika Fulk, going beyond the call of duty
the ANONer's
Bissell, hate love to hate. too many watts for there own good.
Rick Plite
West siders
Red Hot Chill i Peppers
the HYPE
lil Gary C
Atlanta friends
DG, the best all arounder
KissCross, if only TMS could keep up, KC deserves more respect than what it gets.
LumberJack 100..pain..
JOE LEK. the MAN, a non myth and kinda legend
J, Lummis. breakin Bad.
Labor day weekend
Gary O
The Big O
Tailwind Cross
2 days in West branch
12 hrs of anything
Tuesdays with Rory
falling down
The Cold winter
Founders good beer and great sponsor
Timmy F, even if he doesnt push TMS we'll push him
Slow Cheetah
Dave Massey calling great races
Cruz Bogey
long Lost Cross
the Forest of Demons
The Core
Henrietta Collins
the UnderDog
Vinny coming of age
ChickenParm breakin it
Sara D..
The Masters. keepin it
Neal S, gone wrong but The $ value for tms gossip is priceless..
The wind
Delbert Grady
ICEAMN..the good the bad and the ugly
Midwest Jedi's
seeing T a few days of the week
Robert Linden
Dinosaurs in Vietnam
a Double Whammy burger
A Tucker, haters are gonna hate
The Orange Crush ouch
Linden Park
Ass, Gas or Grass
Mossy Oak
Stoney Creek
The Dirt
The Tweekers
The Zeros
The Heros
The Dweebs
The Motorheads
The Jocks
The Sluts
The punks
lakeshore park
The Fat asses
Zip Ties
Slim Jims
Joey, Johnny, Marky, DD
US 23
I 275
South Lyon
The RoadHouse
getting pulled
100 club
Specialized Bicycles
The Crap
Queen Anne
Jack D
Jack White
Meg White
The Hatred

Be proud to speak anyway you want.

Thanks to all that keep this blog alive, with out you, TMS wouldn't be here.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

We all know it, we just dont want to admit it, Christmas is for kids, yea sure, some of us want Powermeters, and Carbon wheels and that full Jacked up Asso's winter coat for all those LSD rides down to Starbucks. But you know Christmas is kids stuff, and since we are all kids at heart, and we remember the days of toys under the tree, and stocking filled to the brim with down home good joy long after the thought of measuring silly wattage numbers is fleeting history. Here is some cool stuff TMS thought you might like, all are unique in there own way, and not available in all areas so it may take few trips to the Dollar General throughout the Tri county area, besides the cost of gas is alot less expensive than a SRM or the 2011 Zipp 404's.

On Day Last summer

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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Henry and Glenn Show.

Henry: Thats a wrap, a saying that gets thrown around more than T throws his Atlanta friends around. But to you it means nothing, other than a wrap on 2010 cross scene. Last weekend marked what many are saying is a changing of the guard at least on the Tailwind front. If your new to the scene you may not get it. But 50% that still line up at Tailwind cross may know what that is referred to as.
For the past 10+ yrs we have seen basicly the same faces and names at the front of Elite group, Guys like The LIL pony, The BlackACE, TOOWHITE, the EVILDUDE, The UnderDog and the Dominate WIZ, were and all are what has been refered to as the OLD guard of Michigan cross why? They either have won multiple or have been taking to the line of Tailwind cyclocross state championship events since its conception most have been the mainstay of winners weekend week out. Mind you many have moved on, retired or still compete here. But what has happened this year is the influx of Hungry new faces and multiple winners. Never has the series scene this. It can mean only one thing the winds of change have given into the new breed. Now with Robert steppin down a notch it could better for the series.
Guys Like the 2010 state champion,Chicken PARM, Mustang II, Vinny and even the The ROADKING have stepped up for a piece that was basically unobtainable due to the dominance of the established veterans. Its refreshing and it may bring new life to a series that has grown stale. Whats your Take Glenn?
Glenn: Henry, I have to agree with you, we saw interesting action this year and I only think its only a view of things to come. I dont think you have scene the last of the OG's but the mix will get more stirred up. That goes the same for the Women s Elite, Queen Anne has held the thrown for more yrs than I think most can even remember. mmmMMarne has worked hard and has earned a Tailwind crown. And I shouldn't leave out all the new faces near the front of some of the other classes.
Henry: Well Glenn, I agree all across the board, Changed seem to be going on all across the map, new Venue which is rare for a Tailwind series, and the possibilty of maybe more, If they work in accordingly with the USA cycling s calendar that would add 2 more weeks before the annual holidays. maybe 2 more races?
Glenn: Well that will remain to be scene.
Henry: My only closing thoughts are, quite simple the sport is hard, everyone seems to do it for there own reason's Im looking forward in the distant future at a new series with fresh new venues and continuation of new faces at the front.
Glenn: I fulyl agree on all counts, But would never count out the OG's, and always remember where you came from.
from Both Henry and I thanks Robert from Tailwind and all of TMS.
see you soon.

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Henry and Glenn Show.

Good morning Good morning tired sceners, Henry here..hope everyone who frequents this poorly run blog has digested everything from this past weekends gig. Ill tell you Glenn I sure have had quite a last 3 months way more than I ever bargained, i feel as if I did a full tour of duty of this fun thing called cyclocross and i don't even own a bike. i don't know about you Glenn but i was pretty darn well impressed with the days events, you know more than i do as This has been the second or third final you have had chance to catch. Glenn, First is there any chance that Mr T guy is gonna stop by? today cuz i aint really into his thing? Henry, well i don't think so as he has been ordered to stay away until after January 1. Glenn OK ill tell you this Henry people got to witness something this past weekend they didn't even realize they were witnessing. Henry: Oh yea whats that Glenn? Its what some are going to refer to as, the sealing of the changing of the guard in Tailwind cross. Henry Hows that? Glen well you see with every season theres a change, and its for every purpose this change must happen. Henry your starting to lose me Glenn. Glenn Ill tell you what Henry, lets save that for later this week. Lets just stay focused on the highlights of the day cool. Henry well Ok Glenn, lets hear em.

  • Bitter cold, blistery wind
  • Robert got the start right this time
  • overheard this is harder than i tough
  • Must have annual license to win State Championship? Keep out cherry pickers
  • A belt wins the single speed
  • overheard that's a wrap
  • the fly over just plain ridiculous.
  • Osgood, just one of those days i guess..
  • A Wolverine wins the B
  • hey doesnt that guy have his helmet on backwards?
  • JMAK bustin top 5
  • Note to self, GRIFO's not a good mud tire.
  • BEANS, BELLS and Greasy fries, can you say F-A-R-T!
  • Mike Seaman tailing Riege in warm ups, a sign of things to come?
  • Overheard: Its on like Donkey Kong at the State Championship
  • Big Gooch fighting for a medal while Bowser runs away
  • where did all the juniors come from?
  • DC rides to the front of the 35+ race
  • Seaman has to run to the pit, kisses medal goodbye
  • So how did doing two races today work out for you? oh im 3 ?
  • overheard Who made the cake?
  • Big RAY racing, just because.
  • Robet, passing the torch
  • Marne dancing away from Queen Anne
  • BEER good
  • Overheard:'ve got Seaman on you
  • Overheard i havent riddin much
  • Wiz shows up after taking some time away from The Scene
  • Beer buddie in the house
  • Overheard, hey that dude just threw his bike
  • No Pony, that 2013 plan may need some tweaking
  • The Usual Suspects at the head of the Elite race
  • The Green Machine found some sleeves and some dirt from the looks of things
  • overheard the changing of the guard
  • Chicken Parm goes solo
  • C race CRASH filled fun
  • Former State champ workin the pits for the Black Ace.
  • Overheard gosh is it over already
  • Defending Champ bails after two laps
  • overheard Doug Gatto is TMS
  • mossy oak team wear?
  • The Mustange looking for shelter
  • overheard Im getting ready for XC ski season
  • Tim looking Saari he was out there
  • false Evil Dude sighting
  • Overheard: No one can stand up on that section!
  • Chicken Parm wins with ease
  • Vinny in Silver
  • Burke in Bronze

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

11th hr

You thought i wasn't comin back huh sucka's? You think Ol Hank locked my butt out right? Well guess again fools The Lights are back on In T's Basement, and i got keys to the backdoor of this bitch. So you best sit down hold on, cuz im gonna hammer out some of my opinions on this shit, aint no side steppin, or small talk here.
First off I dont like Punk rock, and i aint scared of That evil dude.... Danzig, I know the real EVILDUDE, and speaking of the EVILDUDE, where you at fool? what a way to disrespect a title cant even come back and try to regain it, I dont like that shit... Hell i cut you some slack last year. PHHhhh..
Hey Wiz Hey!
you gotta alota T's repect you make me proud!!! enjoy what you have, cuz father time waits for no one, ask the Black Ace and The LIL PONY.. that shit hurts. speaking of the pony get a new, plan stop talking and do it.. put down the Fruity Pebbles and soft drinks i know its in you... oh and you The Black Ace this aint O-H-I-O 3 words for you...LOCKED AND LOADED .. YO "Parma Chicken" YO!! I hear you dont like your nic name thats tuff fool, its what you got, aint nothing wrong with it, Hell look at CREED, that mans got more nic names than I got friends in Atlanta. he still was a champion, enjoy it. LIL TIMMY, go back to doin child care, because boxing isnt yo gig. Moncel step up or step off, stop sniffin and leavin, and... and ..Burke..get ready for some mud.. Verran..VERRAN, B's was fun huh? LIL Vinny i like you alot you could be good real good, but its gonna take commitment..JB BABY JB dont you pull out that single speed sucka, make that plan work for you were talkin about back in the spring.
masters you aint all that..Its bad when a Beer drinking mountainbiker takes what you have away, and Simon get off those dam flat bars you look dumb silly, Osgood wearing Yellow shoe's aint gonna make you Timmy J get on back to OZ fool. dam OLD GOOCH pull that shit outta autopilot get your butt on a box , make yo kid proud. Stack you aint gonna dodge me either, you aint safe ride with your heart. JMAK welcome back, time to get real again.
45+ DC i cant say much but you got balls if you dont win you need to turn your Island lake park pass, pure and simple...Hey Mike Seaman, stop goin through the motions, its not just another excuse to ride yo bike, ride it like you stole it for a change. Baroli your powerless, get some watts or go see Neal, dam ridiculous. Steve B, come on, put some effort into it. I love you, but its gettin outta hand now. Rhino Mark...i know you have been called ageless, but lets not go winless. pull one out. JoeB tell Father time to take hike.
Ladies, Queen Anne if you dont get what you want, your always welcome over my place, of course after my friends from Atlanta go home, No matter what woman, your still held High in T's standard. Lil Marne, its gonna take work, and watch those bridges.
C-humps, its more than fun, and it aint all about the Beer save some for others, dont beer stingy and never drink too much. another thing the Beards are gettin silly. Grizzly Adams reruns haven't been aired in years.
B , the question isnt who will or wont, its who will bail down from masters 35+. keep in mind 45 min is sure alot more FUN than 1 hr.
hey LIL Gooch if you readin this you need to stop, its too rank for your virgin ears, this is your last year you get it for free, by the time the sun rises on a next miscene cross you'll be shavin and pop will have had a talk with you.
for all you hangin around talkin cross, stop the jibber jabber grab yo bike get in the game, yea im talk in to you Massey, lookin like a MTB star doesn't make you credible.. honesty does. Be cool fool this aint hollywood, and give Kabush his facial hair back. Robert put those loyal's to good use.. turn your results in, and give something back to those that are supporting you, maybe you need a secretary or something, but don't put all that shit on the LIL LADY.
I came i saw and I dropped my science, some of you are gonna be upset.
but haters are gonna be haters none the less.
because we all know there is no tomorrow.


Anon: The final resting point for 2010 tailwind all for something cross season. Why for something and not for anything? Well because from what i hear the race promoter doesn't turn his races in to USA cycling so all the guys and gals earning "upgrade" points never get them calculated not like USA cycling gives a shit but all the same your money and license grip should go to something other than the fuel for that gas guzzling motor home and some stale 90's CD's.
The Final' My predictions? does it matter probably not. But ill voice em anyway.. just like my bunghole im sure you have yours, but normally keep your mouth shut due to repercussions. well we all know this, is TMS and its based on a bunch of opinionated jerks hiding behind false faces.
The Elite Men if the WIZ shows its his game, chicken PARMALEE may be the series winner but, the Wiz is still the favorite, IF he makes the day. The LIL PONY will surprise everyone, but about Burke, Vinny, Saari, The ACE, , Verran, Moncel... ETC....also rans. after Wednesday no one will remember who placed where other than the top spot. so be it.
Elite women..queen Anne will find here hands full, As Marne will reign supreme. nothing more nothing less, I love you Anne but time is a bitch.
Masters 35+ Joe B 2008 masters state champion, he has won once and will do it again. everyone else will be fighting for scraps, hear that Osgood, Goocher, Bailey, Stack, Bowser...
Masters 45+ DC if you dont win. It will be total disappointment among the Army, for all the beating you took on here, you deserve a state title for what its worth.
C field..fear the Beards.
B race? Its like transition it is anyones race.
Juniors, The lil Gooch kid will once again race by himself, and win uncontested.

The Day will end with cake and conversation that could be taped from last season.. would a should a could didn't do.
so long for another year.

The Henry and Glenn Show.

Good morning once again were back for day two of the Henry and Glenn show. Initially we were going to just hit you with a few of our opinions then after a flood of emails and just out right cries for more we decided to come back at you again. so sit back and listen to what a few more are going to lay on you.
Henry: So Glenn what do you think? you interested and keeping this going periodically?
Glenn: i could see it becoming something we could do time to time.
Henry: Sounds good, Too bad we are at the end of the cross season huh?
Glenn: I don't care, maybe we can be opinionated about other stuff.
Henry: well Glenn, as long as its Miscne related.
Henry: well lets see .
Glenn: who or is anyone on tap for to today?
Henry: Im sure Glenn i haven't check the list lets wait and see.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Henry: Well well. Here we are again. Seems like I just popped onto your little Scene just yesterday. This place is a little too tame for me. Maybe my friend Iggy will come in here to really fuck some shit up in the future. Why am I here? Its the Michigan State Championship 'Cross Race motherfuckers! I wish I could be there toeing the line, because I would Search and Destroy. But since I can't make it, let me run down the list of potential heroes. My heart wants to pick the only true punk rocker out there, but I think The Pony might be a little long in the tooth given some of these young studs challenging for the throne. It would also be great to see a classic battle with The Black Ace who is fresh off yet another Ohio State Championship (how many is that now anyway?). But that too will be too tall of an order. No, the real battle will come down to the two kids on the block, Mark Chicken Parmelee and Vinny Roberge. Mark has been consistent all season long only faltering in the sand at Stony. Vinny has shown improved strength over the last few weeks and would have won at Bloomer had it not been for that corner he got too squirrelly in. He's got the Belgian soil in his palmares and for that reason alone, I cannot pick against him. Good luck Vince, I'm putting my life savings on you.


Well Hank, there's a reason you're an aging alternative icon. Emphasis on aging. What do you know about 'cross in Michigan? You named four great 'crossers, but you totally failed to recognize the two real contenders. This race will come down to an all out Argyle war of nice guys. Tom Burke v. The Wiz. Burke is so nice, he doesn't have a nickname. Might be the only guy nicer than Wiz. Burke is a horse on the road and if the conditions are right, it could play to his favor, but if Mother Nature decides to get finicky, could be a long day at the office. Wiz has a ton of 'cross experience on his side. Let's not forget he is the defending champion and has won multiple USGP races including the overall. Probably would have won Nationals too had he not started in row 200. A true bad ass on the bike who can show up when it counts. Whichever one of these guys gets the Eye of The Tiger will be the winner. It might be even money, but I got to with the experience on this one. Good luck Wiz.
In other races, The Bowser wins 35+, DC will continue to do his thing, but if he steps out of line even a little, we all have permission to pile on, Anne will come back to take what's hers, that Recycled guy will recycle a championship, and the power of the beard will best f the C men.

Cross Predictions

TMS: hey Mr Glenn Danzig, all around tough guy, Welcome back to another Michigan State Cyclocross championship, glad you could make it.
Glenn: Yea.
TMS: so lets jump in..ya know hear your take.
Glenn: take on what? give me something to go from.
TMS: alright lets start low, C field
Glenn: fuck you mean the brew crew, have you seen the recovery method of those hacks?
TMS: no
Glenn; If they did random fuckin drug test they all would fail. Cut the top five and they would all bleed bong water.
TMS; Ok who's gonna win all jacked up?
Glenn: The guy that's been near the front the whole time.
TMS: name.
Glenn I dont fuckin know..
TMS: OK how about something you know. lets try the masters 35+
Glenn, The Bowser guy aint he the dude that makes all those pretty foods at the posh Ann Arbor eatery?
TMS. ? anyone else
Glenn: maybe the British guy, I hate the fucking British though, you ever listen to London Dungeon?... the beer drinkin hippy guy, whats his name Delbert Joberon.
TMS: masters 45+?
Glenn: are jiving me?
TMS: No.
Glenn: that muther they all been beating down here on
TMS : DC, or Don Cameroon?
Glenn: yea that's him.
TMS: do you see a problem with this guys actions?
Glenn: No, its gotta feel good beating on guys and winnin every time you pin a number gotta give the guy credit he takes a beat down and he keeps coming back .
TMS: women s elite?
Glenn: you kiddin me?
Glenn: Im partial the gal with bright hair and curvy figure..
TMS: ?
Glenn: the long standing queen of the thrown, Its hers to lose ya know.
TMS alright Elite men.
Glenn: Id be be a dam fool if i didn't pick that Wissink dude, but I dunno if he is showin. so i may have throw a Slayer to the cat named after an Italian dish. Or The young skinny kid.
TMS: Glenn your vague
Glenn: dam i cant remember everyone.
TMS: who else? long shots?
Glenn: maybe the That LIL Pony he never has a bad final. but its a long shot. That black dude may pull one out. or the young kid..he's young but he might squeek a top 5 might.. either way its gonna be a all out war id love seeing the faces on the guys don't stand a chance in hells face
TMS: how about Tim Saari
Glenn: not a chance.. maybe next season.
TMS: how about the course? a run down?
Glenn: well first off the venues anything but great. The steps are gonna put some people in the Hospital before its all said and done. and I hope to Christ sake they don't start under that silly Big rubber tire, the cheesy guy sets up. Just plain stupid. And a gravel start? don't do it.
TMS: are you gonna be there?
Glenn: I might.
TMS: thanks
Glenn; yea...

The Henry and Glenn show

Good Morning, and welcome to the first edition of the Henry and Glenn Show. Some of you may know we are sitting on the near eve of what The Guys here at TMS call the official end of the race season here in the MICHIGANSCENE. What is it? the Tailwinds all for something state Cyclocross championships. this Sunday. me and Glenn here along with a few others are gonna shed our insight, I.E. NOT yours on how we think this Sundays gig will play out. Love it or hate. its what we got. So sit back and check back often over the next 24 or so hrs to hear our opinionated views.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Miscene celebrity grudge match

Its part of our sport here on TMS thats often over looked, not for any particular reason other than its not as deep as some of the other fields and in years past lacks the excitement. What is it? Womens elite. who cares right? We do, boring no way.. rest assured theres gonna be swinging goin on there. not that kind.. We like to think of it as a three that either!! But more like WWF three way. battle for the cup "O" cross. Your Gonna have the figuratively speaking of course, The Old guard QUEEN ANNE. soo many titles and wins that its probably a TMS croscene record. Count her in with experience, mud, snow, sand, eating her way through the masters field..all of that may out weight the age gap that her competition will bring to the ring.
Next up mmmMarne although she has been crossin for awhile she still is somewhat new to all the things that make cross right. What she has going for her other than world cup style pig tails, is she is young most likely trains in the proper way and is hungry..never out weigh hunger.. 3rd girl in the pile if she show's MS Woodring from the "other" side. she brings many many yrs of solid road experience with her, and probably wattage nearly double of the other2. what she may lack is the technical and skill sharpness but she may make up with numbers. My proper money will be put on QUEENANNE. ill throw a long shot $100 spot on MS Woodring, and the 50/50 wager on mmmMARNE..

Miscene celeberty grudge match

Toe To Toe, head to head, chin to chin.. mono a mono. The Near Corner Tom the ROADKING Burke, far Corner Mark CHICKENParmalee. the Roadking comes in with experience, and strong knowledge of how a battle gets played, he has the watts, and brains and the over all capabilities. ChickenParmalee is riding high on few outta conference welter weight bouts, but also brings in the series lead, and wins within the said division. Could come down to conditions and proper conditioning. Chickens got reach, and youthfulness, Roadking has the agility, and raw power. Its gonna be a coin toss. Like putting custom Dugast against over the counter Rhino's. its all in the details and how you ride em and what type of pressure will get put in them. Im going with the Roadking. at slight margin, watts conditioning and experience, over the up coming "Chicken P". If CP can get in some early licks it may go in his favor. But the margin is slim.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Miscene Celebrity Grudge match.

Battle of the Old Guys. In the Argyle corner, we give you Mike Seaman. In the green corner, you have Keith Riege. Normally you'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to see this one, but luckily Tailwind makes them race about seven hours after they've been awake. With a combined age 2 years shy of a normal day for Robert Herriman, these two sluggers are one to watch. These two have been trading blows on the bike, but its about to come to a head. Don't let these two Masters fool you. They are fierce competitors who are going to have a knock down drag out on Sunday. After all, it is the granddaddy of the Tailwind series. Mike is probably licking his chops for the snow to start falling as he excels on the white stuff on the bike and the skis. He'll be raring' to go and when these two collide in the sprint, Mike's gloves come off first. He'll get the first few good shots in and if he's lucky, he'll land a haymaker. But don't let Mr. Nice Guy Riege fool you. Soft on the outside, this guy is a samurai warrior on the inside. He will react with Swiss precision, almost robotic like. So much so that jaws will drop as they see his raw display of Power. Mike will not see it coming and will be down for the count. If I were a betting man, I would put all my Dugast on Mr. Riege.