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Saul Leiter, Lanesville, 1958.

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plutoniumRain drinks
2.motorized carts media phones
6.Gordita Supreme
7.Micro brews
8.face time
11.lifted pickups
13.Gianna Amore
15.buckmark decals

what did we do before this...

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No 232



A tan line is a visually clear division on the human skin between an area of pronounced comparative paleness relative to other areas that have been suntanned by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The source of the radiation may be the sun, or artificial UV sources such as tanning lamps.
Tan lines are usually an inadvertent result of a work environment or of recreational activities, but are sometimes intentional. Many people regard visible tan lines as un-aesthetic and embarrassing, and seek to avoid tan lines that will be visible when regular clothes are worn.
A biker's tan (shown here) is a tan line that goes up 3/4 of the leg, where lycra shorts would normally begin to cover. Depending on the activity, the inner side of the arms may be paler than the outer side. Unless the biker uses cycling gloves made to allow tanning, the area on the back of each hand will usually not be tanned. ‪#‎realgirlsthatride‬


Man..leave it to the eurofucks for coming up with cool toys..T loves alot of things and toys are near the top of the list..although this dude aint new and some other doped riddin euro magazine used to have there own column dedicated to the plastic toys... he sure is rad as fuck...Id play the shit out of about twenty of those guys..leave it up to those smart minded German folks to come with a cool toy line Playmobil has been around even before Silverspoons and they keep on producing everything from petting zoos, to Riot gear Swat guys yielding automatic weapons...Like i said id play the fuck outta these lil things...I can picture the US scenario of these little plastic fucks..Id have the whole peloton set up in this playmobil town..buildings, cars, people.. all the works..It would be full on B-Ham group ride style..Bah..fuck it would be like a Miscene road race...say Frankenmuth..dudes will be fighting for wheels, gapping each other off..poor fit and blacked out carbon esq rigs would be the norm..and outta no-where fat Bob comes barrel assing out of the Donkey Punch bar drunk as fuck with his bitch whore girlfriend Rhonda on the back of his over priced HD...clips one of the riders causing the whole group to wad it up in a carbon snapping moment....

man id play the shit out of these