Friday, April 27, 2018


1.Barry Sets records
2.Rick Holds out on the payout at least for at least 62 milers for a few more days..
3.Every penny of interest counts...Nice
4.Fixing flats in the in the middle of the road
5.gravel racers love hills
6.even walking them...
7.If Burke was once considered the road-king Yankus is gotta be the gravel king
8.The Black-Ace picks Barry for his first Threshold hit of the year.....Nice
9.Old man good Time Johnny rides solid..
10 Gravel Gods 3T/QM miss the top 10...
11.Simonster is pretty good at riding 100 miles...
12.I miss Robert Herriman
13.Wonder what Danny is doing
14. Pyromanics get erection burning shit...
15.Everyone loves a good photo op..
16.The Jim Rose Circus on wheels
17.overheard a E-Bike Category for the riders wanting to do the long ones but cant.
18.Rick aint No Dummy
19.Proves Im doing it wrong
20.AAVC opens up to record numbers
21.Keeping track of points and handing out swag for the overall this year....Nice
22.BASE media owns that shit
23.leaves the funky wheels at home
24.Willow TT sees its lowest start ever
25.Being left off the MBRA series for something effected it?
26.Yankee Springs TT this weekend
27.longest running TT in the state
28.Elite start list looks tight
29.Pity its two  laps
30.The times they are changing.....