Friday, March 29, 2013

 good Friday:
1.pre race
2.bag check
3.lunch out
4.Night out
5.Travel day day
7.the weekend
8.Game time
9.Drink time
10.No ride
12.frequent potty stops dialing
14.goal orientation
15.feet up

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TAO of T

You Cant hide a fake suicide and the drift isnt easy to get..if it was we all would be really good..but shit aint like the saying goes
 ignorance is bliss...
what the hell as long as your happy..

Monday, March 25, 2013


I know..whats up with the Chuck poster..? and what the hell does it have anything to do with relevance and shit? To be quite frank not a god dam thing cept..i stayed up way to late gettin off watchin this sucka save cougars, exercise his right to bear arms and shoot muggas through ghetto blasters all the while bein polite enough to introducing them jesus..i got so dam derailed that i lost the plot...totally sidetrack my normal waste of space aint no big thing...not like that gig that got put down in the biggest town in Barry County..on the day of March 23 rd..i gotta imagine it doubled its population..and my good buddie Rick doubled his bank account and laid a solid DP on that resort he had been eye-in for awhile..see in a fella roll like that makes a man wanna run out buy knew clothes, get in touch with his hair products and make new enemy's..either that or buy a fat bike..I aint gotta whole lotta say except from the idle banter Rick can through a party..he don't throw many... but like T always say...quality over quantity..
I know its Monday and all ........and you all got status updates, stories of date nights, shammy talk, BS and after glow smile's waitin to flash to fellow co-workers....... so the last thing T wants to do is bore you with his lousy ass poor grammar filled lists that he so finely tuned in mere two cups black ill leave you with this.. i suppose the season is officially underway for some... be like T and Jim.............. take it as it comes..

roll on suck'as

comfort bikes
kids bikes
cross bikes
broken bikes
ugly bikes
pretty bikes
stolen bikes
moms bike
new kits
old shit
scotty Q
hair nets
fish nets
phat asses
nice asses
young dudes
old dudes
new dudes
evil dudes
same dudes
cup cakes
new form
old form
stale form
pulled pork
hot dogs
french fries
big dogs
ugly dogs
three legged dogs
mean dogs
no training
panic attacks
heart attacks
itchy eyes
ICE money
No Money
stare downs
bear downs
tear downs
fuck ups
face offs
show offs
blow offs

results.............    go here

Friday, March 22, 2013

  1. Posin'
  2. Cryin'
  3. Sleepin'
  4. Dreamin'
  5. Pushin'
  6. Jonesin'
  7. Droolin'
  8. Bustin'
  9. Laughin'
  10. Ballin'
  11. Pimpin'
  12. Playin'
  13. Listenin'
  14. Lovin'
  15. Comin'

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Full Retard

i know what ya thinkn dont deny it... the numbers dont lie i aint boasting or gloating..just the facts..I havent felt it.Hell just aint of aint notin and such....but in all good mind..i sure as hell aint  shunnin the whole riga-ma-roll ..but  nothin but a gods honest truth... that T dis likes than holiday decorations up 8 weeks out..and why should a  hype be any different cuz.......... poof..and its here and gone in a warm summers day.. and all thats left is a staleness that is similar  to the mouthful from  last nights beer and another common lover...
But i cant just roll over and go full retard on want the full Monty? go that other site..cuz they got shit cut and tight and dialed with two chains..whether i agree is for want the solid fist of opinion no flowers..and romance....nothing more nothing less...? allow yourself a mere less than 30 seconds or so of self promoting and smiling mug status time to get my drift...? without going toe-toe with Ricks full pot o gold..mother natures menstruation aside...quite simple to pick a like playing pick up sticks with my butt cheeks..maybe you got that cuz i dont..and i aint just gonna throw love around like a peak....Honestly..TOP TEN..your honchin it..TOP 20 is a great ride..30 on back..its long season..and the ledge shouldn't be an option..

Friday, March 15, 2013

5.self worth

Thursday, March 14, 2013

TAO of MIke

 photo 1H9Z.gif
 Remember Lawrence a wise man once said:
"There are but three reasons for risk "
3.and grip

anything else is a pathetic waste of energy 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the Listening Center

Way  back in the as in 3rd grade.. as a kid i would often go to this place we had set up that was set in conjunction with our reading class..the teacher aptly named the place the Listening center and at different parts of the day a kid could sit down at this table put on some big ol brown space like head phones and listen to books or fun songs while following along in quick easy to ready soft pages..T like that shit a lot... often skippin out of the writing he had to do..(which would explain the shitty grammar)...closin himself off from the rest of the normal class and kickin back gettin his flow on and driftin to whatver..problem was the other kids didnt appreciate that shit soo much...often misusing the  big ol Vinyl albums in no time his favorites would get so scratched up and tattered that he often got stuck listening to shit he really didn't want to... but all the while expanding his mind..mind you.....when boredom set in and creative was the key.....he chose new avenues of ways to  flow and slowin the records down to 45 rpm or scratchin out his own mix of  Mahalia Jacksons version of "Joshua Fought the Battle Jericho"  and recording them with a tape recorder that set adjacent to the turn tables
School days kinda remind me of the whole scene thing maybe not in its entirety. But more so the white side or road should i say...its something that I've often said...but ill say it again..i don't need to go toe 2 toe about the whole road calendar scne and shit..., unlike the players. The game don't change very much...yea sure i got  my elitist opinion and such.... but for new eyes and expanding numbers the season looks to be fresh. And for the crusty one driftnflow is how you make it..for example i can  flow Motown as much as i can drift with Sun Ra I dunno...maybe its just crazy ol mixed up T stuff..I've watched the numbers as much as anyone soo..i know most repeat folks is busy and all Ill keep this shit brief easy to understand in popular Tms list like form..if the dates are correct.. let the chips fall where they may....

BRX: what can you say ol Ricks pockets are fillin up faster than my neighbors tummy on a Friday night..sponsor  keep rollin and flowin products aplenty..I like Rick..( i wonder if he would lend me some money) the race has gained classic like status in a fortnights time..UN-believable how this race has brought the scene together...No way can you compare to the IceCream race..but at some point dont die wondering...on second thought

Spring training; whether it B at AAVC, Waterford or is what is..a contest of who spent the most time on it.... in the off season...of season..yea right...Spring training is a sure way for some to get a jump on the season.. or a way 2 burn out before the real good stuff comes to the table. Careful how you handle it............. too many  Skittles can make you shaky baby ...

Fisk Knob or Willow Tt: the first a classic no matter where in you hail from in the skinny scene  movin it back lessened the chance for mother nature to take a crust poop on you...Willow..well turnouts aint as bad as the road surface..lets face it Wayne  county is the pits..hope your counting is better than T's grammer cuz even the most number conscious scener like the RoadKing has screwed that one up at least once...
Queens Day ..crit a new on on the docket.....should be a good one..

May: Classic Cone a Az..its a crap shoot last year smooth BRX like..13..could be like riding on golfs balls depending how the Lunkies in Monroe County feel..WMSR...No TT bikes a parking lot crit and a road race..not a bad combo..If your climber don't expect to excel at the RR as the hill aint tuff enuf to weed out the thickies

June: if springflingin didnt kill ya this month might probably the most stacked month TMS has scene to date...WestBrach, great road race smooth in the front bumpy in da crit course a unused subdivision. The 2012 controversial  Mount Pleasant,  the sweet Cherry Ruby now home of the Masters Crit championship gets bummep up..., Lansing techie like crit home for the blind and dilapidated buildings..the new..Zeeland crit and Bissells own Brickyard crit..hell throw in Wednesday worlds and what seems like a conflicting State TT weekend....and we all can be like Dc racin every three days.. incredible planning..

July: has some good shit the state road race gets a new venue, the Hardest crit that closest to the scene gets bumped up a month..which is a perfect time for the Milford crit...which in TMS opinion the toughest one we this time Wednesday worlds rolls on..and your either going in two directions fast or drinking more

August:  Hines TT..the Sneaky fast East GR..most go there to support the Leadout guys cuz there cool dudes..T likes what the water does to the locals..Hopefully by now you got The State crit championship moves into B-Ham..not a bad venue change...and its in a good time just prior to another installment of  a Murder City weekend..UCI license required of course..

decent season of decent proportions...the only thing it requires is motivation and sense of creativity...
thanks MBRA and crew

Monday, March 11, 2013

no pro talk, strava updates, out put numbers and elevation gained to boast dopage, no homophobage, no chodage. no images, no sound, no food to show, no elapsed times to display, no average speed, no goals reached or peaks to claim no time...license, no fee' departures, no layovers, no connections no brains, no reason no sense of smell no hours to reach weeks to count, years to time... no theory's, no facts, no lies, no catchy sayings or gif tao, no drift, no bunny, no simonster, no black ace, no shrek, no bigray, no lil pony, no entry, no exits, no dismissal, no time..  .no prostitutes, no strippers, no fake titties,no hair extensions, no make up... no gays, no lesbians, no blacks, no whites, no Asians...wives, girlfriends,no jobs, no college, no degree and sure as hell no proper standing, no sitting no leaning no sleeping, no rubbin no jackin life, no outlook, no plots, no twists, no starts no stress, no medication no worth, no sponsors, no free hook goodie bag, no kits and free posers, no category's, no groups.. no start titles, no podiums, no style, no cigarettes, no beer, no liquor, no crack, no meth, no coke, no time  no battery's, no charging needed, no assembly time... no political views or religion, no truth, no lies.. no enemy's, no friends, no prisoners, no convictions, no births. no death, no divorces granted.. no police.. no laws, no right, no wrongs, no assistance, no attention cash no credit no layaway' down dead line to love lost or hatred to stir...and no comments cents....simply put T dont got no time.......and not a single fuck is given...

no not T..
not today..maybe not even tomorrow..........2013  pre-season hype and bullshit is in the works..

Friday, March 08, 2013

15 steps               to hearing loss

1. Blue Monday:  Orgy
2.The Wild and the Young: Quiet Riot
3.Tonight You Belong To me: Kiss
4.The Feelings Back: Suicidal Tendencies
5.Cryonics: Slayer
6.Whiskey In a Jar : Thin Lizzy
7. Radar Love : Ministry and Co
8.Im So Bad Baby I don't Care: Motorhead
9. I want alot Now: Murder City Devils
10. 16 Barrel shotgun : B.R.M.C
11.Paint It Black : Rolling Stones
12. Aint It Fun:The Dead Boys
13.Expecting: The White Stripes
14.Take It Off: The Donna's
15. Queer Eyed Boy: Rumspringa

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

hard shit to get

back flips
existing the scene
all nighters at 40+
changing in and out of a skinsuit in 10 degree weather
not quitting
5.5 hr trainer rides
riding up any paved road steeper than 25% with a maximum gear combination of 39/25
walking on the knuckles of your toes for extended periods of time
keeping quiet when you know your right and your significant others says your wrong
listening to "posers" speak
Doing time in a maximum security prison
listening to Dave drone on for hours
Marine Corps boot camp
Elite distance running
not following the crowd
confirming success
completing any non point to point 40K time trial at 30 mph or faster
Not accomplishing goals
Finishing on the lead lap of any UCI world cup mountain bike or cyclocross race
any woman that has had a baby without pain medication

in rebuttal to yesterdays useless post.
I suppose some of you were not brought upon this world to get it!
get my drift?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


 photo tumblr_lobr9f8jmk1qzrlhgo1_400_zpse3950d51.gif
1-3,000 /75 225,000.00
lap times
start times
social security
phone numbers
glucose level
blood pressure
wake up
ltp-pq + %
sweet spot

Cant stop lookin can ya? a house fire, a car crash.. a hamster with a goiter..Now that i got your attention or not and hopefully you haven't eatin breakfast yet.....i been walkin the floor more than the plan permits..i just gotta rant for a few brief seconds..It aint no surprise sometimes that the  flow aint always easy to me T feels the lack more than most...but that being said..i know.. Its like i just cant keep my big mouth shut.. a broken record...we all just cant ignore it...but that don't mean you gotta b a fools fools with yours..for Christ sake i know we aint all guilty of it..but man there are certain winds of gossip that run like rumors of who's doin who that passes through T's ear that makes him want to throw all this shit away and let the whole crusty over played piece of internet waste o space go completely away once for and for..dam.. i get i understand..i know how it works and i aint completely pure as the driven..which makes the before all that more reasonable....theres a lot more to life  and hellva more rides on happiness and self worth than what its worth..

Monday, March 04, 2013

green apple two step

 photo anigif-7_zps918f04f5.gif
Don't let Mondays make you do it.
get my drift..

Friday, March 01, 2013

1. Erie St Criterium
2. 6th avenue Road race
3.Rockford Criterium
4.Milford  Criterium
5.Midland  Criterium
6.Granville  Criterium
7.Jackson Criterium
8. Shrieve Road Race
9.Kensington Road Race (short course)
10.Tour De Washtenaw
11.Sylvania Classic
12.Wilkesville to Wilkesville Road Race
13.Ann Arbor Criterium
14.Maderia Centennial   Criterium
15.Tour De Leelanau