Monday, March 31, 2008

on this day 1994

On this day in 1994 Kurt Cobain buys a Remington MII shotgun and a box of shells.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleeping Giants

Well it looks as though the SPRINGFLINGTHING got to it under "Normal" Michigan weather brisk and windy, the perfect setting for those that put the extra flesh into the spandex for the spring time....FRCC race was attended mainly by locals although it was missing some faces..and saw the norm as far as the A winner goes DANNYK went from the gun drug some other with him and popped a few on his way to a win. WHEW DANNY FLIES in the spring! its kinda like that robin headed back home to MI for summer. 24 th annual spring fling at Ann Arbor The Turnout at RUNWAY plaza was on the low side across the board, lotsa missing flingers.... Joe L looked good early on, the A race was chocked with the alotta of the same faces, Vince Roberge home for a few days, RGF's Mike Busa and Mike House were in there new kits, Wolverines were out in force, KROSKE, DYBO lookin like the big the engine he i(HORSEPOWER that is) Tim The ROCK STAR Finkel, this guy has it all a quver full of HOT bikes a sweet looking girl, a killer job/lifestyle for a cyclist, a smile that wont stop, and probably medicine chest full of hair care products that would make anyone on the A list green with envy. IF HE AINT MOVIE Star quality We dont know who is... After a small break and Chaos of lapping the field... When it all was said and done Bart Carlson, yea never heard of him either! took the win. NICE..
.Rumor has it he was a CAT5 last spring, NO OFFENSE to Bart, lets hope we dont see what seen last season when riders were getting upgrades like free gel swag on a hot race weekend.

THE BIG QUESTION remains when will the sleeping GIANTS AWAKE, we all know who those guys are..

Saturday, March 22, 2008


where oh where have the lost Miscners gone,
some have been gone for long time do you think they will ever come home?
Craig Covert
Todd Hageman
Ronnie Sink
JP Boylan
Andy Zolotowski
Danny Gillespie
Micheal Ferguson
Jason Pink
Herb Miengast
klaus Miengast
Mike Gardulski
Paul Dunn
Billy Holmes
James Webster
Seth Klienglass
Bryan Chung
Charles Allaire
Charley Mcall
Nate Griffith
adam watts
Luke Landis
Tom Archer
Dale Kosik
Rick Noonan
Ryan Mathews
Wayne Cook
Jeff Ray
Jan Selow
Jason Doughtery
Tom broderick
Jody deller
cash munday
Scott Bower
randy brewer
Matt Ridley
curt johnson
matt jankowiak
Steve Woolridge
Marty Johnson
Euthie Stamos
Jeremy Woolock
Doug Thorley
mike aderhold
Brant Hendler
Jamson Hendler
Stan Andrie
Scott Edge
Gene Faes
jason oneal
darryl uhler
david boynton
Brian Eckert
sean sholtis
Jim Keeninhan
al mcwilliams
dan nagelkirk
Brad Hibner
mathew colligan
Matt McCracken
huff brothers
barry hayden
Brett Austin
Grant Kidd
Micheal Homan
Jason Hess
Travis Hunt
Gordon Good
Micheal Tramontini
Bob Pekrul
rob fairman
to be continued??

Monday, March 17, 2008

50yrs ago today

Link wray invents distortion, the brutal rumble introduces the world to a fuzztone sound.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

One question 15 answers.

TMS asked random Miscners which was there favorite race, in or outta state...
Brian THE EAGLE aka FLY Adams
The one race I ALWAYS looked forward to, and coincidently the first race I ever won as a Cat III: Italian fest in grand rapids. Home town, loved the venue and the food, festivities. Loved watching kirk obee get pushed around (when he was a junior) by tim swift, frankie et al. in the pro field. That's what crit racing was all about, fast, scary and hard, with tons of spectators on a hot summer day in a down-town. Much like the new Priority race (07), so well run and such a grueling course.

One year in the mid nineties they had to move the venue to (I believe) monroe street, up the newly cobbled "grade" of a climb...I raced for Alpine back then, and Jason Swiatlowski broke away and lapped the field solo, while Brett Robinson and I attacked and stayed away (2 of us), with Brett fighting a rear flat the last 10 laps or so. Went 1-2-3 on the day. Those are the races that fuel me through the boring winter on the rollers/trainer.

Favorite race outside of michigan, but in the US? Snake Alley, baby!

Favorite International race? Oudenarde Kermesse: Always did the best there, loved the course and the atmosphere. Still think about that race when I am suffering in breaks back here in Michigan.

Ron stack, Cycle and fitness head Honch The 2008 NIGHT cyclocross race at Vets Park Ann Arbor. That’s gonna be my pick.

I liked Leelanau, even though we didn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of doing anything there except hanging on.
Ben Renkema miscene version of the Greatest American Hero Downers grove Cedar Creek road race
Robert Herriman big mile guy think I'll go with the Lumberjack 100...
Steve Balogh, all around swell guy I'd have to say Lake Orion High School/Bald Mountain two weeks ago. Deep snow for a winter MTB race, beautiful day, great course.
Jason lummis bells beer buddy Chequamegon fat tire..... pure race talent and all around fun Lumberjack 100 for a MI race.... 100 miles on a MTB in the woods 7+hrs in the saddle FING awsome
Mike SIMONSTER In Michigan??? I know it's kind of cliche' and all, but I'm going with the Iceman. Ripping thru those snow mobile trails at warp speed, and stringing it out at 20-25 mph. Rooster tails of sand in the face, and not knowing if you're going eat dirt into the next sand trap... there's nothing like it. Outside of Michigan, I'd have to say Shenandoah100. You could truly have a war of the worlds in cycling on that course. It has it all. Everything from HORS catagory road climbs to technical high speed downhills.
Tim Finkel Miscenes favorite son Being the Michigan Scene, I'm going to have to stick local on this one. I have done the Tour De Leelenau all three years so far and it has always been a fond race of mine. Our sponsor Suburban home always puts us up in a condo in Glen Arbor on lake Michigan. The vibe in the air is always great because it marks my last road race of the year...the evening after we always have a party on the beach and engage in ceremonial beer consumption. The next day is usually spent rolling around on the harvest ride checking out the sites we failed to see the day before because of our race focus and talking about everyones perspectives of the race. Its a beautiful time of year and a beautiful place to race. The towns people are always so supportive and welcome the racers like we are superstars. It always reminds me that Michigan has more to offer than just dodging cars of people on cell phones in Hummers stuffed to the brim with their shopping bags from Somerset and balancing their triple mocha no whip chocolatte frapachino. Two years ago Tony Bruley and Adam Maclounie passed out on the coach of our condo with both hands on the same was quite a site. Personally, the race lacked the luster it did in the past since it went to a UCI Pro event. The field was smaller and much more divided by ability level. I am kind of bummed the race is in May this year.
Jay Moncel TREKIE downers ave superweek 2007. (not to be confused with downers groove)
Doug Gatto, the EYE BEHIND THE LENSE I would have to say two come to mind, the 2007 Gaslight crit, very nicecourse, took a 1.5 to 2 lap solo flyer about 1/2 into the race; gotcaught but I remember seeing 201 on my HRM. But was still able to finish. And one of the AA training races, it was when I was still doing the Crace, it would have been 2004 or maybe 2005 (I think it was 2004 [I cancheck by blog to know for sure]), but this C race was a real knees andelbows race (in the Cs of all places), I was bumped and knocked aroundlike crazy in this race (mid pack finish I think).
Tim SAAri no longer the underdog. maillot jaune/fenton
Josh Tarrant springflingstandout Superior Fest
Andy Wier TEAM KMFDM Paris to Ancaster. Well...that is three words, but I think it will work.
JOE LEKovich Miscenes Rose City Crit (aka Jackson Crit) That race was a true criterium. It took legs, but also a lot of bike handling skill to race that one. I loved the feeling of going through those left-right-left corners at top speed, elbow to elbow with other racers. It gave me the feeling of a roller coaster in a way. From a spectator perspective it was great too in the way it was an abbreiviated figure 8.
Rob Foshag Not the one. outside Mi Highland rim classic in TN, in MI the old Kalamzoo state road race, not the safest but a cool course.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Catchin up with Ben Renkema

Ben Renkema, is the next scener steppin out, and rightfully so, as he has proven for the most part he was the WHEEL when it came to Mi field sprints, heres a look at whats goin on, in the the life...of Ben
For 2008 I am racing with the turin U-25 pro development team. The team is new for 2008 with 6 racers from the midwest including Greg Christian. We have a ton of support for the season and have a ton of big races planned with victories in mind.

The main focus will be on doing NRC races and bigger races around the country so I can make it to the next step. I am from michigan and I will definitely find time to do some Michigan races. I will do Kensington between Joe Martin and Leelanau. Rockford and a few others will also be on the schedule. I am also really looking forward to the Grand rapids Crit in September.

The winter training is going better than years past. I am a lot stronger this winter. I hit the weights hard and the trainer hard and the motivation is through the roof! I have been down south a few times this winter to train and am currently in the north GA mountains training.

Right now I am racing full time, I stoped school last semester to focus just on racing. I am working a little to make money for the summer but other than that it's all training right now. I did not quit school I am just pursuing diffrent things right now. I don't love school and I love racing so I am trying to get payed for what I love to do.

Haha, yes that was a bad showing but I had fun! I crashed bad the week before at Leelanau and wanted some revenge so I borrowed a bike from the specialized rep (Bill Shoeman) and did the race. My right hand was pretty cut up and my whole right side was raw so it was very hard! I love cross; I raced a ton when I was younger, but it's hard to do a full season of road and cross. Every year I decide to hit the cross scene hard core but at the end of the road season I'm ready to start lifting weights. I am sure I will be seen here and there at a cross race having fun.

Thanks for the interview guys see you soon!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

2008 Michiganscene pre season pysch up P1

with STS's just around the corner, its time TMS starts to get the engine running on some
preseason thoughts.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Have no fear.

Tim Saari (with 2 A's!!!) Tim is one of the few guys that pull double duty all season. road and cross, no problem If you have never met Tim, he may seem like just another quiet racer, NO flash, or crazy style here, just a tough sportsman. with a tad more fine tuning, There people pegging him on taking a Elite cross win/ and or the overall in the near future. We wouldnt argue that, one bit! Read on and find out what makes Tim, Tim.

1.What nationality is Sari

?Saari (two A's!) is Finnish. I actually found a Finnish National Champion Jersey a few years back and break it out on occasion to break up the monotony of wearing the same kit every day.

2. Married? Kids

I've been married for almost 8 years to my high school sweetheart Christina. We've got one little girl named Kate and she's just over one year now. She running a little on the small side so far, and has a great set of lungs which she uses daily to let me know that I'm not Mommy. So I'm thinking pure climber.

3. Favorite riding buddy?

I've got two favorite riding buddies actually. Tony Ponton and Todd Frerichs. Both of them are willing to ride pretty much anywhere, anytime, in any weather. Which is great for me because with the arrival of Kate, I like to get it done early and I'm not afraid of the cold. Apparently they're not either or they wouldn't get out of bed at 5AM on a Sunday morning to ride their bikes in January.

4. Strengths?

Unfortunately I'd have to say climbing. Too bad there's nothing around here that qualifies as a climb. Since the terrain around here doesn't suit my natural abilities, I'd say I'm more of an all-around rider. (read: pretty average at everything else)

5.what are some of your secret cravings?

There's no secret to what my cravings are. I'd eat ice-cream 7 days a week if I could. Anything with chocolate in it really. I've got a serious problem when it comes to junk food.

6. what are your weakness, cycling specific?

Can't sprint.

7. how many bikes do you own?

At the moment, I've got 7: 1992 Specialized RB; 1998 Fisher Aquila MtB that I've turned into a ghetto single speed; 2002 Litespeed Pisgah MtB; 2001 Klein Quantum Pro RB that I'm going to use as a TT machine; 2005 Salsa Las Cruces CX Bike; 2007 Scott CR1 Limited Edition (any buyers out there??); and finally my 2008 Scott Addict for this coming season. I like to think of bikes like dogs. You don't just get rid of your old hound just because you've got a new puppy do you?

8.What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?

I think the hardest I've ever laughed was when I was out for a ride with one of my "favorite riding buddies" at Bloomer Park when we first started riding. We had just bought MtB's and we were going to ride them through everything and anything. We'd find every filthy mud puddle we could, and ride right through the longest section of it. It was mid-march and we were riding along one of the banks of the river where the trail was on the absolute edge of the river, and it was a pretty steep maybe 8 foot drop to the river. I was leading with my buddy close behind me. I heard a splash, looked back and saw the bike upside down on the bank, and Tony was gone. Completely submerged! He came jolting out of the water like a Friday The 13th movie! I guess he slipped or something because he went right back under the water before he came blasting out again, and finally scrambled up the bank. After I realized he wasn't hurt, I laughed nonstop for 20 minutes while he stood there in the sun trying to warm up, with his clothes hanging all over the trees around us. Hah! It still cracks me up!

9. what races do look forward too?

I look forward to all of the cross races, but especially the ones I can ride to like Bloomer and Stony. On the road side, my absolute favorite local race is Maillot Jaune in Fenton. It's a great loop and I love heading over to the French Laundry for breakfast afterwards. If we could just shorten the opening ceremony a bit, it would be perfect! I also always look forward to Cone-Azalia, and I really liked the new Frankenmuth race last year too.

10.big goals this season?

To help Essex Brass score some wins. We've got some real horses and some new blood so there's no reason we shouldn't do well this year. Michigan is a sprinters paradise and we've got a couple of the best in Bruce Rivera and Terry Palmer. Also, I'd like nothing more than to win an Elite Cross race or two as well. We've got so many great quality crossers here, it's a huge task. I think it hit me what a strong field we've got when both Wiz and Pony won national level races last fall; and Card has shown he can beat them both on any given Sunday as well. Throw Foshag, Simonson, and your occasional dark horse mountain biker into the mix, and we're looking at a pretty deep field! Wish me luck. Ill need it!

11.Have you have been injured? I broke my leg at my first race as a Cat. 2 at Cone-Azalia in 2006. All I wanted to do was finish the race with the main field. About 20 of us made the final right hand turn onto the finishing stretch, and I started to get a smile on my face because I thought I made it. Then all hell broke loose. The group was weaving all over the place and started riding in the gutter on the wrong side of the road, someone up front got off into the gravel shoulder and took a bunch of us down. Not a pleasant drive home.

12. Are you coached or self coached?Self coached.

I use Joe Friel's book as a guide.

13. Big hour training week?

12 - 13 hours.

14. what other interest do you have or hobbies?

Where do I start? This cycling thing has really stifled all of my other interests. I'm pretty much a complete sports fan and I love anything that has to do with the outdoors: hiking, skiing, golf, adventure racing, etc. I'm always down for a good vacation, and I'm always looking for a great new restaurant to try out.

15. favorite place to ride?

In Michigan, I'd have to say that the area around Harbor Springs is pretty fantastic. No traffic, nice climbs, good roads. I guess they used to race up there but that was before my time. I'd definitely make room on my schedule for a state champion ship road race there. I've ridden a little bit in California, Arizona, and Georgia as well and they are all fantastic places to bring your bike. Notice that all of those places have mountains.

16. Friday night, in a NON race time of year? what happens in the Sari house.

Friday night is Pastie night during the off-season. Finnish soul food baby! I'm only 50% Fin, but we need to pay a little homage to our roots every now and again. Alternatively, we might find ourselves in downtown Rochester for dinner at Sumo Sushi or one of the other great places down there.

17. Last C.D. you bought?

Glen Phillips - Unlucky 7. (former Toad the Wet Sprocket lead) 18. good book or Ipod?A good book. I tend to like nonfiction best, but I'm good with an occasional novel as well. IPods are for solo training rides and college students pretending to study.

19. what does ben do on friday night?

You'd have to ask Ben. (editors note, Ben was unable to comment on this at the time)

20. Favorite day of week ?

No doubt Saturday. An early bike ride, big breakfast, some housework, some hammock time in the summer, and family/friends in the evening.

21. occupation ?

I work in the Market Research Dept. at Henkel Corp. doing mostly competitive intelligence. We make Loctite, and chemicals that make paint stick to metal among other things.

22. do you follow a strict diet?

No. Anything in moderation is my motto.

23. would you still ride if you didn't race?

Absolutely. Racing is fantastic, but really it's just the cherry on top. All of the hours spent adventuring around here and there, chatting with friends is what makes riding the bike what it is.

24. CROSS or Road if you had to choose?

Cross!! Knobby tires, drop handlebars, light bikes, carbon fiber all over, dirt, pavement, hills, sand, strength, speed, tactics!!! A little bit of everything cycling has to offer. Nowhere to hide.

25 THANKS your one of the best!! and thank those that keep you rollin!!! Just wanted to say thanks to my wife who puts up with my need to get outside and compete. I know she'd rather have me home more. Thanks to my training partners, especially Todd and Tony, who are so flexible and keep me motivated all year long. Thanks to Jeff Noftz at Kinetic Systems for the occasional attaboy while I was with the Rhino's and for introducing me to cross. Of course thanks to Essex Brass and all our sponsors for having me on the team. And finally, thanks to TMS for the cool blog. Bring back some cross coverage for 2008

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25 years ago today MJ released BILLIE JEAN.