Monday, September 30, 2013

a man don't need much in life
call off today..
listen to
Black Sabbath

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday a.m. and here I after glow..nothing scheduled within the next 4 hrs that requires my immediate here it is..aint much and dont mean shit..this is where the standings sit after two weeks..It should go without saying that wattage cottage  that tows his his wife and kids around missed last weeks twelve( no and i dont mean the Black Ace.). ..a slight by T without disrespect..but with all that  to hell with its my for nothing series..and ill fit him when i feel dam like it. same goes for SIMONSTER on his retaining that lead has over that series that is kinda hard...Burke still sits atop of leader board with with less dough than his travel miles..Sven hung close to his place he calls his camp.. to keep the locals honest and I think the Bunny has been listening to Sammy Hagar too long cuz he just cant seem to get it out of second gear..the Lil pony keeps doing what the lil pony wants to do..and Hoffener is still scratchin at the next step. man I gotta throw props out Chad wells  he has seemed the fill the gap Mustange has left ...good ridin from the boy up north....other riders of note have seem to creep... Queen Anne made T look like a fools fool silly T...Dam Yankus holds tight just outta the top five...etc...whats all this mean nothing..but it fits the time between normal updates..who cares..

but whatta I know...

over all after 2 weeks
1. T Burke 24
2. Sven B 22
3. A York 20
4. J Weinert 17
5.S Hoffener 15
6. D Yankus 11
7. P Russell 9
8. queen Anne 6
9. C wells 5
10 .Parmachicken 4
11. J Black Ace 3
12. Cross Bastard 2
A  Vanais 2
R  Steele 2

Friday, September 27, 2013

calling it a career
1.No passion
3.To ride more worry less

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Triple T Tuesday

Week two of twelve for the all for nothing pointless Triple T series..Mother nature gave everyone a nice fall wink as all the folks that went for it ....a beautiful weekend to cross..whether here or there or anywhere folks made cross what it was...a enjoy full two days of not breathing..not a whole lot change for the this weeks twelve at the top of the board..Burke remains this weeks winner as he traveled out of state to the Trek cup and rode into the top twenty in a solid regional elite field..While his east side rival/teammate Sven rolled a double at the umpteenth edition of Waterford double cross..Bunny bounced around again grinning from ear to ear....and Scott Hoffener is catching on quite quick..The Wiz showed up Saturday and looked like alittle off...the other wolverine just missed the three peat..but like they say its early..the LAKO-OSGOOD grudge match seems to be slow to go....Queene Anne displayed form of yore day one beating out the State Champion..and all across the day new and old faces seemed to be what could be a Tailwind turnout record of sorts....looking good boppers...

 week .2

1.T Burke
2 Sven B
3.A York
4.S Hoffener
5.J Wienert
7.Queene Anne
10.P Russell
11. R Steele
12.C Bastard

current two week point standings will posted later.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

cross magic

1.clicking in on the first try..see the lil pony
2.two "identical" clean bike
3 railing nice.tacky corners, the ones were dabbing never crosses your mind..
4 proper psi ..when you bottom out at least once or lose..the holeshot
6.riding good without oxygen..see the bunny
7.a good flowin  course
8.the bell lap..nuff said
9.riding the tape soo close you get 3rd degree burns..see the black ace
10.ride able sandpits that aren't 300 meters long
11.bunny hopping hard stuff
12.bikes weighing no more than 17 pounds
13.a matching fully dialed kit
14. good wattage see Sven
15.clearing sections at 300 watts that others bumble through at 500..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

wat life is about

Triple T Tuesdays

Not Velonews and the Vn ticker, isnt the Top Banana, aint the Friday 15..nope..Its My 3T Tuesdays...just another stupid list..and I am gonna do it my own opinionated way..whether anyone gives two shits...don't have the details completely Ironed out as of yet.. just gonna wing it as the weeks pass..but when I do they will be posted...who knows..may not even make it a full twelve.... being  as i am a indecisive chip off the old turd stirring block of my alter ego Lemmy himself.....results, podiums and cross are not the main driven focus for the next twelve weeks... but they do count for the most.  Total point standing will be kept, and posted often.. or when I feels the itch..If all comes together the winner will get a cheap TMS gift..but that being said the  recipient shouldn't count on it until its in his/her hands..
In all actuality like most TMS post its stupid, worthless and weak all the while composed in such a horrific grammar like way that it will probably make other shit post look golden..

So don't take it too serous folks use your imagination and just have some fun with it..

week 1
1.T Burke
2 Sven B
3.A York
4.J Wienert
5.B White
6.S Hoffener
7.P Russell
8.M Simonster
10.J Black Ace
11. A.Vanias
12.C Bastard

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Twelve weeks, Twelve Tuesdays, Twelve riders...Triple T Tuesdays..
coming in Two days to TMS

Friday, September 13, 2013


1.Aero helmets....aww come on.. cav dont do cross, this aint no road race.. besides aint that shit hot?
2.any warming greasy shit.. above sixty three degrees..quit posing.. warm up properly..
3.Roadbikes with knobbies..commit and buy another bike.
4.water can go 50 minutes without drinking..... trust me..
5.remove any blinky light  Burke can see you clear enough when he laps your butt..see # 11
6.popping a gel @ 28 minutes..that stuff isnt gonna help beat the Das German
7.Skinsuit on thick dogs..thats a fashion thing... dont do it..
8.wheels only in the pit..see #3..
9.SS in the geared class you dont get that out.. race single speed asshole..
10.29ers.......  only if your SIMONSTER bags wtf are you gonna fix?.............. leave that shit at the car
12 any computer device on your bars. tracking data wont help when the Pony and Bunny ride away
13.knee warmers without arms covered see #7..
14.misplaced call ups. do yourself a favor ..get out of the Black Aces way, while you can still breathe
15.Baggy shorts suck it up... no ones lookin at you anyways...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stay with me on this i know its tryin and such...and soo played out.. cheaply and hap hazardly composed so well that even the friends that really aren't T's friends will boil up a ..but what the heck..its all just for fun right?  If the courses aint fun who's gonna come..and no matter how there laid its always hard..

Kisscross:  none of the courses would make the local UCI grouch happy but who gives a crap..when guys like the Bunny, Bigmac, Brad White and Burke show up a cross race in parking lot would hard right? soo fuck Rick and his gig..he's a good dude..change is good

Crossin Up North..venues around high schools. and in parks..that are decently composed and laid out under Northern skies..bonus points cuz its always covered by Kolo-Tc and thats even better..A-Game, Chad Wells and a Ménage à Trois of Enstien fast dudes are the main comp..and if he is still rollin Heavy maybe even the Bunny will hop on up there..

tailwind..the bench mark for most crossers that stay n with a long time commitment to a playlist to 90's favorites..

Ithaca: you know and  I know..its done and gone..but i suppose T owes a fun lovin tms hater like JB even a little CX magazine herald it as miscene toughest course..lotsa grass..tire rollin  off camber corners , some gravel and enough elevation change the challenge even the best power to weight ratio rider ...most will attest that it just might be true..past winners: include Brad White, Queene Anne etc...

Waterford: once home to the now forgotten Mike Rabe UCI race..multiple snowy state championships etc..the old stand by... reliable easy to set up easy to view and almost darn near perfect pavement, hills grass..etc maybe even the orange crush will show..past winner include: Jeremy Powers, The Wiz, Parmachicken, Kelly P, BigMAC..Goocher-2 etc

Lower Huron: once left off the schedule but always a favorite for its mix of cross like terrain..semi legendary among a few was the  steep suffocating  run up often un used due to flooding..a great all around a time of supreme fall splendor..past winners include: Paul Martin, The Wiz the Lil Pony, Kelli Emmett, Queene Anne

Mad Anthony: the cross version of a  Murder City weekend.. what the course lacks in UCI standards makes up for in just darn all around coolness of  beautiful decayed dilapidated Detroit..  past winners include: Burke, the Wiz etc..

Vets Park: in Tms opinion its questionable that this maybe the toughest course in the Tailwind series..your either up or sand but lots of leaves and hiddin ruts. and with construction going on may prove to be even more of knee breaker..past winners include: Parmachicken, the Wiz..Sven..Roger Bowser, Dc, Jmak Marne S..

Lake Orion High School: ample parking run backwards or forwards its a good venue..tricky volley ball court will keep even the Lil pony on his toes...past winners..Sven, Dc. Marne , and Tom Barrett

Addision Oaks: last years and 2013 state championship course..was rumored to be dam perfect...unless you ask burke and well that last corner could a been a tad more to his liking..grassy and smooth... past winners include: kelly P Sven, Steve Broglio

Peace T

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There out there...cant have a game without them...a little skill, power, technique..luck.. and maybe the shortened season along with some help from friends they could prove this rotten old bastard wrong.... composed like a true asshole...T randomly grabs a few and states his lousy worthless overplayed opinions
Bigmac  steps upgood ..just like ICE-T says..good choice
Burke  another team ... another season........... this year.....has to be this year
Das German  out of the blocks and rollin dirty
the Bunny the odds weigh heavy...
Mark W thats tough..
Seamen soo much energy..outta know
Cross Bastard will be fine if he updates the T motivation more
Queen Anne i love the old bird..but i dont think so all love lost anyway
the Lil Pony the great pretender..
Kelly out
Lako lotsa MTbin .....could be a trying fall
Monte-Sano-prod maybe if he can get passed his teammates or the unknown
unknown there out there and you know it..
Chuncky dropped weight can he keep it off when chili season rolls around and the shit hits the fan
JTP u no what they say
Underwood he might surprise you
John Gault who the fuck is that guy and why do we need to know
Parmachicken man he needs this season bad..real bad...
The Wiz still cant figure that guy out
Dc like balboa says....he aint soo bad......
the Lion mm could be interesting
the Black Ace is he back?  or just around for his amusement
Simonster yea that dude...
Clark sometimes being the nice funny guy is better than being the blazing fast jerk.he's cool
Seidl..the spoiler
Goocher 1 B field? maybe masters is better suited for him
Goocher 2 the kid grew 2 feet since December...
Chad Wells maybe with Stange MIA...he needs to come south more cuz visors are cool
BigRing favorite for all seasons
Jmack not racin since ruby oohh questionable..we'll see no matter still lotta love
Patrick Russell  the grey wolverine..doublin up..ok
Auger once a weighty issue could prove to be a bigger barrier than normal
Stack not gonna make way
Katulac will style be enough? can come out of entombment now....
Lil-Simon like a talking head...same as he ever was..
Belanger ditto
Goerlich ditto
Hoffener this kid is good..but...even highly motivated  4 months is longer than you thin.. back..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Runnin shit from beyond like Teflon Don and Charlie Manson and i aint killin know Im not bored, haven't lost sleep over scene happenings...don't feel like i need a single acetaminophen tablet ... dont give two shits about who's who and whats on your bucket list..and how your form is ...most of all zero fucks are generally given to  the ordinary system of development  ...bottom line  i aint hatin so it aint worth nothin gettin your sphincter  puckered up like you've been sleepin worth Ward Cleaver...unless its bleached and then well your probably gettin paid for that shit..speakin of payin..Your cross grip has to go someone somewhere if you wanna pin that shit on there....and gawd dam we all got whole lotta choices ...week  in week out for the next three there aint a-lick o sense in saving those updates let shit roll....spread it like jelly..cuz they love that..

KissCross: same as it every was flag a course bring beer keep costs to a minimum and people will show and be happy..Rick doesn't want or need to be anything more than what he is and Kisscross is a testimonial of grass roots racing  fits nicely for sharpeners in between the big ones, and allows the weekenders to run around and feel like Sven Nys....

MidState..nice to see something outta the metro area and not too far west thats gonna interfere with Sundays late games..unlike Kisscross events like Ithaca, Big bad Wolf and the CX  fest give more of the tradional crossers keepin track of points somethin to brag about.  no hatin in my book

The Northern Quadrant of Sector fourteen:  you know that area where most from down state only go to eat cherries, stumble around dunes and cast the afterglow the first of November..A series thats mostly contested by the hotshoes in the north country..too bad...looks like "Fun" Kolo-Tc covers that shit the second that tape comes down and thats yourself a favor and get out of your norm and drive up there and give those fast ass Einstein fellas a run for there beer money...

Tailwind: seems like an ok place even without uncle Bobby..lotsa racing normal courses "real" USA cycling classes and guidelines...a safe reasonable series..without flaws who could ask for more right? well..i guess my only thought and maybe i don't know shit from shinola..but what was up with running all the classes together at Ithaca? no disrespect i understand call ups and such, but guys on the front row only to get shelled by the mere means of position...and elite ladies starting in the front of a large B field..i dont understand..and I am not completely getting the 1 hr masters race..wanna race for an hour race elite..bigger class more excitement, Brad, Sven, the Bunny and the lil Pony lap ya..simple three...train smarter.. eat less and sleep more..over all good solid series finally combined with the efforts of other promoters..hopefully when nationals move a little closer the series will run farther into season for podium hopeful's

Opinions: like an asshole..
this ones  T's

Monday, September 09, 2013

A man doesn’t need much in life


Just what the hell does all that mean?..feel free to create any scenario you like and plug in your favorite puppets and pop out your numbers...I tell myself..Aint my circus and lord knows Ive tried but i cant even get my monkeys to bite...but what hell I sure as hell dont got no better things go in on..Up at night Sittin here on my funeral couch watchin back to back reruns of Pacific Blue aint fillin the cavity and bringing lift off....It  just isnt the same watchin beach soft core without the site of Yasmine, Donna, Carmen and Pam Lee so i may as well find some good from all this sleep walkn....
So this week in the void of those  double episodes the Michigan cross 2013 preview may be poorly composed to fill the seconds in between...

I love ya all...

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Friday, September 06, 2013

Ithaca why...

1.its cross season
2.its fun
3.its JB's race and he is not fond of TMS  so support him
4.its  a cool venue
5.its hyped quite nicely
6.its tailwind..and everyone loves tailwind
7.its the first running of new cross cats for miscene
8.its the cool jersey that brad white is favored to get.
9.its the lion of leroy's cross debute
10.its queen annes 13th cross season
11.its a race that may bridge the west, north, east gap
12.its the lako/osgood grudge match opener
13.its a kolo-tc covered event
14.its das-germans final cross season is miscene
15.its a beautiful weekend for the site of suffocation and the small embrocation rub and you probably dont have anything else constructive to do..

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

And they said it wouldn't happen, couldn't be done... not gonna makes it, out, thrown in the towel and tossed just flat faced honestly under the much as i hate to come clean  i didnt think it would happen either...but it did and now its done and in blink of an eye the crisp fresh air of sweet September reminds us its with all that being said....ill cut ya little slack and free up a little of  your updating and glow time and go away brief in fifty
the bunny treats the wiz
paul martin is mia for the first time in years
erie st gets shunned by sceners
aldo gets sweet revenge and pays heavy grip
sjd is for real
damyankus nuff said
Joe-L retired too bad
over heard i miss the old venue..which one?
the black ace comes out of hiding and rides deep two days
wolverines are thin all weekend
jmak n the lil pony were rumored to be scene lurking around monday afternoon
canadians weigh heavy in the murder city
Jet fuel gasses everyone erie street
paolo does anyone really like him
alan z saves lathrup face
kroske makes lunch money
roadking calls it season..kinda
someone smelled really really good in the pro 1/2 race monday
bunny nuf said
who was that leggy blond broad?
dave mullins completes his 2013 comeback tour with a flyer
danny k looked good
cool trophys
Dq's Nice..
who was that RBS dude with legs for arms
overheard that sweet bike dude stayed home gave em all break
cross wraps it up and heads west
bissell calls it a season
anyone remember Darko Ficko..yea..he was at erie st..
what happened to the Agame?
Octto-cervelo short dudes.... badass bikes
antoon is still alive?
cross talk
the old essex guys  was feedin the roadcrew..
whos the big Cadieux road block in the 1/2 race?
geoff  kuyper rides well
sven is gettin ready
carl flink whatta cool name
grimm nuff said
womens pro 1/2 thin like flynn
pendelbury rides in solo surprises a few
the bunny is scene wearing a different type of fur
dc was in the house but very quietly
tim saari nuff said
mtbers on cross bikes racing crits now thats a wtf
the eagle and docsavage call it a season
the meat wagon almost runs the ace over
aero helmets just ugly
albers scary
nobodys feelin that war
PappaT nuff said
oh well theres always ICEMAN

49th Debaets-Devos Pro-Am Memorial Bicycle Race
Monday September 2, 2013

 Tour Di Via Italia Presented by V.I.B.R.A
 Sunday September 1, 2013 
Windsor Ontario 

 All Women Results - 30 km - Average Speed 45.9 km/h

27674754MCKIBBON, DanielleNOVOFIT-C360RRWMA 0h 39' 19"00' 07"
380293788DEMERY, SarahCLEVEND CLINIC / RGFRWE.2 0h 40' 18"01' 06"
479296790MULLIS, DanielleWOLVERINESRWJ 0h 40' 18"01' 06"
57175167THOMPSON, ChantalMADONNA WHEELERS CYCLING CLUBRWE.2 0h 40' 18"01' 06"
67874594SONNENBERG, BrendaNOVOFIT-C360RRWMB 0h 40' 18"01' 06"
782300926THOMAS, KimberlyNEW HOLLAND BREWINGRWE.2 0h 40' 18"01' 06"
88175158CARR, LisaTEAM TDI ZUCK BIKESRWE.2 0h 40' 18"01' 06"
97574267MCKEE, ShellyNOVOFIT-C360RRWMA 0h 40' 18"01' 06"

Master 2 / Elite 3 / Junior Men Results - 40 km - Average Speed 48.9 km/h

212074893SQUIRES, CharlieTEAM LONDON CYCLINGRMMD.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
3256296792MULLIS, LukeWOLERVINERMJ 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
411774838GONCALVES, CarlosTEAM LONDON CYCLINGRMMC.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
511674159HODGKINSON, PhillKURZAWINSKI COACH/PBNJ.CARMMB.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
613174895THOMAS, MattNOVOFIT-C360RRMMB.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
7219123206BARTTELS, JoeNO LIMITS RACINGRME.4 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
810574169DEAN, PaulCYCLES LONDON RACING TEAMRMMC.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
910974518WOODS, JasonEAST SIDE RIDERS CYCLING CLUBRMMA.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1010674178FALKENSTEIN, LorneCYCLES LONDON RACING TEAMRMMC.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1110874113CAMACHO, BruceD'ORNELLAS CYCLING CLUBRMMD.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1212774154WESTWOOD, RichardKURZAWINSKI COACH/PBNJ.CARMMC.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1310774492NUTTALL, MichaelCYCLES LONDON RACING TEAMRMMA.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1410475433AUSTEN, TimothyRIDE WITH RENDALLRMJ 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1611874834LOUWS, KeesTEAM LONDON CYCLINGRMMB.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1711974349NARCISO, JoeTEAM LONDON CYCLINGRMMC.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1813213353DYBOWSKI, RayWOLVERINERMM.2 0h 49' 06"00' 00"
1912980460BRULEY, AnthonyCADIEUX BC / TEAM OZRMM.2 0h 49' 14"00' 08"
2010275186RICCI, ChristianINVITA-FCVRMJ 0h 49' 14"00' 08"
2111375739LUKASIK, ZbigniewINDEPENDENTRMMC.2 0h 49' 52"00' 46"
2312475457LONCKE, JohnTOWER INTERNATIONAL CYCLING TERMMA.2 0h 50' 06"01' 00"
2412374674HO, PakTOWER INTERNATIONAL CYCLING TERMMB.2 0h 50' 10"01' 04"
2511074167BULMANN, RickFOREST CITY VELODROMERMMB.2 0h 50' 10"01' 04"
2610174476HAMILL, AaronWATERLOO CYCLING CLUBRME.3 0h 50' 42"01' 36"

 Elite 1&2 / Master 1 Men Results - 100 km - Average Speed 50.2 km/h

2874977MORSE, PeterOCTTO-CERVELORME.1 1h 59' 31"00' 03"
31574497MCKEE, SteveNACSWORLD.COM NORCORMMB.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
44013362CARD, JonathanTEAM CARDRME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
532131107WALSH, AnthonyASTELLAS ONCOLOGY CYCLING TEAMRME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
6675071BYER, DavidOCTTO-CERVELORME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
7274368ASTON, MichaelADRENALINERACER/TOWHEELSRME.2 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
83713364RODD, RyanWOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB/ACFRME.2 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
92274737EUGENI, PaoloWHEELS OF BLOOR/GRAYWOOD DEVELRMMB.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
103913363FOSHAG, RobertINDEPENDENTRME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
114413366ALBERS, KirkPANTHER / BAKEHOUSERME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
123474253RENDALL, GlenRIDE WITH RENDALLRME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
132513354ADAMS, ShawnCARBON RACINGRME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
142175075CUSHING, GregTEAM TDI ZUCK BIKES, TEAM TDI RMMC.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
152074596MANN, MartenTEAM T1C LONDON HONDA-VILLAGE RMMA.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
16374202ANDREW, BenEURO-SPORTSRMU23.2 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
174175173AQUINO, BrentTEAM TDI ZUCK BIKESRME.2 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
182675159POLSINELLI, MarcTEAM TDI ZUCK BIKESRMMC.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
194274044FREELAND, ChrisJET FUEL COFFEE/NORCO BICYCLESRME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
20974375PRITCHARD, BaydenOCTTO-CERVELORME.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
212374354VANI, RobertoNOVOFIT-C360RRMMB.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
222975023EL-SAYED, WalidTEAM TDI ZUCK BIKESRME.3 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
241674437CHOW, JeffreyNOVOFIT-C360RRMMB.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
251774749CORREA, JesusNOVOFIT-C360RRMMB.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
262776010GROSSI, BrunoTEAM TDI ZUCK BIKESRMMC.1 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
271075066CHENEY, JasonRIDE WITH RENDALLRME.2 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
283513361VECCHIO, MartinPANTHERRME.2 1h 59' 48"00' 20"
2914258844CRUIKSHANK, AaronWASlabs CyclingRME.2 2h 00' 01"00' 33"
303813365CUMMING, DonaldWOLVERINE SPORTS CLUBRME.2 2h 00' 06"00' 38"
313675938TSILEMOS, JimRIDE WITH RENDALLRME.1 2h 00' 08"00' 40"
321974183CAPALDI, CarloTEAM T1C LONDON HONDA-VILLAGE RMMB.1 2h 00' 10"00' 42"
341174861FILLION, AaronRIDE WITH RENDALLRME.1 2h 00' 29"01' 01"

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday with Lemmy

Im outta here all of you
 Early to rise normally aint my crime and I aint got nothin up my sleeve and its time to move on down the line and go to Brazil bad women are calling my name and one night stands are on the horizon ....aint it fun.... if I am ever back to this murder show lets grab a pint or two and makes some dirty love and  and do it each other like reptiles....thanks for helpin me stay lost in the ozone and  keepin me stone deaf forever..

"Remember Me Im Gone"