Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Most of the most

25.DannyG heads 2 euro cross camp
24. the underdogs comeback       was like most TMS comments
23.The Monkey now replaces the Tailwind's cat logo
22.the CrossGuru race is so undergorund most dont know either exist
21.1k+ hits on Friday June 6th 2012 prove TMS hits an all time High in low. poop on a Kenda, JTP is all over the place...
19.mutha nature pays a visit to P2P nearly kills people.
18.Melly Kelly is 2fine
17. Lathrup Takes each other out at B-HAM
15.after 3 state titles  Steve B the un-offical masters scene champion
14.Jason SWAT solo's off the front at the toughest scene crit since the Rockford days
12.Former and always Miscener Chewberti moves south and puts on a pair of MT kahkis for 2013
11.DC spend the year breathing and racing every 3 days.
10. the State Roads got really fuckin hard.
9.RK drops the Argyle kit for Fuji's with discs
8. the Grayling Giant is coming.....
7.Cruze Bogie comes home..
6.Tailwind schedule gets shuffled. jury is out if it was a success.
5.KIDA takes one step closer
4.SIMONSTER signs back with a Miscene frame builder for 2013
3.KOLO-Tc names Aaron B crosser of the year..
2.after an over the top start                                      the Bunny melts into a beautiful pile
1. Das German                                                       nuff said..

thanks folks its been a good ride..
 maybe Ill see you on the other side..

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012


Most of the most 49-26

49. The Sylvania  "hard man" crit sends many seeking permanent life alert
48. the Lion and Mac B get the call up
47.Booze, babes and Travel the Rodd brothers make it all look easy
46.Friday Fifteen first apears lessens the low T stress level
45. Cyber Bullies now offical call TMS home
44.Kroske recovers fast after a jacked up wing
43.CrossGuy lays an egg
42.ICEMAN sets another record....
41.Timmy F cant stop pullin triggers
40.Getting dropped sucks
39. you got nothing to lose when you lose fake friends.
38.TMS rarely speaks relevants.
37.das-german rides Miscne's best off his wheel in late August
36.RonC comes on late in the season..looks strong
35.Lance gets crucified effects the locals to no aval..
34.Rainman upgrades and rides well.
33.the lead vehicle takes out Dlam and the sockless ex Lathrup guy at Cherry Ruby crit
32. Tao of Mike creeps in leakin secrets form the dark
31.CrossBastards keep the enthusiam level up when low t sets in..
30. the BlackAce isnt scene all fall...
29. Crybaby gains momentum
28.Lathrups Z-man tops 45+ state Crit title
27.KIDA goes back to worlds
26.RGF/Cleveland clinic reek havoc on miscene crits all summer

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Most of the most 74-50

74. DG rides nearly human
73.former state road champ Jim Bruce is MIA most of the season
72. Antonuk leads the Status update point series followed closely by SJD.
71.Venges are the weapon of choice for sprinters and posers alike.
70.Dybo still can win
69.everyone gets out alive in miscene's other murder city
68.MP is briefly co-governed by a socialist party.
67.some smart shop mechanic straightens out Rudy p's shifters
66.Lathrup got old
65.Nate williams wins State Tt with a broken seat.
64.Rick Snow wins more than most notice
63.Fly-weight wins one for PH health
62. Herrmitman lives up to his name early on.
61. white Lightning stays in the same kit for two seasons
60.Parmachicken terrorizes  em all summer.
59.NRC tough guys invade state crit championship
58.Upgrades and downgrades. thanks for all the hard work USAC
57. KID-A could be it
56. Ben Whitehead pulls one out at the festival of the Sun Crit
55.the Bunny just keeps going
54.Kroske named first TMS Jedi
53.Murder City loses its Crit due to financial woes
52.A-Game hits the road with Bissell
51.The Turbo diesel fires up in early July.
50. six+ and the grammar still sucks.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Most of the most 100-75

this shit is in no particular order of dont be so quick to be hating...

besides its Xmas time fool..spread some love to those that dont get it..

100. 2011 ends
99. BRX is quickly gaining cult like status faster than a spring peak
98.2012's winter kindness equals the playing field
97. the Bunny takes Antonuks place on RGF
96. Joe L spends the winter in Hibro-mode and chunks up
95. Danny K goes into semi seclusion in northern Quebec
94. Lumbo 100 gets harder as Norba pro's start showing..
93.Spring Flingin gets kooky. different winner every week.
92.Bissell debuts its new Miscene elite squad
91. The lion of Leroy begins his march early in March towards evolution
90. A-Game now official owns the BRX crown
89. Another year goes by and no Kennsington RR.
88. WMSR stage race comes aboard...greeted with mixed emotions
87. Cone Azalia goes smooth
86. Shrek goes on a 6 week terror of  the scene winning a handful of races and scaring kids all the while
85. Kolo-Tc gaining steam.
84.comebacks are under the radar.
83. the Lion of Leroy kills the memorial day weekend crits
82. Lathrups Z-man... likes Wednesdays better..
81.Das-German and KidA ride away breathing  in Westbranch
80.. WTF-Das Germans carrys two bottles for 90 miles
79.WIZ+SSBRX=kills em again
78.DC starts coming
77.Priority health packs its 2012 squad with old pros. and cute teenagers.
76.SIMONSTER beats skinny guys at there own game
75.RBS fields one of the biggest teams to business must be good.

Friday, December 21, 2012

 The death of cycling
1.  Any device that can shave legs
2.  Strava
3.  Fitting systems (see Body Geometry or ReTul anything)
4.  Power based training devices
5.  "Training Plans"
6.  "Coaches"
7.  Any clothing item or accessory costing more than $200.00 (see #8)
8.  Credit cards
9.  Power/Weight ratios below 4
10.  Any event becoming popular post '99.  (see cyclo-cross, Ultra-anything, Fondo-anything,"poser-anything", etc.)
11.  PEDs
12. UCI and USAC
13.  Excuses
14.  Thinking too much
15. Lack of heart

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


like a dog chasin its tail...

Dam fools i was up most of the night and  spent a good part of the first day of this third week.tryin To come down off a T induced coma of much i had to walk away for awhile and pick that shit back up at my favorite sittin spot...something about the depth of differences in personalty's that come and go in the late early morning hours .....gotta say it help me wrap my grey matter around the past few months..its gawd awful dizzying on how fast time fly's when your having fun.....or how time drags when Danzig's in your house..I think i figured it that creepy ass copy of Omen II and cross are so closely know how i hate that old fool gettin trapped under the ice..all that suffocation, suffering and  shit while doing somethin you love...its so closely related to this cross...I think i may have solved that shit as it went out to the curb yesterday morning.. now i aint scene hide nor hair of  his spooky ass..thank god..maybe my dreaded X-curse has been broken..only time will tell right? much like "time heals all wounds" and gettin the monkey off your back......and well i guess for some of you this may hold true...the monkey?   well that's your dam problem..i cant do nothing about that shit..T don't like monkeys not since i had to sit through Close Encounters of Third Kind umpteenth number of times to satisfy Gary's addiction...dam..T don't like monkeys... any more than well....i guess some of you folks....
So lets wrap this shit up and get on down with it..yea i wont say i told ya so... but..i never said i was right or what i speak is a KMFDM Godlike is merely mine as it see it through sometimes eyes clouded with big ol crocodile if you have a heart under that flesh you all wear dont hate me for being me..accept me for  the fact we are all cut form the same cloth but often woven differently and  colored brightly.....
enuff jibber a dog chasin its tail...

Sven: right now this very moment you hold the crown, and although not "officially" a miscnere..T's glad to claim you for the time being..

Parmachicken: like the new physch....rumors where it came from make T laugh no matter keep it contained and bring some back maybe next year..

RK: my advice learn to love him for awhile..if you use that lil bastard to your advantage he can be an a valuable asset..

Pony: the great prime minister almost Buddha like...

Wiz: Vegas odds had you home sleeping off last nights Mick Ultra..but you showed ..and you played
 like a champion you are..

Beebee: i dont know you. although i have scene you in passing ..but never formally been introduced .. contrary to popular KOLO-TC belief..time will tell if your it..nice ride any how. T approved..

Jgood: times runnin out..i dont wanna speak too much..just like me...i know you got big shoulders.. but theres no way in hell ...would i let that hyper active Lil bastard hang out too much longer on my back...sometimes there is no tomorrow.......

Jmak: you came should sleep well...

SteveB: I like you Steve dont exactly know your back ground or where you came from indifferent  on the racing down not hatin or lovin just.. Sixteen Candles like...void.

DC: in typical Jedi form: you must do what you feel is right..

Queen Anne: ya know how T feels nothing but down on one knee holding your soft hand.. love for you.

Mello K: wow...

the CrossGuy; you need a new plan not hatin just T dont like posin..just good solid advice

Massey: your good for the TMS...all silly kids stuff aside.

LAKO: whats up wit dat?

JB MAYBE? come when T was feelin good about your cause

Cross Bastard:  couldn't of done it without you......T's gonna miss ya..

Clint V: the body the engine..its too valubale to play with like a cheap action figure..use it or lose it....

DannyG: the new young gun?

Lil Simon..stuck in purgatory..but respectful is he         T's proud.

Old man Seaman..T's knows where you came from..and all this outdoor grizzly hard man stuff is fun ..but 
focus is solid thing use dont abuse it......dont be afraid to reinvent yourself..

Scott Hoffner: arrives in his new PH kit..but what happened. Fisher and fellas  jumpin ship?

BIG MAC: I love this dope shiettt........
  and well for  the wrest of my dead homies...all i can if your  hopes and dreams got crushed dont feel so dam bad...but sure as hell dont banter on for the next 9 weeks about your excuses..find that monkey sit down with him  in a quiet spot and talk that shit over...this shit wont last forever and neither will you
Men - Cat 1/2/3 - ELITE
Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1131.56SVEN BAUMANN (1 - Cat1)   Lake Orion, MI0.041266875 378155  18 Wolverine Sports Club
2152.07MARK PARMELEE   Ortonville, MI0.041270266203704 264374  22 
3172.57TOM BURKE   Grand Rapids, MI0.041400925925926 179205  19 Midwest Cycling Group

4193.08MICHAEL WISSINK   Walled Lake, MI0.041887395833333 119033  32 

5213.59AARON BEEBE (1 - Cat3)   Grand Haven, MI0.042006493055556 258966  30 
6234.09JEFF WEINERT   Lake Orion, MI0.042093310185185 37591  26 Wolverine Sports Club
7254.60DANIEL GEROW   Grosse Pointe Farms, MI0.043385960648148 285633  28 Wolverine Sports Club

8275.11SCOTT HOFFNER   Milford, MI0.043923078703704 294925  21 

9295.62BRENT EVANS   Novelty, OH0.043940613425926 11037  20 

10316.12SIMON BAILEY (1 - Cat2)   Ann Arbor, MI0.044706215277778 160410  29 Two Wheel Tango/Morgan & York

11336.63CLINT VERRAN (2 - Cat3)   Lake Orion, MI0.045378136574074 296234  33 

12357.14Peter Mogg   
0.046150185185185 389004  31 
13377.64PATRICK RUSSELL   Berkley, MIDOWN 1-LAP 197649  23 Wolverine Sports Club
14398.15BRYAN UNDERWOOD   DavisburgDOWN 1-LAP 260349  25 Wolverine Sports Club
Men - Cat 1/2/3 - MASTERS - 45-99
Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1236.20DON CAMERON   White Lake, MI0.044822824074074 94327  156 
2253.45SCOTT FABIJANSKI (1 - Cat3)   Royal Oak, MIDOWN 1-LAP 256573  163 Wolverine Sports Club
3270.69MARK WOLOWIEC   Davisburg, MIDOWN 1-LAP 41215  175 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

4287.94TODD FRERICHS (1 - Cat2)   Rochester Hills, MIDOWN 1-LAP 197437  154 KLM/Cold Stone

5305.18MICHAEL SEAMAN (2 - Cat3)   Mt Pleasant, MIDOWN 1-LAP 32045  179 

6322.43JIM HILDITCH (3 - Cat3)   Canton, MIDOWN 1-LAP 234565  182 Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds

7339.67MICHAEL GREEN (4 - Cat3)   Farmington Hills, MIDOWN 1-LAP 261599  181
8356.92TIM FAAS   Farmington Hills, MIDOWN 1-LAP 208526  178 Wolverine Sports Club

9374.17MICHAEL BELANGER (5 - Cat3)   St. Clair Shores, MIDOWN 1-LAP 279343  180 Cycle To Fitness Racing Greyhounds

10391.41KEN ODAY (6 - Cat3)   Ypsilanti, MIDOWN 1-LAP 51473  177 

11408.66KEITH RIEGE (1 - Cat1)   Lake Orion, MIDOWN 1-LAP 29844  166 

JAY JONES   Clarkston, MIDNF 18185  183 Cycletherapy- MI

Men - Cat 2/3/4 - B-MEN - 1-39

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1318.19WADE BURCH (1 - Cat4)   Lansing, MI0.03028412037037 306862  433 CFT Cycling Team
2330.93JESSE GOULD (1 - Cat3)   Grand Blanc, MI0.030649884259259 264580  452 
3343.67ADAM MCINTYRE (2 - Cat3)   Jenison, MI0.030965092592593 359411  442 Bissell/ABG Cycling Club

4356.41JIM GOERLICH (3 - Cat3)   Sterling Heights, MI0.0311459375 254334  437 Team Sandbag

5369.15MICHAEL BELLOVICH (2 - Cat4)   Grosse Pointe Farms0.031193194444444 368327  463 East Hills Velo

6381.89BRAD LAKO (4 - Cat3)   Auburn Hills, MI0.031310462962963 254600  441 KLM/Cold Stone

7394.62RAY DANGELMAIER (5 - Cat3)   Brighton, MI0.031754918981481 373246  451 

8407.36RYAN KATULIC (3 - Cat4)   Rochester, MI0.031797071759259 314050  440 KLM/Cold Stone

9420.10TODD FREIDINGER (6 - Cat3)   Saint Clair Shores, MI0.031867060185185 163382  448 

10432.84PAUL MCKEIGHAN (4 - Cat4)   Ypsilanti, MI0.031901747685185 313842  443 

11445.58Alex Huyghe (5 - Cat4)   Rochester, MI0.032051099537037 334636  447 Team O2

12458.32ALEX GONZALEZ (7 - Cat3)   Ortonville, MI0.032260115740741 265107  438 KLM/Cold Stone

13471.06BENJAMIN CHRISTIAN (8 - Cat3)   Novi, MI0.032310335648148 70790  434 Cycletherapy- MI

14483.80JASON COTTER (6 - Cat4)   Lake Orion, MI0.032508090277778 327368  446 

15496.53RYAN MCKINNIE (9 - Cat3)   Brighton, MI0.032925428240741 222912  444 

16509.27GREG JOHNSON (7 - Cat4)   Fenton, MI0.034284780092593 211378  439 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

17522.01SEAN GEARY (8 - Cat4)   Ypsilanti, MI0.034382928240741 315284  436 Ann Arbor Velo Club

18534.75SHAUN WELCH (9 - Cat4)   Waterford, MI0.03509412037037 346096  445 

19547.49SCOTT WALTER   Plymouth MiDOWN 1-LAP 371153  450 

20560.23CHRIS MOLNAR   Mendham, NJDOWN 1-LAP 221498  449 

Men - Cat 2/3/4 - B-MEN - 40-99

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1349.76BRIAN HARVILLE (1 - Cat3)   Goodrich, MI0.030906446759259 349032  551 Flying Rhino Cycling Club
2361.43TODD GREENE (2 - Cat3)   Bloomfield Hills, MI0.031147268518519 294910  550 Trails-Edge Cycling Team
3373.11THOMAS BARRETT (1 - Cat4)   Ann Arbor, MI0.031477222222222 244235  505 Ann Arbor Velo Club

4384.78JEFFREY PAYN (3 - Cat3)   Troy, MI0.031483136574074 300557  558 Midwest Cycling Group

5396.45RICK MORRIS (2 - Cat4)   Ann Arbor, MI0.032071030092593 103540  557 

6408.12SCOTT GOOCHER (3 - Cat4)   Flat Rock, MI0.032243460648148 252116  549 

7419.80MICHAEL SCHULTZ (4 - Cat3)   Farmington, MI0.032328645833333 60984  554 Cadieux Bicycle Club

8431.47TALBOT HACK (4 - Cat4)   Ann Arbor, MI0.032616377314815 360177  563 

9443.14MARK OLIN (5 - Cat3)   Rochester, MI0.032752905092593 270538  560 RBS CYCLING TEAM

10454.82JON COLEMAN (5 - Cat4)   Canton, MI0.033137777777778 306254  523 Rogue Racing Project

11466.49PAUL STEIGERWALD (6 - Cat3)   Ypsilanti, MI0.033346597222222 301353  555 

12478.16ERIC FERNANDO (6 - Cat4)   Franklin, MI0.033456655092593 116144  564 
13489.83MATT FILL (7 - Cat3)   White Lake, MI0.034158113425926 359712  526 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

14501.51DAVID ZATEK (7 - Cat4)   Royal Oak, MI0.034926527777778 344192  559 
15513.18ALEXANDER GAULIN (8 - Cat4)   White Lake, MI0.035453888888889 311408  562 Flying Rhino Cycling Club
16524.85JAN GATOWSKI (9 - Cat4)   Beverly Hills, MI0.035506701388889 254326  540 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

17536.52KARL EMMERICH   Sterling Heights, MI0.036104328703704 370497  561 
18548.20DENNIS WILLYARD (10 - Cat4)   Macomb, MIDOWN 1-LAP 301729  556 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

19559.87KURT SCHALDENBRAND (8 - Cat3)   Ann Arbor, MIDOWN 1-LAP 31480  553 Ann Arbor Velo Club

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - ELITE

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1305.85KELLY PATERSON   Troy, MI0.032908946759259 241369  159 Wolverine Sports Club
2325.61ANNE SCHWARTZ (1 - Cat2)   Grosse Pointe Woods, MI0.033389027777778 119057  156 Flying Rhino Cycling Club
3345.37JANE GEISSE   Chagrin Falls, OH0.035818541666667 261161  158 Spin

4365.12SUSAN SHAW   Fenton, MI0.036227824074074 246829  157 CX Bones
5384.88DANIELLE MULLIS   Rochester, MIDOWN 1-LAP 296790  150 Wolverine Sports Club

6404.63LILLIAN RUIZ (1 - Cat3)   Ypsilanti, MIDOWN 1-LAP 254346  153 

Mixed - Cat 1/2/3/4 - SINGLE SPEED
Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1252.62RICH STARK (1 - Cat3)   Ann Arbor, MI0.025051678240741 210510  40 Two Wheel Tango/Morgan & York
2278.86COLLIN SNYDER (1 - Cat2)   Plymouth, MI0.025093240740741 264396  46 
3305.10MICHAEL SEAMAN (2 - Cat3)   Mt Pleasant, MI0.02622130787037 32045  47 

4331.34SHAWN SCHAFFERT (3 - Cat3)   Clarkston, MI0.026508321759259 284970  38 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

5357.58MARK WOLOWIEC   Davisburg, MI0.026947592592593 41215  42 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

6383.83MICHAEL SCHULTZ (4 - Cat3)   Farmington, MI0.027383935185185 60984  39 Cadieux Bicycle Club

7410.07ANNE SCHWARTZ (2 - Cat2)   Grosse Pointe Woods, MI0.027502164351852 119057  45 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

8436.31SEAN GEARY (1 - Cat4)   Ypsilanti, MI0.027740590277778 315284  35 Ann Arbor Velo Club

9462.55ANDY FEDEWA (3 - Cat2)   Clarkston, MI0.031129502314815 262182  43 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

10488.80KURT SCHALDENBRAND (5 - Cat3)   Ann Arbor, MIDOWN 1-LAP 31480  44 Ann Arbor Velo Club
Men - Cat 1/2/3 - MASTERS - 35-99
Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1236.28STEVEN BROGLIO (1 - Cat2)   Ann Arbor, MI0.045237395833333 55197  210 Cycle-Smart, Inc.
2250.34PETER THOMPSON   Ortonville, MI0.045381273148148 245538  223 
3264.39JAROD MAKOWSKI (1 - Cat3)   Troy, MI0.045412847222222 43115  216 

4278.44ANDREW WEIR (2 - Cat2)   Ann Arbor, MI0.046114097222222 169810  221 

5292.50JOHN OSGOOD (3 - Cat2)   Kimball, MIDOWN 1-LAP 254343  218 Team Sandbag

6306.56ANDY FEDEWA (4 - Cat2)   Clarkston, MIDOWN 1-LAP 262182  224 Flying Rhino Cycling Club

7320.61RON STACK (5 - Cat2)   Fenton, MIDOWN 1-LAP 177087  220 CX Bones

8334.67DAVID JOHNSON   Toledo, OHDOWN 1-LAP 224884  222 Maumee Valley Wheelmen

ALEX MONTE-SANO (Cat3)   Ann Arbor, MIDNF 234763  217

Monday, December 17, 2012

Das German, Dropping down and Living with the monkey for another year.
story to soon follow.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

 Listen up fools having sucka's beatin down your  door... way into the wee hours throwing out predictions and shit.. soo many i finally shit canned them all....soo much my head was spinning walkin the floor..tellin myself..The thrill is in the chase. You gotta work like ya never been hurt, fuck like ya don’t need the money, an’ scratch like no one’s watchin’.”..soft hits, glass jaws and redundancy of  months breathing easy,  weigh heavy on a tired soul.

..and so it goes with eyes wide open..

Elite men. in less than a half a season ago this man rode Miscenes best off his wheel on the toughest state championship we've scene in too many season..simply put barring a disaster       Sven is my pick
Elite women:  the old bird needs this next year it wont happen im rubbing the lamp for you honey..bake those cakes once last time....
masters 35+ Jgood you gotta alota heart everybody knows..
but its up you to prove me wrong..Alex its yours to lose.
masters least throw out a Johnny T grimace for the eye of gatto or A-tucker and crew....oh I forget they dont do that no ya DC..                              haters are gonna hate.
B 39 u..LAKO i love hand to hand combat..TMS  silly shtick aside.. ..guns is too better bring a knife..i dont mean chincy plastic cutlery or  Ginsu.. I mean a mans knife..if you gotta find Mic Dundee get on it..cuz your gonna need a sharp ass one to To cut up the BIGMAC....
B40+..Dont call it comeback...but ill throw Pappa Gooch some love and place my 5$ on him.
SS. JB maybe

Bfore I send you all on your way let me drift for a brief moment...
take one last look at the Friday 15...look it over real good look at those names...some folks were a sure bet, others  weren't given  a snow balls chance in hell ...

get my drift?

I wonder what Timmy's doin..?
 remember these words
 I don't mind the pain

Friday, December 14, 2012

1.Scott Quiring - Q
The Godfather of the off road Michigan Scene.  The man that everyone chased for many years.  Although not racing any longer, he is still representing with his support and bikes throughout the Scene.  The "seed was planted" and hence forth we grew.

2.Jeff Weinert - The Little Pony
2001 Master's National Champion.
Five time Michigan State Cyclocross Champion.
The "Pablo Picasso" of the Michigan Cyclocross Scene.  He doesn't have the raw watts of many others, but boy can he paint a pretty picture when feeling the mood.

3.Jon Card - The Ace of Spades
Two time Michigan State Cyclocross Champion.
Four time Ohio State Cyclocross Champion.
Four time state time trial Champion.
Two time state road race Champion.
Multiple National Master's podium awards.
Getting "long in the tooth" at nearly 50, but still one hard ass mo' fo' with the sweetest team kit around.  One word...Style.

4.Jer Walker - Too White
If ever a rider lived for the sport of cyclocross, it was Too White himself.
He learned the art from the Pony and the training, sacrifice and discipline from the Ace. Can you think of a better combination.
Remember the movie scene in Conan the Barbarian where all of the kids died off pushing the stone wheel and only Conan lived.  When people ask how in the heck this once pudgy, lower than normal talent won a state championship, tell them that he'd survived the "stone wheel" of tutelage under the Pony and Ace.  'Nuff said.

5.Rob Foshag - The Evil Looking Dude
You can't say that being a disciple of the Ace and riding the Blue Wave can be a bad thing.  But that Evil Looking Dude melted the snow and ice and came good on a frigid day in December to make all of the nay sayers wonder.  Who says that nice guys don't finish first?

6.Mike Wissink - Wiz
The next coming.  For a while I think that everyone actually believed that the Pony and Ace dynasty couldn't be broken, then along came Wiz to create his own dynasty.  His slow and steady rise to the top lets you know that no dope check is needed and his nice demeanor allowed us to cheer against his predecessors.  Unfortunately, sometimes there's more to winning than jut pedaling and it seems that the burdon of victories weighed too heavily and ended his dynasty all too soon.

7.Mark Parmelee - Parma Chicken
All champions will be on this list, but will the "one hit" season be enough to keep his name on the eternal "lips" of the Scene?  Most insiders might say he's too good to not have another, but only time will tell if he can repeat the year of "breathing easy".

8.Sven Baumann - The Silent Killer
Sometimes watts just plain wins and we haven't seen this many numbers since the old UCI Springfield Oaks days rolled into one package.  Vegas odds has another one in the books for 2012, but time will tell the tale come Sunday.

9.Anne Schwartz - Queen Anne
Called the "Old Bird", but with high praise. Many young 'uns will come, but they'll never hold the respect of Queen Anne. Thanks for showing those future starlings the path of righteousness.

10.Kelly Paterson - Melly Kelly
Sometimes the brightest stars pour vibrant, but for only a brief spell.  And boy could she cast a spell.  A true a champion through and through.

11.Marne Smiley - mmMarne
Her low key demeanor would allow the mind to easily forget that she captured the crown in her own right.  Can she add another diamond to the crown on Sunday.

12.Mike Simonson SIMONSTER
If he chose to focus on cyclocross (and could keep his rigs in one piece) he may have garnered a state championship by now.  Ask any of the above men on the list and those that say that he doesn't provide a bit of fear is just plain lying. Maybe one day he'll choose to race through December and take one home for the fire place.

13.Tom Burke RK
It would be a shame if the Road King was to be left off of the Champions list, but time is running out for the quite one.  Maybe a few less racing days would give him the edge that it takes to garner the final step up, but can he change his ways this late to the party.

14.Brent Bookwalter the One
His career was too young while on the Scene to be called a State Champion, but obviously he was the rawest talent this Scene had witnessed during his early youth.  Much thanks to Mr. Bookwalter for representing on the World's stage.

15.MacKenzie Woodring BIGRING
Most likely the long term air to the throne (if she stays in the Scene and doesn't get bored), but she must get the crown before assuming the throne.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

 The More i spend time with these fellas im finding bears are really not much different than us.. they will eat almost anything..snowmobile seats, engine oil, and rubber boot..etc..(sounds like the wolverines) 2004 a black bear was found unconscious in a Campground in the Northwest after breaking open a cooler, using its claws to open the different types of canned beer..after sampling the variety's chose one brand (unfortunately not Bells) and drank them until it passed out..(sounds like ICEMAN)...Polar bears have the largest home ranges of any bear. One polar bear can hunt and live in an area as big as Maine..(sounds like the Bunny) Polar bears are the largest land predators on earth. They can stand more than 11' high and weigh more than 1,700 lbs...sounds like (shrek)...

Men's elite: Mark M will out power anyone. last weekends performance in the mud, super tech course and road away from everyone. Even Jeff!

Women's elite: Ann S unless..... Mo shows up then..

Masters 35-39: Alex Mono, but Don't count out Jgood....if he can make like Aldo Nova and get that monkey off his back..

Masters 40-49: Don c with his mouth closed...of course....

Masters: 50: Mark w?!?!?

B Men 30-39: Lako..........

B Men 29 under: Big Mac, but if Ryan K can stop being 23 and ride, he will win. Big is loosing form K-WICK .
Theres a big ol pile of American watts out there and if they come east.
all bets are off 
I predict... i could make your life a living hell..

Mother Nature

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elite men:
 Chewie: Il go with the LIL PONY course conditions could sway in his favor and the fact he cut his teeth on the grounds of Addision oaks...
R2D2: Parmachicken...

Elite women:
Chewie. its game over for the Queen if Marne and  ms Woodring show
R2D2: the Queen..of course

Masters 45:
Chewie: Donald C.
R2D2: sandbagger

Masters 35+
Chewie: yellow shoes wont scare that monkey off your putting a Five Dollar bill on the BIGPUN
R2D2: Steve Brojlio

Chewie: JB..if he can get his act together
R2D2: Stark..

Chewie: BIGMAC can still shake another out
R2D2: Steve Brojlio

Chewie: little comp..
R2D2. Sandbagger