Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sid Vicious asked Lemmy, (Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead), to teach him how to play, saying, “I can’t play bass.” Lemmy replied, “I know.” Lemmy later said, “Yeah. It was all uphill. And he still couldn’t play bass when he died.”

his penis calloused and worn, you are witnessing the exact moment when david lee roth stares into his soul and realizes he had grown tired of being a rock star.

Neff or The Missell 

Friday, February 15, 2019

n the winter of 1989, photographer Michael Galinsky drove across the country recording the seismic change in America’s malls: their transformation from the shiny retail palaces of the ’80s into something weirder. Then 20 years old, Galinsky began with the Smith Haven Mall in Long Island, and drove west: through Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Washington State. His photographs—collected in the book Malls Across America, published this month by Steidl—document a nation that had yet to turn against the mall, and saw its culture play out in the atriums of indoor retail palaces.


1. doesn't half wheel
2. has good conversation
3. arrives on time
4. doesnt bitch about the road surface
5. stops minimally
6. brings there own grub and enuf H2O
7. carries his own pump and tube
8.  and knows how to use the shit
9. rides the appropriate  bike, and if not doesn't complain about it
10. knows when to get in the draft
11. lets you get in there draft if needed
12. avoids hair brain running traffic light stunts
13. can ride no handed
14. isnt scared when you do
15.  doesn't gripe about pace

the perfect wingman

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

One Off

Few people are still around from the day that saw this shitty blogs birth...its even more surprising and a testimonial to this guys loyalty....If you woulda asked T back on one cold day at Bloomer park that the skinny bearded guy riding a Trek road bike in CX race would in a few short years be able to throw elbows against the WIZ the Pony, Saari and the rest of the old guard he woulda said stop picking your nose and spit the bat turds out of your mouth...Cuz that's what this guy..the most unlikely underdog of the scene of that time period..he didn't fake road..he didn't talk ICEMAN prep..
He didnt even mumble im mixin it up in a field the sprint...He came out gave tailwind a hand ar course set up...and raced cross.. He carried the lone Elite Elite flag of the infamous Rhino colors, and had this trick looking on-off painted Specialized crux...but As fast as he came on to the scene he quickly disappeared..

T always wondered what if..but in all good stories..the guy is still rad as ever and but now is cook ing in a different way.......

The Hippy Dude interview...

when I was a kid I wanted to be a baseball player or firefighter and thought I couldn't wait to be an adult.

I got into cycling why and when..When I was a kid my next door neighbor was an original member of the Flying Rhinos. I remember watching groups of guys leaving on rides and admired their "10 speeds". I was drawn to bicycles at an early age, started riding on two wheels at two and finally had my chance to race after BMX world championships were held at Waterford Oaks in 1994. Shortly after that race I found a GT Pro Series that was stolen and stashed behind a dumpster. I turned it into the police and after three months it wasn't claimed so I got it and started racing the next summer. I turned to road racing during the Armstrong era and quickly fell in love with drop bars and 700c wheels...then cyclocross and mtb.

When I listen to music I listen to a lot of Sturgill Simpson lately, that guy sure likes DMT. I listen to a wide range though and love the props given to the MC5 on this blog...I once got high with John and Leni Sinclair.

One thing you learned the hard way. I seem to have made it my life's mission to learn everything in the hardest ways. If I had to pin point one thing though it's that life is fleeting, having my grandparents and others very close to me pass away at a very young age has taught me that.

One skill you wish you had...learning languages. I've always been jealous of those people who seem able to pick up multiple languages with relative ease.

If you could be a professional athlete in any disciple during any time period what would it be..BMX pro in the mid/late nineties. Ideally a pro along the lines of Brian Foster who could win a main and a dirt jumping contest the same day.

If you found 20$ what would you do with it..make sure no one is looking, pick it up, then tip the stripper.

The coolest thing you ever made...hmm. prosciutto or a rye old fashioned.

On any given day you can find me...running my pastie shop and watching BMX videos.

I can cook a pretty name it, but I'm very good at baking bread and could hold my own on a busy saute station.

Weirdest thing that ever happened to me on a ride..I was riding through the Saguaro National Park with some locals when they both pointed something out, swerved either direction. I had no time to maneuver so I bunny hopped over what turned out to be a five foot long Diamondback rattle snake sun bathing on the black top.

The silliest thing about the cycling world..The constant drive towards more gears, less weight, just new stuff, it prices some people out of a great sport. That and the animosity that shows up sometimes between the disciplines.

The toughest thing about having great hair..watching it fall out in the sink.

 pretty into..Christian existentialism, marijuana, Psilocybin, bass fishing.

this one time...I set up a cyclocross course in the morning, slept under a tree for a few hours, then lined up with some legends of the Michigan Scene for a race under the lights. Shout out to Weinert, Card, Wissink, Saari, Foshag, those guys kicked ass. Another time I ate lunch with Robert Linden in the middle of the Pere Marquette forest while we finished setting up Iceman.

The most inspirational person to dad. He's a Vietnam Veteran, father of three boys, retired fire chief and paramedic, and a real life hero to countless people, yet he is extremely humble about those things.

Live free or die...yep

No more two wheelers, Recumbents or Adult bodied people riding recumbents.

In my fridge, you can find..Modelo, limes, and eight year old bottle of Oro de Calabaza, tortillas, cheese, hot sauce

when bike racing (or any competition), you must resist your natural tendency to care about other people’s thoughts and feelings - kill them all and let God sort them out

the One Off interview tonight 

Comfortably before the arrival of disc brakes and suspension to bicycles, a man road down the Eiffel Tower.