Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What else can be said? except the PH boys put the hurtin to the rest of the field Saturday the 25th of August. Rockford has had the reputation as one of if not THEE hardest Crits in Mi, The course itself seperates the fit from the fat, the competition is normally tougher, and with home town PH team, well lets just say its a tough day in the saddle.
Maybe the comps too tough, or the weather scared alot of racers off, as the turnout was on the low side compared to years past. The 1/2 field although smaller wasnt short of excitement as the youngest Howard bro started it like a cross race and went balls to the wall from the get go, it didnt take long before he lapped the field and secured the win, in the meantime the older brother Grahm, did the deed, (lapping that is)with aPH teammate.
for PH 1/2/3 sweep. Michigan State TT champ and King of dirt 2007 Greg Christain rolled in for 4th and Ben Renkema rounded out the top 5. Pete Shelling sqeeked the top 10, and it was good catchin up with Vince Roberge who was back in town
Cat 4 had old schooler Brian Bagma bag the win near his hometown. Mackenzie Woodring added anotther notch in the win card with 1/2 womens victory. Scott Claws proved he is still on form, winning the masters 45+ Graig Gietzen of the MUDBATS nailed 3rd.
Strong MAN Karl Bordine got the best of PH's Mark Olsen in masters 35. the RICOISER snuck in for 5th, and whatta about the EYE of GATTO with a career best masters finish in a 9th! cat 3 had another WMCR rider in the win slot, Bart Carlson danced to win with Pete Ehman who looks fully recovered from his date with a mail box at Cedar Creek finished 3rd. Chris THE KID Brinkman just missed the top 5. Tough racing at a tough venue. if you missed it you suck! its one of the best and a great tune up for the

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Midsummer nights recap

AHHH, with the sticky days of summer that are still lingering. Its a good time to reflect the thoughts and pain from the the STS series, or Willow TT numbness or The wind driven dust of Cone Azalia still embedded under alot of Misceners skin. But in reality, the summers almost gone, but man whatta summer its been. The racing seemed like it heated up around Allen Park and hasnt cooled down yet. With Rockford waiting in the wings we can bet it aint gonna happen too soon.
The turnout seemed to dissolve after July 1st, but with some of the best racing comin up hopefully we'll see a increase, alot has happened as the summer progressed, The Lansing Crit was a nail biter, Ada got a new lengthy course that saw only the strong remain at its closer. The Hines TT although a weak turnout still showed that many guys are still carrying form.BTR even with a few issues turned out to be a good tune up for those headed to Downers Grove. and what about the Sceners themselves? Lathrups Gotta be psyched MINI ME Meurig proved you can do the spring fling thing and still keep it up as he holds down a firm grip on the 1/2 group, it hasnt came easy as he has his share of hungry guys, Throw in the Fast Derek Grahm Greg Christain,Doc SAVAGE and Sven/or is Steve Howard as well a few other hombres, you know it hasn't come easy . The Cat3 field has its share of tough battles as The Sun Lyon crew seemed to own it eary on, But WMCR Nate Williams, and Kyle lake have been hit tin as of late, Nate however has the death choke on the series. master 35? the long time Miscner Dave Hettiko toppin this one, but The Ricoiser comin on strong anything can happen 3rd place State Champion Jon Morgan has seemed to falter. BIG RAY is holding down the masters 45+ with Scott Claws not too far off, Dybo never seems to let us down racing multiple classes and finish decent in at least one. ED Ried and David linden has owned the are in a heated battle for 55+ Ms WoodringWomens 1/2 scince the season began. Chris Brinkman and DRITTER of Saturn Of Toledo are given the junior men a 1/2 punch.
It may seem like its over but with Rockford this weekend the The Labor day events and the Priority Classic last but not least TDL on the horizon, the best is yet to come. So when you see your fellow Miscner, teamates, promoters, announcers, rivals... Give thanks. thats why were here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

separated at birth

James Knight? ONLY there barbers know for sure.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Nevermind the fact this dude looks like a Serial killer, he proves you can still help run a team and post results, Mark Olsen The Priority Health guy. bagged a win at Downers Grove this past weekend. Nice Job. now get back to stalking.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Told you So.

We warned you last year, Chris the KID Brinkman from the south of the border Saturn tribe was getting better. Nice job Chris winning the junior mens title this past weekend at Downers Grove.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

separated at birth

Hard Rockin fun lovin Tim Finkle and his alter ego. will the real Tim Finkle please stand up.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

seperated at birth

rob iser has been flyin faster than uncle rico's sales of tupperware.