Friday, March 30, 2012


Haters,thugs,pimps and playa's its go time to get yo spring-thing enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barry Roubaix

Good Gawd, fools, Haters, lovers, fakers takers, liars, and posers.I cant wait no longer..better late than never besides...aint nothing worthwhile and relevant going on here so grab your dirty jack rags and move your tired ol self off to another place....what did i just say?
To consume and digest takes blood...and just because there wasn't any gnarly crashes,or guys dying... at BRX doesn't mean it wasn't no blood bath suck'a taken punches to the gut and getting greased doesnt always leave a puddle..but any fool or hater made the trip will tell you that it wasn't no grade school carnival cake walk.
Somethings go without saying BRX has now become the UN-officail trial by fire opening to the Miscene season..I aint saying its all that and shit..but its like gettin into a cold pool without the pre-ice shower.
 So many things so few who frequent here I aint gonna bore you with my play by play..but i will say this that taker, took home a dam fat wad of cash for his day the park, more than i can say for those that took the grease matter cuz come next year it will be as thick as most sceners diet of carbon fiber.
Take it away sceners...
 Big time
Sticky sand
Cross bike
High wattage
Swamp Parking
Smooth roads
Roadie Bullshit
Pack Attack
Stragglers Galore
Skinny tires
Mud puddles
low wattage
Mountain bike
Founders ale
up chuckin
no wattage
Fat tires
Leg cramps
Hot chics
Fat bikes
wiz ss
Fast dirt
Flat tires
cross bastard
Run ups
da bunny
no money
Broken hopes
Early peaks
Road bikes
Big hills
rudy p
Heart pounding
Base miles
Blown up
Same Finish
Mahter Chill'n
parkinglot warm ups
tail gaters
Manderson Kill'n
Cold Beer
Mmmm Lil'debie
Mmmm girlfriends
I'm training
last minute
First ride
evil dude
Tandem bikes
Ugly dudes
aint easy
wiz downplays
again wtf
2 wheels
 Fat People
Fat Bikes
Fuck You
Ride Faster...........

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stick around Haters maybe ill speak something relative, or maybe i wont.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

BRX via cyclingdirt p1

Watch more video of Barry Roubaix: The Killer Gravel Road Race on

Watch more video of Barry Roubaix: The Killer Gravel Road Race on

Watch more video of Barry Roubaix: The Killer Gravel Road Race on

BRX, more carnage to come


MARCH 24, 2012
Place     No.     Name     Team     Age     Time     Rate
1     5     Mike Anderson     North Country Cycle Sport     23     2:51:05     21.7
2     154     Brian Matter     Gear Grinder/bontrager     34     2:51:08     21.7
3     270     Nathaniel Williams     Bissell Abg Nuvo     30     2:51:57     21.6
4     3     Shawn Adams     Carbon Racing     37     2:52:39     21.5
5     26     Steve Broglio     Lathrup Industries/giant Bicycles     37     2:52:39     21.5
6     118     Dan Korienek     Leadout Racing/kentwood Cycling And     39     2:57:30     21.0
7     151     Ernesto Marenchin*     Carbon Racing     40     2:57:31     21.0
8     272     Adam York     Cleveland Clinic Sports Health     26     2:57:32     21.0
9     221     Michael Simonson     Rbs Mtb Team     32     2:57:37     20.9
10     139     Matthew Light     Alderfer Bergen Racing For Riley     24     2:58:24     20.9
11     76     Robert Foshag     Lathrup Industries/giant Bicycles     43     2:58:25     20.9
12     131     Daniel Lam     Bissell-Abg-Nuvo     36     2:58:25     20.9
13     24     Mac Brennan     Bissell Abg Nuvo     21     2:58:25     20.9
14     7     Alan Antonuk     Priority Health     28     2:58:25     20.9
15     52     Aaron Cruikshank     Carbon Racing     27     2:58:26     20.8
16     254     Jorden Wakeley     Einstein Racing     21     2:58:26     20.8
17     274     Clint Verran     Paint Creek Bicycles     36     2:58:29     20.8
18     98     Michael Hemme     Chicago.Cx     32     2:58:34     20.8
19     169     Paul Mumford     Kinky Llama Racing     27     2:58:34     20.8
20     247     Alex Vanias     Bissell Abg Nuvo     21     2:58:41     20.8
21     128     Geoff Kuyper     Leadout Racing     28     3:00:26     20.6
22     230     Joe Stephens     Hayes     43     3:00:31     20.6
23     88     Derek Graham     Bissell/abg/nuvo     31     3:00:47     20.6
24     251     Christopher Vitton     Speed Merchants     25     3:02:47     20.4
25     63     Eric Drummer*     Albertos     35     3:02:51     20.3
26     85     Bret Glembocki     Iscorp     30     3:02:53     20.3
27     176     Maciej Nowak     Team Polska     35     3:02:57     20.3
28     56     Shawn Davison     Farm Team Racing     32     3:02:58     20.3
29     194     Garth Prosser*     Specialized (yeah That's Right!) Fa     41     3:03:00     20.3
30     70     Chad Everts     Leadout Racing     37     3:03:28     20.3
31     162     Rick Mezo Mezo     Rbikes.Com     34     3:03:28     20.3
32     9     Thomas Babinski     Iron Cycles     32     3:03:28     20.3
33     141     Tom Linck     Leadout Racing     45     3:03:28     20.3
34     275     Stefano Frascaroli     Racing Greyhounds     41     3:03:29     20.3
35     44     Jay Click         37     3:03:29     20.3
36     135     John Leach     Einstein Racing     20     3:03:29     20.3
37     227     Rudy Sroka     Lake Effect Racing     55     3:03:29     20.3
38     51     Matt Craig     Team Fast     26     3:03:29     20.3
39     82     Craig Gietzen     Priority Health Cycling Team     47     3:03:29     20.3
40     249     Nate Versluis     Farm Team Racing     46     3:04:04     20.2
41     124     Greg Kuhn     Rbs Mtb Team     34     3:04:11     20.2
42     114     Brad Keyes     Carborocket     43     3:04:31     20.2
43     253     David Wagoner     Aldefer Bergan Racing/racing For Ri     43     3:04:31     20.2
44     260     Ben Whitehead     Bissell Abg Nuvo     36     3:04:32     20.2
45     39     Ron Catlin     Rbs Mtb Team     24     3:04:49     20.1
46     235     Jason Suppan     Soupcaninsoles.Com     43     3:05:10     20.1
47     187     Mike Phillips     Adventure 212 / Specialized     34     3:06:03     20.0
48     165     Mitch Moen     R-Bikes.Com     34     3:06:11     20.0
49     220     Matt Silvia     Carborocket     38     3:06:19     20.0
50     212     Tom Scott     Team Speed Merchants     43     3:08:07     19.8
51     8     Greg Archi     Team Chch     21     3:08:12     19.8
52     28     Paul Brown     Roll Models Bike Shop     51     3:08:12     19.8
53     261     Derek Wilford     Team Spin     52     3:08:28     19.7
54     266     Denny Yunk     Cz Velo     37     3:08:29     19.7
55     217     Ed Serrat     Spin Zone Racing/cannondale/water F     42     3:08:37     19.7
56     37     Dale Carley     Fusion It     48     3:08:39     19.7
57     46     Scott Cole     Adventure 212/specialized     47     3:09:26     19.6
58     65     Thomas Eaton     Sram     33     3:09:27     19.6
59     268     Alan Zoltowski     Lathrup Industries/giant Bicycles     46     3:09:33     19.6
60     178     Daniel Ott     Darkhorse Racing     37     3:09:34     19.6
61     81     Jerry Gase     Team O2     40     3:09:34     19.6
62     59     James Dieringer     Spin/rr Donnelley     40     3:09:35     19.6
63     57     Michael Dega     Cadieux Bc / Team 02     46     3:09:35     19.6
64     123     Evan Kuchar     Xxx Racing - Athletico     32     3:09:36     19.6
65     193     Tim Proctor     Bicycle Station     41     3:09:36     19.6
66     277     Jimmi Minnimma     Clint Verran Sports Medicine     34     3:09:39     19.6
67     21     Dominic Bosco     Rbikes.Com/shambaugh&son     36     3:09:49     19.6
68     12     Mike Belanger     Racing Greyhounds     49     3:09:52     19.6
69     61     Mark Donakowski     Racing Greyhounds     47     3:09:56     19.6
70     23     Mark Bowers         34     3:10:54     19.5
71     60     Kevin Dittmer     Racing Greyhounds     37     3:11:03     19.5
72     91     Paul Halupka     Spidermonkey Cycling     27     3:11:06     19.5
73     25     Cj Brish     Hometown Cycling     18     3:11:06     19.5
74     34     Jody Cagle     Racing Greyhounds     34     3:11:06     19.5
75     35     Mark Cahn     Team O2 / Cadieux Bicycle Club     52     3:11:06     19.5
76     206     Richard Sanson     Racing For Riley P/b Alderfer Berge     37     3:11:07     19.5
77     89     David Grant     Racing Greyhounds     30     3:11:07     19.5
78     92     Eric Hamann     Trek Ohio Valley     20     3:11:09     19.5
79     86     Chris Goehrig     Team Madcross     40     3:11:21     19.4
80     102     Peter Howland     Sram     39     3:11:21     19.4
81     273     Aaron McCready     Racing Greyhounds     26     3:12:11     19.4
82     210     Nathan Schneeberger     Johnny Sprockets     34     3:12:18     19.3
83     148     Bruce Macdonald     Spin/second Sole     44     3:13:34     19.2
84     32     Gary Burkholder     Snakebite Racing     35     3:13:35     19.2
85     120     Chris Kreple     Leadout Racing     37     3:13:38     19.2
86     122     Brent Krmpotich     Velorution     35     3:13:56     19.2
87     214     Michael Seiler*     Rogue Racing Project     46     3:14:07     19.2
88     79     Bryan Frazier     Baraboo Sharks     36     3:14:08     19.2
89     48     Joe Collins     Papa John's Racing Team     48     3:14:22     19.1
90     158     Dan McGraw     Freewheeler Racing     32     3:14:25     19.1
91     188     Daniel Pike     Biowheels / Reece Campbell     32     3:15:01     19.1
92     96     Paul Havens     Leadout Racing     40     3:15:05     19.1
93     142     John Lionberger     Pony Shop Cyclocross     26     3:15:22     19.0
94     36     Jamie Capisciolto     Algoma Bicycle Company     35     3:15:43     19.0
95     67     Daniel Eiten     Trek 29er / Sram     26     3:15:43     19.0
96     136     Dave Lenting     Leadout Racing/kentwood Cycling And     42     3:16:05     19.0
97     83     Greg Giles     Racing Greyhounds     37     3:16:48     18.9
98     111     Wesley Jones     Soupcan Racing     40     3:17:07     18.9
99     224     Rick Snow         43     3:17:08     18.9
100     107     Christopher Jensen*     Robots <3     35     3:17:09     18.9
101     222     Pete Skellenger     Team Priority Health     34     3:17:10     18.9
102     106     Dan Jansen     Farm Team Racing     39     3:18:22     18.8
103     161     Chip Meek*     Spin Bike Shop     35     3:18:22     18.8
104     174     William Neidinger         23     3:18:29     18.7
105     101     Mark Hotchkin     Leadout Racing     31     3:18:41     18.7
106     215     Rob Selle     Rbs Mtb Team     42     3:19:49     18.6
107     100     Jim Hilditch     Racing Greyhounds     43     3:19:58     18.6
108     197     Paul Riggs     Racing Greyhounds     26     3:19:59     18.6
109     94     Craig Hannibal     Team Lake Effect     40     3:20:02     18.6
110     189     Bruce Pisarek     Cobc National Engineering     40     3:20:03     18.6
111     211     Dennis R Schueler Jr     Rbikes.Com/fleettruckparts.Com/lana     49     3:21:03     18.5
112     30     Wade Burch     Ctf Cyclingteam     34     3:21:07     18.5
113     153     Damon Marxer     Racing Greyhounds     38     3:21:16     18.5
114     49     Patrick Conneely*     Jbv Coaching     36     3:21:17     18.5
115     66     Erik Eiseman     Www.Bikeiv.Org     38     3:21:17     18.5
116     40     Peter Cavoto     Spidermonkey Cycling     38     3:21:18     18.5
117     54     Brett Davis     Team Spin/rr Donnelly     42     3:21:22     18.5
118     238     Brent Thompson     Summit Freewheelers     34     3:21:23     18.5
119     33     Christian Byar     Hammer Nutrition     41     3:21:33     18.5
120     19     Jim Bonnell     Waterford, Michigan     38     3:22:24     18.4
121     134     Philip Lavoie     Rogue Racing     38     3:22:25     18.4
122     110     Shawn Jones     Soupcan Insoles.Com     39     3:23:17     18.3
123     191     Emilio Poggio     Team Lake Effect     42     3:23:18     18.3
124     240     Cameron Timmer     Team Priority Health     20     3:23:36     18.3
125     192     Jeff Poirier     Team Jtree     36     3:26:36     18.0
126     13     Joseph Berlyoung     Moto Works Chicago     26     3:27:59     17.9
127     182     Eric Patterson     D2 Racing     29     3:28:11     17.9
128     112     Thomas Kabacinski     Xxx Racing -Athletico     42     3:28:15     17.9
129     195     Chad Rector     Lakeshore Cycle     26     3:28:16     17.9
130     68     Eric Elbert         37     3:28:18     17.9
131     125     Stephen Kunnath     Ada Bike Shop     41     3:28:19     17.9
132     55     Jurrien Davison     Top/hup     36     3:28:24     17.9
133     181     Chris Patterson     D2 Racing     26     3:28:24     17.9
134     173     Chase Negley     Iron Cycles     23     3:28:36     17.8
135     116     Zachary Konett     Ctf     38     3:30:17     17.7
136     27     Lance Brown     Darkhorse Racing     46     3:30:17     17.7
137     232     Mike Storozuk     Algoma Bicycle Company     23     3:30:59     17.6
138     223     Chad Smith     J'S Bikes / Ihop     36     3:31:21     17.6
139     186     Brad Phaneuf     Algoma Bicycle Company     35     3:32:11     17.5
140     271     Jeffrey Rhodes         45     3:32:13     17.5
141     10     Dave Bartels     Summit Freewheelers     48     3:32:14     17.5
142     95     John Harris*     Rogue Racing Project     46     3:32:15     17.5
143     109     David Jolin     Stark Velo     52     3:32:15     17.5
144     200     Jon Ruud     Racing Greyhounds     30     3:32:17     17.5
145     72     Benjamin Christian     Cycletherapy/specialized Racing     35     3:32:22     17.5
146     6     Todd Anthes     Team Priority Health     41     3:33:41     17.4
147     119     Dan Kotwicki         42     3:33:48     17.4
148     11     Steve Bartzen     Farm Team Racing     29     3:34:21     17.4
149     147     Jason Luther     Algoma Bicycle Company     38     3:34:21     17.4
150     93     Grant Hammons     J'S Bikes     44     3:34:22     17.4
151     132     Thomas Landry     Team Hot Dog     36     3:34:41     17.3
152     278     Mark Boese     Custer Cyclery     51     3:35:53     17.2
153     167     Craig Morris     Racing Greyhounds     54     3:35:53     17.2
154     199     Eric Rosenberg         27     3:36:40     17.2
155     17     Todd Blumerick     Mom & Pop Racing     40     3:36:41     17.2
156     202     Zachary Sager     Rogue Racing Project P/b Igleheart     28     3:37:08     17.1
157     229     Dan Stefiuk     Sram     29     3:38:39     17.0
158     164     Pope Mobley     Rogue Racing Project     40     3:39:09     17.0
159     196     Bertram Reynolds     Tnr     45     3:39:45     16.9
160     256     Duane Walker         44     3:39:51     16.9
161     2     Michael Adams     Racing Greyhounds     43     3:41:20     16.8
162     31     Doug Burcicki     Team O2/cadieux     42     3:41:23     16.8
163     160     Todd McNeilly     Racing Greyhounds     43     3:41:23     16.8
164     208     Dan Houle     Team Tati     24     3:43:31     16.6
165     103     Greg Hughes     Team Ctf     38     3:43:44     16.6
166     18     John Bodell     Team Spin / RR Donnelley     52     3:43:48     16.6
167     236     Scott Tencate     Founders Alger Racing     46     3:44:16     16.6
168     185     Russell Petts     Racing Greyhounds     43     3:44:19     16.6
169     22     Will Botens     Rbs Cycling Team     58     3:44:20     16.6
170     130     Brad Lako     Klm/coldstone     35     3:44:24     16.6
171     262     Kyle Wilhelm         23     3:44:46     16.6
172     137     Stephen Lentner         47     3:44:46     16.6
173     15     James Billiter     Biowheels/reece-Campbell Racing     35     3:44:47     16.5
174     155     Joshua McCreedy     Sisu Cycles     38     3:45:20     16.5
175     143     David Loring     Spidermonkey Cycling     31     3:45:20     16.5
176     45     Mike Coffman     Aberdeen Bike     44     3:45:29     16.5
177     213     Brian Segal     Rogue Racing Project     43     3:45:59     16.5
178     265     Michael Wollpert     Train Chicago Studio     38     3:47:22     16.4
179     276     Derek Lewis         27     3:47:38     16.3
180     152     Thomas Markley     Roll Models Bike Shop     49     3:48:28     16.3
181     179     Kristopher Ouvry     Cannondale Midwest Racing     49     3:48:28     16.3
182     64     Ian Dunlop     Algoma Bikes Co     35     3:48:42     16.3
183     99     Luke Herbert     Illinois Valley Cycling Association     45     3:49:04     16.2
184     50     Dominic Couturier     D2 Racing     32     3:51:12     16.1
185     257     Brent Wegscheid     Johnny Sprockets     31     3:51:52     16.0
186     157     Timothy McGovern         35     3:53:14     15.9
187     53     Grant Cunningham     Kcv Cycling/racing For Riley     36     3:55:58     15.8
188     87     Tim Bochenek     Fusion Cycling - Benefiting Livestr     40     3:56:36     15.7
189     163     Alex Mitevski     Racing Greyhounds     34     3:58:11     15.6
190     113     William Kannenberg     Custer Cyclrey     30     4:01:45     15.4
191     226     Jason Sparks     Racing Greyhounds     40     4:02:57     15.3
192     241     Chris Torrance     Racing Greyhounds     46     4:02:57     15.3
193     156     Fred McDonald     Flatlandia     59     4:03:26     15.3
194     252     Scott Wagner     Men Of Steel Racing     51     4:03:56     15.3
195     150     Jason Mahokey     Xxc Magazine/xxcmag.Com     40     4:05:11     15.2
196     4     Bob Anderson     Gimpy Dog     54     4:05:25     15.2
197     108     Hunt John     Klr     36     4:05:26     15.2
198     239     Donnie Tietsema         27     4:05:36     15.1
199     209     Douglas Schmidt     J'S Bikes     44     4:06:42     15.1
200     129     Albert Lake     Cad/team O2     49     4:07:44     15.0
201     244     Franco Valentino         39     4:07:45     15.0
202     126     David Kurtz     F.A.S.T.     60     4:08:55     14.9
203     47     Jon Coleman     Rogue Racing Project - 734     41     4:09:50     14.9
204     84     Karson Glass         25     4:10:40     14.8
205     248     Jonathan Venlet     Me Gusta Cycling     28     4:12:27     14.7
206     29     Tim Buning     Team Nutrilite     39     4:12:27     14.7
207     279     Carl Urbon     Racing Greyhounds     63     4:12:58     14.7
208     115     Ryan Knopf     Soupcan Racing     37     4:14:52     14.6
209     243     Russell Udowitz         51     4:16:03     14.5
210     170     Tim Murakami     Sram     43     4:20:11     14.3
211     77     Will Frame     Higher Gear     42     4:25:08     14.0
212     183     Eric Peters     National Engineering     31     4:25:49     14.0
213     234     Adam Sulkes     Racing Greyhounds     40     4:29:04     13.8
214     80     David Gable     Summit City Bicycles     40     4:30:22     13.8
215     250     Joe Videtti         27     4:36:35     13.4
216     225     Geoffrey Pomerantz     Spidermonkey     41     4:42:09     13.2
217     171     Dennis Murphy     Founders Alger Racing     52     4:46:39     13.0

Place     No.     Name     Team     Age     Time     Rate
1     228     Amy Stauffer     Priority Health Cycling Team     35     3:18:24     18.8
2     1     Samantha Brode     Cleveland Clinic     42     3:21:16     18.5
3     71     Kathy Everts     Real Women Tri/chicago Dr. Cycling     36     3:28:23     17.9
4     201     Stephanie Swan     Pro Bikes - Pittsburgh Racing Team     38     3:30:59     17.6
5     166     Amelia Moore     Les Petites Victoires     30     3:31:01     17.6
6     41     Kim Chapman     Algoma Bicycle Company     38     3:32:13     17.5
7     267     Wendy Zamzow     Mom & Pop Racing     37     3:36:41     17.2
8     258     Julie Whalen     Freewheeler     31     3:39:50     16.9
9     264     Molly Wolf     Gore Bike Wear     44     3:41:29     16.8
10     62     Bridget Donovan     Biowheels/reece-Campbell Racing     34     3:44:46     16.6
11     20     Nicole Borem     Men Of Steel Racing     35     4:01:45     15.4
12     117     Carrieann Kopernik     Nova Cycle Foundation     35     4:15:51     14.5
13     180     Kim Owens     Village Bike Shop/liv Giant     40     4:30:22     13.8
14     198     Jeni Roosen     Rogue Racing Project 513     36     4:36:35     13.4

Friday, March 23, 2012

sleep talkin

Can we talk? i know its been a while, and i got to hand it to you kept it at bay and im DAM proud of you all..DAM..theres another D word..Makes me think of the last time me and Mike communicated, and since were sitting on the edge of no turning back for 2012..its good time to talk D.
So what do we got going on in the up coming days? Well got the west side Ever Hyped BRX, and the always serous east side pride Spring Flingin..You all would be lying to yourself and don't lie to me..if you didst take any one of those with a thick ounce of Desire...the deep inner being of why you do what you do..the one that drives you to...... Dedication..the one that pushes you out your crib day in day out 100 miles before work, chasing questionable, or sit-tin on and  carrying on long convo's with the Kenmore.And trust me fools  quiet rumors and secret banter has it nearly everyone has both of those bases covered so far this year....but with all this Desire, and got ask yourself do I have the Discipline to keep the Direction? AH that's the question that often and it will get lost in some bunny once said its "big balls time"..a time  to showem what all that Desire and Dedication has done for you since you last said its time for a break..come out swinging like there is No tomorrow...think about it haters 4 simple words, they all mean something different to all of you..There powerful words like all are.. and if used properly they can mean the difference between success and a lighter shade of grey.
And so it goes
 the numbers are gonna be pinned and man sizes are gonna be measured this weekend a virtual steamy orgy latic acid bath entry to an already what has been "the most silently hyped entry into a season in TMS history"

cya soon.T

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Kimberly Thomas was just one spot shy of the win last year at Barry Roubaix. But word on the gravel roads is that she's been training her, uh — what's a less offensive word for ass? — off and defending champ Mackenzie Woodring isn't going to be showing up this year. (Rumors that Kim may have facilitated a roller-skates-related-accident involving Mackenzie are probably unfounded.) Chances are looking pretty good for Kim, we'll see how things turn out Saturday, March 24th, here on BigBikesMedia & Cyclingdirt. 

11 Vaguely Barry Roubaix-Related Questions:

 1. What do you know about this Barry Roubaix thing? What exactly are you doing up in balmy semi-northern Michigan on Saturday? Tell us about it.

Barry Roubaix is a fantastic race. Michigan and beyond has absolutely embraced it. It is a great course. Beautiful, challenging etc. with a great party afterwards.  Stick around for beer and bon fire after the race. But my favorite thing has always been that it brings the road bike racers and the mountain bike racers together in one big race to shoot it out against each other and see where everyone stands early season. (Did I mention the great party.)

2. What kind of bike are you riding - cross, road, 29er...and why?

Cross bike (Felt). Because I love my cross bike and need more chances to ride it.  I do believe a cross bike is generally best for the course, which is one of the things I love about Barry Roubaix.  My friends out East want me to come do Battenkill.  I prefer a course where I can be competitive on a cross bike rather than having to get beat up racing gravel on a road bike.

3. Are you gonna win? If not, why not? And who is?

The first thing I know is that we are all lucky that Mackenzie Woodring is just back on her bike after a broken leg this winter and will not be racing.  Just for the record...any rumors that I pushed her down on roller skates to keep her off the Barry Roubaix podium are false!  As for me, I'm going to give it my best shot. My fitness is still pretty early season after taking a break after trying to peak for Cyclocross Nationals and Masters Worlds in January.  But I have a ton of endurance, so we'll see how it all pans out.  My bets are on Sam Brode and Amy Stauffer (from Priority Health), but I don't know all of the riders this year. I am sure I am missing a great force out there. Kathy Everts (Real Women Tri) also is a good bet for the podium.  But don't get me wrong.  I'll be giving it my all to leave them in the dust.

4. Define Ultra CX. Is it just like regular cross, only with more lasers?

Beats me. We'll see I guess.

5. What is the appeal of gravel road or Ultra CX racing for you?

Gravel! But I love all things Cyclocross so that is a bonus.

6. How does your bike set up differ from the usual for a gravel road or Ultra CX race, if at all?

I have the same set up as last year.  But I can't say I am basing that on much information. I haven't even pre-ridden the course this year.

7. What super-famous pro cyclist (besides yourself of course), from any discipline, would you like to see come do an Ultra CX race? (Even if it's only so you can see them suck big time.)

Easiest question yet. Adam Myerson! I am a huge Adam Myerson fan.  In fact I might have a bit of a crush on him.  If only he ate meat, was a fiscal conservative (with tattoos to match) and wasn't thinner than me, we might have a future together.

8. If Barry Roubaix were one, big UFC cage fight, who would win?

Malibu Barbie?

9. What is your plan of ATTACK?

This year I'm going to try not to lose control on that big right turn after Seager, endo and crash into a tree face first.  I had a sore shoulder for 2 months last year from that crash. (Luckily for my off the bike life the marks on my face healed faster.) So my plan is to keep my hands on the handle bars when turning.

10.  (No Googling on this one) Why is the race called Barry Roubaix? (Even if you know the answer, feel free to make something up involving Barry Manilow, Barry White, Barry Goldwater or all three.)

The race is in Barry County (isn't it?).  We all know where Roubaix comes from.  Incidentally, my pick to win this race in 7 years is my friend's (now) 11 year old daughter Emily Roubaix Seven.

11. If you had a gun, with two bullets, and you were in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Garth Prosser, what would you do? (Hint: if you answered anything besides "Shoot Garth Prosser twice" you are WRONG.)

What would Adam Myerson say... Bikes not Guns... oh wait, that's

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Derek Graham is a bad man. There have been three editions of Barry Roubaix and Derek has finished on the podium at all of them. In 2010 he stood on the top step of that podium. It would be safe to say that he is one of the favorites going into this year's race...which is this coming Saturday, March 24th. Watch for full coverage here on BigBikesMedia & Cyclingdirt.

11 Vaguely Barry Roubaix-Related Questions:

1. What do you know about this Barry Roubaix thing? What exactly are you doing up in balmy semi-northern Michigan on Saturday? Tell us about it.

Barry Roubaix is the "killer gravel road race." The open class is 62 miles with 4300 feet of climbing (that's a lot for Michigan) and it's mostly dirt road and two track. This will be the fourth year for the race and it has grown really fast and gotten better every year. There were 1500 spots available this year it sold out almost two months ago. For some reason people love to suffer in the cold on hilly dirt roads. Rick Plite always puts together great events with a fun atmosphere.

2. What kind of bike are you riding: cross, road, 29er...and why?

I'll be riding a 29er with a rigid fork, a road cassette and some light semi slick tires, maybe cyclocross tires. Why? Mostly because it's the only appropriate bike I have, but I also think the difference between a 'cross bike and a 29er in this race is negligible. The rider makes the difference.

3. Are you gonna win? If not, why not? And who is?

I'm not sure if I'll win, but I'm definitely going to try. I've been on the podium for every edition of this race so I would like to keep that streak going. I missed the team training camp this year and I've been training in solitude in Northern Michigan. Saturday will be my first chance to see how I compare with everyone else. We have some new young guys on the Bissell team that I think are really motivated this year. I would not be surprised if one of them comes out on top.

4. Define Ultra CX. Is it just like regular cross, only with more lasers?

Well, I just found out that Barry-Roubaix is part of the Ultra CX series so this will be my first one. I heard there is one section where you might have to get off the bike, so I guess that qualifies it as a cyclocross race. I hope there are lasers, too. The distance makes it "ultra" and ultra always means better, except when the subject is beer.

5. What is the appeal of gravel road or Ultra CX racing for you?

I like that it's a little bit of a cross between a mountain bike race and a road race. There are road racing tactics involved but, the terrain is more challenging. Plus, we have a lot dirt and seasonal roads in Michigan and that's where all the best hills are. I spend a lot of time training on them in the off-season and its fun to race on them for a change. The other cool thing about Barry-Roubaix, specifically, is you get a good cross section of the cycling community at the event. The field is a mix of mountain bikers and roadies who would otherwise not race against each other.

6. How does your bike set up differ from the usual for a gravel road or Ultra CX race, if at all?

Other gravel races I do are more like a typical road race with mostly paved roads and sections of dirt. For those I use a regular road bike with some tough, box section rim wheels and heavier tires. Barry-Roubaix is almost all dirt and includes a couple two-track seasonal roads, so it is a lot rougher. For that I get out the mountain bike and try to set it up as light as possible.

7. What super-famous pro cyclist (besides yourself of course), from any discipline, would you like to see come do an Ultra CX race? (Even if it's only so you can see them suck big time.)

I would love to see one of the top European classics riders in an Ultra CX race. Fabian Cancellara on his Paris-Roubaix bike. It would be cool to see how long I could keep up.

8. If Barry Roubaix were one, big UFC cage fight, who would win?

That would have to be a really big cage! I haven't read through the entire start list, but if Dan Korienek is going to be there, he would win. He has a mean looking goatee and sometimes a mohawk that makes him look like he should be in a UFC cage fight.

9. What is your plan of ATTACK?

The Bissell/ABG/Nuvo team should have a strong squad for this race and we're going to tackle it like any other road race. All for one and one for all, attack and counter attack until we get a selection where we know we can win. The first couple years of this race it played out like a cross country race and it was every man for himself. When I won two years ago I was alone for the last 25 miles. Last year there was a stronger field and it was more like a regular road race, but no one in the lead group had any teammates. I think it will be similar this year and if we can get two or three Bissell riders in a small lead group we'll have a good chance at winning.

10. (No Googling on this one) Why is the race called Barry Roubaix? (Even if you know the answer, feel free to make something up involving Barry Manilow, Barry White, Barry Goldwater or all three.)

It gets the first part of its name from the fact that it is held in Barry County, which gets its name, not from Barry Manilow, but from William T. Barry. As I'm sure everyone already knows William T. Barry was Postmaster General in President Andrew Jackson's administration. The second part is a requirement that any race where even part of the course's surface is rough have "-Roubaix" tagged on to the name. Especially if that race is in the spring.

11. If you had a gun, with two bullets, and you were in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Garth Prosser, what would you do? (Hint: if you answered anything besides: Shoot Garth Prosser twice, you are WRONG.)

I don't know this Garth guy very well, but he sounds terrible so I would shoot him twice. Plus, Hitler and Bin Laden

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


In anticipation of this weekend's Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road/Ultra CX Race, we sat down with Adam York. Adam finished fourth last year and he'll defninitely be one of the riders to watch this Saturday (March 24th).
11 Vaguely Barry Roubaix-Related Questions

1. What do you know about this Barry Roubaix thing? What exactly are you doing up in balmy semi-northern Michigan on Saturday? Tell us about it. 

 Barry Roubaix is the first 'who has the biggest balls' race of the year in the mitten. Used to be for the mountain bikers but now the roadies are on the spring classic fad band wagon. Without exception it keeps getting faster. Huge fields should make for huge crashes. Just ask Garth (and while you're at it...what's the deal with the doll on his seat post?)

2. What kind of bike are you riding — cross, road, 29er...and why?

 Caanondale Caadx cross bike with heavy tires and tubes.  Best bang for the wattage buck.  Not sure the course would be road bike 'safe' for the cautious.  I've got a team road bike but it's supposed to last me until September.  Not sure they'd be so stoked about me asking for another one.

3. Are you gonna win? If not, why not? And who is?

  If I didn't think I could win I wouldn't show up.  Sadly last I checked we can't ALL win... and I think most of us believe we CAN who will win?  Who the hell knows.

4. Define Ultra CX. Is it just like regular cross, only with more lasers?

  Battle dome after some bad mexican food.  Ultra CX is just a European spring classic road race by another name.  I'm pretty sure most eurolanders would laugh at our funny looking bikes and high volume tires.

5. What is the appeal of gravel road or Ultra CX racing for you? 

  Ultra CX races favor the 'strong man' aka the guy who spent the most time on his trainer.  This was a warm year so I'm not sure how true that will hold this year.  Also I suspect the roadie squads will play team tactics.  So that might throw a wrench in the gears.

6. How does your bike set up differ from the usual for a gravel road or Ultra CX race, if at all?

  CX bike + tubes + higher pressure.  Nothing fancy.

7. What super-famous pro cyclist (besides yourself of course), from any discipline, would you like to see come do an Ultra CX race? (Even if it’s only so you can see them suck big time.)

  Racing with Brian Matter is always a good time.  Haven't paid much attention to the start lists this year but racing against that kind of caliber is always fun.  I've seen the damage that level of rider can do to a group of pro mountain bikers (via video of course).  So I've got a lot of respect for that kind of power.  I'm sure a few dark horse roadies will show to add fuel to the fire.  Also I never know who the hell the fast Canadians are... they just kind of disappear off the front.

8. If Barry Roubaix were one, big UFC cage fight, who would win?

  I've seen cyclists fight.  It'd be a boring draw with a lot of hugging.  You'd want to dip their hands in glass.  Like some bad Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

9. What is your plan of ATTACK? 

  Stay up front, stay cool.  Original plan, right?  With the kind of pack we'll see this year I suspect I won't have to make many moves.  There will be a pretty major separation on the back side rollers and probably a few gnarly crashes I'd love to avoid.  All I can say for certain is I'll scout the finish this year so I'm not crossing any drainage ditches.  That was my biggest mistake in 2011.

10. (No Googling on this one) Why is the race called Barry Roubaix? (Even if you know the answer, feel free to make something up involving Barry Manilow, Barry White, Barry Goldwater or all three.) 

  I'll assume like every race it's named after the location.  Though I REALLY think it's named after someone's cousin who would ride the back roads of western michigan speaking in nothing but tongues.  Though they never found Barry's body.  Strange.

11. If you had a gun, with two bullets, and you were in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Garth Prosser, what would you do? (Hint: if you answered anything besides “Shoot Garth Prosser twice” you are WRONG.)

  Since two of the three are dead and I've got a gun.... Wait, do I get a video camera too?

Friday, March 16, 2012


Yo T. Hold up a min. You keep talkin up this roadie stuff all the time, but the dirt world gets metioned about as much as a ghetto kid tryin to fight his way for a livin. Com'on now, you know there is more to the Scene than this road thing. Its time to look at the other side of the Scene. the fellas and bellas on fat tires. and who and where will they be racin. Lets start with some match ups on where these burly folks might be throwing down.
XC Mountain Bike races. Lots to pick from, and the list gets bigger and bigger and more water downed every year. But who is going to come out on top? The tree hugging hippies in the CPS or old guard USAC Tailwind. CPS keeps trying to raise the bar by making the series new and exciting. But its not as competive, and they keep trying to make the series 100 races strong. On the other hand, tailwind has been racing the same loops every year that they are offering a blind folded class. But the die hards keep coming back, and make the competition level strong year after year. If the new owners can find the magic, and mix things up it could come from behind with a KO.
Long and strong! seems like everyone wants the distance, more for the money? You got the 100 milers and then the 12/24hrs? That kisscross dude cant do no wrong when he puts on a race, and the Lumber Jack 100 is the latest champ. But Fun Pro Mo has been at this game longer than Joe Breeze and Gary Fisher so dont count him out! The Scene is home to some of the best 12/24hr races in the country. But the attendance has stalled? But if your an endurance race junkie, you got to get those miles somewhere...
The KING? The iceman... Dont need an introduction when your the champ. But the camp sometimes cant see the small flaws in its armor leading to destruction. Will O2S rise and conquor? Will the little uprising called Peak to Peak be enough for the peoples to say fuck it???

Monday, March 12, 2012


There's a sayin going around, i dont know where i scene it or heard..coulda been on the T shirt that lil shit Gary was wearing a few weeks back but that's another story..The saying? Don't Hate the Players, Hate the Game? I guess the way i see it to get proper motivation for what TMS is gonna be faced with in the weeks to come.. its befitting..Now i don't know em all and if i miss a few don't sweat it..cuz i got an old friend stopping by in a bit that's gonna drop his science on whats left, so far now its kinda like most sceners form...u got what you got..

the PLAYERS n shit

 the WOLVERINES, u no the brotherhood, once refereed to as the RED ARMY your  a wolverine always a wolverine..the numbers seem to enlarge and shrink from time to time.. but the core always seems solid..DYBO, TIMMY, The Future, Baby Huey, KROSKE, now Questionable, that LIL shit KACHELBERRY..BK, FB..add a few here and there and whole pile of up and coming... and its pretty solid..not the smartest group, but not dumbest..My Only gripe. dam big money...please for Christ sake stick with a uniform design for more than 2 season...

MCG/Trails Edge: with the heavy loss of the bunny, its gonna be the Vince and Colin show that is unless they got dirty lawyers hidn in there pockets and all the 3s got the Homie only gripe..BIG MONEY!!..GET THAT STORE OPEN DONT TAKE NO 3 MONTHS TO MOVE THAT JUNK. GITR DONE

Essex Brass: the ever shrinking...455, the Micro machine, GrayZone Han Solo..Martin REV, Will Muulins..want some advice get out of there way there going fast cuz its the only way they know..and keep your hands and feet away from there mouths only gripe..spend less time and money with those silly photo shoots, and Dam change that kit fools it s U-G--L-Y..

Lathrup/Giant: heavy on the experience, light on commitment....the Eagle, DOCSAVAGE, ROADKING, the EvilDude, BRUUUCE, and possible additions? Once the Metro powerhouse, but most recently a aged club team.the ROADKING jusy cant stop, and ED is ED..maybe this year will be different.My only gripe the dudes are fighting father time... and he is tough SOB..

Ventus. no comment.

Priority Health.: regrouped its plan and added a whole slew of  cute pre-pubescent teenagers, old pros, cutters, wild eyes, and age battling AARP farts..names like.. Gotwild, Fisher, Yankus Alan Atonick, no-longer lost cross, Young (sit down fool!!) KARWANTSOME, Damyankme..Oh my suckas.OH MY... money must b good...My only gripe..lest see u get the plan together.

Panther. U-dont wanna know

Bissell/Nuvo..etc..Westside pride, the scrouge of the west bank the HATED...u name it.. at its best..I dunno what to many watts but so little personality..but WTF Haters, take a look at your vacuum.kinda like dog owners they begin the resmble each other in both looks and actions.  enuff said.

Hagerty, like fine wine...just bcarefull when doin the group only grip..take some of that thick ass rip and pony up for some up dated threads..

Team Card: the one man wreck in crew will we see more of the infamous BLACK ACE in only gripe.. all super heroes have a cape ..

LeadmeOut : crazy bunch of fools from over there...they aint too many things that put a chill into T's bone but i gotta say..that the Krone-aken  suck'a and the HULK scares the B-jesus outta me..I mean i aint runnin but dam fools that dude is grizzle add in some new legs and learners .My only gripe..lotsa bark...lil bite..

EAst Hills: Velo: two words...WHITE-LIGHTNING..nuff said

I know i missed a few along with the also rans..but if u didn't make this list.... re-read Saturdays post and insert yo John Hancock in there..because like Creed said...THERE IS NO TOMORROW..THERE IS NO TOMORROW..THERE IS NO TOMORROW..THERE IS NO TOMORROW..THERE IS NO TOMORROW..

later hater

Friday, March 09, 2012

My name is( insert name here) Last week I turned ?. I wasn't ready for it. I haven't done anything yet. So I made this deal with myself. This is the year I make my mark.

March 9th 2012, 3:20 a.m

Mike: Lawerence its me.. Mike... are you awake? Lawrence..Lawrence...
Mr T: zzzz zzzz
Mike: Lawrence..I will not disturb you,but i was just passing through and I thought id stop by, but i see you are resting. good... as the body gets older... the battery's need to be recharged more often, missing too many recharges is hard on the machine.
Mike: Lawrence..ill leave you with this for now...the  four D's..Desire, Dedication, Discipline, and Direction. with out any of these precocious time is a waste. Ill stop back by when your awake to speak more of each .

 good bye Lawrence.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TAO of Bruce

I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


By now most that frequent this poorly composed blog have gotten there 2012 plan in line..Goals might be set, grudge matches are composed in the brain, new teams are composed, the banter has hit the self bloated blogs more than the grip the TOWC stole from sceners again... Throw the fact that facebook twitters with wattage numbers, calories cut and early season miles and possible results. Just the mere thought of all this hub bub raises T's pulse so much that punching keys is a difficult task..but a mans gotta do what what i gotta without further here goes what most are shootin for, and then some...

BRX..Barry Ruby..the big opener for most..its a beautiful thing this race is some will race up some down..COUGH COUGH...and others are just dam tickled ignorant to be there..speaking of ignorant the added run up at the end and no beer..well i guess it isn't springs version of ICEMAN..but still a cool race to might wanna bring along the SHAQ packs if its anything like last year..

Lowell 50
3/31/12..dirt roadin in the westside its a gettin bigger every year..cross bikes are prefer d but don't rule out the roadie rig..

Spring Flingin 3-412in the metro area..take your pick , or do double duty, or any way you want it... Back to Waterford, or the AAVC runaway plaza..nothing getting race form for say an early season crash..i mean peak..good races solid turnout leave alittle in the tank every weekend and you still could be rollin into July..come and see those that have and have not..

Fisk Knob 4/15/12 the annual get your TT thing on a roll em got bumped back a little this for 2012 with hopes of using more tolerable tt gear..if never done it do it..suffocation on a tt bike in early spring is a beautiful thing

Willow TT, 4/28/12 if you missed Fisk Knob or like the roadking just cant stop racing hit up the infamous willow TT, 6 laps..count em if you can 6 laps.... a good opener for the seasons gauge..wind is always on the menu but beware of the parking lot warmups..DAM fool watch yo self..somebody is bound to carnage themselves to the fullest......... hey look out.....
Cone Azalia 5/6/12 classic..the infamous break your bike, break your body and yo wallet..hardmen and hard tires need only apply..its now to the point it has earned its name the classic wind, mud, flats and Paul martin are usual the deal breakers....thank that dude super Dave if ever comes to town for starting the tough SOB!

TOWC, 5/12/12 sick of riding your overpriced carbon rig on shitty Michigan roads? well god saved you haters they cancelled that shit again...but dont get too depressed, theres a good chance it will get rescheduled before you make other plans..

West Michigan stage race, 5/19-20/12 gets the official hype it needs 3 races 2 days...come locked because spring flingers should be starting there peak..

Tour Of Frankenmuth.. 5/26/12 get up early to the this posh little place in the middle who gives shit and bring as mush watts as you can muster, only big rollers need apply, oh and while your at practice your parking lot speed bump bunny hops..dam more in yo tank hit the fondo up later and pretend to roll like BIGRAY

GRBC TT..5/28/12 cant stop racing...TT lovers rejoice you got another...check it out its wortha shout

West Branch Classic.. 6/2/12 two days in semi northern Michigan..the peak has now begun..If the big bitch of a climb dont get you the shear watts to hold rollers wheels on the back side will...beware of tangy beer, and hot ass chix in the Sunoco stations..that shit will get you every time

Le Tour DE Mount peasant... 6/9-10/12 3 days..TT friday night ass crit saturday and if you roll the 1/2...130 miles of gettin guttered...leave your pimped out TT rig cuz you cant use that shit friday out for indians,and the local hotties...

Duck Lake state TT. 6/16/12. if you still got anything left cranking out a 40K with that seat shoved in no mans land is a good way to squeeze the rest of the spring fling juice outta your say WTF 180 hr doenst feel no matter what you park yo butt on. give it try..fields are thin, hell race up 1/2 and pop a top 10...just sayin..

Celebration Crit.. 6/17/12 real prize money and it aint too far for all you east siders to lose your pride gives this one a try crit season now in session MF"S

Detroit CRIT.. 6/30/12 MURDER CITY MURDER CITY...Canucks came over and beat the pants of most 1/2..tight fast course( ask YANKUS) with a open BLVD finish...for god sakes if anything come on down and check D-TOWN in the heat of the summer..

Terry Riech charity race 7/8/12..Hillsdale where..ok ok..its in the middle of what T refers to as southern Michigan militia territory..don't be scared those Nazi punks just look angry..

BTR.. 7/14/12 easy on easy off..big ol office park crit....with a interesting twist of a finish...make sure you know your social security number if you plan taking home any fat you need that for?

le Champion Pave.. 7/22/12 .for god sake at least come down and see a city in decay..Flint..nice place to visit wouldn't wanna live there..Kidney belts not required but are suggested..race on one of the oldest crit course in the state.

Mullet Yawn...where are you?

Milford state championship CRIT 7/29/12 doggin..secod chance to get your form is now brewing don't worry about the last corner it only looks sharp..and the silly little hill aint shit....make a day out of it cuz theres whole lot to look at here folks..and when your done..hell get yo self some Ice cream..

Hine park TT 7/5/12 out and back..and your done..the one that brings out the creeps from the wood work..everything from dirt clods, to tri dorks hit this one up watch out for fool in the 5s fast dude..

Cherry Ruby in Traverse 7/11-12/12 city..miss this one and your either at ORE/shore or your dead..great race weekend..if you still got legs if you don...t theres always the bar at the Holiday Inn..hey fool this aint my drink..what chu lookin at sucka ..?

Tour De gas Light.. 7/19/12 Critin in the place that breeds beautiful women...GR water..its good for your skin and boobs..solid event..

Sylvania Cycling Classic, 7/25 /12 Ohio state Crit championship in the Black Aces back yard, and close to your neighborhood bring your trunks. but not before you practice suffocation and riding at the same time as this one will show no mercy..and even better if it rains.ouch ooh..

yea the RITE AIDE..its down there..thanks.

Birmingham Bicycle Festival 7/26/12 ...they like there money up here and the would be a dam cryin shame if you didnt hit up this dog after you got done hanging out in the Glass city the night before..dam..AAVC and Springflingin seemed years ago...

Debaets-Devos Pro-Am Memorial Bicycle Race 8/3/12 ..with all do hope its not the only gig in the Murder city come the three day...but if it is..get ready for the grand finaly..of crit racing in for 2012....round and round she just isnt the same as the the old venues..I got kinda used to Hypos gettin stuck in my Tufos...

feel free to plug in your midweek Big Johnson contest going on at any nearby race track, office park or Tuesday night ride..whatever you choose..just don't hate the game..hate the players ..

come back later... cuz it could get dirty.