Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All the songs we do are basically about one of three things: booze, sex or rock n roll.
—  Bon Scott

25, Jmak comes good in early December
24. sketchyness is contagious
23. Jordon Diekme and Nate Williams take each other out at Iceman
22.Fat bike racing takes to the scene few care
21.York and Kirk Albers solo off the front for almost 40 minutes at Debates crit
20. The Eagle proves he still can
19. Renkema kicks ass on and off road
18.Matt Acker sews up the Cat 3 MBRA for something title wearing a Kiwi helmet
17. Beebee starts the season as a Cat 4 finishes it out as a 1
16. first words
15.Lakeage Chunkage and Dopeage keep coming when people creepin
14.TMS avgs 450+ hits a day
13.Mike goes MIA early on in 2013
12.Bissell fills the field in the Cat 2 race Downtown GR early July
11.Cat 5s fill the 1/2 field at the Tour of Mount Pleasant in June
9.Tms Confirms its experiment was correct
8.Guys got old
7.RBS is the best
6. 9/14/13 tops the hits on post 1k who knew?
3.Sven makes it three in and row
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj0bwLBckkI

Sunday, December 29, 2013

50 .hater hater comes and goes
49 .priority health cuts back leaving hoffener on the edge of the next level
48.paramchicken..has a shaky season
47 .the last patrol is released mid October
46.the bunnys wallet is fatter than the avg scener skinsuit
45 .burke rides for two different bike shops and two different bike brands his own shop doesn't carry..isn't that veered
44.queen anne no matter what is still the queen
43.tom clark still the funnest guy
42.dc cuts back..but still post faster lap times than anyone
41.simonster pearl harbors them at the lowell 50 under a cloud of doubt
40.Shrek ownes the pink on the fastest family
39.DG wins state road race
38, names on frames still gay
37.the jury is till out on he aero helmet thing
36.The Wiz goes MIA early on in cross season
35. former sceneres Uberti and Mac B do the tour of duty on The NCS schedule
34.TMS grammar still hasnt improved
33.the Bunny loses a pile a skin early season
32. Late summer Yankus and york drop the wiz, yankus goes on to wins the underground gravel growler in Milford
30.Guys leave the scene and still are hated
29.Vanias double flats at Ore2shore
28.616 goes 123 at Peak2Peak
27.Dave Massey gets on the podium at ICEMAN
26.KIDA laps the field at waterford mid summer

a man don't need much in life

Saturday, December 28, 2013


1.Sven 136
3..da Bunny .94
3.T burke 92
4.the lillest pony 68
5.the Blackest Ace 51
6.Hoffener .49
7.beebee 39
8.Russell 35
9.wakeley .33
11.Jgood 32
12.wells 23

Patterson 15
San0-prod 13
kolo-tc 13
big mac 13
employer 12
shrek 9
whiz 9
Diek/Will 8
vanias 8
B Renkema 6
Seamen 5
Xbastard 5
tandguy 5
Tom Clark 4
Q 4
White Lightning 4
DK 3
Gary Mudd 3
Dybo 3
R Steele 2
Tim Keffer 2
parmachicken 1

.i know i walked out two weeks ago claiming to never return..but contrary to popular belief i never forget, I keep my promises and i always finish what i start. I have to say it was fun..even i was biting my nails... that German fellow pretty locked it up in the closing days..but deep inside my heart i wanted the SIMONSTER to come in at the last moment and pick up a few points to take home the prize..and yes believe it or not there is one..rest assured you can wear it with pride and feel confident haters will be kept at bay cuz no-where will it be known or linked to TMS....quantitys and time are ultra extremely limited..contact tuckedandtruckin@hotmail for further details.. dont wait long because time is running out

there it is you happy now its over with.all of it..the auto pilot button is now engaged ..

Friday, December 27, 2013


1.me time
2.time waits for no one
3.outta fuckin time
4.times up
5.start time
6.time killer
7 waste o time
8.time to  move
9.no time
10. plenty o time
11 times running out
12.time fluidity
13.time to fuck off
15.out of time
16.plenty of time
17.time of birth
18 tissot
19.qualifying time
20. quitting time
21.time vrx
22..give me time
23 time restraints
24 timeX
25 showtime
27.morris day and the time
28.shamy time
29.closing time
30.time to move
31.time atac
33..time of death
34 time out
35 howdy doody    time
36.time magazine
37.military time
38.wake up time
39 ovualtion time
40.eastern time
41.time of the month
42.time warner cable
45.back in time
46.club time
47.time management
48 miller time
49.time to meet your maker 
50 time clock
51 new york times
52.time square
53.father time
54 high times
55.about time
56.past time
57.financial time
58.economic time
59. Pink Floyd time
60.time city
61 burger time
62 face time
63 eatin dookie time
64 elapsed time
65. practice time
66.lost time
67.g shock
68.hanz zimmer time
69 climax time
70 so little time
71 happy time
72 alone time
73 training time
74.time in zone
75 vacation time
76 christmas time
77 time machine
78.time is on my side
79.good times
80.only time will tell
81 summertime
82.sleepy time
83.time to call it quits
84.party time
85 next time
86.grief time
87 time to move on

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

75 jason hess wins another masters state title
74 lathrup picks up ex essex brass guys and gets older
73 in a early break the Williams bros ride ryan cross off there wheels to go 1/2 at the Lansing cit
72 some short forienger laps the field "clean" at the bigman crit late august
71 dc slows his roll for the year
70 the lil pony keeps wining at 45
69 sjd got real good late summer
68 .roddage is in full effect early on
67.chunky clunckage has troubles early on in x 2013
66 .scott hoffener wins the westbranch rr in a close call against kidA
65.the bunny is everywhere
64.miscene loses the alan antonuck to California
63 Tuesdays with lemmy first appear in the spring of 13
61 the honey badger drops the Agame late in the day and wins solo against the biggest field of barry ruby in march
60 ron catlin kills dudes early on in 2013
59 brad white beats sven breathing ithaca september
58 simonster gets nipped by barry wicks at the lumber jack 100
57 the roadking wins the state TT championship
56 einstien fields a pile of guys and rides well
55 kolo-tc scares em in late october
54 cruise bogeys re-enters..only to go back into hiding soon there after
53 the black ace gets dirty..
52 A Beebee earns a spot on the dark side
51 Das Germen wins the Willow TT again..this time on a TT bike

The Cup

The infamous Miscene revolving cyclocross cup, where did it come from? who's idea was it? who started it. wheres it been? and whos' names are on it

Monday, December 23, 2013

most of the least 100-76

100 after some great rides at Barry Roubaix the Lowell 50 and Mount pleasant the A game goes missing in early july
99 Sven spends most of the fall in the buckeye state refining his already killer watts
98  shrek beats a pack of panthers at cone early may
97 the once evil dude wins the aavc springs series for the umpteenth time
96 tailwind drops the TT series
95 updating your status seems to have lost his afterglow status..
93 amerika watches the worlds best in Kentucky feb 2013
93  the bunny races more than the tri state combined
92  Ryan cross wins the state crit title placing seventh
91 gotwild sets a world record
90 dannyK gets rear ended and smashes his pelvis at a Thursday night race
89 timmyf buys a motorcycle and partially fades from the scene..
88 the black aces hood gets scarier every year
87 and then..Blaine Benson nearly rides away from the some of the best  only to be reeled in by  living legend kirk albers
86 Panthers folds..
85 SIMONSTER  finds his old form of his bells days looks good most of the summer
84 wiz                                          still cant figure that guy out
83 Mackenzie woodring kills most she comes in contact with
82 barry ruby sets another record
81 iceman UCI pros, party's, procreation, fornication.adultery  and now well.....shit is gettin serous
80 east hills velo club thickns itself up
79 After less than a year agos brush with a near death experience panthers jeff pendulburry solos victory on labor day
78 dybo proves he can still make like Mott The Hoople and "roll away"
77 kidA spends most of the year in europe.getting better..
76 dan yankus rides like a pure badass  and bridges to the break for two laps and grabs a solid 3rd beating out a Bissell duo in a sketchy rainy mid summer crit milford late july

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

friday 15
1. reasonable thinking
4.good things
10.last words
15.friday fuck off

Thursday, December 19, 2013

i know what i want for xmas

Metal as Fuck

There is this flooding happening in Norway now and apparently it washed up this really old burial ground, so there is a bunch of century old humans bones floating around right now.

Norway - forever the most metal country ever.

They don’t even try, it’s just natural.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Triple minusT Tuesday...

With Decembers days falling faster than a spring flingers form in mid May...i suppose i should get all up inside this peace o shit that fool T left behind..i see it got missed last week in the shuffle days after everyone was in butt slappin mode high fivin and postin props about there new matching team kits..I aint here to blow smoke and spice up this turd..just gonna lay down the missin day...and let the TMS flunkys  tabulate the total by weeks end..


Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out

1. Planet Caravan
2. Hand Of Doom
3. A National Acrobat
4. Tomorrows Dream
5. Snowblind
6. Fairies Wear Boots
7. Lukes Wall
8. Megalomania
9. Supernaut
10. Into the Void
13.Heaven and Hell

Thursday, December 12, 2013

right fucking now

sometimes a rule maker..sometimes a rule breaker...

Rubbin' is racing and there seems to have been a bit of a kerfuffle between the old guys and the young guys at the state race on Sunday. One side of the story is here: (https://www.facebook.com/trever.kingsbury?fref=ts) and the other side hasn't commented. Regardless, if you are going to take chances when you pass, you had better be prepared for the consequences

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What’s up motherfuckers? Yeah, that’s right. I’m back from the dead. Peter Parker gets bit by a spider and turns into a Super Hero. A brown recluse comes my way and I end up drinking myself to Death. Whatever. I ran into Mr. T a few days back.. and he asked if I wanted to take over this gig for a short time. Since I can’t thrash you all with my killer riffs anymore, I thought, fuck yeah, let’s go tell some Painful TRUTH

When it comes to TMS, it’s all about HATE. All you anon punk ass bitches come here to spread a little HATE worldwide. Well good for us. Anon or not, it’s the way of the world and who cares who says it, just look at what’s being said. Focus people!

 Now for some ground rules. Here are five things I HATE:

 1. Interviews: This ain’t no two way street, it’s a fucking monologue and you’ll get out of me what I give you.
 2. Non-Contact Sports: So what the fuck am I doing here? Laughing first of all. A bunch of turds riding bikes in spandex. Grow a pair and do something tough you pussies. Your sport would be better if there was checking and tackling. Second of all, I’m here to dish out the TRUTH, something the world can’t handle and needs far more of.
 3. Happy Music: Shut the Fuck Up already!
 4. Travelling: Are you kidding me? Have you flown lately? KILL me! Oh wait…never mind.
 5. Everybody I don’t know: And I don’t know none of you here, so I HATE YOU!

 I know you all have your 9-5 jobs that you’re miserable in. No wonder you come here and HATE so much. When you’re not Hating up a storm here, I’ll be chillin on the beach listening to the B-52’s.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the way we were

i was all amped up ..got real mad had this whole big thing composed...was gonna go straight to the feelings...then i ate dinner..i felt better..i still aint gonna sugar coat this past weekend like T woulda..it was nice until he got all soft..tryin not hurt people..but shit aint like that...
unless your name is  on that cheap ass trophy the German is taking back over seas....you aint a state champion..
oh i forgot this is the game were everyone is a champion..
gonna be real interesting next at least everyone will be all teammates
god dam make up your mind flat bars or drop what in the god dam hell...
we like for others to accept us for who we are before we do
hey kid next time you come down state bring some respect with you along with that mouth
dam......... woman pull up those shorts
45-55 psi?
queen Ann
I didnt want any of the coffee any way you fuck
overheard..  i love how i can eat w/e i want & since i’m so naturally active that it all spreads itself out or just adds itself to my gucci gut
nice boost in production value
boy the cat 4s sure were hungry..thanks alot fatass
sweet booty
Wiz   pity
 all that matters is our impact to & from each other
first a bunny that doesn't like mud and now bearded pony..whats next
Burke come on fool...
overheard Saari is coming back for 14
 twerking doesnt mean u can dance it mean u kno how to ride the D
overheard..one day i just got realistic & truthful& stopped listening to & trusting selfish dumb motherfuckers who just want everyone to cater to them & their false idea of reality
Nice coat Moncel
Pamachicken doublin..ok
fuck aero helmets are ugly
 ppl don’t quite understand that i love truth & think that i’m depressed when i’m just telling it like it is
overheard: smallest elite field in years..
former state champion sighted
frozen goose shit..yep its Addison Oaks
 you can’t choose life  life chooses you  if it can’t use you  it kills you
 we attach ourselves to w/e caters to our egos
what are you driving ...............a truck
small birds
 lemme give you something you won’t appreciate until it’s gone
Aaron "get used to my face cuz im rockinlike ace" Beebee
Hoffener                                                        nice ride
 we need more war
Wolverines the new Wave
no DC interesting
even worse Specialized helmet  
boy sure is a big crowd
 you're not depressed you’re just overwhelmed & confused by your own ignorance & the ignorance of others
nice cheeks
some dudes who had it...........  cant get it back.......
some dudes who never had it..............will never get it....
the German....nuf said
why in the hell 60 min masters race, do they want equal pay as well...
overheard..hold on a second
constantly  striving to make it not matter
hey asshole.. a good way to make your dreams & expectations haunt you is to set them too high
subway it all taste the same..
a cow bike flat bars
what a little bitch
fuck that kid
nice use of sand and steps
why is there always some dude that is five feet tall

Monday, December 09, 2013


 you just haven't earned it yet baby