Friday, May 31, 2019

1.Over the top ridiculous eye wear
2.Belgian Knee warmers
3.Dabbing or any other fuckin gawd awful salute after crossing the finishing line
4.mugging it up for the camera guy in turn three
5.Loud obnoxious attention grabbing articles of clothing
6.Aero Helmets
8.take your hands off the bars for a pee break
10.shoe covers in a crit your wattage numbers on social media your trainer road workouts on social media
13.dope segments training
15.expect a discount at the local bike shop

pack fodder no's...........

Thursday, May 30, 2019

How i would fix slow the death of road racing if i was the head MoFo of USAC..

coming next week.......

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Over: Long five hour death marches
Under: 2hr hours all out hittin it

Over: carbon

Over: quantity
Under: quality

Over: Big Asses
Under: Nice smiles

Over: internal cables
Under: great shifting bikes

Over:  living with excess
Under:making do with less

Over: aero helmets
Under: being comfortable

Over: black
Under: white

Over:  Controlled braking
Under: skidding

Over:  Feet
Under Hands

Over:  fake
Under: natural

Over: Five Guys
Under: Mcdouble

Over:  IPAs
Under: lager

Over:driving to ride
Under:riding to ride

Over:  team mates
Under:  wingmen

Over:  Marilyn Monroe
Under: Julie Newmar

Over:  eating out
Under: home cooking

Over:  street
Under:  trails

Over: Comebacks
Under: different direction

Over:  Metallica
Under: Sword

Over: Gravel bikes
Under: Cx bikes

Over: Butt sex
Under:Hand Jobs

Over: College
Under: Trade

Over: Opinions
Under: Advice

Over: Fist pumps
Under: Hand shakes

Over: variety
Under: samples

Over: High Heels
Under: Jordans

Over: man buns
Under:shaved heads


Over: Selfies
Under: words

Over: Karma

Over: ebay
Under: garage sales

Over: Dracula
Under: Vampiria

Over: oriental
Under: Latino

Over:  ScottyA
Under:  AndyG

Over: Chickens

Over:  facebook
Under: Instagram

Over: Dogs
Under: goats

Over: phartbikes
Under: +bikes

Over: single speeds
Under: free ride bikes

Over: driving four hours to race for 90 minutes
Under: driving 4 hours to just ride

Over: Baggy shorts and moto-jerseys
Under: Lycra and race cut

Over: Friday 15
Under: the importance of good shoes

Over: fisting
Under: fingering

Over: new stuff
Under:  old crap

Over: thongs
Under: bodysuits

Over: schoolgirls
Under: Secretary s

Over: Oakleys
Under: 100%

Over:  scars
Under: scabs

Over: deep dish
Under: thin crust

Over: crits
Under: TTs

Over:  The Stones
Under: The Stooges

Over: Detroit
Under: Grand Rapids

Over: Back pain
Under: mental Illness

Over:  Checkerboards
Under: Polka dots

Over:  Rocky
Under:  Clubber lang

Over: Specialized
Under: Giant

Over:  Saturday Night Fever
Under: Urban Cowboy

Over: Tattoos
Under: Branding

Over: Goals
Under: Freestyle

Over:  Star Wars
Under: American Graffiti

Over: Warm places
Under: Hiding places

Over: short socks
Under  tall socks

Over: attorneys
Under: skilled trade

Over: Abundance
Under; few

Over: Size
Under: function

Over: Guns
Under Knives

Over: DNF
Under: DNS

Over: Boas
Under Buckles

Over: weight

Over: Miles
Under Hours

Over: CO2 Cartridge
Under: frame pump

Over: old stories
Under new adventures

Over: Pack
Under: solo

Over: seat bags
Under swat box

Over: social media
Under: real life

Over: Arriving
Under Leaving

Over: Aero-Bikes
Under: proper fit

Over:wattage meters
Under riding smart

Over: triples
Under: doubles

Over: swallowing
Under: lapping

Over: grand tours
Under: grass roots

Over: Frames
Under components

Over: Hate
Under: Love

Over: Fashion
Under style

Over: gloating
Under: STFU

Over: routes
Under loops

Over: Tinder
Under: The bar

Over: youtube
Under Pornhub

Over:  subway
Under: Jimmy Johns

Over: Laces
Under velcro

Over: Price
Under: passion

Over: Electric..only if its shimano junk
Under Mechanical

my opinion?

I think the bike is too big for her

the importance of good shoes