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T dont eat sushi , not crazy about flying, I hate that euro techno crap... and I aint been sniffin glue. But one thing i can say is the cross racing here in Homies state is lookin mighty fine, the double in land of Cars that get shimmed looked to be lackin alittlein the horse power department from years past, I'm not say in it was a walk in the park for those that went to the line, just a few glances at most of the elite field had me reach in for the bag. i mean did you see some of those cats faces OOOHHH..Came to no surprise of the end result in most fields. The wiz and pony show, day 1 seemed have stirred the pot a tad.
The new orange toy had many of crossers looking for there ballet slippers as high steppin was the recipe for the each group. What can I say "Queen Ann". The course was drier than a popcorn fart and made for a dam dusty day! UCI status or not, sceners seemed to be cool with it.
Some of the "cross bigwigs" made the short trip to the diary land to crank it up. Good results were scene in the masters field. We also got a win in the B race both days. OK here its fool T's rule you win the B race 2 times, beg, borrow and steal some dough for UCI license before you go to another UCI or cranky race. Don't become a killer B foool!
To Bad that Ol fool didn't put the Ithaca race on his schedule.. looks like it has all the makings to be a good spot and pleasant half way point for the west siders and eastern rats to go to battle.
Next up on the battle field for most is the Hill at Munson down there by that dam buckeye state. Its tall order the Hill, the fact its gonna be dark, and your only 20 minutes from O-HI-O
Be kind fools T

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for what its worth.

Tms is gonna take a stab at the 09 road season.. its corpse is barely cold, and cyclocross season is already toss in dirt on the box. Coining phrases, and using song titles seems to come to our minds when we think of the 09 season, chchanges, we scene allot of them right? from new venues, to new faces appearing, to old faces reappearing. and dudes disappearing... Life is like a box chocolates, but for our sakes we pinch the corners from time to time. Where do we start? lets start from the start, and ramble on...

The spring fling thing..OK same ol same ol? Not entirely, it chchanges from time after time. wolverines seem to rule the early spring thing to Cone, TMS would of never guessed THE CRUZ would of wailed so much in the spring, and whatta about that Kroske guy? is he for real? TMS is picking him for a cone win in the future... The Essex Mob squad seem to GTRDONE when it was the right time. Could anyone of called The Roadking and the BlackAce going 1/2 by mear hairs at willow for the 2nd year in a row? The loss of TDL was a bummer fer sure but did getting the tour of MT pleasentsweet make up for it? Well maybe not, but it sure beat the hell out of making love out of nothing at all. the State road race got bumped to a piece of land that doesn't even wanna be part of its own family. But it was OK all the same. Just when you thought your life was complete confusion, DANNYK shows up in lathrup kit with Bontrager equipped Giant weird? . many a sceners wallets stayed padded with the loss of the AP crit. Things were too close for comfort every other Thursday night Waterford hills. Essex upd its ante on the teams flow list, when Saari hung on to be the King of Thursday night. Hopefully No one focused on the State time trial as it was as flooded as the Edmund Fitzgerald hull. amd moved a month back..Maybe next season we can finally get a real state TT course we deserve.
By the time Mid summer rolled around dudes were going shirtless Basher was in full swing pissing scneres off and turning them away We saw burnouts a plenty, except for Timmy Finkel, He rode himself into a machine like state week after week. PappaT came back from the grave and put in some solid efforts, and what about Swiatlowski??? Just when you thought you it was safe to back into the water, he comes back fit and thin, and as fast as ever.

Losing Rockford was a heavy bummer for some and a blessing for most. But we picked up a super technical course at Milford to make up for it, the State championship crit couldn't of been held at a finer location. Could you imagine what our scne would be like if we had the old crits on the schedule as well as the current ones, Jackson, Midland, Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills, Lapeer.etc.. hey maybe were on to something?? Michigan Crit series, not alot of money, but alot of Bissell dudes.. its a great spectator event, Not quite as long and drug out as the Road racing we could call it the dirty dozen, 12 crits in 12 weeks, or? ..HMM?

Murder City weekend was here in gone in a blink of an eye, Uberti almost did the triple thing..Essex took the Mondays race and primed it out very nicely thank you! TMS is sure we missed allot but that's why your here, We have always had great respect for those that keep coming back, comments legit anon, or BS, whether you come for the good, the bad or the ugly, we dont care!

So as the wake is nearing a close and you finish stumbling through this poorly written piece of junk, we know you gotta ask yourself one question...what the hell does tms know? they/he, whatever, didn't do any write ups or predictions all season...hell they were not even at any of the races, what the hell do they know? But theres your first and foremost mistake.. are your sure of that? We like to think we know whats up and we stay abreast on the scne. We also like to think getting fed the same bullshit week after week only leads to making jack a dull boy. Do we all really need to be updated weekend week out. No were not saying TMS doesn't like write ups but its OK to change from time to time..sometimes a little lying and dissension is OK. right? sometimes the truth isn't always whats best.

stay classy TMS

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Theres been some large talk behind my sleeping back these past few months. A man goes to sleep and wakes to a whole new scene, everything from cats retiring, to dudes on there death bed, words of racial profiling have floated through the pipeline like raw sewage, what with a divorce and kids, comebacks, heart attacks, and the loss of the Biggie here in our scene, ..its as if were looking at the end of a era for some and new beginning for others. T has put Lotta thought into this...So for the next few moments T is gonna try to make some sense of all this nonsense circulating around our little neck of the woods. listen carefully as it may be the only time T speak about this cross thing until its kaput
I guess the only way to address whats on T's mind is to start throwing names down and speak what T feels on each.

That Evil sucker from flash Gordon, our reigning State champion, Rob Foshag he needs no more introduction, fools been racing cross here since the stork dropped it off back in the mid 90's. ill tell ya if that dudes retired he sure didn't look like he has been on a vacay feet up and all, Yea I'm no stranger to danger, I keep my eye on the road scene too ya know, T aint all about cross. that evil sucka looked pretty fit to me at this past labor days events . My take on this whole scuttlebutt of the 08 Champion crossn or not. If he doesn't take to the line this fall there is No shame in that, gotta respect a man when he decides its time to step away from something he loves and is also very good at, for what ever reason it may be its his. i think the lil pony said something one time, like... "don't do it, just because its there". That should come as no surprise as The PONY speaks like a true champion .
But that being said.. IF the champion does come to the line, you can be sure he is not coming to just show up. with all respect....... show or no Evil dude... T loves ya!

The Rev, QUIET ONE, the WIZZ , Mike Wissink, what can you say about man that has earned the respect as the best crosser in the state overall for the past two seasons. how big is his win streak here at these tailwind races? Not only does he win here, he wins there, and there, and over there! The WIZ is a great asset to our cross community. If he doesn't get a national title this year T is gonna be dam surprised, I have scene him ride throughout the summer and he is hungry. I aint scene a man that hungry since I crushed Balboa in our first outing. I think many will try and many will die going up against him this season.

the Black Ace, what with the litigation the controversy, and all the hype imposed on his being, theres still that cloud of mystery that hangs over the whereabouts of the man who some feel rides without a state. Its not that he hasn't had his game, its just he hasn't had it in Miscene fields this season, he done shown that shit last Monday! remember what the pony says, don't do it just because its there....The big question in alotta sceners minds is... will he bring all his CARDS to the table or will he remain an enemy of the state.

Jeff the LIL Pony Weinert. the pony looks focused, new blog, new team kit. A man of many crowns can not be counted out. Champions don't fade away or are OK with 6Th 8Th 10Th place finishes champions go or blow. As with all above champions T has some heavy respect for this guy.

Tim Saari. will the lack of road racing help him elevate his game the next few months, how about a new baby? Tim is one of these guys that T loves, he's the youngest of the fab 5, he never seems to show pain. the guy is always grinnin! He trys until he dies. Does he have another win in him? Yes, maybe not out of the box... but, he will get one.

The women's elite, or i may rightfully say QUEEN ANNs class, with all do respect to the multi state champion. Its a dam shame when a women who doesn't race all season comes out and rips the other gals apart and runs through 1/2 of the masters field. its no disrespect to Ann, because T holds here at the highest...but more so to all the other women out there, At one time Ann had some competition from her own, but that all looks like fleeting memory, unless we see some new skin on the grass. Queen Ann will keep her crown

the WILD cards? we gotta allot of them. theres many..Vince roberge cant really call him a wild card!! the boy spent more time on the boxes than not......he should be ready to go the distance, T hopes we have messy fall, as i wanna see that pretty white suit get muddy,

Mark Parmaleee he should have a good idea on the game and how it works with strong consistent rides all summer, he should also be on the podium at some point.

Miscene ROADKING. Tom Burke. this guy is so consistent it aint even fair, i suspect he will be a regular on the box and if all goes like his road season even may squeak a win.

Who did i forget? That's right!! that HIPPY DUDE. sail or bail, He has hid most of the summer staying out of the eye of most sceners , so he should be fresh and ready. and that young Stang lad what a joy to be a Teenager and have a bright future ahead of you.

Masters. Its a who's who of who will and who wont week in week out. cant really name one guy in particular DC came to mind, but as with the rumors floating like pollen on a warm spring day.. he may be sidelined, we'll see.... how about that Lil British dude, or sweet RITTER SAUCE. Kevin Mcgrew is always a factor, In the end the brew pubbers or a few wolverines, like THE FAB and his co her ts may be the spoil sports.
And dam whatta about the old cats? OLD MAN SEAMAN, he's like Robert Himself from Tailwind, they could about been school mates BITD, T cant recall a Tailwind cross race he wasn't at. Joe brown... that old fool will ride away like years past.
C and B's wow T is good but he aint that good, there are SO many different faces in the crowd this season, i would assume we would see the overalls up in the A's, but that may be a stretch. Its hard to speak of those that have yet to set there feet firmly in the dirt.

The loss of the UCI double header. does it matter? I dunno? anytime we see a big event leave the scene T feels nothing good can come from it, except a few of our own will be a few dollars richer after its said and done. At least you all can head down to that dam buckeye state and hit up 3 in 3. Its a shame we gotta get left behind by that dam state, not to mention the mid state Gp overshadowed by a BIGGIE, and with all the KISSCROSSIN and new found FROSTCROSS...T has gotta question..can there be too much too cross? momma always said too much of a good thing, is sometimes a Bad a thing.

the orange monster? its just stairs, and you only gotta carry a bike up em, For your sake i hope it aint one of those...uh sorry, don't wanna name any brands here boys.
what did i leave out? help me fill in the blanks Ya'll...the final count down has begun. keep it clean and value every race like it may be your last. T

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Brian Jones, the passed member of Rolling Stones, made a shock when posed in a nazi uniform in 1966. This was while filming a avant–garde German film Mord und Totschlag.
stick around foo's as i just might speak my 2 cents on this whole cross thing in 09.

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because once is not enough