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GG ALLIN FRIDAY final descent

GG FINKEL, and GG HERRIMAN. goin for it two @ time.

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Revelations, Rumors, Truth, hear say and out right lies

This is the time isnt it? Were gettin emails and lines dropped to us some anon, some legit. some truth. some lies? who knows?
lets get into it..

WMCR loses Ben Renkema, and Greg Christain, the duo are goin to Team Turin of Chicago?

Tour Of Kenssington Valley, is it really goin back to a 1 day event UHGG GASP?

Mackenzie Woodring goes to Colivita/Sutter home womens pro team, as well as Julie Bellrose to Cheerwine?

The year of the UN Official spring races, hell with Race De Ronde Van Metamora, the Maumee Valley Wheelman Equinox, and some other grumblings of dirt road classics.. lets see some results when and if it happens?

Mike Simonster, leaves Bells Beer for TREK midwest. COOL for TREK, sad for Bells?

Alex Keomany goes to Lathrup?

Joe L sheds 20 pounds with help from John Rigdon and makes the move to to the 1/2 field?

the Lusty Racheal Steele retires to pursue other intrests?

Jeff The PONY Weinert is he goin for the SingleSpeed MTB supremency?

JB HANCOCK, goin from CAT4 to 1/2 to get ready for the Cross elites in the fall?

WMCR droppin the Trek frames for the NEW Specialized kits?

2005 Cyclocross State Champion Jer Walker moves back to Mi and Teams Up with Jeff Weinert and Team Giant?

Tony THE GIANT KILLER is shootin for the Elite Cross Title?
Paul Alman takin over the Mike Hanley position?

A April Cross race to benefit a BMX race. CRAZY?
Chip timing coming to the 2008 State Raod race in Cedar Creek?

Timmy Finkel Doin 30+ hrs weeks getting ready 24hr solo worlds?

The 2008 State TIME TRIAL championship goin Back to Stoney Creek Metro
Cone Azalia goin to a point to point race for 08?

They say that life's a carousel Spinning fast,
you've got to ride it well

The world is full of Kings and Queens

Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
It's Heaven and Hell, oh well

And they'll tell you black is really white

The moon is just the sun at nightAnd when you walk in golden halls

You get to keep the gold that falls It's Heaven and Hell, oh no! Fool, fool!
You've got to bleed for the dancer!
Fool, fool!

Look for the answer!

Fool, fool, fool!

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Name the last rider to win (and as a lowly "clubbie" rider) The Ann Arbor
Grand Prix (which until last year's Priority Health race was the last time Michigan had a $10,000 P, 1, 2 race).

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Spot the Scener

We robbed this off a former scners sblog, can you name the scner pictured?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Kirk Albers OK! he doesnt have Michigan mailing address, we went outta state for this one, scince he hits Michigan events a few times a year and he is a swell guy, so all those opposed go somewhere else for the next few days . If you want to know a cool dude without ever speaking to him read for a few minutes cause this guy is cool!, A dad, a baker, a coach and one hard ass guy when he's clipped in! he's done his time on all over the place and still finds time to come up here and beat up the Miscener homies. the first time We met Kirk Albers was at the 1st running of the Cone Crazalia classic. Scince than he's come back often. Those sceners out there that are married and raising a family should take notes from this guy as proves you can have a wife and kids and still go fast! Thanks Kirk for the insperation!

1.when you were doin the Jelly belly gig did you get the Free candy??
For sure, they have some funky flavors that would keep me from eating many.
2. Married? Kids
13 years to wife Anne, sons Evan (6) and Eric (3).
3. Favorite riding buddie?
Anyone who will put up with me half-wheeling them.
4. Strengths?
Traditional hardman-type courses, either windy and small rollers like Leelanau.
5.what are some of your secret cravings?
Not so secret: Peets Coffee (Major Dickinsons Blend), we used to live around the corner from a Peets shop in the Boston area.
6. what are your weakness, cycling specific?
Time trials and long climbs, just a fair finisher.
7. how many bikes do you own?
Five road bikes, one 'cross, two track bikes and a vintage Hobbs fixed gear from the fifties
8.What are some of the funniest cycling moments you have had?
Riding in the laughing group at some of the big American tours (Italians have a way of coaxing girls to go Mardi Gras style)
9. what races do look forward too?
My "hometown" race: the Grandview Classic, Erie St. is always fun but I can't seem to have the right luck there, the Cone is a good one. I always looked forward (although I don't do it anymore) to the Lancaster UCI race as it is one of the hardest out there. My club's race, the Louisville Metro PD Criterium is a great one, maybe Leelanau, but I still haven't gotten over that one.
10.big goals this season?
Same as always, leave it all out on the road, hopefully my boys will cross the line first.
11.Have you have been injured?
See attached photo from last year's Snake Alley Criterium
12. Are you coached or self coached?
Self-coached (I'm USAC Level One certified), occasionally I seek out advice from peers.
13. Big hour training week?
18 hours/ 18,000 kjs
14. what other intrest do you have or hobbies?
I've got kids and race bikes?
15. favorite place to ride? ?
16. Friday night, in a NON race time of year? what happens in the Albers house.
Some sort of Netflix movie, catching up with kids/wife/family, maybe pizza and some Lego building of course.
17. Last C.D. you bought?
Oooofff, I'm not even sure where to buy CDs. Downloaded some favs from the college days, REM, Pixies, and some more recent stuff, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Modest Mouse, Paul Oakenfold, a tiny bit of rap (Notorious, of course), a little Sufjan now and then.
18. good book or Ipod?
Both, I read the New Yorker magazine every week, usually download This American Life, and I have about ten books on my Ipod, trying to get through Dom DeLillo's "Underworld", I usuallly read the recommended books from the Times.
19. Past teams you have ridden for?
Texas Roadhouse, Jelly Belly, Mongoose, Team Columbus, Frigidaire
20. Favorite day of week ?
Race day, of course.
21. occupation ?
Full-time dad, part-time coach, President of the Ohio Cycling Association, worked cooking/baking in restaurants for over 10 years.
22. do you follow a strict diet?
Not so much, I try to keep it healthy.
23. would you still ride if you didnt race?
Absolutely, I think its in my blood (the family all still lives in Holland except my parents/sister). I'll never forget watching on television the poetry in motion that was Fignon winning his first Tour while on a family trip to Amsterdam.
24. worst bike ever ridden?
No doubt, Bridgestone RB-1.
25 throw out the thank yous this was a fun interview...!!
Since this a MI sort of thing, thanks to Dale Hughes and his track crew, they have always gone overboard to make me feel welcome at Bloomer, and to Jamie Smith, my number one MIscener fan, he always finds the right thing to say.

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