Friday, May 31, 2013


1.Summer... too short
2.Monster... Mike
3. Herve' Villechaize... nut job
4.Sleep... death
5.Slurpee... 7/11
6.Ride... anything
7.Black Sabbath...24/7
11.Smart Phones...outta control
12.Status Updates...overload
13. Style/Success... Style
14.TMS... experiment
15.Ice Cream...Man

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maybe your right, maybe it is like that, Lord knows my kettle is black...and I don't doubt it sometimes I touch a nerve or two...for crying out loud sensitive types..Are we all that thinned skinned..opinions and often truth is demonic that you cant even breathe it for just a few seconds out of your day..Christ..But i ask whats up with this?..Having a nice long convo/debate with one my favorite people about why it is the way it......
What it and maybe this is a little premature..the low turnout/participation on certain events..year after after some events have slowly withered away into wafer like status..mind you its not all of the classes though..more times than not its the upper that started out it solid only to falter within a few years..We sat and rambled on and on what the theory's may be taking three random undisclosed races into consideration.. with the thought of only the 1/2 field..... mind you its TMS and haters are gonna hate..its opinions and thoughts..thats all we aint beating your children and drownin puppies..

  •  simply the "Lance effect" road cycling/racing is basically dwindling in the wake..
  • Boredom..why travel 2+ avg hrs to race the same old course..
  • Guys just got old and commitments and priority have changed.
  • The courses are too hard, why go and get dropped
  • poor pay outs
  • Better races mid week leaving some spent or the weekend open to do what ever.
  • Too many choices on the same weekend
  • Timing
  • cost factor
Those are just a few we tossed around..To take a bigger look..The MTB scene and going months a head........ lord knows the Cyclocross season isn't much brighter..But the thing about it is..looking out of our box and in a Tri state area things are little different..Ex.. Wisco has the WORS series, Ohio has the Cincy three day..etc.. Im not sitting here hating and disrespecting and I don't have the answer or know exactly how to fix it..but maybe some decent thoughts can  shed some light on it..
I dunno..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Its Wednesday, I am the walrus..all of this silly shit is irrelevant, shut the fuck up smile.
ride your bike.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

another shit post

When Tuesday feels like a Monday..I know its the price you pay to roll a four day..And to top it off... it makes the flow lil more chunky when you get the call..Even worse i aint got no Tao, and only a inkling sense of irrelevance...makes me almost wanna go back and watch another episode of that fool playing with gators..but since churning out this slow twist of a shit post is more than just some new aggravation..its good  to center T's soul a little bit..
The State of the state, shit is just starting to roll..good things are in the works i suppose..but looking over some events got T scratching his aging dome more often than not..Reflecting back on this past weekends pile..whole lotta racin going on and none of them setting the world on fire..I aint dissin the winners cuz winnin is never easy... unless..well i wont go there..But i do have to give props to Shrek for ownin that Fmuth shit..That dude needs to set up shop there sell things, proper marketing and a catchy shtick could be almost as prosperous as winnin..and aint no one on the Dirt Side of the East side..rollin as good as RonC... But back to this pile of irrelevance..You got events all over the place..up north, mid state, east.. west..suck'as outta state..seems like a big piece of bread and small slab of jelly..and aint a soul gettin filled up or are they? and lookin further on up the road the "infamous West Branch classic" aint looking too classic as far as pre reg goes...less than 100 total for two days whats up wit dat?....My only hope is that commitment sets in or race day will fill the much needed..Maybe i take this shit way too serious, maybe its time..maybe creativity is a fucked-up value, thinking out loud.deleting every other thought ..I dunno

maybe...M is right..
 keep it clean...


Friday, May 24, 2013


4.yellow lines
5.Di Luca Et,al

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Its a dam good day to be happy...and why wouldn't be?... I dunno about you folks but i aint wearing a dam single piece of hate today..It aint very often when Friday comes on Thursday and Sunday gets bumped to Monday..hell that's like getting four days for free..Oh yea sure Friday fifteen turns 1 yr and i just got another year older...but that shit is all on auto pilot...
the only question is how T is spendin his free time..between the the couple of mini kegs, grillin, the new downloads.. and misc things..theres a whole lotta racin and ridin to be done..If going to Iowa to sharpen up aint on your gut list i suppose another edition of Frankenmuth is stomach able..and why wouldn't be its early enough to probably get you drinkin before 1 out for that kid though... Maybe the early edition of that always fun lovin Stoney Marathon is better for the non travlin types... cant get your goat..Bored yet?.....go up North and give Brent some of your cash and ride Hanson hills for 100 miles but it would be a crime if you left  town without a tryin the  Famous spike Burger..I also hear of another event but i cant confirm as my radar aint reachin that one....But somehow if your rolling heavy no memorial day weekend would complete without a little Movement..and at 10:00 pm on Saturday. night  just like chillin at Jerrys.. that shit don't git no better..No way.. no rumors, no love lost... got T hatin a single thing..if all this went away
  id still be happy kicking the pay wont drop and the drive wouldn't cease...

Peace and Bsafe..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuseday with Lemmy


Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rules of the Road.

1.Names on frames, if you cant figure out which bike is yours.. you need to focus less on riding and more on reading.

2. Single speed bicycles. is there such a thing as a single speed car?( known as a broken car in Today's world.)

3. Mirrors on Bicycles, I don't think your going to dodge that car.

4. Recumbent bicycles, if your in such bad shape you have to sit down to ride a bicycle, maybe its time to hang em up.

5. Whining about an injury longer than 48hrs (No one cares or wants to hear about the crash..again..)

6. Tubular tires on training rides..quit pretending..

7. Wearing any world or national championship jersey, unless you earned it...pathetic..

8. Talking any wattage numbers unless its with your real coach..(once again know one cares or believes the numbers that could drop Alberto Contador)

9.  Half wheeling..(if you don't know this your a suspect)

10.Wearing a visor while road riding.. the sun isn't that bad, sell the tubular tires and buy a 10 pair of sunglasses

11.Wearing a Bandanna while road riding (OK if your Pantani)

12.Wearing a hat backwards while road riding.(OK if your going over 50)

13.Riding without socks that don't cover the ankles (OK if your a Triathlete)

14. Wearing any compression garment if your body fat is over 20%  (known in your case as a girdle)

15.Breaking your word in a race ( if you have to break your word to win a club race you need to seriously analyze your priorities.)

16. Strava....quit pretending

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesdays with Lemmy

First off..Can you believe it?  the sixth week of Tuesdays with me..I know your not liking it..and to be flat faced honest im a little disappointed in you rocknrollers.. I thought you were tougher than that..ya know..speaking for myself..Having lived hundred years or maybe more i love learning  new things and being enlightened  I always have my eyes opened..I wasn't brought here to serve you hatred, disrespect or shock you with my views on life..but rather have you help me... learn and understand..I know my image, looks,stature and lifestyle make people uncomfortable..but i don't see myself as a monster of rock..and i don't plan on leaving anytime soon, this silly thing aside..Ive been rocking long before  you were here and i still be rockin long after your gone..
With that being said...whats up with Fondo's? me understand i kinda know, and kinda have an opinion but..maybe i can be swayed..I mean i understand the term i think..."Big organized ride"..right? But im confused with numbers and the whole timing of the event..isn't that more like a race?..Ive witnessed a few and those blokes on the front line looked locked and loaded filled to the gills with T....Ive even heard some give prizes..even grip..good lord what is going with this sport..?..Is this just another way to water down the level of competition and allow for new exciting levels of measurability?  expand my mind maybe its all good...maybe im everything you think i am...

Monday, May 13, 2013


yea, its that day again you know the procedure and routine..between, updates, after glows, war stories and spreadin what ever it is you all spread.. make today a little different, take sometime look around.. slow down a tad. Ya know control it.. save it for Lemmy...Rumors spread like wildfire and not all kidding is just jokin..I say this on the day after..cuz my special lady has always said there's always a tad truth to both..get my drift?...the best is yet to come...enjoy

because like a wise person once said...
ya never know.. Labor Day will be here before ya know it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

June 23rd 1996,  Island Lake Time Trial

1.Don Cameron        age 30       Gary Fisher/Tom Nell         44:03.32
2.Tom Broderick      age 27        Diamond Back                   44:26.48
3. Steve Hansen        age 33       Gang Green                        45:13.19
4.Matt Ridley            age 25       Highland Mi                       45:19.68
5.Curt Johnson          age 26      Westland Mi                        45:31.71
6.Scott Palmer           age 33      planet Cycle                        45:38.72
7.Jason Pink              age 22      Washtenaw Cycle                45:44.37
8.Max Finkbiener     age 22      Dennys Central Park           46:29.00
9.Gordon Roe           age 39      Jerrys Schwinn                    46:36.12
10.Garrick Lang       age 23      Cycle Cellar                         46:42.18
11.Robert Herriman  age 36      Metro Bikes                        46:46.17
12.Scott Cory            age 27     Howell Mi                           46:50.92
13.Michael Wissink  age 27     planet Cycle                         46:55.19
14. Jamie Parker       age 28     Planet Cycle                         46:59.17
15. Paul Gardulski    age 22    AL Petri and sons                 47:00.12

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tuesdays With Lemmy

“In my life so far, I have discovered that there are really only two kinds of people: those who are for you, and those who are against you. Learn to recognize them, for they are often and easily mistaken for each other.

Monday, May 06, 2013

I know what your thinking the pulse of the First weekend of May hasn't ceased and T is already startin with silly pics. stupid ramblings...But I think ya know what im talkin about people.. its like Sunday morning coming down only its Monday, and fatigue some of you all might be feeling may not solely come from the quick six of Oberon ..except maybe that Korinek  dude..he gets a free pass..any day of the week in my book..any  sucka who can win Cone gets that..not to slight any other doings this past weekend but 13th umpteenth running will be forever in TMS's book...known as When the Giant slays a pack of Panthers. I aint gonna go to toe to tail..but either you got it there or you don't.  And those that go know..You can piss and moan all you want about this that and the other things.. but for second consecutive week in a row..there was a whole bunch of choice.Fort Custer, Sweet and Gears, Cone well as the Bunny eating Goshen crit not too far over the border..I cant speak for the turnouts but between keepin that chick at Shell station employed, broken bike parts, liquor, bandages and gauze. hell at least its fueling the economy..its that dam trickle down effect i like so much..But with all that being said..I realize its Monday..and you all got more important things to do than hang out  here..since i left the details out and your "friends"  are waiting for yours.. remember..“Everyone has an opinion. Give someone an experience.

 begone with yourself...

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Happy Saturday folks!!..maybe its morning cartoons, kids in PJ's, coffee with your lady, the a.m. group ride, pre race jitters..oh hell maybe its just sleeping in... any way you roll it s your way..One thing in T's roll is that TMS usually isnt on his Saturday repertoire..but after two episodes of Speed got me thinking like a kid turn i began to think how silly all this TMS seriousness really is..Ya know what im talkin about people?  gettin up tight, itchy and grouchy over anon this and anon that people pushin people around..cyber bullies so they say....silly.. I never really had a say so in what went down here..TMS gave me the pallett and i painted the picture..i hate callin it art cuz thats another term that gets thrown around to dam easy..but in a sense I suppose it is..kinda like what some you folks do for your hobby ya know that could be construed as art...Ok maybe not  Monet standards  but a drift hopefully you get....So as with all "so-called" art there are critics..follow me?
So it goes..TMS started many years ago as open spot..a place for was meant to be light hearted..not all of it to be taken serous..sensitive creatures sometimes viewed it as silly, stupid, abstracted, weird. sick and twisted..and well hate ...filled and negative..kinda like art..kinda like day to day life right?
Lets all be cool fools..we all don't want or need that un do stress..Like standing in line at the local Super K, I enjoy all you folks no matter what temperament you come here with i laugh and go about my day because i know this place don't mean shit.... ya know? i Sure as hell dont want to have that final talk..


Friday, May 03, 2013

1.The Final command
3.Read Bewteen the Lies
4.Spill The Blood
5.Ghost Of War
6.Sex, Murder Art
7.Mind Control
8.World Painted Blood
9.Dead Skin Mask
10.Spirit In Black
11.War Ensemable
12.At Dawn They Sleep
13.Hell Awaits
15.Blood Line.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Let’s just pick the shittiest ass roads we can and call it a Roubaix.  Oh yeah, that is a great idea, everyone will love it.  Do you know why Barry roubaux is so much more successful than Cone?  A. It is not a part of the shit hole USACYCLING.  B. Mountain bikers know how to fucking support a race.
But none of that matters, because you just glued up your $3000 wheelset that was given to you from a “sponsor” after you got dropped from the AAVC “B” field.  So you would much rather test them out than actually race.  Or you are too scared to crash on the dirt.   Maybe you are focusing on your late season peak?  None of that fucking matters, we are riding bikes.  If you are too scared to crash, then don’t fucking race.  Stay home and order some more carbon shit.

Franken muth
This is the epitome of Michigan racing.  Negative as hell.  Yeah, let’s try not to lose rather than trying to win.  The only thing dumber than the flat ass course is the fat ass people sitting on their porch watching you.  But this all doesn’t matter, because it is a sprinter’s course and you are more of a climber. 
What the hell is up with the early ass start time?  Yeah, let’s get done with our race early so we can go home and talk about how good at racing we are.  What is the point of a race if it is hidden in the early depths of the weekend?  Also, who the fuck is TCC? Don’t answer that, nobody cares.

West Branch
Wait there is a hill in West Branch?  That is basically the only reason why this race exists.  A small hill.  But don’t worry, half the scene won’t show up because they are mostly sprinters.
And how many different people can we have promote this stupid race.  What happened to that doper that ran it?  I have a feeling like this will be its last year.  And who wants to win a race that doesn’t exist.  Fucking skip it.

No point in even mentioning it, as everyone is pre-disqualified for looking at the yellow line.  Fuck USAC, do something good for once.

 Cherry Roubaix
No longer state champ race?  No reason to travel the 3 hours to race it.  Face it; you will be burned out by then.   If you do end up racing it, make sure you know how to fake a flat for when you get dropped.   That won’t stop you for calling out the organizer for not reimbursing you for your race.
I hear they give a discounted entry fee if the lead car runs you over in the crit.

thoughts views and comments are not those directly TMS's but since this has been and always will be a open space for haters,lovers, fakers, takers, dopers,posers,losers, and cyber bullies...feel free to pick one or all..and insert whatever it is you feel is your opinion..or not..

life is too short to short "loosen that sphincter up a tad"