Sunday, April 30, 2017

Niki Lauda (Ferrari 312T2) on his way to taking the chequered flag. 1976 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo
John Watson, Penske-Ford PC3, 1976 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo
Ferrari load up for the short trip home, 1976 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo
Patrick Depailler (Tyrrell-Ford P34) & Vittorio Brambilla (March-Ford 761), 1976 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo

Friday, April 28, 2017

1. WOW that was a quick April..
2.Cone Azalia now in thats veeered
3.The Lion of Leroy, skies, MTBs and roadbikes all in one ..even veeerder
4.Cant stop Staran is now official.............. missing in action
5.ScottyQ can still ride
6.Dan Yankus wears pink shoes for breast cancer awareness..nice
7.The CX schedule is already open...hope there is...
8.The Bunny really did man
9,The MBRA schedule/series is up and has people in tizzie
10.why have a series?
11,lots of racing this weekend...small turnouts everywhere
12.SIMONSTER is coming
13.the Grayling Giant is slowly coming awake from his deep winter Northern slumber...
14,Whats with the Base media guys doing the bullet on any thing with -2% grade?
15.wonder what the WIZ is doing

be safe out there biking is treacherous

Thursday, April 27, 2017

State Of The State

The Timer is set T got five minutes to bust this shit out...........

HeLLkat 100 seems to be a intresting event..15buck entry low key old school 3T honch AL Mcdillwillams uses his long days in the saddle to ride away from his 5 hrs break companion and scores some BVDS
Waterford is over with...... at least for the spring shit...some little kid pisses the stalwarts off and despite his shoes..Danny Yankus Hetvolks a sprint style win...
DC  will always be Dc
wonder what DK is doing..and were the Hell is Lathrup?
Yankee Springs is now the race to be scene at with over 700 riders lining up..Some Tanguy wins it handily over the Miscene legend ScottyQ...nice..
JohnnyU in the 5 and the Lion skied alot last winter
lets bring it back the 1 lap and see if they double that turnout...
AAVC starts off with a solid group..
The same old same old....breakakaway on a short course Then the new BaseMedia guy goes up against the Old guy and pulls the win off at the line..and the Black Ace is rumored to have riddin from Ohio to the race..raced and rode home...
now thats fucked up...
Willow TT pre-reg looks to be at all time low...
Rust Shaker expert/elite field looks good
The MBRA series is now alive and producing a feeble heartbeat at best..

there you all just got the scene update
carry the fuck on

Love and respect forever
stay hungry you fuckers

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lemmys House of Style

although now a tad dated if done right you could still pull these off..match em with a all black kit and would enuf cool points that might jump your social status to next level
shoes are not made for walking..not a thigh a gap kinda guy but ill let her pass with legs like that

is so hard to pull off...the sockless cyclist..come on admit most of you posers have done it before
hell one of the fastest dudes in the scene probably will rock this look come those steamy days..but you cant be pack fodder and do it unless your honching breaks or setting KOMS..dont
are worth the wait...
Black looking custom job
if you dont got a smidge of style just play it safe and go black
what the fuck does that mean..either your lucky enuf to roll with the 3T squad or kits all blacked out..thats the only way you can pull these off..
in doubt remember what i said...
trying to pair bright neon or wicked colors with a standard issue team just doesn't work..dont fall into a fashion pile o poo like the one guy is right now...
I feel like I'm a preacher as well, 'cause I can really get into an audience.

do radshit....
figure it out or die wondering 
stop taking yourself so serous...your not getting paid to be an arrogant prick
sensible shoes tonight

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fonzies corner

Holy cow nerds did things get hot that nite...whatta ya think ..does Linda Evans look really concerned that John is about choke the dickens outta Joan...? whatta great show
Kara Del Toro...those eyes...
that dress enough to melt inspiration point even on the coldest nights 
Even though people are throwing out Iggy Pop as Jens doppelganger..i aint buying cuz Jen is not only a beautiful gal at any stage of her career she makes the Fonz laugh..and laughing is cool.. 
Hayley Atwell...a smile big enuf to make even the Fonzes worst days at the garage all seem worth it..
and her hair double...WOA
the beautiful innocence of Lea Thompson in the Wild Life..makin doughnuts and doing the dirty deed with that local fuzz..
It's casual.
make yer lady laugh instead of frown nerds..
youd be surprise what might happen

Friday, April 21, 2017

This weekend
make time to seek your inner Kenny

1,scott bower 
came from a running back ground and in one year went from a sport rider setting a time at Yankee Springs that put him in the top 10 over to a Elite rider by fall..then gone

2.eric tompkin 
was a thick dog that raced for the defunct Planet Cycle shop.dropped weight and spent many years murdering dudes on a SS

3.tom archer
another guy dropped the weight and got to be solid overall rider..but just missed getting any state titles..riding for the Ford/Giant Team on the road and the TWT/bells team on the MTB rode both well

4.bryan farmer
a skinny quiet guy from the waterford area  BITD that had a few almost seasons

5.jamie parker
Another one from back in the day that was almost always just close to being in there hanging with The WIZ and DC helped

6.danny klein
The God of the what IFS....

7.jay moncel
Jay cut his teeth getting leatherd by the WIZ and the Blue-Wave..but stuck it out and had a few good seasons in the process in later years

8.curt johnson
Raced for Metro bikes and was always a factor off road in the late 90's and crossed pretty decent before it got serous

9.thomas kachelmeyer
back in the early 2000..spent the winters out west often and came back haulin..with suspicion of peds

10.wayne cook 
The Eddie Munster doppelganger...Wayne could SS for 100 miles failry well..i hear he gained weight and fishes for a living now..

11.joe cranston
Joe won MTB races BITD riding a Pro-Flex..anyone who can even navigate a single track with a bike with rubber nerf balls holding it together had skills..

12.derek grahm
skid mark didnt gain too many friends with his silent seemingly early Bissell arrogant attitude but that dude could ride a bike and win state titles like a mofo..

13.mike anderson
Mikes raw talent is and was pretty scary...he should figure out a way to bottle that shit and sell it..

14.grahm howard 
the elder half of the Howard duo...won alot in Michigan and took some wins out west at bigger stuff too

15,steve howard
Steve or Sven..depending on the years..for short balding guy he rolled some solid rides with his bro..could cross cross pretty passable too when he wanted..


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Just cuz you got a mouth dont mean you have to open it all the darn time..some of the best friendships are silent ones...been awhile since T really gave the scene any real thought..but since he is human and like vomit on the sidewalk outside the Golden Corral you gotta take a look..
With the gravel weekends aside Mother Nature has been sweet on us huh? Some folk said to me over liquids...

"Its nearly May and we dudes with what seems like going into some crazy form..and some silently not"..

Its such a long weird season in Miscene..soo much going and soo little time to make real sense of it all

Waterloo GG: scary weather
Former BRX winner Steve Brogilio comes out of entombment and rides away from the 50K
Scotty and Danny: sounds like Ts childhood friends..but they rode like bad asses
Rumor: the Bunny is a MMA lightweight fighter
speaking Scotty Arizonia gave him some golden addition to a solid spring mini campaign he came close to stealin the Grayling Giants KOM at Pontiac Lake
DC rides a Fatbike cuz he has the jersey
Melting Dude..
Rumor Mike Anderson is training to contest a full MTB schedule
Shamberger starts showing his teeth
That bearded ginger dude can be sudden on all fronts
youth has its day
Rumor: JB Hancock is making another run at his Cat 1/2 upgrade
BRX: whoa
the weather again nearly sends most of the fun lovin gravel swollers to the ER
got outta state official with very few scneres cracking the top 10 in the the big dog
even fewer top 10 finishers show from last year
Rumor the Evil-Dude calls it quits
Springfling......hell its almost over with and it aint started...
Waterford offers locker rental for 2017
Strava segments and KOMS make the Waterford races seem more interesting..
Rumor: The BlackAce eats it at over 35 mph training in Georgia and rides another 100K after
No confirmed real MBRA series..
does anybody know
does anybody care
Suppose if there is one planned it would be nice to see out before the longest standing event the Willow TT
PappaT jumps the O2 ship as does most of the crew
Rumor Simonster is inflicted with the gardia virus
3T gravel fun crew is standing near the stage for the AAVC spring thing
Baseheads super squadra sets up there own gig for a day
Some Hipster is running a Alley cat race same weekend
Wanley and Benny are set to crush
Brett Bedwow is off killin at Joe Martin and other misc hardman style races
Rumor...Uncle Bobby has another cross race in the works
MTB schedule is looks thicker than the road stuff for a change
Yankee Springs now the oldest continuous run race in Michigan
Rumor Former state CX champion Jer Walker is on a non USAC comeback mode
former MIA scener Joe Cranston is on the the pre-reg Yankee start list..
Tan-guy and ScottyQ too...

make yourself great again fools
still lovin you with passion and respect!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lemmys House of Lies

I really dig the color scheme and the woods theme...
 but the lugs look like complete crapola
The spring eurofuck classics saw alot of shit......softtails, the sectors and top mounts..and not a exploro in the group 
Titanium is never not welcomed in Lemmys garage..Id like this one more with some Maxxis gumwalls tho...blackwalls are boring
i thought This whole track bike fix-gear thing was dead....but bam out pops a new twist on it...Im diggin it even though most are just for show..
 wow...not any place ive riddin lately..fuck these chicks are just fakin it...
I like this bike alot...and wouldnt even have the heart to call it an all arounder even tho it is...
gawd i hope i aint fallin for this shit
 CX TT fix gear wide enuf for 48c tires ?
BRX Next spring..
All life is a mystery,
All things come to he who waits
All things just a twist of fate
It's just a state of mind
All your time is not your own
It's real hard to find out why
It's real hard to say good-bye
To move on down the line...