Thursday, January 31, 2013

 I know i aint bringing anything new to the table as of late, no coverage of the World fat bike championship, Big Banana overview, haven't been tweeting and updating enough of whats really important and going on i suppose..its now to the point where most are dialed in there own  "plan" to be fully in tune that there are still some on last years plan..So if you dont get my drift..thats fine and all..But im gonna be flat faced honest ive been wearing thin spots in the Berber for the past 72 hrs..and just tickled with butterfly's over these guys..few things in life T likes more than surprises..and waitin for the final round has me makin frequent lavatory stops more than i have time for...I just wanted to let you know.......

  God speed fools..

45 - 49 Qualifying
Heat 1 - Pony 2nd
Heat 2 - Ace 3rd

30 - 34 Qualifying
Heat 1 - Das German 1st
Road King 2nd

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


as far as scneres could write a small story about these two...
good luck to the too few at worlds..

Monday, January 28, 2013

TAO of T

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Dont Let the Mondane of others punch yourself in the face..
follow your own path fools.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Reasonable Thinking
1. don't have the time
2.don't like training alone
3 Im taking this year off
4. im focusing on Cyclocross
5. Its cold outside
6. hate riding indoors
7. I used to ride more before i got married
8. I used to ride more before i had kids
9. Its Hot outside
10. the riding sucks were i live
11.My power meter unit is broken
12. Im in my off season
13.My peak is still a month away
13. I don't have my training plan from my coach yet
15. I think im over trained

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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More Than a Feeling.

via "back in the day"

name: Jody Koch
Hometown: Ann Arbor   Michigan
Team: Kona

On the job: Automatic transmission design engineer at the ford motor company.
You'd be surprised at how many people ride bikes here...probably 20-30 in my division alone.
staying in shape with a full time job through the summer isn't difficult because im racing so much. Its in the early spring that's hard when i need to get the miles in and the weather isn't always and i don't get off until four.

Built Ford tough:  Ive been racing for four years last year was my first pro season. making the the jump to pro was difficult you have to create all new priority. Winning and finishing in the top 10 isn't realistic anymore, so if i come knowing i cleaned a tough section than that's an accomplishment that i have to take home. i used to like winning expert races, but now finishing 23rd at the MT snow Stxc is a big deal. The good part about racing pro is you get a lot of people out there cheering you on. Even when they don't know who you are the encouragement makes the toughest climbs a little easier.

The life; as hard as racing is its still really fun. I have a friend at GM who designs door latches who turned pro with me, its nice to have someone to travel with sharing the s some of the same challenges. I used all of my vacation days to get to the races, so i never really get a real vacation . But the family atmosphere at each venue makes up for that. The weird part   is that we seem to spend as much time packing and unpacking our gear as we do riding them.

My Car: i drive 97 Ford Escort. It wouldn't be a good thing if i went out and bought a new Toyota it would be like a guy working at specialized riding Trek.

ya know....just cuz i aint hittin up all the local 2 bscene group rides and tending the  "IN"  parties..sure my grammar is in the tank, my humor is more often missed than received..and it aint no dam surprise i fly under the radar than most care to admit.i aint much different than most folks..sure when its all said and done most of  my creepin is done while normal people r sleepin...that don't mean i aint got More Than A feeling....yea thats right Ive been spending some listening to the best song/album  ever 4.5 hrs at a time... and lettin my mind wander into the grey land..i aint necessarily thinking about just one soul that passed through T's life..but that being said ill use the above as an example..I dunno if you took what i took out that crusty moth riddin grey matter memory...heres what T took in four short years she went from the runners world to trouncing the Tailwind series on a box stock Schwinn to a aspiring Norba pro....and then poof!!!  I think another wise man once said... Life moves pretty quick..

Friday, January 18, 2013


15. Versus

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Everybody wants to know what I’m on. What am I on? I’m on my bike, busting my ass six hours a day"

Normally folks as shocking as it may seem i try to keep my mouth shut on subjects, people and places i no little about...but over the many years of reign one has to be a fools fool, not see any of this coming...quite honestly i have no opinion one way or the other about anyone of those human beings and there going ons..I know i may take alotta heat from this..but like in history..if you can see past the silly sport of cycling and all its fluff and money..there was good inside all this so-called evil human..what the hell T? my meaningless opinion..maybe the decade of denial and lies...gave days, months and years to those that only dreamed of being as strong as Zeus..maybe those feelings hopes and dreams kept them around for another birthday, another grandchild's first day of school, another sunrise... another wedding and another day to watch there children play...i dunno i aint saying lying, cheating and stealing is right....but in scope of the world its just riding a bike...

hate on T all you want..cause in the TAO of Chuck
I’ve had so many knives stuck into me, when they hand me a flower I can’t quite make out what it is. It takes time.

think about it before your next status update.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Im sure i aint the only one trying to come to grips with another day of being i aint talkin about feet up drinkin joe and dunkin doughnuts gettin ready to watch some euro fucks..But that being said there sure as hell aint enough of that thick stuff this Oasis in the early a.m. is puttin out i just keep tellin myself the hotter the joe the quicker it softens the creaky joints up to get the job done.. while i wait one just has to wonder..about things..mostly how half the nation that still cares feels after being ground to a bloody pulp for five days in the land of good times and bindings..  cant say mother nature was lookin out for there best interests..but like i often say shit could a been worse..although i must say im a little disappointed in the amount of sceners that made the trip...big solid pops go out those that kept there dream alive for one more day...and with the biggie comin and all cross sits at a pinnacle of tickled ignorant as how the whole big show will play out...and if that isn't enough shit BRX and spring flinging is merely a few suffocating moments way..

 Tom Burke 8th masters 30-34
Mark Pamelee 16th masters 30-34
Patrick Russell 39th masters 30-34
Jeff Weinert 7th masters 45-49
Jonathon Card 15th masters 45-49
Scott Fabijanski 57th masters 45-49
Danielle Mullis 10th junior women 15-16
 Alex Morton 6th junior 10-12
Danny Gerow 21st U-23
Mackenzie Woodring Elite women 49th


Friday, January 11, 2013


1.ride alot

2. Coppi vs. Bartali


4.’86 La Vie Claire Team

5.Avocet cyclometer

6.Paris – Brest – Paris

7.Tour de France Stage Length (482 km)

8.Tour de France 1903

9.Tullio Campagnolo

10.Triple Crown

11.Look strapless pedals


13.49.41 km

14.Eddy Merckx

15.Major Taylor

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


that's right..Listen now a good solid handful of you are ego deep into your 2013 "plan" got New Years resolutions locked in place, droppin weight, tryin on new kits, pickin up numbers.. spyin A, B's and C's as the micro cycles click on...all the while your blissfully unaware that some still are in there 2012 mode...Its Ok i aint mad at cha so dont feel lame or like a cripple and such..cause sometimes things aint even in your network...Can you dig it?..I aint gonna go all eye of the Tiger about the next few days and week to come..for the select that are..i just wanna make it clear T's is still rollin with you and your basement time may gettin alittle easier cause the lights are gettin brighter and there some good solid T time comin...roll on suck'as and take me with you both spiritually and mentally...


Friday, January 04, 2013

 The seeds of cycling.
 1.  Bib shorts
2.  Lycra
3.  IMBA
4.  Tubeless tires
5.  Disc brakes
6.  Electronic shifting
7.  Suspension shocks
8.  Integrated shifting
9.  Power/weight ratio above 5
10.  Clip in pedals
11.  Supportive spouses/partners
12.  Promoters
13.  Knowledge
14.  Proper genetics
15.  Heart

Thursday, January 03, 2013

First Words

first words:
its a stretch that some of you may recall your first words..although i do often..even i have to go deep into the grey matter for that don't feel bad...i aint gonna use that word..the reason i bring this up as with soo many things there always has to be a first..which leads me to this early a.m. rant .....i ask myself...can i do this again...could mean many things to anyone who cares to stumble through the poor grammar that has made t so well..someone close once can start whenever you want..but once you stop...that's a different story..maybe 90% have already started..maybe .01% haven't stopped.....but to me and you it shouldn't matter 2 bits what other fools your own fool..i know what your saying...just what in the hell is T babbling bout now..maybe some of you probably think you know..."the 2013 plan"?...
To be flat faced honest i aint worried about your plan, your teammates plan.. or any other blogger, tumblr, stumbler and status updater and i dont have to tell i aint no fake suicide man and it will be a cold day when I play the that strava focused on the plan at hand here at TMS..and once again under all do circumstances im in for 2013..i aint gonna say its gonna TMS's best season to date,, nor i will say im gonna up the this goal or that.. and as much as i like toys  and  the marketing side of life don't expect no plastic trinket for your birthday or deliciously flavored fake ass sweetened trendy micro brew....the way T see's it don't expect shit and you will be all the jazzed if it arrives in one piece... with a little help from Friends TMS will try to control it and refrain as humanly possible from feeding you the same wind trainer induced porridge some of you have come so accustomed to....

so in cliche sorta way...
im ready to roll like the first time...lets do this..