Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Have you ever wanted to be part of a losing team?
Have people talk behind your back
be hated?
Have a chance to speak about something and next to nothing
Run shit your way.. often useless shit all the while with or without face?

well here is your chance..TMS is looking for a few people..obviously decent grammar is not a requirement but a sense of style and bad taste only your best friend could love is.. think about it..this job might be for you.. spaces are limited and only a few remain..

Whats in it for you? No homie hook up, No pro deal, No helmet and sunglasses sponsorship No start grip..and entry fee's will not be waved..No energy gu's and flashy team kit..and most of all zero respect..just a chance to expand your narrow mind and narrower others around you..
apply @  with or without face..

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

posers bible

1.too much shine
2.too many tools
3.too little dirt
4.too much social networking
5.too much strava
6.too many calories
7.too much talking
8.too little talent
9.too little respect
10.too little listening
11.too little knowledge
12.too little sacrifice
13.too little guts
14.too little heart
15.always too much of the wrongs things and too little of the right things.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

name : Ronald Belford Scott
Born: July 9, 1946
Died : February 19, 1980
wattage: higher than yours

Monday, February 18, 2013

 photo anigif-7_zps724e7634.gif

We all get old
We all get sick
We all suck some dirty hobo's dick.

The problem with today's white coat guess workers is they want to treat your symptoms.  After all you have to get back to eating and American dream straight from the hands of Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald.  Lately the rumors have been flying about testing this up coming season.  To help with some mouth breathing I want to throw some knowledge at you Sceners.  Maybe this will help, maybe it will just arm the haters...

First off USADA is your master for saying you're drugs are making you keep up on their BS rules: can find an easily search able database of what could get you a popped here:

Last but not least If are taking something that's naughty you can file a Therapeutic Use Exemption (T.U.E.) form with USADA:

It also never hurts to google the duration a drug will remain in your system.  If you are taking an out of competition legal drug and don't plan on returning to competition before it disappears from your yellow stream of guilt...then don't bother with any of this shit.  No one says they go around testing folks who submit useless forms, but you never know.  Bureaucracy is slow and the blame always resides with the guilty, until proven innocent. 

Dope on you sick fucks...but remember the mob rule loves to burn people...especially in this terminal state of despair.  All anyone hears is 'positive'.  They never hear for what, or when it was taken.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

1. sleeping more
2.eating less
3.hurting less
4.missing less
5.freezing less
6.spending less
7.traveling less less
9.weighing more
10.wanting more
11."planning" more
12. planning more
13.pedaling less
14.breathing more
15.being more

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wastin and driftin away

Initially i wasn't gonna speak today..not like it matters and shit..but after two cups of hot fresh black stuff and a few quick smiles from the passing gonna counter dict myself for a few brief moments and waste some of your pressure time..
I know.. I know..its phat Tuesday and all but i aint here to babble on about that..but mind you i aint shunning it and all..kinda ketchy in a kooky sorta way..just to think 420+ in some of those Delicious lil guys..I know they aint on the plan... but like Lotta things there tough to resist..just like those phat bikes..I get it......but anyways my ramble isn't about that..i guess what im saying is just because you got a thought in your idea a comment remark, or suggestion doesn't mean you always got to act on it..lord Knows T has Lotta of them soo many im bustin at the seams sometimes at 3a.m..In my meaningless empty opinion...the similarity's are a lot like bike racing i think..just because there is a ride or more appropriately a race or an opportunity doesn't mean you have to do or white is a hell of alot more truthfully the grey...So I sit and eye this pretty lady choosing which caff e latte, skinny, creme shit she's gonna ruin that fine ass black stuff with..and i  think "man life is full of choices"..good or bad... what a wonderful day to be free and have soo many at our finger tips..

Friday, February 08, 2013

1. 28% of men use condoms
2. 57% of men have had sexual intercourse outdoors
3. 15% of men have paid for sex
4. 33% of men have had sexual intercourse while airborne
5. 84% of men think there partners had orgasms, but only 64% of those partners had orgasms
6. the missionary position is still favored by 27%
7.  23% of men have cheated on there partner
8. 54% of men think about sex on a daily basis
9. 29% of men have had sexual intercourse on the first date
10. 75% of men have orgasms
11 25% of men visit physical pornographic locations per month
12 .50% of men visit pornography websites per month
13.  men masturbate on an avg of 12 times a month
14. 33% of men worry about sexual performance
15. 85% of women are satisfied with there partners penis, but only 55% of those partners are satisfied with there own penis

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Back when T was little boy he went to a little school..the classes were little not all blown up like they are today.. he wasn't the biggest kid in his class..and wasn't the smallest he was just a kid ..besides being one of the only kids in elementary school to be able to still go home for lunch everyday and enjoy a meal watching Popeye and the The I love Lucy Show T  was like many others..School days were fun..Schools of T's time were a tad different i think than today... kids fought out there disparagement with punches behind the backstop, traded wacky packs during free time and the one token fat kid got picked one sporadically and it effected him to no avail later in life..
Back then T's schools  had this little program..they called it.."Talented and Gifted" it was time during a busy day usually on Fridays once every two weeks for an hour or so where the kids who possessed some form of special talent or gift got to leave the class and polish that gift.. I dunno how the school chose these kids from year to year  students from K-6 got a chance to work harder on whatever  they may have..T was one one of them..the talent is should go without saying writing and composition wasn't it..but T loved the special time all the same...even better than recess that he often missed and that meant alot since he was usually the best kickballer and runner in the 3rd grade..time was good....for some reason the criteria for picking the gifted one was unknown and T was never invited first after a long summer vacation it was off his radar but shortly into the first part of October when kids started leaving mid day on Fridays.. T wasn't one of them..never speaking a word about it T carried on with rejection that fueled his imagination.. much to the dismay of his teachers he often skipped recess to do his own thing.a thing that carried on all through his school years...all the while never lettin his talent or whatever go without some kind of this today it has gained him zero fortune and not a spec of fame..To sum it up...T throughout the years often wrestled with the rejection but never let it mar a passion..

So what does this silly kid story mean  to anyone who could of stumbled through it? before the KIDA's the Lion of Leroys, the A-Games the Larry B's and other hopefuls I may have missed..although the above story "DOES NOT PERTAIN to the above does hold a similarity. money..wattage..carbon wheels, dope, status updates..mean nothing in a life of longevity without a few simple key components..that money cant buy..

Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Useless Shit post

"to know where your going never forget where you came from"

Thats right another useless shit post ..poorly composed from T's slow churned thick ass crappy grammar..I aint got no fat bike race report to banter about and no i aint coming at cha with plans of a new contest and such...instead im gonna waste your time and talk briefly about the above quote brought to me by a dear friend over the weekend...maybe its close to home for some and maybe it dont..but after a visit with this wise person over the weekend over some drinks and sounds.. it got me thinking about the state of the state..just when you some of you had visions of spring flingin,  BRX and a whole slew new of a,b's and c's T comes back at cha with another cross me...i aint gonna banter long..ive heard the play by play enough to fill the dozen grimy tube sox that litter T's basement...but i will ...just enuff to keep some of you all in check and maybe plant the seed for the new you...mind you its like most most of these useless shit post its just some other person opinion...while some of you are still relishing in the champagne Belgium haze and status updates....its quite possible the cross scene as you may know it may be at the tender white high it will ever be here..i aint just space talkin around our silly little speaking in the U.S.A. as a whole..this banter aint meant to be a downer or a pile of slow hatred..just a seed..a lil tiny seed of growth..the time to look at it with new eyes..and a lust and vigor to slow the curve down ever so slightly while you still have the time to turn em over ...change aint easy...i dunno maybe im completely off my rocker....maybe it was too much vicks on my feet..but the whole weekends gig reminds me of another wise saying..

"Its better to burnout than fade away.."

peace fools have a nice week...T

Friday, February 01, 2013

Watch more video of 2013 Cyclocross World Championships on

:  The Fastest thing in the south to come out of the North                 Sven Baumann
8.sweet spot
10. zone
13 epic