Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TMS jedi for May 2012

wattage at threshold: unknown
wattage at max: unknown
resting heart rate: unknown
weight in KG: unknown
height: unknown
major wins: not many
last queen shagged: unknown

Known facts Of Kroske:
this guy isnt puttin out 400 watts at threshold, bumpin out 15 hundy out of the last corner, isnt pimpin the latest high tech carbon gadgetry, been injured more times than we know he probably wont win a single race all year.  But that dont matter and in the criteria for a TMS jedi spot its not always required. What he does posses is a style, a sense of humor, and a devotion to bringing more than just results to the Waterford table. small skills that go unoticed, but not in the eyes and mind of TMS.

 In honor of the first TMS Jedi. we welcome you Scott Kroske.
  thanks for keeping the force alive

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In T's book calendar aside, i call this now official y summer...Memorial weekends gigs are now behind us and its time to roll on to another..If you dont get my drift worries as i aint mad atcha..just like I aint mad atcha if you didn't  go somewhere this weekend and turn em anger..still many many many weekends ahead to to fire off a round or too.
But all that being said id be a fools fool if i didn't through shouts out to those that did..and did they did sucka's..dam makes T tickled ignorant to see it go down like it does, throws hope to that lil bird..ya know what i mean..? or maybe you dont..
showing no  favoritism That guy that gives ankle biters nightmares Shrek Korienek ousted em in the land of flat and dry, too bad the day didnt start that way..but all that being said D-Shrek rode a solid ride and unleashed his man size on love it ...makes T grin ear to ear to see this big Dude ride like that, it shouldn't go without mention, the still reviving Over the Hill gang Of Lathrup Industries rolled in with a solid few, and Canadian powerhouse of a few were turned away still. smiles they gave me..when TimmyF, Mike Anderson, KID-A...arrived... and some guys i dunno how the hell they got there least it fills quota ...
 for the most part  solid pile made the trip...and thats what matters..
And well what happened out in Iowa..?  besides a a whole lotta suffocation?   The real Future of Michigan Cycling was scene runnin wild all over the place, as this kid has more nic names than creed..kinda like certain other fool T once new.."Zeus, Chrono, The Lion of Leroy..Alex Vanias..this kid is good ..plain and simple with a handful of podiums and a win for the weekend proves it..hell i hear he still aint peaked..scary scary shouldn't go though that select few others went short west..that Rainville kid got a win in the juniors gig..good to see that aint all miscne is gettin old..and with no dis respect few were also rans...
welcome to summer fools...control it cuz its gonna go fast....

brief Frankenmuth results..

Men - PRO/1/2
Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1273.98DAN KORIENEK (1 - Cat2)   Grandville, MI3:05:53.14 288930  19 LEADOUT RACING/CHICAGO DRIVE CY
2279.64STEVE BROGLIO (2 - Cat2)   Ann Arbor, MI3:05:53.89 55197  LATHRUP INDUSTRIES / GIANT BICY
3:05:54.90 26 REYNOLD CYCLE

4290.96ANDREW FLORIAN (3 - Cat2)   Kalamazoo, MI3:05:58.03 198114  14 TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH

5296.62MIKE TACCHELLA (4 - Cat2)   Jenison, MI3:06:04.11 249598  35 EAST HILLS VELO

6302.28MIKE ANDERSON (5 - Cat2)   Alpena, MI3:06:29.70 248234  

the  BOD (6 - Cat2)   
Birmingham, MI3:06:32.53 290060  27 WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM

8313.60ALAN ZOLTOWSKI (7 - Cat2)   Canton, MI3:06:33.08 66373  41 LATHRUP INDUSTRIES/GIANT BICYCL

9319.26SCOTT HOFFNER (8 - Cat2)   Milford, MI3:06:33.16 294925  15 HOMETOWN RACING

10324.92CORY STANGE (9 - Cat2)   Millington, MI3:06:33.17 260216  32 BISSELL/ABG

11330.58TOM LINCK (10 - Cat2)   Ada, MI3:06:33.36 225784  22 LEADOUT/WEST MICHIGAN BIKE

12336.24MICHAEL ASTON   London3:06:33.40 380164  ADRENALINERACER/TOWHEELS

13341.90TIM FINKEL (11 - Cat2)   Royal Oak, MI3:06:33.51 216738  13 WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM

14347.56JIMMI MCMURRAY (12 - Cat2)   Grand Rapids, MI3:06:33.83 166307  25 EAST HILLS VELO P/B SPECIALIZED

15353.22BRIAN ADAMS (1 - Cat1)   Novi, MI3:06:33.90 80614  LATHRUP INDUSTRIES/GIANT

16358.88JEFF SCHILLER   
3:06:33.93 354538  29 GARNEAU - QUEBECOR - NORTON ROS

17364.54MARCO LI   
3:06:33.99 354552  21 GARNEAU-QUEBECOR-NORTON ROSE

18370.20RICK SNOW (13 - Cat2)   Macomb, MI3:06:34.03 56503  30 TEAM GIANT-MICHIGAN

19375.86CHAD EVERTS (14 - Cat2)   Hudsonville, MI3:06:34.62 220011  12 LEADOUT RACING/CHICAGO DR. CYCL

20381.52JOHN SAMMUT (15 - Cat2)   Washington, MI3:06:35.17 31145  28 WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM

21387.18ALEXEY VERMEULEN (16 - Cat2)   Pinckney, MI3:06:35.43 258681  38 BISSELL-ABG-NUVO

22392.84MARTIN VECCHIO (17 - Cat2)   Detroit, MI3:06:35.51 289623  37 Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles

3:06:35.63 356765  20 TOWER INTERNATIONAL

24404.16JASON STEPHENSON (18 - Cat2)   Clay, MI3:06:35.82 160931  34 VISION QUEST COACHING

25409.82MARK BUSH (19 - Cat2)   Lawton, MI3:06:35.89 274918  VENTUS CYCLING TEAM

26415.48DANIEL YANKUS (20 - Cat2)   Commerce Twp, MI3:06:35.96 102694  39 TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH

27421.14RYAN CROSS (2 - Cat1)   Holland , MI3:06:36.24 193829  10 TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH

28426.80JAMES IGNASH (21 - Cat2)   Clawson, MI3:06:36.26 276023  17 TEAM O2

29432.46ANDYS BURNS (22 - Cat2)   Delaware, OH3:06:36.52 5573  NATIONAL ENGINEERING

30438.12DAVID STEINER (23 - Cat2)   South Euclid, OH3:06:36.73 209770  33 SPIN/RR DONNELLEY

31443.78WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN (24 - Cat2)   Ferndale, MI3:06:36.86 76592  24 MAUMEE VALLEY WHEELMEN


33455.10RAY DYBOWSKI (25 - Cat2)   Waterford, MI3:06:37.69 10313  11 WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM

34460.76RONALD CATLIN (26 - Cat2)   Ray Township, MI3:06:39.91 296981  RBS MTB TEAM

35466.42JASON YOUNG (27 - Cat2)   Portage, MI3:06:46.48 159810  40 TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH



BRETT BEDDOW (Cat2)   Grossepointe, MI279808  31 WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB




Women - JUNIOR - 10-12

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
ELLIE KORIENEK   Grandville, MI0:54:42.37 334622  732 REAL WOMEN TRI
KIERSEN KORIENEK   Grandville, MI1:12:53.97 375606  733 REAL WOMEN TRI

Women - JUNIOR - 13-14

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1:03:17.87 725 KALAMAZOO BIKE CLUB

SARAH FICKEL   Chesterton, IN298970  724 Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder

Women - JUNIOR - 15-16

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
KATIE HAMEL   Comstock Park, MI0:49:00.03 294976  715 RAPID WHEELMEN
MADDIE KRESLINS   Fremont, MI0:49:01.72 355286  716 TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH

Women - JUNIOR - 17-18

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
ABBEY SMICH   Sagamore Hills, OH0:49:33.12 287682  708 WAS LABS CYCLING
SARAH HARTWELL   Saint Joseph, MI0:54:24.43 352774  707 REAL WOMEN TRI

Women - CAT 4

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1521.66JANE VAN HOF   East Grand Rapids, MI1:33:05.60 345552  217 REAL WOMEN TRI
2526.22KATIE WHIDDEN   Kalamazoo, MI1:33:05.66 356526  219 PRIORITY HEALTH CYCLING TEAM
3530.78MELISSA RYBA   Traverse City, MI1:33:06.08 342048  215 HAGERTY CYCLING

4535.34SANDIE DOMAGALSKI   Clarkston, MI1:33:06.24 262343  204 FLYING RHINO CYLCLING CLUB

5539.90MARIE DERSHEM   Grand Rapids, MI1:33:07.61 366832  203 TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH

6544.46HEATHER KETTELHOHN   Midland, MI1:33:07.92 376612  210 TCC
7549.02LAURA KORIENEK   Grandville, MI1:33:08.09 300609  211 REAL WOMEN TRI

8553.58ANNA KRESLINS   Fremont, MI1:33:08.46 350212  212 PRIORITY HEALTH

9558.14JOANN CRANSON   Lake Odessa, MI1:33:08.53 354324  202 Fusion / LIVESTRONG
10562.70SARAH WILLIAMS   Grand Rapids, MI1:33:09.79 366227  220 REAL WOMEN TRI

11567.26KENNEDY ADAMS   Stow, OH1:33:16.50 310691  200 WAS LABS CYCLING

1:33:19.90 214 UNATTACHED

13576.38CHERYL HAVENS   Jenison, MI1:37:43.24 298864  209 REAL WOMEN TRI/CHICAGO DR. CYCL

14580.94SANDRA DUNN   Traverse City, MI1:37:43.61 377874  206 HAGERTY

1:46:26.53 213 

16590.06CHRISTY BURT   Taylor2:00:11.75 369425  201 

MELISSA FRITZ   Traverse City, MI315594  207 HAGERTY RACING

SUSAN WALDECKER   Kawkawlin362348  218 



Women - CAT 3

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1461.00DORI LEIB   Farmington Hills, MI2:18:12.01 350220  108 WOLVERINE/ACFSTORES.COM
2:18:12.18 109 CICLOSPORT
3495.18LAURA MELENDEZ   Grand Rapids, MI2:18:12.89 225973  110 WEST PRIORITY HEALTH

4512.27DANIELLE MULLIS   Rochester, MI2:18:13.83 296790  111 WOLVERINE ACFSTORES.COM

5529.36LORI HOTCHKIN   Grand Rapids, MI2:18:13.90 333304  106 REAL WOMEN TRI

6546.45JANE GEISSE   Chagrin Falls, OH2:18:17.64 261161  105 Spin


BRINN POPE   Grand Rapids, MI229627  113 FUSION/LIVESTRONG

Women - PRO/1/2

Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1443.69SARAH DEMERLY (1 - Cat2)   Berkley, MI2:18:11.82 293788  102 FUSION BENEFITING LIVESTRONG
2468.34KATHY EVERTS (2 - Cat2)   Hudsonville, MI2:18:11.86 307335  103 REAL WOMEN TRI/CHICAGO DR. CYCL
3492.99ALICIA TREVINO (3 - Cat2)   Saginaw, MI2:18:11.98 278555  115 FUSION CYCLING TEAM/LIVESTRONG

4517.64KRISTEN JUKOWSKI   Pontiac, MI2:18:12.22 356911  107 CADIEUX/O2

5542.29KIMBERLY THOMAS (4 - Cat2)   Belmont, MI2:18:31.27 300926  114 FUSION IT


CHELSEA CLARK   Grand Rapids, MI309613  101 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fifteen

Photobucket 1.Essex Brass how much does the Waterford world mean to them?
2.WMSR ...yea Bissell owned that shit. and dont call it negative racing
3.KID-A is in the House
4.The Lion Of Leroy. he's good but is he the future?
5.rumor has it T is going to group therapy for the dismissal of hate
6.loose lips sink ships.... cant hide anywhere these days, not even in the dirt.
8. PT is officially a MTBer. thats what they say..
9. Big butts cant TT
10.Ask Parmachicken how he got so fast?
11.Memorial day weekend around Miscne kinda quiet ya know?
12.Sceners travlin to Iowa..OUCH
13. kroske's got a bumb wing
14. TIMMYF is comin ;)
15.Mtb'ers love icecream, roadies love to hate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 stages Of T

Im late and  I gotta be flat faced honest I can hate with the best of you haters, but even i must admit its gettin old.and i almost didn't speak....but i can say this the numbers don't lie..(well some times they do) but this aint that over priced brainless piece electronics you got strapped to your rig..this is TMS..nothing more nothing less. i dont get paid to be here, and i sure as hell dont lose sleep or take it all too serious..but in all honesty the numbers of hits this joke of a blog has gotten  daily in the last few months even baffles T's brain i often equate it to a car accident...folks love bad shit, and are fed on gossip often makes me wonder if your father would a acted that way.       Christ...hatin aside thanks im just trying to keep it rollin...
3 stages Like the WMSR..a few days back..a few snafus and well it panned out..haven't got alotta feedback..but if you wanna win that shit chasin spring peakers around Runway plaza and firing your guns off in the wind at Waterford aint gonna do it. Up your numbers, talk to your doctor or buy a fancy doped out TT rig, and get your chubby butt in a wind tunnel.. and maybe...maybe that will off set the Bissell brigade..without going into the bloody get my drift..or you dont..
I hatin Bagma n co..props out to you for bringing freshness to the west side scene. if you aint got em and wanna see em and paste the link below..

be cool fools.

Paradise City Haters

 I knew id beat that sucker to the punch aint all roadies that fast...So i gotta tell ya more converts showed at that Paradise City  Addison Oaks gig than i woulda expected...Two days of a little grass experience is a good early season warm up for the Pony and Chicken show..speakin of the Chicken he proved that old geezers adage women weaken legs..he ditched the bitch and was killin the Dirt version of the Agame..until icecream and all..bitchin and hating aside, scneres were sippin, rollin and smokin, Sprintin on grass aint so easy...even fuckin haters showed they can hate on dirt just the same..aint no hatin dialed singletrack..Duff had it down. Pony legs showed he didnt need no top fuel and rolled a big wheel Niner..a much needed upgrade..hint hint Tailwind time to put the speak and spell computer system up on they gave out free Icecream..but just dont call it a comeback.Still aint enough rocket Queens to get me to pull the trigger....i dunno about DC he is gettin scary..wonder were the Wiz wuz? hell the free Icecream shoulda been enough...fuckin Coldstone even makes excuses and excuse...keep your fuckin opinions to yourself cuz i dont give a fuck.. motherfucker..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Another Shit Post

Is coming soon 
stick around haters, or maybe not..

Monday, May 21, 2012

ir-relevant n shit

rele-vents n shit

Yea, i know its Monday Haters, time for another shit post, but thats gonna wait cuz i gotta allot shit about shit to post, but for now I just wanna take the time to speak briefly about something.
If it doesn't get in your "Plan2peak", or dont have any other engagements, its time to commit for a dam change. The Michigan Scene in general needs your help to at least make an effort. "WTF is this shit? fuckin T bein all vague and such..."
The West Branch race weekend needs anyone who is sittin on the fringe to make the decision today it aint gonna kill you..are you in or out?  If your out..your out no biggie..but if your in pre-register that shit today..make it simple on some people for a change..people that are killing themselves to keep a solid event on the calendar..

check back for another post on irrelevant shit...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fifteen

1.wheres Danny?
2.Hatin......................... that aint hatin Ill show you hatin
3.even Wolverines can lose skin
4.Wmsr..its gonna be a biggie maybe...
5.West Branch barely producing a pulse... time to commit fuckers
6.Mountain Mayhem is a good alternative..but oops its filled with "non race Types"
7."Non Race" types yea....                                          right
8.The Evil Dude n The German get dirty..?
9.Coffee mmm..Liquor  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
10. Shfty Ray speaks truth
11. Frankenmuth Fondo yea....                                    right
12. Stevie D sighting uh oh?
13.All  is Quiet on the Eastern front
14. Hope Timmy is ok.
15.So many races so few matches...                            careful

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


“If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery--isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you'll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you're going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


dam you haters ive been wearing holes tryin to contain my bloody opinions, but its just aint workin, and since its who i am and what i do and i just dont fuckin care, im gonna spew my rotten opinions and you can hate on them and me all you want..cuz there mine and not yours so go fuck yourself...
what in the name of the queen is the MBRA point series?  i fuckin get it..the best all around rider..a series of 19 events consisting of road, races, crits and even track events. I fuckin get the best all arounder thing..well why stop half fuckin way..add a 24 hr death march fat tire event, and some misc Mtb TT's and why the hell not a cross race and then call it a season. I hear the dope riddin euro scene just added two world cup mtb events to there schedule along with the grand tours to call it official. NRC squeezed the Lead ville suffocation on to its calendar as well..I fuckin get it all arounder hey West side haters..if you dont own out to the local bike shop and spur the economy..and buy yourself a track bike cuz if you want the overall you better start headin out to Bloomer park..just leave a day early cuz Murder fuckin City traffic is worse than its debt.

I aint sayin i got a better idea..
im just sayin.......


Friday, May 11, 2012

friday fifteen

1.Danny K..Like a bowl Trix
2. Rumors, Liars Haters Fakers Takers. there all out there..
3.Wednesday night worlds fools banking the season on it.
4.Alan Antonuk got called scrawny whats that make Witte?
5.Simonster checks in bout time.. dont leave us hangin
6.DC cant stop racing the Decathlon and duathlons  are next for this aging suck'a
7.Sleep cant seem to get enough
8.Days are gettin longer and thats good.
9.Greyhound with a beard a new breed emerging fron the metro area
10. Shifty Ray isnt done winning
11.The BlackAce does 100 in 4 hrs 23 min.. the Gods Must be Crazy
12.Essex brass begins its quest to capture
13. Wheres Timmy?
14.West Michigan Stage Race TTin @ 7a.m. is that legal?
15.Summer is havin a hard time creepin

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


i had this plan....but like somethings plans dont always it got me thinking....back in the day when i was payin for sleep and i couldn't get much ground.., i hung around with this fella..we'll call him MATTY-V.. (stay with me on this...) we did what most young men do in the inner city..hung out, picking up drifters, dinkin four o's ..went to clubs..Friday nites were spent lurking around D-town The Shelter, 2036, Industry, etc....we thought we were it..the ones..UN-stoppable...and HATED yes fools cold blustery night T went up to meet a female friend  when MATTYs car a 1990 Hyundai Mitsubishi Precise was parked out side a small club called on the out skirts of murder city..the posh club of  3D's seemed safe.trendy..but some nice folk took the liberty of putting some home made die cut style decal on the rear window that simply said...HATED..that set the tone for our brief tour of drifting..we carried that thought of hate with us everywhere.wore that shit like an attitude..i guess you could say we" let our haters be our motivators"...the story goes' on but ill spare you wasting hatred on my poor grammar and put it to proper use..Wednesday Night world is upon us..wink wink...get my drift..?
So plans change the big shout out i was gonna  through out about last weekends gig was shelved, in favor of briefly sayin i wasn't impressed with the turnout down there in the gravel...I have heard through the grapevine for reasons other than the participation level that the "scene" is dying?  things that make you go HMM?
But that set aside i can say conditions have never been better down there which may explain why reigning Cone King Paul Martin was kept on a short leash..cuz .the tables were turned when his former teammate Mac B put another gravel gold to his palmyrs rode in solo..solid...
in random T observations "breakdown" looks to be riding normal. DC got Jonesd ..the HULK keeps gettin bigger..KarWANT-some already has the fake bake goin on.and a few of the Bissell boys look like they have been eating from the same table while Lathrup brought one.

 like the Eye Of Gatto says another one is in the books...


Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

Thursday, May 03, 2012


 you should  by now..the fuckin dope show... its my M/O..dont judge me from this, but i can pedal a fuckin mountainbike without anyone. haters can hate but can they listen? I think its time for some new blood at the helm, and wtf another 20 mile MTB time trial Il hate on that. and DC rolls like a night train.. on your left cotton mouths..Beginners there aint no beginners here. everybody loves pizza too bad those thick fuckers ate it all.. pierced nipples only good on those hotties hanging in the pits, not some pasty muther fuckers shamy talkin. oh well gives those jack ass's that cant ride something to look at..fuckin excuses.. stop bitchen about a licenses and ride your bike..the Pony did and hell he did with no shock absorbers that chick Luks musta ate some Parmachicken as she can out ride most dudes, bumpy trail and all.. I dunno i might come back to see how the 2012-ture battles play and and watch all these haters hate there hate away till they hate themselves keep your fuckin opinions to yourself cuz i dont give a Axl Rose motherfucker..

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

rele-vents of TAO

So 2012 is now rollin Springflingn is now dead history and the those that get dirtyare now dirty...I got a feelin I know a few may be sweatin..Correct me if im wrong..we all know one of these people maybe not the above,maybe so.. but people.. that just the same..those that seem to have the time, all the time and such, ya know time to train.. there body to the fullest, there minds to the sharpest, time to chill compressed all the while havin a spirit and laugh or two..never givin a mind about how others that suffer have to sacrifice...Sacrifice..yea ok,,,fools some do... and thats whole nutha T rant..and when askin suck'as like this they give you that deer in the head lights like the"not a enough time to get it all in im so busy....The point im tryin to spread... were all in this boat together, it may not seem that way, but we are..OK some got kids, soccer wives, Atalanta friends, toys, demanding jobs and deadlines out right waistin time. and lives that dont revolve around pedaling a bicycle...  i get it..dont be hatin cuz.there  will always be that one token few people.. how few and far between they are..there there.. but if your sweatin come  back later and we will talk...... sacrifice..and when all else fails if you missed it today it will be here tomorrow. yea right....get my drift?
  So where does this rant put TMS ? I hope rollin into much anticipated warm days on our faces after last weekend... the Annual Willow Tt was thinner and colder.than the dude that won it.yea that's right 2012 State Cx champ started off were he left off, the German killing machine might as well won that shit on his cross bike.. against the some of the most kitted out sceners.the Roadking was strangely MIA. and no parking lot carnage was reported.
the AAVC/springflingin is done and id be my own fool if i didn't mention that the Over the Hill gang of Lathrup Giant took the over all stopping what is rumored to be a 4+ year domination by the Wolverines...Age vs youth is a sight ..not to go too far into the dirty world ..but lets just say Parma Chicken Gwened it out at Pontiac lake, a "lil pony" was scene runnin around,  DC could a been a contender and i got dissed on the much goin on and so little little time...

shine on..and control it...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I aint no puppet, 
and I aint goin no where.
come back later if you want some rele-vents