Friday, July 29, 2016

diggin your love and affection

the scene loosens its sphincter

BRX is now the Cash cow for Rick

another part Music dies Lemmy is eatin alive by the Life of Rock and Roll

The Bunny now is full effect

Kaitlyn Patterson is one of the fastest females to come outta of the scene in years

KIDA proves that being fast doesnt mean you have to be a pompous ass

even after all the self chatter Yankus can cross pretty well

Burke gets on the podium at Masters cross Nats

ICEMAN still hasnt gotten any easier the locals

TMS is 90% efficient on autopilot

The Grayling Giant is just plain Northwoods scary

TMS posts alot but says little

T lives by the two foot rule

Elvis has entered the building

Danzig makes a comeback

WIZ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wonder what that guy is doing

Johnny Utah moves to the midwest but forgets to leave his shitty personalty out west

The Bunny dominates nearly everything crosses up to

Vanias nearly misses a crit state Title he shoulda won years ago

Bryce Niever wins state crit title and shows whats to come

Seamen sleeps in skinsuit and rides every Lumbo 100 to prove a point

Beebee breaks every bone above his waist..6 weeks late comes back and does that to all the locals at Frankenmuth

Stange rides around on a MTB to score all for somethin MBRA points while Jay D wins that shit in a Monsoon condition

every TMS is the last one...

2015....and beyond

1.what a great way for Nate W to win the  state Crit championship with his bro in a full on hard man break...
2.Overheard its Hot
3. Lathrup proving there still pretty fast old guys out there
4.not since Carey Grumelot was around has there been a tool like  Johnny Utah..whats with that guy...
5.low turn out at a State Championship events.....not good
6.White lighting always looks good
7,what different 10 minutes make when your starved for air 90 minutes is hard on guys who are used to doing 70
8.rumor has it to increase number USAC will soon offer a Strava segment for upgrade poitns
9.Ebb and Flo..Ebb and Flo
10.Shrek still has it...sorta
11. Burke just havin fun in the woods it cross season yet
13.Overheard...Fondos seem fun
14,10 bucks says the Cherry Roubauix numbers will be big,,,

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Some people live to remember when

Life without change is no Life at all...

Beat Breau is so fuckin cool he doesnt even need handlebar wrap when suffocation needs to be induced....gawd dam the 80s kicked ass...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get Off My lawn

The Honey Badger and Agame ride away at BRX

The Honey Badger dont care and rode in solo

Beebee starts the season as a cat4 finishes as a 1

Renkema wins a National MTB title

Brick Yard crit is like a homecoming for Bissell bigwhigs

last Patrol is released

KIDA almost now in full euro effect laps the ailing field at Waterford

The Evil-Dude wins another spring fling series

Vanias double flats at Ore to Ore

people leaving the scene monthly

Massey Gets on the Podium without a mic

The Grammar at TMS reaches a all time high in low

DG wins the state road race

Yankus and the Bunny drop the WIZ at some under ground gravel race

Bunnys wallet is fatter than his skinsuit

Tommy Clark confirms..he is funnier than Pryor

Burke rides cross for a different brand of bike and for shop he doesn't work for

Hess wins another State masters Title

Lathrup picks up most of the Essex pieces

Scotty H wins the West Branch RR

Catlins wins a National title

Enstien fields a super power team

some dude laps the field twice at B-Ham

now thats DOPAGE

A-Game goes MIA in 13

Phart bikes are coming

Tailwinds drops the TT series

Amerika watches the worlds best in the Blue Grass state

Ryan Cross wins the State crit title finishing seventh

The Black Aces hood gets more scary

DannyK takes it in ass at Waterford

Blaine Benson nearly has the ride of his life in the Aces back yard

Timmy F is slowly fading into normality

Sven makes it 3 in a row

stay creepy

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Bed kept warm by the body of Venus

BRX keeps fillin them up

Spring fling now just another season for some

being TMS is now becoming tiring

Peak to Peak has weather that nearly kills folks

Lathrup riders take each other down at B-ham breaking the Evil-Dudes wing

KIDA signs with Bissell

Das German rides Michigans best of his wheel up north and wins the state road title

Kolo-TC appears

Roadking spills the Kool-Aide

Steve Brojlio wins three titles and still is kinda of a unknown

DC spends 5 days a week breathing and two suffocating people

The Highlander owns the Black Aces hood for a day

Monkeys are everywhere

Danny G is possibly the next cross honch

Paramachicken returns to form and nearly gets back that trophy

Monday, July 25, 2016

Uphill both ways by the skin of your teeth

Timmy is the King of Fling

BRX reaches legit state

KIDA starts showing his potential wins the Cat 2 race at Battenkill

The Mountainscene is on the incline

Bells thins the recipe out

Cone tosses salads

Tour Washtineau county was legit pity it went away

The Wiz rebounds from last years funk

The Quiring kits appear for the first time

SIMONSTER is slowly becoming famous for his winter dearg marches

Roadking wins the State TT

John leach of the Now Bissell squad gets second in cat 5 at Debates

Kevin Cat3 Collins rolls in second in the 3s

The Black-Ace throws a party in his hood

Das German is rollin heavy

an Elite ICEMAN win now seems out of touch to the local hotshoes

The Murder City gets a crit its better attended by Canadians

Rhonde Van Stoney is gettin bigger

Ore To Shore

the cross scene on both sides of the state looks good

Sorry is on the WIZ plan

Anderson mercys them at the Cry Baby

The Orange crush has its own insurance policy

Peak to Peak is preppin now for Steves gig

The Bunny races more than half the scene combined

The Pony still got it with a second at States

Tanguy is now the best at going long

Uberti wins the State Crit title on a hot day Milford

Robert sells Tailwind...


Friday, July 22, 2016

the year of breathing easy

TMS gets revamped and rolls with new steam

BRX is slowly creepin numbers

Spring flingin gets harder as the numbers grow

the roadscene is thrivin

Ryan cross comes out swingin

The wolverines field a solid team

BIG RAY races alot

Vince Roberge is coming on fast

Joberon is back on it in the fall

Sorry looks tired in the late fall

the lil Pony and Sorry go WWE style at Bloomer

a ton of racin something every weekend

the Brighton Stage race draws numbers

The State bost more than 5 good road races all summer

Cruz Bogey is haulin ass

B-Matter wins another ICEMAN

T goes quiet in the fall

Henry and Glen tag team that shit

Parmachicken rides away

Marne has arrived

1 gum disease
3.being a jerk
4.getting dropped
5,lousy taste in Music
6.bad relationships
7.poison ivy
9.chernobyl mutations
10.negative racing
11.being late
12.worn out drive trains
13.burning your toast
15.smelly body parts

things that suck but can be prevented

Thursday, July 21, 2016

a year of paradise

TDL get axed

SIMONSTER wins the newly born BRX

Cruz Bogey and Finkel go 1/2 at Cone AZ

Kenssington RR gets the Paul Martin effect but DG shuts him down

The Bunny appears

Basher steps in to help the ailing Miscene

Scotty Hoffener wins expert men at ICEMAN

sleep talkin post evokes a ton of truth and anger

the scene post alot but not much depth

lotsa meat

The WIZ wins another title on a sloppy day in December

Saturn of Toledo team disappear

CRYbaby makes it debut

spring flingin is still happening

Gilbo wins the National Masters 50-54 crit title

State Championship road race gets bumped up

The State TT gets flooded out

some Tanguy starts rampin it up

Mt Pleasant and the Westbranch RR are gaining steam


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

breathing through your teeth

The schedule is chocked full of good shit

MTB looks to be coming back around

WATND apears in mid March

The Roadking and the Black Ace are separated by ______ hairs at the Willow TT

TDL goes big time for its last year few sceners get the invite

SIMONSTER does and rides for Sunrise cycle

Kennsington goes to 100 miles..Greg Christian decieds he would rather ride alone and solos away at the 80 mil mark

The Howard bros demolish the the 1/2 field at Rockford..some kid named Warbasse finished 6th and wins the juniors race

Mac Brennen wins cat 4

Howard bros 1 wins the State TT over the Roadking and the Black Ace

Renkemas mullet is in full effect by mid summer

Finkel is startin to haul ass

Allen crit park goes up to 90 minutes 19 of 60 finish in the 90+ heat

KIDA wins the real small juniors race

Jim Bruce wins the sate road race at Cedar Creek

Tinker and Pony traded old school punches in Masters 35

track racin is gaining steam

Alan Antonuk is startin to make a splash

Greg Christian Novocaines em again at Kenssington short course

Crit racing is near height with 3 days of it around the Murder City on Labor day

KTR double cross brings in a whole pile wattage and emptys Roberts wallet in the process

The WIZ is on the USGP circuit and brings home the jersey

Parmachicken is on the move

The Bells team is killing all fall ..two chix in the top 10 and Mike Anderson 3rd and the Beer buddy 9th at ICEMAN

The Cross scene is at high point

Sorry looks to be on form for a state championship title after ridin everyone off his wheel at Munson Park Late November

The Evil-dude and the Black Ace ride away from Sorry and the Pony  on a frigid day at Waterford state X championship

Foshag wins the state x title..and then never to be scene again after September

The Wiz rides from 4 rows back to podium in Kansas at cross nats The Pony and Evil-dude roll in 10-12th


stay weird 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

driving the tractor on the drug farm

Jonathon Page helps push cross into the next level with a second at worlds

February TMS gets the SIMONSTER interview

Essex Brass revamps its squad with new bikes and a whole slew of new phots havent yet appeared on the team website

The Blue Wave is now history

Priority Health is building steam with  bunch of fast dudes

Lotsa racing going on.......... Dexter holds another great crit in the summer

TOKV tour of Kennsington Valley is 3 stage 2 day race

The State Road race gets cut short due to a Thunder storm that nearly kills people.

Ford/Giants Josh Tarrant is on a tear and winning everything he lines up to in the spring

Simonster heads to Sea Otter and holds his own

West Coast Michigan Riders are punchin holes in win spots all summer

Derek Graham wins the 90 minute Allen Park takin down the Power Monger and the Black Ace

Summer is hot as hell

Docsavage cuts Derek Wittes and Bruce Riverias head off at The Captial Crit

The Black Ace takes  Double 4ths  at Masters road Nationals

Pete Ehman eats a mailbox at the Cedar Creek RR

The Fast guy from Elk Rapids takes 6th in the RR at Masters Nats

Derek Graham is coming and wins the State Crit championship in Dexter

Collin 1 speed Snyder finishes 5th in the cat 5s

Dybo wins another State Title

Chris Brinkman from the Saturn Of Toledo team looked to be like he could move up

2016 BRX wins the junior 10-12, and Some kid named Alexey Vermeulen wins junior 13-14

Mounatinbiking scene is kinda quiet

Greg Christian wins the state TT

The Howard lap the field at Rockford

Chris Fisher wins the Mullet Yawn over one of the Howard bros and the Cyborg

Renkema get taken down at TDL by the cat

September 17th TMS says it will not cover any more cross races

Paul Martin wins Erie st and Debates                   again

The Pony and The Wiz win a USGP

B-Matter wins ICEMAN

Frankie Andreau finishes second in masters men 40-44

The Wiz wins his first State Cross title

The Pony gets 4th at masters cross nats in KC