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As i sit here in a halo of discontent I feel compelled to speak some final T words of his tenner at TMS, I ponder the future of what will come of TMS, as that old bastard winter begins to tighten its grip, scneres begin to hide, those few brave warriors keep it real and bust it old school outside No matter what that Mofo dishes out. wind, cold, rain, shitty roads, numb fingers and toes only add to it.some ask why? what for? Its too cold , too wet, others make excuses, I cant take the cold, or its not that hard for you... or, i just simply dont have time, some do it for internal/external glory and goals Many do it for reason other than whats at the end of the rainbow. some just dont get it. But thats ok, you shouldnt feel like you need to get everything.... you were not put upon this earth "TO GET IT".....
Others will head to what i like to refer as T's basement, that too is respectable. Its not the body parts that go numb, NO...only the mind..But that being said, we all know the body is only as strong as the mind can make it., and Building a strong mind is harder than training the body....The 3rd party will simply re lie on what they have done from year to year, simply put some don't change. they like it and thats cooll.. As we all know nothing evolves without change. Some dont like change, no matter what ever makes you tic....I understand!
I have fully enjoyed being part of TMS, for the past few years. I like to think i helped TMS evolve in a way no other Blog has, It just goes to show you the power of what is T. I only hope for 2010 tms will continue to evolve and change for good, the road is long, and its filled with pot holes of life, but without roughs spots it would be pretty boring, I mean how long can one float before they need to tread alittle.
Yes, I know i didn't win that silly poll, but to be quite frank, After i offered my services, i had second thoughts, As i said before it takes a special few to accept what have to offer. I ain't Mad, and I hold no grudges, to you as sceners, or to TMS in general, its times like this that a person begins the journey of introspective, it may to week and it may take longer, hell a Lifetime is acceptable, without guilt. I as a friend and brother will still stay in touch with you all. My 2 cents may pop up here from time to time.
I want you all to do alittle introspective these next few weeks, the Hullabaloo of the Holiday season is drawing to a close, we all will be in the trench's for awhile, some will have it only one way.. alone, others wont go without the companionship of fellow warriors. Its at times like this as individuals we need to reflect, keep an open mind. be less quick to pass judgement, and state your opinions... be thankful for what a great life we all have, you know.. getting the chance to do, and see things many don't get to. there are certain things in life that will aways be there, this week, next month, next year, were other things simply will not be.

If you have been paying attention, you'll get my drift...

be kind cuz you cant rewind
C-ya fools


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Ya'll know these other toys are nice, but you owe it to yourself to play with a real mans Action figure. you aint gonna find this at the Local Wal-Mart. It may take some huntin, but it would be dam worth it. and while your at it pick up that paper champion Balboa as well, cuz it wouldnt be right if this doll was left only to beat up that tweaker Ken.

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Picture this homies. I thought I was done with this whole Miscene thing the chances of me makin a comeback at that there poll is nill, so i thought alittle end of the season celebration was in order, ya know some friends, little drink, some food, etc you get the idea. well then a gets this phone call about owin tms a few words about the The Wiz and the Aces performances out west. MAN..Ok first I was just kicking back, and i sure as as hell wasn't eat in cookies, No just because i ain't structured doesn't mean I'm lettin up.
The Black Ace proved once again what we all know, age plays no part on how a man can format a peak. 5th place in the 45-49 his best in many years The Wiz ya know with those first 2 cats Webber and Myhra showin it was gonna be a tough day at the office, I mean 2 former national champs, and dam hard men to boot.. The Wiz shouldn't feel ashamed, alittle disappointed OK. But nothing to feel bad about. when you continue to seek you will find.Those two other Rhino guys, way to go and standin tough, T gotta give credit to Mark W that cat's solid.
All the Jibber Jabber y'all forgot about the Awesome ladie Marne S, 4oth in the elite women's field is worth its weight, more so since she has just only started to scratch the surface of her potential.
T's dam proud!

I was gonna keep my trap shut about this.... but well I call em as I see em
I happend to be surfin the blog rolls and i noticed the Pony was already regrettin not BEING there ??? Gosh dam fool!! 2 weeks ago you couldnt wait for the season end??

Ya should a took me up on my open offer to come party with T and the crew.

Id love to keep hypin it but i gots some friends waitin and business to tend to.

see ya sucka's

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separated at birth

Little known fact: Wayne Cook actually portrayed Eddie Munster in the 60's Hit TV show.

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YEP...Im back suck'as and im not mad at cha either...Nor im i gonna hold a grudge on the possible outcome of that poll to the left of the page. Im kinda thinking sceners are right, T all of the time? Very few, have what it takes to handle me for 8hrs let alone 24/365 But thats not why im here... im here to give a State championship report, instead of boring you with Jibber jabber and draggin it, T's gonna make it brief. and just call em Hot and Not
cool fools?

in no paticular order.


the course. nice change indeed

the awards in a nice big heated building with red licorice...Now where gettin somewhere

Queen Ann once again.

the masters battle ROYAL. WOLVERINEs SWARM the masses

NO snow. muddy.. but hey thats cross fools

The Black Ace's jersey.. classsy, even if its a OHIO flag.

Tim Sarri. the future

The Wiz yea he went undefeated, but whatta about last year? how many Tailwins does he have in a row?

The turnout. now where getting some where
B/C's westsiders comin east thats what i like
Steve B back at the states.
Tailwind for hostin another state championship
the evil dude handin off the cup
Marne..the future
old man of the SEA
the LITTLE PONY another year another podium
Andrew Brown stickin it out
Thats its cats im outta here
be cool, and remember.... your all in this cross thing together, to make a change for 2010 you gotta be able to change.

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cross prediction

your 32 minutes into it, and there ain't one of you who doesn't want to be somewhere else
its who you are
what you do.

cross prediction

Well homeboys what can T say that hasn't been said in the last few months? To say our Crosscene hasn't been interesting would be calling me ugly. 09 has scene allot, the loss's, the MIA's, the streaks, the freaks, and so to speaks. I was gonna lay down some outright flat faced predictions, but i decided...not this time. No, I think we need not have a preconceived idea of what this years state championship is gonna bring and just let it come on its own. As it looks I may not be here punching the keys this time next year. so I'm gonna let you the ones who make this place what it is. make the call on who will walk away with the titles and memorys of 09 states . I will also let you to be the ones to step forward next year with ideas, suggestions, input as well as training plans, to bring the what I feel was once a growing crosscene in the Midwest back to a former glory..... enough already with the jibber jabber, I got a WARCRAFT game to get to.... be kind fools cuz you cant rewind c-ya when its as the EYE OF GATTO would put it...


cross report

After much searchin TMS found out GG ALLIN retired.

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cross prediction

II know what your thinking.. whats a another nigger doin with the object like the one you cant take your eyes off? and why the hell is he here on this blog talkin about cyclocross? dont he know its for white people? Well motherfucker! skin color ain't got nothing to do with a mans ability to succeed in white mans world, you see it may be like Ozzy and Harriet in your hood, but I come from south central LA and shit ain't like that! its real fucked up. But that never stopped me from get tin what i want, it don't come easy, Hard work, many hours bleedin from the eye sockets, hustling, pimp in. rollin... its all part of the game. kinda like cross...I'm here to tell you people if you want some thin bad enough you aint gettin by willin it., and diggin deeper, But you will get it by fuckin work in ass off, and being dam smart about the work you do. what I'm say in, is some of you motherfuckers should spend some time in the pen maybe a couple weeks in solitude, whether, in Joilet, San Quentin, Pelicans Bay, Jackson, or Wyoming. If you want to go to the big show, go toe to toe with a sucker no matter what size. you want to be a fly, pimp, Hustler? role in Beemer? Get a Hot ass ladie? or maybe be One of the few State Champions? its all the same

you better work for it. Bitch

Im outta here Motherfucker


cross prediction

TMS: axel whats up? tells us what you think about the whole michigan cross state championship.

Axel: I tell you this, those homeboys are lucky i dont race a bike anymore, as I can ride as good as i fight, i would be fuckin some shit.

Tms: the rumor was you and duff could shred the single track with the best back in the day, and you also dabbled alittle in the southern cross scene. is this true?

Axel: Dam straight it was true, duff was quite a stud, He spent many long days in the saddle withat dude, whats his name, uh Dave Cullininan , And i dont mind braggin, but hung in the top 3, week after week, all the while being hung over and strung out.

Tms, amazing

Axel, yea, what can I say im fuckin rock star, and when your a rock star you have the ability to do whatever the hell you want, when you and with who you want.

Tms: ever considering coming of retirement? maybe this weekend, it might pump up our local scene with presence of a Rock star like yourself.

Axel; let me say this.... this word retirement thing gets tossed around more than a Buxom blonde hair, big titted groupie who's ass taste like french vanilla ice cream. They aint no retirement in a world of a non paying sport or job. only time away or the loss of intrest, so be carefull speaking that word to me, under stand mutherfucker? i may not be playin big arena's but I sure as hell doesnt mean i aint keepin tuned up, and ready to rock, so the next time you speak the word retirement about me ill fuckn jack your jaw.

TMS, sorry

Axel, as far as I go? why would i come out for the last race of the season?

TMS: for the money?

Axel: what fuckin money? i got enuff of that shit already bitch!

TMS; well ok, it would help our local race scene, i dont know if you noticed its takin some hits in the last 6 weeks.

Axel: i honestly dont think your world can handle a guy like me. My presence and what i tend to bring with it. you think the 150 or so that are gonna show want or can handle what i got? I mean yea it probably would add some gusto to the gig. But for how long? an afternoon? its fleeding. It needs even more than Axel Rose.

Tms: so thats a no?

Axel: dam straight

Tms: ok, were gonna throw some names out and you can answer them anyway you want. cool?

Axel: shoot.

TMS tailwind

Axel corporate

TMS elite men

Axel: Civil war

TMS November

Axel: cold rain

TMS Racheal Steele

Axel: used to love her

TMS the black ace

Axel; one in a million

TMS: springfield oaks

Axel: paradise city

TMS: Stephanie Seymore

Axe: too hot to handle, to cold to hold

TMS: Tim Saari

Axel: patience

TMS Marne Smiley

Axel: sweet child omine

TMS JB Hancock

Axel; welcome to the jungle

TMS C men

Axel: your crazy

TMS: masters 35+

Axel: its so easy

TMS Munson park

Axel: the Night train

TMS: Ann Schwartz

Axel: rocket queen

TMS: the off season

Axel what the hell is that?

TMS whew ! Thanks axel,

Axel. No problem.

cross prediction

yea motherfuckers I'm back, You thought just because the Evil dude retired i did as well, wrong, motherfucker I never miss a chance at speaking about something as pain full as this cyclocross thing, I have been up all night praying to the dark lord we get some shit ass conditions for this weekend.
TMS: OK Glenn how about masters 35+?
Glenn: fuck its been the best fucking battle all fucking season. It could go a multitude of ways, but instead of who's favorite id rather talk about who is gonna be in the pain cave.
TMS: ok
Glenn: dudes have been going backwards, whats with the Main street guy the big husky dude. he ain't got that from the fuckin go. rule him out. The Italian Stallion..hey whats he doing out there any way? you want more?
TMS: just give us a winner
Glenn: fuck you! How about the pain faces that Jacks bike shop guy looks like he is being skinned alive for 45 minutes I LOVE THAT SHIT. fucking great!
TMS OKOKOK masters 45+?
Glenn: theres some hurt in motherfuckers there. one guy comes to my mind.that lurchy motherfucker from Painted Bicycles. always looks like he is suffering a thousand deaths
TMS: C field?
Glenn: Fuck the guy with the elbow pads and helmet cover
TMS:?? i think he races B
Glenn B field. if so the fucking guy. He may have poker face but getting lapped is worse than being whipped with a knotted plow line.
TMS: The Elite men
Glenn: Fuck that! the only one not in pain is that Wissink guy, fucking guy rides around with his mouth closed..God dam it pains me to watch it ! 8-10 guys riding around all shelled out. Hell with that course this weekend. Its gonna be Human Misery. fuck id give up my MOTHER to see some of those early lappers deep in realm of the Hurt locker chhh chhhoke GASPP!! too fuckin bad..Lets hope the conditions turn south otherwise that Wissink dude will lay to waste the rest of the 4-5 guys from the gunn .
TMS: i don't think you can count out a few others in there. And we think the turnout is gonna be bigger than those nay sayers say.
Glenn; i ain't countin anyone out mother fucker, But you show me at anytime when he hasn't chopped the those motherfuckers off at will?
TMS: you act like he should be ashamed at winning
Glenn: how do you fucking figure? Id be loving every second of that shit, I ain't say in it comes fucking easy. But putting motherfuckers into submission week in week out is fuckin great. knowing your the one yielding the biggest sword. Win lose or draw..
TMS: alright...thanks Glenn
Glenn: Fuck you